Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1337

Zhao Hai sits in the conference room in Vajra camp, sits four people in his opposite, young of these four people, but has one type of to be the high-ranking to have imposing manner, but these four people look at Zhao Hai look some now cautiously. These four people are the delegations that machine High level sends \; first, to come to see Li Lin their three, having a look at Yuan Jin Gang to falsely report the meritorious military service, but they also know obviously that was impossible, this matter may, not only Yuan Jin Gang reported that obtained information that also already to confirm from several other Realms there this matter real, their this time, was asks the Zhao Hai opinion. Machine here is active must enjoy, if the Zhao Hai such big merit does not enjoy, what even if were Zhao Hai does not say, but other people? Yuan Jin Gang can they comply? Can the lock mountain defense line here person comply? Lock mountain alliance establishment, machine High level presently, they such control lock mountain defense line here before the imagination were impossible. Machine these High level also feel strange, in the lock mountain defense line here service, mostly is the people of machine native place, is various Great Clan core members, normally they can Clan be incomparably loyal, but various Great Clan are also equal to machine High level, now lock mountain alliance establishment, opposes the enemy with machine High level on equal to, this matter these people will not do normally, however the present situation is actually, they have done, moreover happy that very makes, this by machine these High level puzzled. Machine these High level understand what are not the sentiments of ally, they do not have personally has arrived at lock mountain defense line here, and don’t know in here person of guarding, what needs to face is what environment, regarding them, the person who lock mountain here died in battle, but is the each and every one digit, without any feeling, but regarding the lock mountain defense line here person. The person who these died in battle is actually their brothers, their friends, their allies, in this case, appears of lock mountain alliance, does not feel strange. Zhao Hai these time makes so great merit. If machine High level does not enjoy, feared that was the entire lock mountain defense line wants cause disturbance . In adding on these people also wants through this time opportunity, with Zhao Hai fixing relationship again, before after all, they plan the Zhao Hai matter, Zhao Hai know that they do not think Zhao Hai to will not count the past animosity magnanimous the situation. Must know that they are wanting the Zhao Hai life, nobody will let off the person who wants itself to assign easily. …… Zhao Hai looks at four people of somewhat uneasy whether sitting or standing appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : guyses, were we for sometime have not seen? What several are nearest/recent busy at?” Such relaxed expression, to was makes that four relaxed. And smiles said : we also to have any matter, several of us may not have Elder Brother Hai your skill, you are don’t know, above these old fogies heard that you at the here dry matter, the each and every one eye stared to fly quickly from the eyesocket, then heard that our guyses with Elder Brother Hai your a little friendship, gave to catch us, damn. I am preparing to pursue female teacher, finally getting so far as here came. Yeah, when I go back. Feared that is that beautiful female teacher, early person others gave to turn to run.”

This guyses naturally are not the playboys, however their status a little are also awkward, they are not the Clan first successor, if they display is too splendid, may be tidied up, therefore they also took easy, although they decorate not to be impossible to inherit entire Clan, but will not be short of their money to spend absolutely, therefore several people on amusement in all directions, turned into playboys. However also because they display like this, instead to was lets person feel relieved, his Clan will give them once for a while some duty, they completed was also good, in the course of contacts unexpectedly really has become the Clan core member, but on them that playboy vigor has not actually vanished. Also because of this, therefore their time is very full, attended the Ashley Clan several times cocktail party, knew with Zhao Hai at the cocktail party, moreover calculates to get along well, when the void open tournament stage, they visited Zhao Hai, relationship of both sides was better, is country Juventus this, they will speak casually such. As soon as several people listened to him saying that has smiled, Zhao Hai also laughed, some little time he stopped, looked at several people of one, Zhao Hai has smiled said : I to know that the meanings of these old fogies, to be honest, this time I had not planned really wanted anything to reward, because did not have that to will, by my present strength, I needs any thing, directly snatched has been OK, thing that I snatched, compared with being better that also they rewarded, he he.” The guyses have also smiled, they because of the reason of living conditions, regarding machine these so-called High level are not colds, therefore they meet open channel machine High level to call the old fogy. After having smiled, that person of said : that before opened the mouth Elder Brother Hai, you, if thing did not want, these fellows possibly think that I thought that you were want thing are good.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : what wants thing to not to have, what thing but I really have not needed now, ok, told them that I take a commitment, pledged that does not want to live the previous such matter, do you think this what kind of?” That several people have smiled, their understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, that person of deep voice said : that but informed verbally before actually this Elder Brother Hai you do not need to want, because these old fogies said that later absolutely in living like previous misunderstanding.”

Zhao Hai understand their meanings, he nodded said : that to be good, but your this saying, I to thought, I managed them to want planet before, now, the transform plans of these planet started to carry on, above I want to let agree that I set up Transmission Formation on machine here some main planet, above must agree that my past Yalei No. 2 star died the person, naturally, moved the matter of person not to need them to worry, the resident status of so long as their recognize Yalei 2nd resulting in can, this was my request.” Several people nodded, to be honest, the request of Zhao Hai somewhat stems from their anticipation, in their opinion, Yalei No. 2 star there is the place that a bird does not defecate, the convenient meeting is willing to move there, but they are also only a person of conveying a message . Moreover the request that Zhao Hai puts forward is not excessive, they believe that these old fogies will certainly agree. Several people also chatted a while, Zhao Hai also kept several people to have a food in Vajra fort here, this has packed off several people, but Zhao Hai now still attention centralized in 6 Realms battlefield here, but he also once for a while will enter in Space not to care about a matter now. Now Zhao Hai Space monitor there, has been able to receive the image that on planet Five Great Sect is, Zhao Hai formally started to monitor Lu Wei. Zhao Hai regarding Lu Wei continuously very meticulously, how because Lu Wei there definitely has collects and uses the Strength of Faith method, but this is Zhao Hai needs. In order to arrived at Five Great Sect in planet, Zhao Hai has made many effort, flew directly with the Liquid Silver flying needle, that definitely was impossible, but Zhao Hai release the massive Liquid Silver flying needle entered to Cultivation World there, then made these Liquid Silver flying needles defend in Transmission Formation there, the existing person must go to the five-character jue star, the flying needle will attach the body of that person, this can arrive at the five-character jue star, can monitor Five Great Sect. Moreover after having used this method, Zhao Hai received in majority of Cultivation World planet the Space map now, after all Cultivation World there uses Transmission Formation frequency distant being higher than machine, Zhao Hai wants to be also easier to the Space map in these planet income. However what disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat is, Five Great Sect there Mountain Guardian Great Formation can block the Liquid Silver flying needle, Zhao Hai wants to monitor the Five Great Sect internal situation is impossible, can only monitor Five Great Sect there Transmission Formation, monitors beside Five Great Sect mountain gate/entrance, this equal to waits for gains without pains, when your don’t know that rabbit will run.

However Zhao Hai actually has to monitor five-character jue star there, because this is the sole means that he can think, Zhao Hai very clear, these Cultivation World people, feared that now had a mortal hatred of him, if he in optional appears in Cultivation World there, ten thousand will certainly be broken by the Cultivation World person broken corpse, but for Strength of Faith, he actually must such do, moreover Zhao Hai believes that the Cultivation World person, was impossible to think he has been able to come and go out Cultivation World majority of planet at any time. But is leaving 6 Realms battlefield don’t know to have far pirate paradise there, Huang Dao however actually gloomy face sits in the room, is standing several gentlemen in his opposite, these cultivator, come out together to cope with Zhao Hai with him, but was a pity very much they were defeated, moreover Huang Dao however also received Li Lin they became information of Zhao Hai servant, this made Huang Dao complexion however uglier. cultivator of Huang Dao however opposite Infant Stage time, looked at Huang Dao however one carefully, deep voice said : Daoist/actual person, had confirmed that Zhao Hai truly arrived at 6 Realms battlefield there, moreover he probably not by too heavy wound, moreover machine there nearest/recent has also enlivened, their has plenty fleet is only transferring, comes toward pirate paradise here evidently, these pirates have been afraid, they did not dare to meet our living.” …… % high writing station ( Home station group id: 95512 o 49)