Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1338

Brings Farm to mix different realm 264, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 264 Intelligent pirate killing aura in Huang Dao however this saying, letting stands before him that several Cultivation World people, felt that fearful, they believe Huang Dao however this saying is not cracking a joke, this Zhao Hai however gave Huang Dao really angrily( high-quality writing, performed in %). Huang Dao however looked at these person of one, take deep breaths, deep voice said : walked, leave here, after these pirates were remaining, to some of some of our also uses.” Said that stood to get the people to walk outward, other people were intimate friends to follow. Place that Huang Dao however is , is actually big point meteorite, this meteorite by the pirate manufacturing, in meteorite had hollowed out, and has installed protective shield in inside, enabling this meteorite like to pass planet, even if a day has not practiced the person can live in here. In meteorite had also been planted many plants by these pirates, the environment is good, here is these pirates was used to receive the guest rooms of some Advanced level characters, the Huang Dao status however is not ordinary, naturally lived in here. But before Huang Dao however their here the has plenty person served, but did not have now, because these pirates feared really that they after all in machine, if machine must cope with them, their days may be sad. Huang Dao however came out from in the room, looked at all around one, has sneered, leading these cultivator to fly away. They just walked, several small Spaceship to this meteorite here, from Spaceship several people, these people have worn that tight-fitting military uniform of battleship operate putting on, the personal appearance very valiant. And let out a long breath said : fortunately, these fellows walked finally, if otherwise a machine person hits, our troubles may come.” Another nodded said : we to the quick point tell machine these Cultivation World person leave information, like this their perhaps retreat, but simultaneously we must prepare evacuation.” Several people nodded, these people are the collars that the pirate paradise here biggest pirate rolls, their although also some hostile, but machine army threatens the border now. Their naturally immediately alliance. That person said : that opens the mouth first „these fellows of this poisonous bee will possibly have bad luck, they send for assassinating Zhao Hai unexpectedly directly, I think that a machine person will not let off their.” Several people nodded, one of them coldly snorted said : that is also they brings upon oneself, Cultivation World these fellows, makes me assassinate Zhao Hai, but I had not agreed that Zhao Hai strength formidable, the method is ruthless, was can it be that we can cope. Also on these fellows of poisonous bee, obsessed, runs to assassinate Zhao Hai, was tidied up also gets what one deserves.” Other people do not speak, they also met have assassinated the order of Zhao Hai, but has not waited for their make a move, the person of poisonous bee first make a move, after waiting to see the Zhao Hai method,( high-quality writing, performed in %). Their people very rejoiced one do not have make a move, otherwise feared that also kept Ashley Clan, but thinks that the poisonous bee pirate will roll is possibly destroyed completely, they also had the feeling of one type of like grieve for like. They live are pirates, their imagination machine there average person is also same, on the ordinary life, has not wanted to defend in this meteorite area. However this simple desire is not easy to be realized. As soon as they the birth got branding of pirate, even if they want in hiring oneself machine that Great Clan, others not necessarily will also accept them, even if received them, meets against them, with its such, might as well lives in this meteorite area.

Was in this time, suddenly in front of them appears Space rift, then the person's walked out from Space rift. look at that person smiles they, but these pirates noticed that person has actually tarried, comes person Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai had already made Liquid Silver flying needle take in the Space map the map of entire pirate paradise, these days Huang Dao however they under his surveillance, do not say other. But these pirates have not actually known Zhao Hai, even if has not seen Zhao Hai I, however Zhao Hai picture. The video recording, material these thing, they all have actually seen, therefore their eyes have recognized Zhao Hai. These pirates are one dull, then complexion crazily changes. Their although has also practiced martial arts, moreover strength is not bad. However one compared with missed with Zhao Hai far, they have not thought that Zhao Hai met suddenly appears unexpectedly in here. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, shows a faint smile said : Hello everyone, Zhao Hai here was courteous.” These pirates looked at one mutually, saw a despair from the opposite party eye, they do not hope really in this case, met with Zhao Hai, but they want to run now are impossible, in such near distance, they are is impossible to run away to obtain the Zhao Hai palm. These people looked at one mutually, somewhat is disheartened, but these people after all are the pirates, risked one's life don’t know many to return, the present to has put aside the thoughts, calm, the pirate of lead bowed said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, below was Commander that the cross sword edge pirate rolled, Louis, has not thought that the mister to subdue|grams visited suddenly, I and other ritual.” Zhao Hai is smiling said : to that Louis originally is Louis Commander, heard that cross sword edge pirate group, is a pirate paradise here biggest pirate group, battleship ten thousand, staff surely, but sees Louis Commander face to face, is really below being honored.” Louis has not thought that Zhao Hai will know these, quickly said: mister overpraised, is a young pirate rolls Commander below, Master Yu, but ants existence, can see one side mister, died with no regrets.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Louis Commander possibly to misunderstand, do not kill your meanings below, if in fact need, can seek the plea below with a machine fleet, making them do not feel embarrassed you, he he, naturally, this being effective, my don’t know.” Louis they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, the meaning of their do not understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai should want kill normally they, after all they helped the Cultivation World person cope with Ashley Clan, coped with Zhao Hai, was Zhao Hai so magnanimous? Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : certain very strange, will I so be why natural? He He, to be honest, I want to kill you most from the beginning, turns into my Undead Creature, but afterward I gave up. You are only poor man of some life in crevice, killed you not to have what advantage to me, therefore I gave up this idea.” Louis they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that relaxed, but also mutually looked at one, felt somewhat puzzled, they were very clear, Zhao Hai was not friendly insurance, this was suddenly so why good to speak? Zhao Hai look at Louis's their appearances, show a faint smile said : everybody not to need to be worried about these many actually. Your these pirates can exist currently, naturally have the truth of existence, some of some of my Zhao Hai sometimes matters do not facilitate themselves to act, possibly also needs you to help, therefore everybody does not need to be worried about anything.” Louis they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also relaxed, but Louis has not actually displayed a point to want with Zhao Hai to discuss that the appearance of condition, still respectful thanked the mister pardon to Zhao Hai said :. Invited mister feel relieved, our cross sword edge pirate group, later absolutely will not be meeting any with mister with the Ashley Clan related business, so long as mister had any need, our cross sword edge pirate group, is willing for mister free service five times.”

Other pirate Commander one hear of Louis said that also expressed that they are willing to be the same with Louis. Does not meet any and Zhao Hai related duty absolutely. And is willing to serve five times for Zhao Hai free. These time to was changes into Zhao Hai to stare, Zhao Hai these time came out to see these pirates, but the hope joined some relationship with these pirates, was finding the way many to contact with them, having a look at some of their people willing to move to Yalei No. 2 on-board to go, has not actually thought that Louis they actually said such words, this somewhat stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. The strengths of these pirates are not weak, takes the cross sword edge pirate to roll, they have battleship ten thousand these also to have hundred Advanced level battleships really( high-quality writing, performs in %). Moreover can put out near hundred thousand Mecha Battalion, moreover their battleship operate staff has studied the military or has studied Magic, fighting strength is not weak, such strength, puts machine there, wants compared with general small Clan on strongly many, if they are willing to serve five times for Zhao Hai really free. Then has very big advantage to Zhao Hai, is only Zhao Hai understand, why Louis they such do not do? To accompany ritual apology to him? Did this little cross probably? Louis they said after these words, on look at Zhao Hai, somewhat is on nettles at heart, reason that in fact Louis said is willing for Zhao Hai free service five times. Also considers for cross sword edge pirate group. Their meteorite areas therefore, fleet fight of not suitable large-scale. But they have also used this characteristics, can repel some Clan to suppress to their entering, enters to suppress their fleets these, keeps off outside of pirate paradise. However Zhao Hai is different from machine these people, Zhao Hai is Space Magician, he can any place of silent appears in pirate Le Yuan, add on Zhao Hai in hand also to have massive Undead Creature, if Zhao Hai must cope , can definitely from the inside and outside toward killing, but their fleets take Zhao Hai not any means. If practice, these pirates will not be afraid generally, after all they have the practice, strength also very formidable, but Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai strength formidable, moreover can use Space passage, he can want to come to come, walks walks, has room for maneuver, can say that compares to take off a big fleet to enter to suppress, they fear Zhao Hai such person. Before Cultivation World invited they coped with Zhao Hai the time, Louis they to some Zhao Hai also research, they knew Zhao Hai although vicious and merciless, so long as you did not offend him, maintained the good intentions to him, that Zhao Hai will not cope with you, will take care of you very much. These pirates can Cultivation World can achieve success one way or another between machine, estimates the will of the people are very important, therefore Louis will take the initiative said that can serve five times for Zhao Hai free, for must draw relationship with Zhao Hai, such Zhao Hai was embarrassed to their make a move. But Zhao Hai actually and don’t know Louis they are thinking anything, he looked at Louis their eyes, presently Louis they do not have what expression, still respectful standing in there, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. Zhao Hai look at Louis, deep voice said : Louis Commander what is this? Must know that for my free service five times, regarding you, loses is not small.” Before Louis immediately/on horseback said : this is, we to apologizing that mister disrespects, mister does not need to be worried that our although is a pirate, actually also understood truth that lives up to one's words.” Zhao Hai look at Louis shows a faint smile said : so also well, later I to be will meet with everybody frequently, the number of times of he he, perhaps meeting were many, everybody knows that what manner I was, everybody, arrives at here today, said goodbye( high-quality writing below, performed in %).” Zhao Hai said that to several people of gave a salute, flashes body vanish from sight, the direction that Louis their complexion ugly look at Zhao Hai vanished, like enemy who Zhao Hai mysteriously appeared and disappeared, was they most is not willing to meet. Louis let out a long breath, how many person of said : turned the head to look at other everybody, said that what to do this can later? This Zhao Hai strength too formidable, this time has not thought fortunately must cope with us, otherwise we cannot get away today.”

Commander said : that the pirate of his side rolls Louis, you said why Zhao Hai hasn't killed us? Information that since we obtain, he absolutely is not one kindhearted generation, possibly because of feeling sorry for us puts our horse, he is Dark Magician, in hand Undead Creature is innumerable, can he not be cruel enough to start? Kills me not to believe.” Louis also knit the brows said : Zhao Hai today's performance truly is somewhat strange, but I think his appearance, probably wants to cooperate to be the same with us . Moreover the long-term cooperation, what meaning is this? What has to be good to cooperate with our him? By his present status, simply has no need to cooperate with us, light looks at this machine person for him, has sent out that many fleets unexpectedly, knows that he status in machine office these person of hearts, what matter Zhao Hai had, can definitely machine these to process, had a need for us?” Several other people also nodded, they also thought that this matter is somewhat strange, but Zhao Hai wants to do, they actually really cannot think. Commander that at this time nearby pirate rolled, suddenly said : „did Louis, why you say before must for Zhao Hai free service five times? Like Zhao Hai said that free service five times, our losses are not small, if Zhao Hai makes us make any specially difficult duty, our owing even bigger.” What did Louis look at that person of said : your understand I do not make? Why also complies to for his free service five times?” That person smiled said : you to comply, if I did not comply, that didn't appear I is too special? If Zhao Hai were angry me gives to butcher, on me that reasoned things out.” As soon as Louis listened to him saying that flipped supercilious look said : for here? I said that person of fool, you do not think, can Zhao Hai appears in here, he be able today appears in other place? If his suddenly appears in your in the room, wanted your life, on you that does reason things out? For here, serves five times not to be many for him.” ( to be continued ) Brings Farm to mix different realm 264, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 264 The intelligent pirate renews! ( Home station group id: 95512 o 49)