Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1339

Louis who the Zhao Hai look at screen, the screen last present broadcasts among them the dialog, Zhao Hai has not thought really that this Louis so is unexpectedly intelligent, one saw his Space ability most fearful place. Laura they also sit in the Zhao Hai side, one hear of Louis said that Laura also smiles said : not to think, in these pirates really has such smart person, he he, Elder Brother Hai, you said that can subdue this person has used for us?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this to be a little difficult, but this Louis the pirate paradise there biggest pirate chief, wants to subdue him, difficult.” Laura nodded said : now we to rob the paradise there situation to Yu Hai is also not completely understand, after waiting, we had understood after pirate paradise there situation, was finding the way to cope with them to be good, but Elder Brother Hai, you planned how to cooperate with these pirates?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : these pirate although life in here, but they some or Cultivation World there fellows and Sect have the relation with machine, thing that after all they snatch, needs to sell out, but their living materials must buy, we can work with them in this aspect, for example provides some weapon to them, or some living materials, with were like this many, we who slowly they contacted can perhaps draw some people Yalei No. 2 star there.” Laura nodded said : this to arrive is a good method, in our Space the has plenty commodity, only depends on produced to digest unable to digest spatially, if these thing selling to these pirates to were the good deeds, but can also obtain thing that some we needed from their there.” Zhao Hai nodded, Megan suddenly said : that at this time one side had not spoken Elder Brother Hai, now is not thinking these pirates time? What we must pay attention is that Huang Dao however, the fellow unexpectedly wants to go to 6 Realms battlefield there to chase down you, if this time you do not act, Yuan Jin Gang Captain they must have bad luck, moreover such as wants this time you not to act, to your prestige can be a huge attack.” Zhao Hai face heavy nod. To be honest, if Huang Dao however kills 6 Realms battlefield there, he did not have what good means , can only spell with the Huang Dao however frontage hardly. 6 Realms battlefield there is different from the machine here situation, in machine here, if Huang Dao however dares to go to attack Ashley Clan Dark Magic Star, entire machine will cause a stir, his impossible leave machine. However is different in 6 Realms battlefield there, in there Huang Dao however in how a attack machine defense line, will not have will say his anything. Because there is a battlefield, uses any method yes.

But this is the Zhao Hai most headache place, he now is not the Huang Dao match however, but Huang Dao however is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, before although, several people have association intent in 6 Realms battlefield there, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert cannot go to the attack several other Realms domain easily, but this time situation is a little different. The Zhao Hai final crest of wave is too abundant, moreover he however has a grudge with Huang Dao. Therefore Huang Dao however goes to auxiliary engine, several other Realms will certainly be happy, simply will not have any opposition, when the time comes Zhao Hai has no alternative but positive with Huang Dao however to fighting. Laura also knitting the brows head, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, we should tell Yuan Jin Gang Captain this information now, now cannot give a thought to that many. We best to put out some profound yin Thunder to come. So long as these profound yin thunder can use massively, let the Huang Dao however headache sufficiently.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, grasps the time to manufacture the profound yin thunder, I go to say with Yuan Jin Gang Captain now, these time comes is not general Expert, but is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if not prepare, that loss may be big.” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er. From now on, full to Undead Creature of these beast shapes builds full body armor and weapon, installs to use the computer here Magic Cannon to Undead Creature of these beast shapes on.” Cai'er has complied with one, in Space has prepared massive machine here Magic Formation, these Magic Cannon use on the battleship, the attack strength is extraordinary, but these Magic Cannon some were extremely heavy. Therefore had not installed to the bodies of these beast shape Undead Creature, but does not prepare not to be good now, this their enemy strength was too strong, they need to use these Magic Cannon. In fact the Zhao Hai also has plenty method, for example makes these Undead Creature use the massive profound yin thunder. For example makes Space buy some Silver Back Gold-Winged insects to come in store there, then raises them. fighting strength of these Silver Back Gold-Winged insects are extraordinary, happen to be used however to fight with Huang Dao. However Zhao Hai gave up this idea finally, the profound yin thunder he can take, but if lets these Undead Creature massive use profound yin thunder, will make all people know that his strength, when the time comes feared that is the machine here person, to him will feel that was afraid. But these Silver Back Gold-Winged insects cannot release come now, these Silver Back Gold-Winged insect Zhao Hai on-board have contacted in Fabbio, if the Zhao Hai suddenly release massive Silver Back Gold-Winged insects, that will bring to the attention of entire Cultivation World, must know that Cultivation World these big gate factions, very dread regarding Fabbio star there Insect Race.

But release these beast shape Undead Creature, install Magic Cannon on their bodies, this is very good to explain that must know Magic Cannon this thing, in machine here has plenty, Zhao Hai can get so far as these thing through many channels, all these were good to explain. After explain/transfer ends these matters, Zhao Hai flashes body appears in the Vajra fort, Vajra fort in recent time was quite peaceful, everyone/Great Clan has not exited to go hunting, after all Zhao Hai just defeated that several Cultivation World people, but also received three servants, partly controlled the area here several other Realms people to give to run away in fear machine, the words that now they want to go hunting, can only go to core battlefield there, went to core battlefield there, but very dangerous, needs to prepare many thing, therefore Vajra camp these days also rare relaxed. Sees Zhao Hai, the people greets with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile to the people, then half step walks toward the Yuan Jin Gang room. Because Yuan Jin Gang the present became alliance leader of lock mountain alliance, matter has plenty that everyday must process, but the lock mountain alliance just established didn't have long time, did not have the independent business location, therefore they can only carry on the communicate work through computer. Lock mountain defense line here all computer can fortunately online, in adding on the member in alliance, is each every camp Captain, even if gives them an independent work situation, feared that is they cannot staying of long time in there, the way of this computer conference, is suiting them to use. The matter that Yuan Jin Gang must handle now are many, he has not thought really that will lock mountain defense line here unexpectedly so many issues by the frontline, many camp there weapon will be in disrepair after many years, energy block also insufficiency, if the enemy will attack from there , the camp person can only spell with the life, but the person in camp, multiple looks like High level responded that this situation, has not been answered, now has established the alliance, these Captain on these situation responded to Yuan Jin Gang here, Yuan Jin Gang they after checking, discuss on must machine High level, this . It is not an easy matter. Was opening Yuan Jin Gang suddenly of computer conference to hear knock, he gawked slightly, then the knitting the brows head, he spoke to all people, when he met do not disturb him, only if there is an important matter to live, Yuan Jin Gang turned the head on the other members of alliance to computer to nod said : „, possibly was Vajra camp here has the matter to want me to process.” Several other people to are doesn't blame, after all they are also managing their camp, matter has plenty that everyday must process. Yuan Jin Gang opens the door, present out of the door is actually standing unexpectedly is Zhao Hai, he cannot help but stares, then quickly said: Is you, comes in quickly.” If others, Yuan Jin Gang also in in front of the door him told at most several words have hit, but Zhao Hai is not good, the Zhao Hai strength and status are placed in there, he cannot such treat Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai enters the door, saw on computer other alliance members, he bows said : Zhao Hai to see Captain to these people with a smile, disturbing everyone/Great Clan to meet, I reported the crop failure very much.”

The people said do not have relationship, although they were Captain, did not have that to dare to Zhao Hai to be impolite, Yuan Jin Gang look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what matter did you have?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Captain, really has the matter to look for you today, I received information, Huang Dao however must return to Cultivation World, moreover after he prepared returned to cultivate zero point, immediately to 6 Realms battlefield here copes with us, therefore I told you this information.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that face changes, Huang Dao however this name he is very clear, chases down Zhao Hai that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, has not thought that he must come 6 Realms battlefield here unexpectedly, this absolutely is not good information. Yuan Jin Gang look at Zhao Hai said : „is information accurate?” Zhao Hai nodded said : after to accurately, but now Huang Dao however just leave pirate paradise there, but also does not have returned to Cultivation World, but believes that soon he can arrive at Cultivation World there, so long as his returned to Cultivation World there, will certainly have quickly enters to the 6 Realms battlefield, this time he will not let off my, if I evade not to fight, his attack lock mountain defense line here, our troubles have been big.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, Zhao Hai these words have not been evading other these Captain, his very clear, these Captain should also know that this matter, the defense of lock mountain defense line here needs all people to participate after all. Yuan Jin Gang nodded, then did face heavy sitting to computer there, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan hear? immediately relates each every camp separately, making everyone/Great Clan enter the readiness condition, I go to relate with High level these fellows now, must let them weapon shipping in that as soon as possible we need, must tell them this situation.” The people nodded, the information that Zhao Hai brings, regarding machine may really be too important, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert wants attack they, if they do not prepare completely safe, that consequence is dreadful.!.