Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1340

Brings Farm to mix different realm 266, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 266 Pulls one to move the whole body …… Lock mountain defense line here person although knows that Huang Dao however comes for Zhao Hai, but they still have no complain and regret is doing all work, the preparation and a Huang Dao however war, not for other, because Zhao Hai is also the lock mountain defense line person. Lock mountain defense line here very united, a fort has had difficult, everyone/Great Clan helps, nobody will hate, in adding on these many years, a machine person is almost is fighting with the several other Realms person daily, almost everyday in the deceased person, this hatred already merged in Bone of lock mountain defense line here person, that feared that is person who these just arrived at the lock mountain defense line, will be infected by that here atmosphere, will establish within the shortest time to the hatred of several other Realms. But Zhao Hai rises like the comet finally, moreover he also takes to the everyone/Great Clan multiple large number, enabling a machine person to speak in several other Realms person front direct wainscot, this lets the lock mountain defense line here person, the impression to Zhao Hai is extremely good. Is adding on Zhao Hai and Cultivation World war, win of several times, made the power and prestige of machine person, equal to has revenged to the lock mountain defense line here person, this already let the lock mountain defense line here person, regarded the person on one's own side Zhao Hai. Now Huang Dao however looks for the trouble of Zhao Hai, in their opinion, is looking for their troubles, therefore entire lock mountain defense line here moved. But the people of Yuan Jin Gang their these alliances, during this mobilization, left vigorously, Yuan Jin Gang after the mobilization, gives other people to manage these matters on immediately/on horseback from the beginning, his full going camera High level there responded this matter. Machine High level when hears this information, very shocked, they lets vanish in the staff full inquiries of Cultivation World these ambushes, has also given Yuan Jin Gang weapon that lock mountain defense line here needed, this was most passes quick one time that they gave. Machine these High level want to fix relationship with Zhao Hai. Because Zhao Hai show potential is huge, similarly, Huang Dao however this time must attack lock mountain defense line here, this equal to is selecting a fighting opportunity bottom line, machine High level although does not cope with lock mountain defense line here, but they are also only the air/Qi lock mountain defense line here people( high-quality writing, performs in %). Does not listen to the verbal command, but lock mountain defense line here person. The matter that should do but same little has not done.

Regarding a machine person, the lock mountain defense line here person, looks like under the hand/subordinate that is not obedient, his sometimes will possibly talk back with you, however his management ability is very strong. Well, therefore machine High level that your explain/transfer matter manages regarding the lock mountain defense line here person is somewhat discontented, really they will not be what kind. But Huang Dao however must cope with Zhao Hai, must attack the lock mountain defense line, that was poses a threat to machine interests, machine these High level look at will not have managed. Therefore regarding these weapon that Yuan Jin Gang wants, they have given immediately Yuan Jin Gang, even also gave Yuan Jin Gang to be many. Moreover machine High level has issued the mobilization order, so long as confirmed that Zhao Hai the information is accurate. The lock mountain defense line member who then retires, will be convened in one time, preparation support lock mountain defense line here momentarily. Machine High level very clear, in 6 Realms battlefield here, they also has been actually in the weak trend, if this Huang Dao however has an accident really noisily in lock mountain defense line here, regarding them, absolutely is not good information. The several other Realms person will perhaps call fire to take by force, not only when the time comes relationship to a matter of Zhao Hai person. Very possible was relationship to the demarcation issue of entire 6 Realms battlefield here domain. Therefore machine High level these time has gotten down the initial capital, how does not have round must defend lock mountain defense line here. Also must however give to repel Huang Dao, if some people want to call the fire to take by force, but must hit pain these people, protect 6 Realms battlefield here domain. 6 Realms battlefield here good thing to be too many, has plenty thing is can only obtain in 6 Realms battlefield here, but important fittings in some battlefields, leave these thing are incorrect, if machine defeated in 6 Realms battlefield here, that later machine coped with several other Realms to come difficulty. Machine High level does not have blame Zhao Hai to cause trouble, at the matter this matter is also not Zhao Sea Lord moves to annoy, person who machine High level these fellows, although suppress the practice internally, but they are also clear, poses the threat to them truly, is several other Realms. Person who suppresses the practice internally, because of benefit, but to resisting several other Realms, for the even bigger benefit, machine High level very clear, generally speaking Comprehend the world here is the place that a practice person rules, only organic here is not, person who they can suppress the practice internally, because the person strength of machine here practice is not strong, but the people of several other Realms these practices, they did not suppress, but is the resistance. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore machine High level this rare motion fast, machine in several other Realms ambushed staff to be transferred massively, 6 Realms battlefield here also complete entered the readiness condition( high-quality writing, performed in %). But machine here such big response, if wants several other Realms complete does not know the circumstances of the matter, that is almost impossible, the several other Realms person looks at a machine appearance, restless, they also mobilized. But Huang Dao however feared that has not thought that he wholeheartedly wants to revenge, finally actually made such big move, entire 6 Realms battlefield atmosphere one anxious, even these days, the people who went to core battlefield there to go hunting is short.

Zhao Hai is seeing machine and several other Realms reaction time, was startled, he has not thought really that this matter makes finally such greatly, if in so is really noisy, will not do well the entire 6 Realms battlefield to make into pot gruel, but this matter he is to prevent not to be impossible now, machine mobilized, several other Realms will be also similar, at this time is machine wants to stop not to be impossible, if machine stopped, several other Realms person perhaps on a large scale invasion machine in the 6 Realms battlefield here domain. Zhao Hai sat in Space has smiled bitterly, then turned the head by Cai'er said : Cai'er, prepared, I looked buy this Silver Back Gold-Winged insect from Spatial Shop there, then in overtime there made their as soon as possible is mature, otherwise situation, if to a beyond redemption situation, we have had really to use this strength.” Cai'er nodded, Zhao Hai then said : Space from now on, massively makes various Potion, Potion that helps to practice, gives Jua Ding Shan them to use first, is joined to Potion to these Undead Creature, speeds up their practice, medicine Potion is also increasing the output.” Cai'er nodded, these matters are not difficult, in fact now in Space all kinds of Potion already has plenty, these thing regarding Space, were too good to manufacture, but Zhao Hai let increase the output, that increased the output to be good, this was not difficult. …… Laura look at screen, had realized this time unusual place, entire 6 Realms battlefield there, looks like a powder keg, now does not have a point sound, but one but some Spark, that entire powder keg will rumble to explode, by that time decides however is Heaven and Earth turning upside down. But this time matter, is in the final analysis related with Zhao Hai, by the Zhao Hai disposition, he is impossible to put machine here not to manage, that feared that exposes own strength, he also full with the several other Realms person fights( high-quality writing, performs in %). …… Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : well, because nearest/recent various Realm is preparing, went to the various Realm people of Yellow Sand-Star there smelting trial to be short much, we went to there to catch some astral wind beasts, certainly will not bring to others' attention, good, such managed.” Lizzy wrinkled under brow said : lightly Elder Brother Hai, do not go to Fabbio star to grasp some Insect Race to come?” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, Cai'er shook the head said : this to fear that is not good, Fabbio star there situation is special, nearest/recent Fabbio star there Insect Race noisy very fierce, Cultivation World put in many military strength in there, if we went to Fabbio star at this time, might very much by the Cultivation World person present, that will not be good, therefore Fabbio star there cannot go.”

Zhao Hai selected to go to Fabbio star there to said :, we cannot catch compared with a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect stronger insect now, considered as finished, right Cai'er, the surveillance to the five-character jue star cannot relax absolutely, one, but presently that Lu Wei comes out, that feared that in five-character jue on-board, I also wanted first to give to grasp him.” Cai'er has complied with said : Young Master your feel relieved, so long as is in the Space map some planet, I monitored and ensure cannot have any mistake.” Zhao Hai nodded, he who let out a long breath, can be now has done, looked that the matter unfolded in any direction, he now is understand, what was pulls one to move the whole body, now the 6 Realms battlefield here situation is this. But those who let some Zhao Hai not knowing whether to laugh or cry, the 6 Realms battlefield here atmosphere is so tight, but another lead in this play, strength Daoist priest Huang Dao however, did not have returned to Cultivation World now, can say that head that affects the 6 Realms battlefield situation, now has not gone on stage, this was makes person don’t know say any good. Thought of here, Zhao Hai also can only sigh, he cannot a strange machine response be intense, but caused the entire 6 Realms battlefield situation to change, this was a sorrow of weak influence, had any slightest sign of trouble, they have to make the intense response, otherwise, they very much may are at leeward, such to them disadvantageous. ( to be continued ) Brings Farm to mix different realm 266, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 266 Pulls one to move the whole body to renew! ( Home station group id: 95512 o 49)