Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1341

Yellow Sand-Star in recent time is quite peaceful, the various Realm person little some people will come here now, because various Realm person nearest/recent is very busy. However today Yellow Sand-Star here is different, here suddenly came large quantities of Undead Creature, but also has plenty Huang Lou Chong, after these yellow sand insect appears , immediately leads these Undead Creature to start in Yellow Sand-Star here to carry on to sweep dang, has caught many astral wind beasts, then vanish from sight.[. .com] Yellow Sand-Star here is not that simple, here astral wind beast has plenty strength very formidable, may compare favorably with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, moreover is general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, not necessarily is the match of astral wind beast, because in attack of these astral wind beasts, is bringing Berserk Qi. These come Yellow Sand-Star here to grasp Undead Creature of astral wind beast naturally are Zhao Hai send, Zhao Hai needs these astral wind beasts, raises these astral wind beasts in Space, can increase Space fighting strength. In Space also started massive armed these beast shapes Undead Creature, on these beast shape Undead Creature has put on full body armor, has installed also massive Magic Cannon, can say that Zhao Hai was complete equipment is good. Different from Zhao Hai, all preparatory work of Zhao Hai here, can give Cai'er to complete, and surface Space here also has Universal Manufacturing Machine this thing, therefore prepares very convenient, machine there was different, thing that machine there must prepare are more. Machine present main fighting strength or battleship and Mecha, the battleship was needless saying that wanted to disassemble a battleship, then brought to 6 Realms battlefield here, these were impossible . Moreover the consumption of battleship was also too big, in 6 Realms battlefield here, without that many supplies planet, Might that the battleship can wield is really limited. Mecha to can bring to 6 Realms battlefield here, but the issue is, Mecha is also very high regarding the request of supplies, moreover continuing of Mecha does to fight the ability, is very fatal shortcoming this shortcoming in Comprehend the world there, is not very obvious, because Mecha moves with battleship together, the battleship can regard the Mecha logistics supply point. However lost the threat of battleship transportable supply point Mecha to be fallen to most lowered, in 6 Realms battlefield here, machine has actually done a lot of work, they in their control area, have constructed many supply points, these supply points, were used to give Mecha to use as the supplies. However Ping Jin you is very difficult to see to have the Mecha activity in 6 Realms battlefield here, because Mecha has these supply points also only to be able in the machine control area to move, in other words these Mecha entered 6 Realms battlefield here, can only defend not to have the means participation attack.

But lock mountain defense line there is very safe, therefore normally machine High level, will not send the Mecha soldier toward 6 Realms battlefield here, does not have that necessity, but sends some people to carry on some suitable services to many supply points, to guarantee that he can begin using in the wartime. But this machine actually sent large quantities of Mecha soldiers toward 6 Realms battlefield here, these supply points were started, brought Space equipment Combatant to enter to the supplies in large numbers hits the mark in their Space equipment, not only thought of own fight Mecha, but also the has plenty supplies commodity, simultaneously large quantities of non- Combatant also entered these supply points, these non- Combatant was some logistics staff. The Mecha soldier lies in generally the practice maximum difference, the regular service that Mecha needs to service is essential, will otherwise affect the Mecha service life, but these logistics staff do this to use. These Mecha soldiers, between the lock mountain defense lines and iron bridge forts, have formed a huge defense network, one, but lock mountain defense line there not possibly has the words enemy of any accident relaxed moves in the control area of machine armor. Besides the Mecha soldier, but also a has plenty practice people also sent in 6 Realms battlefield here, machine clarified the posture to in 6 Realms battlefield here well got. several other Realms person after several years of scout, understand machine has made why such reason unexpectedly because of Huang Dao however. Before escaped with life of Zhao Hai however from the Huang Dao hand, this let several other Realms person very curious, the Huang Dao reputation however was not small, actually ran away by Zhao Hai, this was really very astonishing. However reason that their nearest/recent receives information, machine will have such big response, because of Huang Dao however leave machine, returned to Cultivation World, moreover threatened that must enter the 6 Realms battlefield, chases down Zhao Hai, this makes machine have to guard fully. Hears this information time, the several other Realms person somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, they have not really thought that machine there person, unexpectedly because Huang Dao a few words however will make such big move to come, they also think that machine because of the nearest/recent Zhao Hai crest of wave vigor, plans to call this opportunity, carries on any big motion, now looks like, absolutely does not have that a matter.

The several other Realms person, immediately stopped toward the mobilization of 6 Realms battlefield here, because did not have that to will, their first, not only a 6 Realms battlefield such income, but also the has plenty place needed the military strength, before their mobilization, because the mobilization of machine there was really too obvious, making them think that machine must move any war, now has clarified, naturally do not need anything to mobilize. However before they have not let , the person who reenforces the 6 Realms battlefield draws back, now the several other Realms person , they want to have a look, can Huang Dao however the attack machine lock mountain defense line, what result he attack lock mountain defense line there to have, if made Huang Dao however go well, made the chaos lock mountain defense line there, they can seize the opportunity sort to be cheap. Like sorts cheap this matter dry, does not need too many military strength, several was enough in the 6 Realms battlefield there military strength at the present. Is holding such thoughts, therefore several other Realms has not been sending for toward the 6 Realms battlefield, but is carrying on waiting and seeing. Reason that these people will have such manner, actually also responded from another that they did not favor the Huang Dao attack however very much, not wrong, Huang Dao however was Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, entire machine there did not have Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but similarly, they several did not have machine that many practice, did not have machine that many Mecha and fights, machine this huge-crowd strategy, was the several other Realms most headache place. Reason that machine can base in Comprehend the world, depends is making an all-out effort that does not fear death, their fearing death person, a fight often may not use ten people, even dozens people trade a life of other person, such going all out way, making several other Realms person dreading after all several other Realms very not unified, moreover relationship not necessarily is also good to go to that your strength was weak, the possibility on organically may call by others. 6 Realms battlefield here atmosphere, unexpectedly because of this information, but among suddenly relaxed, this makes Zhao Hai has not thought that before looked at preparation of various Realm aggressive, Zhao Hai also thinks a war was unavoidable, now looks like, oneself somewhat considered thoroughly probably. Zhao Hai sits in Space, look at these in appears in the core person of battlefield and war hunting, have the feeling that one type of does not know whether to laugh or cry at heart, he turns the head look at Laura said : not to think really that various Realm can be such response unexpectedly, was this too also strange? information can make several instantaneously anxious, information can let several, instantaneous is relaxed, don't they fear the heart disease?” As soon as Laura several people listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has smiled, good person of Laura to smile said : I to want possibly to be because several mutually had the scruples, has not prepared for being probable to end that fully open fought, after all now Comprehend the world here, Cultivation World a monopoly of a single clique, but several other Realms did not have the advantage of hitting back, compared to take off to come, what several other Realms had scruples was Cultivation World, before machine increased troops on a large scale the 6 Realms battlefield, making several other Realms people feel that anxious, they were clear, machine must move the motion of any large-scale in 6 Realms battlefield here, impossible. target subscribes is Cultivation World, that is machine courts death, machine cannot subscribe target on Cultivation World, that can only be several other Realms, therefore they will prepare, but Cultivation World there looked that several other Realms prepares, they also feared that several other Realms alliance copes with them, therefore also prepares, finally has made into entire 6 Realms battlefield here, is preparing, the tense atmosphere, can say, if at that time, machine real dispatching troops, that 6 Realms battlefield here will certainly hit, makes into pot gruel.” Lizzy also smiles said : „, beforehand preparation was really too scary, but several other Realms knows why now machine must prepare, on feel relieved, moreover in their opinion, this information like fake, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert attack, did not place that after all, cannot deal with ease...., Megan also nodded said :perhaps several other Heaven Realm people, is waiting to look at a machine joke, has a look to grab the bargain casually, they should not spell with machine hardly are right, except to on Cultivation World, several other Realms to time, should not spell is too ominous, will otherwise have been grabbed the bargain by Cultivation World seize the opportunity...., Zhao Hai long vented anger, deep voice said : to put it bluntly, these strengths are too bad, is adding on several sides to have scruples, not having means alliance to get up, will otherwise not be given a monopoly of a single clique by Cultivation World.” Laura nodded said : although 6 Realms battlefield here not to hit, but a machine crisis has not relieved, after all that Huang Dao however just returned to Cultivation World there, when entered to the 6 Realms battlefield now returns don’t know, if he does not enter to the 6 Realms battlefield, we will also be very troublesome.” Zhao Hai nodded said : my initially not to think that a machine response so will be big, but has done now, that was needless to say other, I to have a look at Huang Dao however to dare at this time 6 Realms battlefield here.” Maggie deep voice said : that had not spoken he will certainly come, Elder Brother Hai, regarding the machine there person, are not many, machine these fellows who you understand, their arrogant serious, they are not the magnanimous person, Elder Brother Hai a person of your Infant Stage time, however runs away life from Huang Dao in hand, this regarding him, is a great shame, in his opinion, only then has killed you, before can snow the shame, in this case, he can come to attack your.” Zhao Hai nodded, his very clear, Cultivation World these cultivator, for the face, any matter did came out, do not say that Zhao Hai the strength was inferior to Huang Dao however, even if were the Zhao Hai strength with Huang Dao however quite, he can also go all out, only then the one type of situation, can make these cultivator put aside the face, following of sincerity in your side, that coped with Li Lin like Zhao Hai them, projected on them to take by the absolute strength, refuses to accept only then died, only then at that time, cultivator will put down their dignity.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : comes, I to have a look, this can Huang Dao however kill me, if homicide undead I, I looked that who dares to begin to machine.” But machine here was not increasing troops toward 6 Realms battlefield here at this time, increasing troops that before they kept, was because several other Realms also entered the alert posture, they have to increase troops, but several other Realms stopped increasing troops now, this was actually a signal, told machine, you should better do not increase troops, otherwise everyone/Great Clan was unattractive. Several High level had to do is not a day or two, each slight movement of opposite party, can let these High level understand is any meaning, therefore machine has not been increasing troops, their defensive systems basically have also been completed, even if were Huang Dao however can attack break the formation to lock the mountain defense line, in a machine domain was also difficult. although said that Huang Dao however is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but machine and has with the experience that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert makes to fight, do not think machine and Cultivation World conflict time, Cultivation World really will be putting these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, does not let on them the battlefield, that is almost impossible, machine and Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert fought are not once or twice, but these fought, the has plenty time was in secret has been carrying on, machine has paid the price will be very big, but machine is still independently exists now, this on expressing Cultivation World these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, to the present. Still does not have the means with them. No matter what arrangement Zhao Hai machine is making, the matter that he must handle is same, puts out oneself present to be able toward leaving the bright all strengths, with a Huang Dao however war, must however give to block Huang Dao, otherwise machine because of him dying many people, this is Zhao Hai undesired. Zhao Hai in patient is waiting, Yuan Jin Gang they also in patient is waiting, machine person also in patient is waiting, even several other Realms person also in patient is waiting, they are waiting for the Huang Dao response however, because of these people, therefore Zhao Hai believes that Huang Dao however can 6 Realms battlefield here, now is Huang Dao however does not want, the Cultivation World these person will not comply. Huang Dao however must come 6 Realms battlefield here to chase down the Zhao Hai matter, entire Comprehend the world High level knew, all people in look at, if Huang Dao however cannot dare, that by others is thought was he had feared machine all sorts of arrangement, was because of this, therefore Huang Dao however will certainly come attack Zhao Hai they, because now is not his matter, but was relationship to the matter of Cultivation World face countenance.!.