Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1342

The Huang Dao however present day does not feel better similarly, although he is the Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder, person who also has the status in Cultivation World, but compared with these Great Sect is worse much, he was just Rogue Cultivator Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, in these Great Sect eyes, he also can only be general Expert. Before reason that Huang Dao however agreed that coped with Zhao Hai, because besides this motion can obtain many advantage, was because these Great Sect looked like him to issue the strict order, he has to go. This thinks that a meritorious military service becomes, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai ran away from in his hand unexpectedly, he cannot be what kind of Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this regarding Huang Dao however, absolutely is a big stain in life. After he wants to come back, requested that enters chases down Zhao Hai to the 6 Realms battlefield , what he has not thought that he has not waited for returned to Cultivation World, must go to 6 Realms battlefield there to chase down the Zhao Hai matter about him, has spread in Comprehend the world here, this makes him very puzzled, because this saying he has only been lucky with his together with these person has said that these pirate don’t know, but these with cultivator of his together motion, are with his together returned to Cultivation World here, how this is information spreads ahead of time? Naturally, most important is not this information spreads that simply, before because of machine preparation, made the entire 6 Realms battlefield atmosphere incomparable anxiety, lets this matter by attention big increase, he is not wanted to enter the 6 Realms battlefield not to be good now. although Huang Dao however wants to enter to the 6 Realms battlefield chases down Zhao Hai, but he does not want such to go , this people compel him to go to be the same probably, this feeling lets his not being feeling well. What most important is, this these Great Sect indirectly had reminded him, this motion, can only succeed cannot be defeated, if he were defeated, feared that will be these Great Sect will not let off his. Like this reminded. Might as well said that is awakes, this lets Huang Dao however not being feeling well, but he does not have means rebel, he is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but thinks that rebel these Great Sect are actually impossible. However this also advantage, must know that wants machine there. 6 Realms battlefield there is not who wants to go to go, wants 6 Realms battlefield there. This quota is these Great Sect decides generally, before he can go to the 6 Realms battlefield, is these Great Sect gives his some quotas, looked that is quick, is worth in the share that he practices trains. Cultivation World these Great Sect. After a few years, will select some practice quick talent Rogue Cultivator to enter to the 6 Realms battlefield, this arrives not necessarily to train these Rogue Cultivator, may be to let these disperses cultivation level they to work oneself to death, works as cannon fodder. Practice talent that Huang Dao however was to become famous in the past, but is actually not willing to enter to these Great Sect in practices. Did not have qualifications to enter like him to the 6 Realms battlefield, but in the past he became the Pink Clouds Pavilion elder, Pink Clouds Pavilion hua very big price, has gotten so far as a quota to him. He then fortunately entered the 6 Realms battlefield, and in there success Transcends Tribulation, became Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, because of this, he is the Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elders.

However since his Transcends Tribulation succeeds, comes out after the 6 Realms battlefield, opportunity that is not having, 6 Realms battlefield regarding these Great Sect. Is their something for one's own exclusive use, they will not make others slice. Therefore Huang Dao must enter the 6 Realms battlefield for this time. Also must have must spend turns the bo booklet. However now this matter makes such greatly, these Great Sect want to make him redeem Cultivation World reputation. To make him give Zhao Hai this machine talent, except that he enters the 6 Realms battlefield not to be a problem as the matter stands. However now Huang Dao however has not entered the 6 Realms battlefield, in an industry of his Pink Clouds Pavilion rests, in his opposite, is sitting a very pretty woman, this woman cultivator clothing/taking, looks like not very magnificent, however her body has Noble temperament, this temperament will shoulder conquer of man **, is adding on this woman long was really too attractive, eyebrow such as far mountain, not picture, but the black eyebrow coloring, shining eyes and pearly white teeth, the face such as peach hua, the willow slender waist, twin peaks ting pulled out, this big place was not small, this small place. It is not big, entire is a devil and Angel/Emperor's Emissary aggregate. However Huang Dao however does not have the thoughts to pay attention to attractive degree of this woman, in fact, in Cultivation World here, the person who dares to open this woman idea are not many, because this woman has a status, the lord of Pink Clouds Pavilion, Infant Stage time cultivator, to the Transcends Tribulation Stage also one pace, such status, lets her in Cultivation World here, has resulted in a nickname of color Yunfei phoenix, this is to point out her status, the lord of Pink Clouds Pavilion, another one layer meaning is also weapon that to point out her uses, [gold/metal] Lingfei the phoenix turban. Huang Dao however look at this woman, deep voice said : porch lord, this time matter feared that is not quite easy to do, that Zhao Hai very difficult deals with, previous time I and he fight, although lets his minor wound, but he actually calmly retreats, I do not have the means with him.” The porch prominent fold has frowned said : Uncle Huang, these did Great Sect exert pressure to you? In fact they not only have exerted pressure to you, has exerted pressure to me, these time feared that was how you must go to one, Zhen Ling was incompetent, can only make Uncle Huang you take risk.” Huang Dao however deep voice said : porch lord does not need so, this matter to be Old Man annoys, naturally should process by Old Man, moreover these time enters the 6 Realms battlefield, will not have any danger, what I must cope is Zhao Hai, is not entire machine, this discretion I will act bashful, the porch lord does not need to be worried.” Zhen Ling sighed said : to fear that Zhao Hai hid is not being willing to fight with you, in that case, really has troubled, Uncle Huang, was sure to remember that may not with entire machine be the enemy, such words to you, to Pink Clouds Pavilion, even regarding entire Cultivation World was not the good deed.” Huang Dao however nodded said : porch to advocate feel relieved, I will process.”

Zhen did Ling nod, what sighs said : „the don’t know yellow step you also to need? I will prepare for you.” Huang Dao however deep voice said : does not need, to cope with Zhao Hai, simply has no need for any thing, the porch advocating feel relieved to be good, three days later, I will enter to the 6 Realms battlefield, this several days I was not seeing the porch lord.” Zhen Ling nodded, stands got up said : well, if Uncle Huang has any need, immediately/on horseback makes the person inform me, I you will certainly prepare to Uncle Huang.” Huang Dao however nodded, Zhen Ling then stood. although said that Zhen Lingcai is the Pink Clouds Pavilion porch lord, but Huang Dao however is only a guest's seat elder, because of the Huang Dao strength however, therefore Zhen Ling to his very polite, has treated courteously it by the elder, can say that Huang Dao however the status in Pink Clouds Pavilion is very however. This Huang Dao matter however, not only affected him, had very tremendous influence to Pink Clouds Pavilion, a although Pink Clouds Pavilion not only Huang Dao however Transcends Tribulation Stage guest's seat elder, but compared, Huang Dao however with Pink Clouds Pavilion relationship was most intimate, because he can have today's achievement, was Pink Clouds Pavilion helps, this made Huang Dao however have sentiment of the grateful to Pink Clouds Pavilion, was because of this, therefore this time matter, making Pink Clouds Pavilion high and low, felt restlessness. The Pink Clouds Pavilion strength is very strong, but their also shortcoming, that is they are only a merchant group, is not one Sect, moreover Pink Clouds Pavilion this merchant group, is not one has, but jointly has by several Cultivator Clan, Zhen is only east this merchant group one of the several large portion, but reason that Zhen Ling can become the Pink Clouds Pavilion porch lord, is method specially fierce that because she does business, but if said that she kept promises in Pink Clouds Pavilion, that was actually cannot achieve. But Huang Dao however with relationship of Zhen is best one, reason that because in the past he had to enter to 6 Realms battlefield there, all was the strength that Zhen gave, therefore this Huang Dao matter however, to Zhen influence was biggest. However now Zhen and Huang Dao however want not to be good this matter low key processing, because this matter these Great Sect meddled, if Zhen and Huang Dao however cannot handle this matter, these Great Sect feared that will blame their. The Pink Clouds Pavilion strength is not weak, Transcends Tribulation Stage elder also several, but if Zhen and Huang Dao however offended these Great Sect, making these Great Sect blame, several other feared that will sacrifice them, in order to protects oneself, after all Pink Clouds Pavilion does not have the energy to speak the last words with these Great Sect.

But this is also Zhen Ling most headache place, she is not the big non- elder sister who that anything does not understand, these years her control Pink Clouds Pavilion, although has been saying in Pink Clouds Pavilion, she cannot keep promises, however under these people do not have point disrespecting to her, moreover is several other family members, to this porch main is also very satisfied, on can look from this point comes out, her wrist|skill has smoothness how. Moreover these years because of her business vision extremely, helping the Pink Clouds Pavilion show expand much, because of so, her can steady sitting in this porch main position, but similarly, Zhen Ling also very clear this time matter, to Pink Clouds Pavilion, will have the tremendous influence to Zhen, therefore she especially will be worried. Pink Clouds Pavilion now also in her control, but several other Great Clan, being resigned very does not let her continuously control Pink Clouds Pavilion, this method in secret may be many, but is well high in Zhen Ling wrist|skill, in adding on also has Huang Dao however to assume personal command, this can steady sitting in the porch main position, if this time matter she cannot complete, that this porch main position, feared that was could not hold on to your hat. Thought of here Zhen Ling headache, but simultaneously she also to Zhao Hai curious, when Huang Dao however must cope with Zhao Hai, Zhen Ling started to collect the information about Zhao Hai, when she remembers in that information now about Zhao Hai when all, still felt unthinkably, a person after ascend, within the short time, can achieve so the situation unexpectedly, this was her beforehand ten thousand never expected. Her the body of present Zhao Hai resembles the strength, the strength that gang of she is unable to see, this strength is letting Zhao Hai growth continuously, has not stopped, moreover she believes that if makes the Zhao Hai smooth show get down, he certainly will become Expert that entire Comprehend the world will know how things stand, even he will possibly change the Comprehend the world aspect, naturally, the premise will be Zhao Hai can pass through this time crisis!!.