Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1343
Standing of Huang Dao however face calm in Transmission Formation, in being connected including the above of Transmission Formation, Zhen Ling also leads own shi female to stand in there, besides three people, the person of here also wear cultivator clothing/taking, generally looks at Transmission Formation, but is Qi Condensation Stage cultivator, but now stands the cultivator by Transmission Formation, is actually Infant Stage time Expert. That Infant Stage time Expert, however bows said : to see Daoist/actual person to Huang Dao, Daoist/actual person invited.” Huang Dao however nodded, stands on Transmission Formation, that Infant Stage time Expert has debugged, later then starts Transmission Formation, a white light flashes through, Huang Dao however vanished in Transmission Formation. Zhen Ling look at Transmission Formation, sighed, mutters said : to hope smoothly all.” Said that turns the head look at these Infant Stage time Expert, shows a faint smile said : thanks a lot Transmission to cause, this is my a little regard, asking Transmission to cause to accept.” Said that has handed over Space Bag in the past. This Transmission causes is not the officer, he is responsible for the Transmission Formation person, only the water his responsible Transmission Formation, leads to the 6 Realms battlefield, therefore his status such is different. This Transmission causes is in itself Expert of Infant Stage time, the strength is good, normally is also very arrogant, but he facing Zhen plume time, does not dare to be arrogant, he is very clear, the method of this woman is very at present high, he received that Space Bag said : so to thank the porch lord hastily.” Zhen Ling shows a faint smile said : not to need to be polite, the girl also has the matter, first said goodbye.” Transmission makes immediately/on horseback said : deliver the porch lord.” Zhen Ling to his ritual, leading shi female turn around to fly away. white light flashes, Huang Dao however appears in Transmission Formation, outside Transmission Formation. Is standing Expert of several Infant Stage times. These people see Huang Dao however, immediately/on horseback has seen Daoist/actual person to Huang Dao however ritual said :.” Huang Dao however nodded said : laborious everybody.” That several cultivator immediately/on horseback bow said : not to dare, Daoist/actual person Cave Mansion has prepared, Daoist/actual person invited.” Huang Dao however nodded, flies outward with that several people. Cultivation World in the Transmission Formation of 6 Realms battlefield, in in the room, Huang Dao however they come out from in the room, saw the piece very big construction. This building all over the body with the Stone construction of one type of red , Stone of this red , is 6 Realms battlefield here special product one type of Stone, very hard, but place that Huang Dao however is, is Cultivation World in 6 Realms battlefield here most important Stronghold, blood stone fort. Huang Dao however does not have anxiously walking, but stands outside room that in Transmission Formation is, all in look at blood stone fort, sighed. Then deep voice said : blood stone fort, has not thought a day that my Huang Dao however also has, really fondly remembers that.”

By him cultivator smiles said : to hear that Daoist/actual person was successful in blood stone fort here Transcends Tribulation in the past? Really envies Daoist/actual person that.” Huang Dao however one hear of that people mentioned the matter of oneself past proud, cannot help but he he chuckle said : „. In a flash dozens years passed by, blood stone fort here actually does not have what change, stems from my unexpected.” That Infant Stage time Expert smiles said : blood stone fort here not to expand, the military strength has not increased, at our present military strength, is in the 6 Realms battlefield strongest one. If we are increasing the military strength, several other Realms will feel restless, perhaps when the time comes these fellows meet alliance to get up, therefore we had not increased the military strength.” Huang Dao however nodded said : „the 6 Realms battlefield here situation extremely in complex, does not increase the military strength is right, was good, let's go.” That several Infant Stage time Expert have complied with one. The lead(er) said that Huang Dao however flies toward blood stone fort , the place that Huang Dao however lives is not blood stone fort, but on a blood stone fort mountain, the Spiritual Qi density on that mountain, compared with blood stone fort here much stronger, on that mountain, open some Cave Mansion, these Cave Mansion prepare to Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, in 6 Realms battlefield here, year to year ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert assumes personal command, but they are also only assume personal command, because they basically will be will not enter the war, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert will enter the war, will become by the 6 Realms battlefield bloodiness, several. Cannot consume, therefore several between will have an association intent, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert can not enter the war, only if the this Realm domain attack, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert can make a move. But in several, organic does not only have Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but actually also nobody dares underestimated machine, because of the machine there nuclear bomb, is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert can also for it headache thing. The nuclear bomb, the battleship, is machine and the several other Realms battle, final trump card, battleship that was needless saying that that was equal to the each and every one fortress, very formidable. But the nuclear bomb is actually divided into many types in machine there, has the one type of large-scale nuclear bomb, only needs one, can thorough destroys planet, but the small nuclear bomb also has, before that Eric wants to use small nuclear bomb sneak attack Zhao Hai, this small nuclear bomb is not big, a person can take in hand. Machine has the nuclear bomb in the 6 Realms battlefield here arrangement, in the common situation they will not use, because of this nuclear bomb , to Huang Dao however such Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, to cause anything to injure, that is almost impossible. The lethality of nuclear bomb truly is bigger than Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, but the nuclear bomb is only a dying thing, you nuclear bomb shoot out, by Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, almost can before the nuclear bomb exploded on distant escaping, is adding on them to use Magical Artifact, the nuclear bomb wants to strike to Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator kill, that is almost impossible. Reason that machine also uses nuclear bomb, but also in the 6 Realms battlefield here arrangement nuclear bomb, is one type of frightens, if like Huang Dao however Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, must kill a machine domain, and wants to snatch to get off an aircraft a domain, machine might shoot the nuclear bomb, but target of this nuclear bomb will not be Huang Dao however they, but will be the Cultivation World domain, you will hit my domain, my nuclear bomb will not have the means to project on you, then I on gave to explode your domain, mutual wounds.

Because feared that compelling to act out of desperation machine, therefore the several other Realms talented person does not dare excessive to auxiliary engine. However does not arrive at absolutely can not, machine will not shoot the nuclear bomb, Might of nuclear bomb is huge, one, but shoot out, will bring to the Cultivation World domain greatly. Loss of difficult imagination. Then made war with Cultivation World on equal to comprehensively. Machine does not want to make war with Cultivation World comprehensively, is adding on this Huang Dao however with the Zhao Hai matter, it can be said that dead/die person grievances, therefore machine these time can only increase troops toward 6 Realms battlefield here, if hits, several other Realms also runs over to profit, machine is impossible to shoot the nuclear bomb immediately, then offended several other Realms on equal to. When the time comes several other Realms alliance to auxiliary engine, that machine really ended. Based on this consideration, therefore several other Realms will hug is sorting the cheap thoughts, because they know that machine does not dare to offend these many people. But several other Realms also has Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to assume personal command in 6 Realms battlefield here, but is the same with Cultivation World, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert cannot at will make a move. Huang Dao however this time matter, absolutely is an exception, he had grievances with Zhao Hai before, now chases down Zhao Hai. Also is passable. But actually very suffers a loss in this aspect machine, does not have the matter of means that who makes them not have to present Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, therefore their nuclear bombs can only be used to frighten. Moreover might as well Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert is so flexible. Huang Dao however entered him in the blood stone fort back side of the mountain, gives Cave Mansion that he prepares, this Cave Mansion is very good, very wide opens, moreover inside also has Alchemy Room, Craft Room. Builds up merit room and other rooms, each room is not small. Because must prepare these many rooms, therefore entire back side of the mountain, altogether also only then 18 Cave Mansion, Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person use that ten assume in the 6 Realms battlefield to these, remaining eight, looking like Huang Dao however their these. suddenly has the matter to come the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert preparation of 6 Realms battlefield. After Huang Dao however entered Cave Mansion, Expert of these Infant Stage times drew back, they know that these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert did not like being disturbed, naturally cannot keep there to look for trouble. Expert of these Infant Stage times retreat, in Cave Mansion of back side of the mountain, suddenly departed a green form, this person puts on dark blue the cultivator clothing/taking, looks at the age to have over 40 years old, before three wisps of black fine beard float sprinkles xiong, natural that really cannot say. That person looked at Huang Dao Cave Mansion one however, showed a faint smile said : this layman also to come, he he, the old friend, should have a look at him long time no see.” Said that this person of personal appearance moves, appears outside Huang Dao Cave Mansion however, then said loudly: Old layman, you also came.”

layman, this is Cultivation World cursing at people words, the meaning is to have a target strength, anything cannot person, but Huang Dao nickname strength Daoist priest however. However in this person of words to is passing one share own enthusiasm, but Huang Dao however one hear of this sounds, personal appearance appears in Cave Mansion in front of the door, he has also laughed said : whom I to consider, originally is the blacksmith you, how did you run up to 6 Realms battlefield here to come?” Blacksmith laughs said : to be good your Huang Dao however, owes did not affirm that I called you layman, you called my blacksmith, HaHaHa, besides your Huang Dao however, that person dares to ask me cool breeze guest Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call the blacksmith.” Huang Dao however laughs said : Supreme Elder of your this profound clear sect, naturally nobody dares to call your blacksmith, but I did not fear that walks, goes to chat.” Said that they walk toward Cave Mansion in shoulder to shoulder. Must say that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called blacksmith nickname, but also was no one can call, has plenty person don’t know this nickname, because Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called is also the Rogue Cultivator family background, he practiced from the beginning time, because did not have Crystal Stone to practice, can only in Craft Room, use Wind element Spell, heated up the furnace fire to the person, they also at that time started to know that therefore Huang Dao however will call Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call the blacksmith. However Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called with Huang Dao however is different, Huang Dao however was Rogue Cultivator, finally returned to into Pink Clouds Pavilion, has become a guest's seat elder, but Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called is actually the chance coincidence join profound clear sect, now is Supreme Elder of profound clear sect. Such status is very extraordinary, because profound clear sect, but in Cultivation World, famous Great Sect, strength formidable, Sect's Disciples moves in amateur, few people dare to offend, it can be imagined this Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls the present status high. However Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called is the person who ten points kept old friendships in mind, he and Huang Dao relationship very good however, has separated last some time to relate one time, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls is nearest/recent is also sent the 6 Realms battlefield to assume personal command, has not actually thought that has met Huang Dao in here however.!.