Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1345

But those who make a machine person somewhat strange is, Zhao Hai actually does not have appears in the fine steel fort, in fact he not only does not have appears in the Vajra fort, does not have appears in any place, he disappeared probably was the same. However nobody blame Zhao Hai, because a machine person knows that Zhao Hai is not person of the timid war, he does not come out, certainly has the reason.[. .com] They have not guessed really wrong, Zhao Hai does not have appears in here, really has the reason, Zhao Hai already knows that Huang Dao however arrived, his don’t know Huang Dao however said anything with the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, but a little can actually affirm that Huang Dao however can look for him, before Zhao Hai, well what to do had not thought to, but he has thought now, he wants the proceed boldly! Proceed boldly! Frontage and Huang Dao however proceed boldly! This looks like probably very crude, but Zhao Hai actually wants such to do, if makes the entire lock mountain defense line participate really with a Huang Dao war however, that lock mountain defense line there will certainly receive very serious damage, does not do well, the several other Realms person will flush to grab the bargain, such did not do well 6 Realms battlefield here to make into pot gruel. Zhao Hai does not want to make too ruthless, because he who 6 Realms battlefield here hits knows where 6 Realms battlefield here is, this is subspace that others manufacture, like his Space like existence, he can the person in look at Space beat Space? Is impossible, if these fellows in Space want to beat Space, Zhao Hai did not mind that first beats them, wants to manufacture the 6 Realms battlefield here person also to measure the same thoughts. The Zhao Hai present strength is too weak, he to Huang Dao however this kind of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, soon revealed the own complete family property, do not say that to meeting one established the person in 6 Realms battlefield place, if that person a anger, feared that was his Zhao Hai directly by the second. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai decided finally that goes to battle on own initiative, however spells with Huang Dao hardly, can however give to compel to draw back well Huang Dao, if Huang Dao however depends on fight to the death, no retreat, he can only try to find another way. If Huang Dao however wants him dead, Zhao Hai will not make Huang Dao however feel better, he knew Huang Dao in details, Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder, Huang Dao if however a real killing intent person, compelling him to come out, he kills the Pink Clouds Pavilion person, Space map there, received in the Cultivation World majority of administration star the map in any case now, but in these administrative star, on has plenty planet has the Pink Clouds Pavilion shop, he does not believe Huang Dao however to be able to calm down. Sits in Space, Huang Dao on look at screen however, did Zhao Hai turn the head to prepare to Laura said :?” Laura nodded said : to prepare, Undead Creature has prepared, Undead Creature of all beast shapes, have thrown over armor, has installed Magic Cannon, by Lizzy, Megan and Maggie command(er), the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect trains about thousand personally now, Elder Brother Hai, do you prepare only to have one really?” Zhao Hai thinks said : first comes, the astral wind beast also prepares, really incorrect words, release goes to some, when I order, Jua Ding Shan there makes him prepare, Li Lin they, these fellows are placed in outwardly on influence, does not need not to use in vain.”

Laura nodded, turns the head to look at screen said : Elder Brother Hai, do you prepare to begin in there?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : begins in core battlefield there, avoid projects on partly to control the area.” Laura nodded, looked at a Huang Dao position however, what meaning knit the brows said : this Huang Dao however is? To the present did not have Cultivation World partly controls the area, by his, should not.” Zhao Hai also knit the brows said : somewhat to be truly strange, ok, did not go to think him, the preparation, prepared these thing, I think that Huang Dao however should also arrive in the core battlefield nose.” Laura nodded, has prepared with several people, Zhao Hai waved, called Jua Ding Shan, Jua Ding Shan appears in the Zhao Hai side, immediately/on horseback hides said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good, you prepare, a place little while and other signal was leaving, stopped by calling out, their three also called to me Li Lin, if they dared rebel, your immediately informed me.” Jua Ding Shan nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, I handle certainly, wants to come them not to dare rebel, they have gotten down Heart's Demon great oath.” Zhao Hai nodded, beckoned with the hand, Jua Ding Shan bows to withdraw. Are not many when thing that Space must prepare, wants already to prepare, before long and Laura that prepares their returned to in the villa, sat the Zhao Hai side, but several people of face somewhat are heavy. This war has been hardest weaponry of Zhao Hai since making a debut, before Zhao Hai fights with it, is the strength similar people, but this opposite party is actually complete holds to crush the xing superiority, these time decides however is an extraordinary war. How many person of one Zhao Hai looked, showed a faint smile said : to be good, don't worry, the great storms we rushed, what but also there is good to fear? feel relieved was good, Huang Dao however is very strong, but he wants to kill me, is not good, is really not good I to hide through Space and that's the end, my lord moves moves forward to meet somebody, does not want to make lock mountain defense line here also enter the war, such words do not have the advantage to anyone, but if Huang Dao however gave to compel me anxiously, I did not have the means that feel relieved.” Laura they nodded, they are also abundant a minute of clarity, Zhao Hai not for will not make lock mountain defense line note armor have an accident, dying war, because Zhao Hai cannot die, his relationship to the lives of too many person, the population in Space, does not compare machine to be few now, if Zhao Hai will die, these people feared that will unable to live, to ask a machine person, making the person in Space die? Such matter feared that is Zhao Hai could not have done. Zhao Hai looked at screen one, two eyes has set up said : to be good, is I went on stage, has not thought that Huang Dao however came out, actually also so many audiences, it seems like these fellows were really want to grab the bargain.” Laura they looked at screen one to have, on the screen besides can see Huang Dao however, has plenty the person in that forest, the various Realm people had, these person of simply not extremely in hideaway, but entered forest, did not make Huang Dao however see them with the naked eye, this clarified observed, but Huang Dao response also very strange however, he managed does not have principle these people, still leisure toward forward flight, but he entered to the core battlefield now.

Huang Dao however face calm toward the forward flight, he is wanting to know really how Zhao Hai must deal with him, to be honest, he hopes really Zhao Hai comes out to fight with him, such, not only matter control in controllable range, will let him to Zhao Hai appreciation, after all Zhao Hai study is also Cultivator Cultivation Method, strength formidable, if such person does not dare to fight with him, lost the spirit, lost the spirit, if he wants to enter Transcends Tribulation Stage, that was difficult. Is thinking, a person's shadow very suddenly in appears his front hundred meters places, Huang Dao however stares, then actually presently Zhao Hai is standing in there, look at of face smiling face he. Huang Dao however sees Zhao Hai, actually suddenly laughs, some little time said that Huang Dao however stopped, his look at Zhao Hai said : good, good Zhao Hai, HaHaHa, by the person of old man regarding as important, you dare unexpectedly actively to be welcomed worthily, in this core battlefield blocks the old man, it seems like did you want in here and old man fight?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, what however bowed said : Daoist/actual person to say to Huang Dao, below truly wants at this core battlefield and a Daoist/actual person war, this may the calamity be inferior to the lock mountain, avoid this also made some shameless ones grab the bargain.” Huang Dao however one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : good Zhao Hai, good that said that passes quickly, HaHaHa, cannot make these shameless ones grab the bargain.” Zhao Hai look at Huang Dao however, shows a faint smile said : Daoist/actual person, you and my Zhao Hai did not have the injustice in those days, recently did not have the enmity, why so with hardship compelled? Can't have other means?” Huang Dao however look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai, you also know that said these many , the unavoidable war, previous time you and I fight, I knew your strength, but probably is not your complete strength, today you put out the complete strength to come, making me have a look at you to have the qualifications to stand said with me in here.” Zhao Hai look at Huang Dao however, deep voice said :Daoist/actual person already by the words, Zhao Hai does not dare, since, Daoist/actual person, offended.Said that Zhao Hai wields, dense big piece of Undead Creature appears in the Zhao Hai side, outside surrounding of three layers Huang Dao however in three layers. Huang Dao however fixes the eyes on sizes up these these Undead Creature, cannot help but face changes, because these Undead Creature are Undead Creature of beast shape . Moreover the body Heavy Armor, on armor was also loaded with Magic Formation, each and every one may be arms on the tooth.

This has not ended, then Zhao Hai face upwards the long and loud cry, a not far away long and loud cry, before long, four person's shadows never the distant place really flew, these four person Jua Ding Shan and Li Lin three people, a four people of character exhibits, stood in Zhao Hai, these four people may be Infant Stage time Expert, in a station toward the place, imposing manner was also uncommon. Zhao Hai then waves, he behind such as the peacock spreads the tail general, appears massive flying quantities, this flying sword quantity, but be more than former several times, enough about thousand, but his in hand has also put out the crescent moon shovel. Huang Dao however static look at Zhao Hai these have begun, he does not have make a move to prevent, on his face is actually a dignity, these strengths that Zhao Hai shines now, already big stemmed from his anticipation. At this moment, Zhao Hai in one time waves, Huang Dao however presently, the under foot of Zhao Hai were also many a giant insect, this big insect makes threatening gestures, eyes of menstruation are staring him, in that has filled desire of slaughtering. Huang Dao however recognized this is the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, he on-board stayed in Fabbio not short some time, fought with this Silver Back Gold-Winged insect is not once or twice, hard to deal with degree of nature very clear this insect. But before him, has heard, Zhao Hai and Li Lin they fight, has used the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, but he has not believed at that time, because he, when Fabbio star there is staying, on very clear, Insect Race is impossible to be subdued, when Fabbio star there, Cultivation World catches many Insect Race, has conducted the massive lesson clothing/taking experiment, but has not succeeded finally, what these Insect Race resemble simply don’t know to call to surrender, they only know to slaughter. Before Huang Dao however thinks what Zhao Hai use is one type of is similar to Insect Race Monster Beast, now he present, oneself have made a mistake, this is Insect Race, a true Silver Back Gold-Winged insect!!.