Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1346

Hiss! A huge inspiration sound transmits, this sound is not Zhao Hai comes out, is not Huang Dao however comes out, but is these comes to see lively, prepares to sort the cheap person to come out! Before these people, some and Zhao Hai have fought, at that time Zhao Hai some Undead Creature has come on release with them to the war, especially some Elven Race people, they are personal has fought with these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature that but fights with them, is human-shape, but Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature, actually top is the beast shape, not only the beast shape, is the giant beast shape, this puts on armor, installs Magic Cannon, seems looks like the small battleship of each and every one beast shape is the same. Is looking at these beast shape Undead Creature, the claw upper garment iron claw, tail upper garment the projecting edge hammer, responded these Undead Creature that formidable fighting strength all. But Zhao Hai behind that shoulder to shoulder is standing four Infant Stage time Expert, his side that like flying sword that swimming fish same dances in the air, is adding on his in hand that seems like the Buddhist Magical Artifact crescent moon shovel, these thing look like that uncommon, similarly, these thing also demonstrated Zhao Hai that a cut above others fighting strength. Sees these thing, the several other Realms person's under first Expert reputation regarding Zhao Hai that Transcends Tribulation, will not have a bold suspicion. Huang Dao however dignified look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : good Zhao Hai, the good method, previous time you really not to have entered fully, but this don’t know can you enter fully?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Daoist/actual person, actually I do not want really with Daoist/actual person for the enemy, but machine had not feared that the person of war, Daoist/actual person, offended.” Said that Zhao Hai waves. These Undead Creature immediately moved. Several Magic Cannon are shooting toward Huang Dao. Magic Cannon in machine here, cannot be strongest attack weapon, after all the attack strength is limited, but many Magic Cannon together fires, that attack strength is also very good. The Huang Dao however hand wields, appears outside his body hand ring-like defense Magical Artifact, these Magic Cannon light beam has shot on that Magical Artifact, kept off directly. But that Magical Artifact also gently rocked two, not what kind. Zhao Hai at heart one cold, his very clear, just these Magic Cannon together attack, its attack strength did not press in Infant Stage time Expert fully strikes, but Huang Dao however can keep off unexpectedly with ease, it seems like his in hand good thing also really many. After Huang Dao however keeps off Zhao Hai has struck, the hand wields, five treasures make a move, five weapons have almost not divided successively flushes away toward Zhao Hai. It seems like Huang Dao however these time also left fully, from the beginning has gotten down the heavy hand.

Huang Dao five treasure make a move however, Zhao Hai scolds one lightly, the hand wields. That more than thousand flying sword moved forward to meet somebody toward a treasure, then the in hand crescent moon shovel also welcomed toward a treasure, his blocking has gotten down attack of two treasures, but at this time, Jua Ding Shan several people also moved, their one group. Blocks toward a treasure, finally is actually some Silver Back Gold-Winged insects and Undead Creature blocks toward a treasure. Almost does not divide the priority, hears bang a loud sound, Zhao Hai stuffy snort|hum, but the Huang Dao five treasures however all were actually blocked. On Zhao Hai face appears blood flushes, but Jua Ding Shan they have also drawn back, face of everyone is unattractive. Only the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect also jumps for joy, these Undead Creature matters of his side do not have. The Huang Dao face single layer however, he has not thought that he strikes fully actually does not have the accomplishment, Zhao Hai to wield, received the crescent moon shovel, to be honest, the attack strength of this crescent moon shovel truly is very uncommon, but he is not he can use now, now he uses the crescent moon shovel, some one type of ponies enlarge the feeling of car(riage), might as well uses Liquid Silver to be convenient. Just he had not suffered a loss on crescent moon shovel, places spiritual force in crescent moon shovel, had been hit maliciously, let his mind shaking. Through this struck Zhao Hai also present, the crescent moon shovel was not very good uses, moreover Zhao Hai present, when the use crescent moon shovel, always has a little obstruction, don’t know what's the matter. Received the crescent moon to shovel Zhao Hai to wield, that thousand flying sword flew returned to the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai, that more than thousand flying sword, fusion fast in together, turned into five Great Sword. Huang Dao however looks at flying sword such change, cannot help but stares, then his two eyes shrinks said : good weapon, Zhao Hai, this weapon do you come from there?” Zhao Hai look at Huang Dao however, shows a faint smile said : Daoist/actual person to remember that our aircraft person, cold not positive senior, he before the end has refined weapon, now the small no talent, uses not positive senior has spent innumerable effort refinement weapon coldly.” This is Zhao Hai first time works as surface of outside world person was saying oneself weapon comes the case, Huang Dao however to stare, then he has hesitated, was said : your machine that waste weapon that did not have the refinement to complete?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that waste weapon in your mouth.” Said that Zhao Hai is waving, that five Great Sword in one time about in together, turned into an appearance of sword, then the sword in one time turned into the Magic Staff appearance, in Zhao Hai in hand.

The Huang Dao however facial expression was more dignified, his deep voice said : good, great, has not thought really that Zhao Hai you are hiding this unexpectedly, after I to try this waste weapon to your in hand, today mysterious.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to disappoint you.” Said that Zhao Hai in one time waves, attacks of these Undead Creature in a time start, moreover this these Undead Creature changed has done to fight the way, they not in as before, scattered however carried on attack to Huang Dao, but suspended the each and every one attack lineup, among these attack lineups, looked like looks like sharp horn attacks the lineup, their Magic Formation first time was the salvo, this salvo Magic Cannon Might immediately/on horseback increased, each struck equivalent to Infant Stage time Expert one struck fully, but these Undead Creature, altogether the row has become ten attack lineups like this. Zhao Hai then turns the head their said : you to disperse to Jua Ding Shan, the freedom chooses opportunity attack.” Jua Ding Shan several people complied with one to disperse, that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect also dispersed. Simultaneously a Zhao Hai loosen, in Liquid Silver Magic Staff flashed with brilliant rays, turned into big silver Spaceship, this Spaceship is not the machine Spaceship style, seems like more like large-scale Magical Artifact of Cultivation World use, moreover above returns the flagpole, below also has the ocean waves, in on the ship 126 Magic Cannon, in the both sides of ship, 12 huge circular metal discs, on each metal disc, is having a design of constellation. Magnificent! This ship was too magnificent, no matter what no one has thought that Zhao Hai Magic Staff can also turn into such huge ship unexpectedly, moreover so magnificent. Zhao Hai stands in on the ship, look at Huang Dao however said : kills!” huge ship fierce proceeds to flush away, without any trick, is that straight however hits toward Huang Dao. The Huang Dao however ship however changes, the hand wields, long handle sledgehammers five treasures hit to fly, pounded toward on the ship, actually saw the on the ship flag to plant such as the spear|gun to be ordinary, fierce long a piece, one selected toward the long handle sledgehammer on, that flagpole when the past, the semblance was wrapping the one layer white flame unexpectedly, moreover had one to make Huang Dao however feel very dangerous imposing manner. Boom! flagpole on sledgehammer, flagpole fierce downward one curved, has bent on the deck, this shooting again, Huang Randao sledgehammer also by this point selecting. Huang Dao however cannot help but face changes, he does not have the means to examine the strength now tackled Zhao Hai, because not only he must deal with these Undead Creature Magic Cannon, is adding on Jua Ding Shan their several to eye covetously in the one side, this makes Huang Dao however not have means fully make a move. What most important is, just sledgehammer and flagpole right that ten points overbearing Qi Strength clashes toward him, this Qi Strength very formidable overbearing, wants overbearing some compared with Berserk Qi that Huang Dao however knows, luckily on his five treasures after careful refinement, moreover he opposes the enemy the experience very richly, otherwise these feared that must suffer a loss. However at this time Zhao Hai huge ship had not stopped, still straight however hits toward Huang Dao, extremely fast, Huang Dao however face changes, then in the mouth lightly scolds one, opens mouth, Magical Artifact flew from his mouth, this Magical Artifact very strange, looks like unexpectedly likely is a piece monument.

This monument departs from his mouth, rises against the wind, instantaneously becomes enormous, this Bei [say / way] has eight coiled dragons to entangle in together, the everyday coiled dragon is lifelike, the both sides of tablet have liter Dragon chart, the stone monument base is Bi Xi, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, on this monument actually does not have a character. However Zhao Hai could not control that many, harnessed Yama Ship however to overrun toward the Huang Dao non- character tablet, a tablet ship one hit in together. The time one stopped probably, the non- character tablet and Spaceship hit in together, silent, then hears bang a loud sound, Zhao Hai a blood has spurted, Spaceship hit toward retreat, but the Huang Dao non- character tablet however actually, then flushed toward Zhao Hai. At this moment, on suddenly Spaceship that 12 giant metal ships one flew from Spaceship, 12 metal discs, one turned into 12 metal giant beast, moved forward to meet somebody toward the non- character tablet, rumbling the sound is lingering on faintly, the hit that finally does not have the character tablet continuously keep hitting to stop, flew returned to the Huang Dao side however, the Huang Dao however personal appearance moved, proud Li on Bi Xi of non- character stone monument base, look at Zhao Hai that two eyes cold light sparkled. At this time Zhao Hai Spaceship stopped, his face was somewhat pale, but his immediately put out one bottle of Potion to drink, but in Spaceship side, actually appears 12 giant metal beasts, these metal beasts is the images of ten Two Star places, each and every one was similar to guard same protecting in Spaceship side. At this moment, is centered on Spaceship with the place that the non- character tablet bumps into, trees within original kilometer silent between turned into the powder powder, ground appears a depth of dozens meters large hole, Might that may just that hit has greatly how. Buzz! Sounds of people transmit, who Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however do not need to look know are, person who these watch the fun, but now besides the person who these watch the fun, machine large quantities of staff has also caught up, all person one face shocking look at Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however, among them that huge deep hole.!.