Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1347
Oh, non- character tablet! That is the non- character tablet! Yellow was Daoist/actual person coming non- character tablet release unexpectedly? Was this Zhao Hai strength too also strong? That is yellow Daoist/actual person Life Source Magical Artifact! ”[. .com]Was too inconceivable, that Zhao Hai use what weapon is? Why can change these many hua types comes? Small does Magic Staff, how probably turn into such big ship? These metal giant beast what's the matter? This what's the matter! ” The sounds of various discussion transmit, these people do not dare to make noise, because Huang Dao however after is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if they offended Huang Dao however, that does not certainly have their good fruit to eat, but they were really too surprised, has forgotten the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert fearful place to them surprisedly. Huang Dao Life Source Magical Artifact however is that non- character tablet, this non- character tablet don’t know he makes with any material, don’t know is who gives him to refine, in brief this non- character tablet Might very enormous, moreover may attack to defend, very formidable. Huang Dao however when the Infant Stage time, basically used five treasures to oppose the enemy, has almost not used the non- character tablet, this non- character tablet many people know that was Huang Dao becoming famous Magical Artifact however, simply has not actually seen, has not actually thought that today saw unexpectedly, moreover when saw to the war with Expert of Infant Stage time. In Zhao Hai behind not far away, Yuan Jin Gang leads large quantities of machine Expert to stand in there, each of them is the weapon in the hand, is suspending the lineup, face shocking look at here, they just know that Zhao Hai came out to meet head-on Huang Dao however, the immediately organization people have caught up, but they have not thought that after here, saw was this scene, Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however frontage puts together one unexpectedly hardly, although suffered a loss, but has probably not actually eaten too big owing, but his also strength a little he however compelled Huang Dao to reveal Life Source Magical Artifact unexpectedly, this was really astonishing. Huang Dao however stands on Bi Xi, two eyes like cold electric same look at Zhao Hai, standing of Zhao Hai face calm is somewhat pale in there face although, however actually does not lose to Huang Dao on imposing manner however. Huang Dao however laughing said : suddenly good, good Zhao Hai, to pass quickly, passed quickly, today the old man shines including Life Source Magical Artifact, if cannot take your junior, that really disgraced lost to the family Zhao Hai, you can die under the non- character tablet of old man, the full feeling was proud.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : deceased person forever does not have what well proud, only then living person can be proud, Daoist/actual person invited.” Said no matter also that many, Spaceship however is hitting toward Huang Dao in command(er). Huang Dao however coldly snorted, the non- character tablet departs, Huang Dao however sinks to drink said : town!”

That character tablet increases instantaneously, from top to bottom, presses toward Zhao Hai Spaceship, Zhao Hai was actually sinks to drink Spaceship to turn into tower instantaneously, non- character Bei explosion one pounded above tower, but Zhao Hai this tower was the same like the spring, tower fierce short and small, turned into three layers from nine layers tower slowly, this stopped, then ball upward a ball, in one time turned into nine layers, face also ugliness of Zhao Hai, but at this time that 12 metal beasts were also only given to tie down by five treasures. The although 12 metal beast quantities are more than five treasures, but the strengths of five treasures truly are to strive to excel the metal beast, the metal beast also fell on at once leeward, but has actually blocked the attacks of five treasures, but Jua Ding Shan they had not been idling at this time once for a while however will carry on time attack to Huang Dao, was adding on these Undead Creature, Huang Dao however now are most only to use for six points the strength to cope with Zhao Hai. although Huang Dao however release non- character tablet, but did not have the means how Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in Liquid Silver, has currently used entered five hundred thousand Magic Formation, five hundred thousand Magic Formation, this was the limit that Zhao Hai can reach now, moreover these Magic Formation were not one layer is invariable, Cai'er they with according to the situation, making Magic Formation in Liquid Silver change, but just this spring same tower, was Cai'er their a stroke of genius. But Lizzy, Megan and Maggie, these Undead Creature however are actually carrying on attack in command(er) to Huang Dao, but Huang Dao however worthily is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, no matter what their how attack, he gorgeously motionless, Lizzy their anxious serious, actually also can only play doing that sao harasses to use. Zhao Hai this although did not have fully, but also put out about oneself eight layers strength, only then some present is really thing that not suitable took, this has not used. Non- character tablet after an idle work, but counter-, Huang Dao face however ugly, he non- character tablet was flushing in command(er), Zhao Hai tower in time turning Spaceship, has also hit, this Spaceship was hit retreat in one time, the non- character tablet in time chasing down, battering ram on Zhao Hai Spaceship one flew coming out, kept off did not have the character tablet one, immediately was hit flew going back, but under the Spaceship flagpole and Spaceship ocean waves, welcomed, kept off did not have the character tablet two. Next, then the crescent moon shovel appears in Zhao Hai in hand, Huang Dao however looked at Zhao Hai to reveal the crescent moon shovel, immediately received the non- character tablet, entire very clear, that crescent moon shovel, but antiquity Magical Artifact, although Zhao Hai was unable to use now completely, but antiquity Magical Artifact Might actually did not allow to look down upon, but Life Source Magical Artifact however was closely linked with Huang Dao, could not accommodate the least bit accident, therefore Huang Dao however has taken back the non- character tablet. The corners of the mouth of Zhao Hai hang the blood, obviously in one time was injured, but he still has not actually given up, Spaceship however is hitting toward Huang Dao in command(er). Huang Dao however two eyes flash of cold light, the non- character tablet in one time proceeds to hit, Spaceship was hit to draw back in one time, Zhao Hai in one time spat left a blood, simultaneously battering ram and flagpole also had the ocean waves in one time to compel to draw back the Huang Dao non- character tablet however, when the non- character tablet drew back slowly, small of dark green The arrow, flies toward the throat of Zhao Hai, this arrow extremely fast, was adding on the Zhao Hai attention attracting the past by the non- character tablet, saw with own eyes cannot shunt. Before that small arrow blinks already arrived at the throat of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai two eyes flash of cold light, the small arrow has shot above the throat of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai face upwards then but actually, is a blood shoots up to the sky, one stopped in this moment time probably, the non- character tablet stopped retreat, five treasures stopped attack, metal giant beast also stopped attack, Undead Creature also stopped, Jua Ding Shan they also stopped, all person look at lay down Zhao Hai on Spaceship.

In this time, a rending roar is transmitting: 1 Little Hai!” Several person's shadows rushed to Spaceship these Xiong Li they. At this time other people also responded, scene in an uproar, the people were feeling to regret for departure of this young Expert. However Huang Dao however actually frowning gently, he waved to take back the non- character tablet, five treasure returned to his side, although he has also given Zhao Hai to strike, but on face actually not good omen . But at this time these people in an uproar also harmed the place that however present has not suited, must know that the scene is they the head, no matter these metal beasts, are these undead responsibility, that Spaceship these are Zhao Hai make, if Zhao Hai really striking to kill by just that arrow, that these thing should vanish, but present these thing still exist, wasn't this too strange? At this moment, Zhao Hai on Spaceship actually slowly sat, in his hand is grasping a metal small arrow, face although is somewhat pale, but neck there is a point wound does not have. The people are one dull, don’t know Zhao Hai this is achieves, they noticed that small arrow will hit a target Zhao Hai Zhao Hai of throat to be all right? Their there knows, on Zhao Hai also has the one type of Crystallization ability, when that small arrow hits a target Zhao Hai, reason that the Zhao Hai throat place already complete Crystallization, he spat blood also by that arrow shaking, an arrow that after all this Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert release came, was not making. Zhao Hai believes that if he hardly shoulders with Crystallization, could not shoulder several, but well in this time him for a while in general idea an arrow, in having next time. Zhao Hai stood to get up to pat Xiong Li several people gently, then waved, delivered to Yuan Jin Gang Yuan Jin Gang them they are cheering, this thinks that must die the bureau actually not to think, Zhao Hai in one time melted, how this made Yuan Jin Gang they be able not[ was popular] exerted. Zhao Hai in hand took that dark green small arrow, look at Huang Dao however said : is thanking Daoist/actual person to bestow the arrow, Zhao Hai has taken down, never dares to forget!” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, the scene one was peaceful, all person understand Zhao Hai this saying are any meaning, Zhao Hai this are telling Huang Dao however, this gut retaliation he has taken down, in the future certain bulletin. Huang Dao however arrives has not been angry, his look at Zhao Hai, suddenly he he chuckle said : Zhao Hai, you very confident? You think that you won't die today?” Zhao Hai look at Huang Dao however, shows a faint smile said : is, I think that I will not die today, won't Daoist/actual person, forget? I am Space Magician, I want to walk, fears really cannot block, I know that Daoist/actual person will threaten me with life of lock mountain defense line there person, but I must tell a Daoist/actual person matter, Daoist/actual person is the Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder, if Daoist/actual person real Killing Formation locks the mountain defense line here person, compelling me to come out, my Zhao Hai will not come out to court death, I will go to Cultivation World there, so long as is the Pink Clouds Pavilion person, is my Zhao Hai target!” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Huang Dao face however sinks, his look at Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : „are you are threatening the old man?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to dare, my there dares to threaten Daoist/actual person, I in saying a fact, my Zhao Hai from Lower Realm ascend to Comprehend the world, is about one year, is Dark Magician, my Zhao Hai murder are countless, all my Undead Creature are I manufactures, does Daoist/actual person think my Zhao Hai softhearted generation really? However kills me, I also surely kill a person of also it, asking Daoist priest to consider!” Said that however bows to Huang Dao, was not making noise.

Zhao Hai this saying was clarifies has been threatening, other people who no matter Huang Dao however watched the fun in the one side, actually have to taking seriously Zhao Hai this threat \; first, because Zhao Hai was Dark Magician, Dark Magician in Cultivation World there, almost with existence that Demon Realm Demon Cultivator and Ghost Cultivator equated, such person, each was the generation of vicious and merciless, if made them give to stare, no matter what no one will feel better. Second is because Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , moreover his Space Divergent Technique returns very formidable, wants to walk walks, wants to come to come, everyone takes him not to have the means that in this case, Huang Dao however has to be careful to the Zhao Hai words. A most important point is, the Zhao Hai strength, today and Zhao Hai to putting together such long time, although he was unable the complete strength to cope with Zhao Hai, but regarding the Zhao Hai strength he some certain understanding, under Transcends Tribulation non- rival these words Huang Dao however has also been able to confirm, but Pink Clouds Pavilion although has several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to assume personal command, but is impossible to watch Pink Clouds Pavilion all industries, if Zhao Hai retaliates Pink Clouds Pavilion, that is also very troublesome. If before , did not have too to care Zhao Hai, that present Huang Dao however dreaded to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai of strength, left his imagination. General Infant Stage time Expert, to Zhao Hai, simply possibly is not a match, even if these Great Sect Infant Stage time Expert, the method is high, Magical Treasure are innumerable, feared that is impossible to ask to be good in Zhao Hai in hand, Zhao Hai that Magical Artifact was really extremely in overbearing, can transformation, moreover can automatic increasing change is small, such Magical Artifact he has not seen, was hundred in that legend changes Vajra stick probably not ability like this, hundred changed the Vajra stick only heard that can change becomes any weapon, had not heard that can increase to this degree. Ordinary flying sword, huge Spaceship, nine layers high tower, difference between this big? That almost calculates by hundred times, but Zhao Hai that counts Magical Artifact actually to achieve. What most important is, this Magical Artifact also possible to separate to use, before Zhao Hai, most one time caused more than 1000 flying sword, more than 1000 flying sword, this digit was too astonishing. Because this all sorts of reasons add, therefore Huang Dao however regarding the threat of Zhao Hai, has no alternative but to care, Huang Dao however face ugly look at Zhao Hai, he knows why Zhao Hai must refute with him in here \; first, does not want to make him destroy lock mountain defense line there, two are to set up the prestige, Zhao Hai must make him know that he strong, this will make him have to dread that in threatened him in this time Zhao Hai, he has to consider the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai face Ping Biao look at Huang Dao however, looked that the Huang Dao however face number changes, Zhao Hai then said : I and don't Daoist/actual person have what enmity, Daoist/actual person why with hardship to compel? Regarding Daoist/actual person, my Zhao Hai is a not worthy of mentioning unimportant person, asked Daoist/actual person to put my horse, how?” Zhao Hai spoke the gentle words, to is makes Huang Dao however stare, because just Zhao Hai was threatening him, how did suddenly mention the gentle words to come? Changed mind Huang Dao however immediately understand, Zhao Hai this was under giving his stair, if Zhao Hai threatened him constantly, on his face could not hang, that feared that will hit, but Zhao Hai suddenly admits defeat now, has given him a stair, if he, that later Zhao Hai will not be what kind, but also does not say, perhaps his turn around walked, then retaliated Pink Clouds Pavilion, that was not Huang Dao however wants to see.( To be continued.!.