Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1348
Huang Dao however look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai face calm look at he, originally somewhat pale face , unexpectedly restoration slowly, became very ruddy, looks like probably is a little wound not appearance. This presently makes Huang Dao however be startled to the Zhao Hai strength, he believes that Zhao Hai face is not installs, but is his body fast is restoring, such resilience, is makes him be startled really. Zhao Hai these time in saying anything, is only calm look at Huang Dao however, Huang Dao however looks at the Zhao Hai calm appearance, laughing said : suddenly good, good Zhao Hai, person in young generation, the old man has also seen several, your Zhao Hai is considered as absolutely on is No. 1 character, what a pity, you do not come in Cultivation World, otherwise the old man wants certainly completely all means that to receive you for the disciple.” Huang Dao however such remarks, all people surprisedly stayed, is Huang Dao however who? Cultivation World becomes famous by long Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person, sometimes this today he has Unofficial Disciple, that is the Pink Clouds Pavilion porch lord, color Yunfei phoenix Zhen Ling, official disciple does not have. Do not look that the Infant Stage time and Transcends Tribulation Stage only miss the step, but many cultivator, had not stepped over for a lifetime this step, Expert of many Infant Stage time, even is willing to these Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person, to become Unofficial Disciple, or a servant, is hopes how can learn to arrive at the experience of Transcends Tribulation Stage from Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person there, hopes one one day can take that step. However Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, wants promotion own strength as soon as possible, was achieved Divided Spirit Stage or Immortal Stage by own earlier, they little accept the disciple, even if must accept the disciple is also very strict. But Huang Dao however actually said such words to Zhao Hai, obviously he to Zhao Hai is appreciation how, almost all comes to see Cultivation World cultivator that they fight at the scene, envies look look at Zhao Hai that the envy hates with one type of. But Yuan Jin Gang they are actually face anxious look at Zhao Hai, must know that was received by Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert for apprentice such youhuo, regarding cultivator, was really too big, they also really feared that Zhao Hai will transfer throws to Huang Dao follower however, became Huang Dao disciple however, that Zhao Hai on equal to was the Cultivation World person, was they must lose Zhao Hai on equal to. The Zhao Hai look at Huang Dao appearance however, shows a faint smile, bows said : to apologize looking upon with favor of Daoist/actual person below, but Zhao Hai I am a machine people, turns the head to Daoist/actual person follower, really has inconvenient, will bring lots of troubles to Daoist/actual person, therefore Zhao Hai can only not be tactful declined the Daoist/actual person good intent.” Huang Dao however is actually two eyes twinkling brightly said : „, Zhao Hai didn't you to oppose become my disciple?”

Zhao Hai one hear of Huang Dao however such spoke of stares, Huang Dao however such asked that obviously was the hope of sincerity receives him to be the apprentice, this arrived is Zhao Hai has not thought that before he thought Huang Dao however, was only polite polite, has not actually thought that he does resemble the tǐng earnest appearance now? Zhao Hai look at Huang Dao however, what meaning melted now also really some do not understand Huang Dao however this saying is, he must in one time however bow to Huang Dao said : Daoist/actual person, below was a machine people, has not wanted leave machine below, therefore the Daoist/actual person good intent have not waited for him saying that who Huang Dao however did beckon with the hand said : to let your leave machine? The old men want to receive you to be apprentice, had not said that must make your join Cultivation World not be possible, itself of your Zhao Hai study is Cultivation World Cultivation Method, this point old man will not misread, receives you not to calculate that for the disciple feels embarrassed you?” Zhao Hai is somewhat puzzled, why Huang Dao however must receive for his disciple, but changed mind thinks Zhao Hai immediately understand, if Huang Dao however received him to be the apprentice, that this matter can obtain most completely is solved. The Cultivation World people are concerned about face-saving, before this, Huang Dao however cannot kill Zhao Hai, has lost face very much, if this time he such is drawing back, that loses face, when the time comes regarding the Huang Dao prestige however is also an attack. But this does not have what advantage regarding Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was compels to draw back Huang Dao however, has established under oneself Transcends Tribulation the first Expert reputation, will bring the inexhaustible trouble to him. First is come from Cultivation World, the Cultivation World person the life that the face looks has been more important, Zhao Hai compels to draw back Huang Dao however, although this superficially is only among them the matter, but regarding the Cultivation World person, this is actually the entire Cultivation World matter, Zhao Hai is hitting the face of Cultivation World, as the matter stands, Cultivation World will certainly not let off him, certainly by any means possible will look for his trouble. Besides Cultivation World these people, the several other Realms person, feared that is will not make Zhao Hai feel better, because under Zhao Hai this Transcends Tribulation the first Expert reputation, is his all troublesome origins, all people want to extinguish him, steps on his corpse to become famous, after this is becomes famous , the biggest worry. But if Huang Dao however received Zhao Hai to be the apprentice, that all these troublesome does not exist \; first, Huang Dao however received to work as the apprentice Zhao Hai, his face protect, two have given the Cultivation World face, Zhao Hai now is machine first talent Expert, however was actually received to be the apprentice by Huang Dao, this looked like very much has in the Cultivation World person the face, how your machine first young Expert, was not has become my Cultivation World Daoist/actual person disciple! Do not think that Cultivation World these fellows such will not look like, Cultivation World these have been used to arrogantly the fellow, thinks certainly that but they think, to Zhao Hai, only then the advantage does not have the fault, because looks like in these people, Zhao Hai was half Cultivation World people, Cultivation World these Great Sect, specially will not look for Zhao Hai troubled.

Moreover Zhao Hai also because of becoming Huang Dao disciple however, but had found a good backer, must know Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person, in Cultivation World there, that may really be considered as on is side big Expert existed, these want to cope with Zhao Hai, wants to step on the Zhao Hai famous person, must think over well own component, Core Disciple in although these Great Sect, possibly will not care about the Huang Dao face however, but this will also give Zhao Hai to reduce lots of troubles. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighs one, the ginger is old spicy, Huang Dao however unexpectedly within such short time, has thought through joint, must receive him not to be possible for the disciple, obviously his plans have deeply how. Zhao Hai looked at Huang Dao however one, showing a faint smile suddenly, then Zhao Hai pays a visit the kind teacher to Huang Dao however ritual said :!” Huang Dao however one hear of Zhao Hai complied, cannot help but laughs said : well, good, is so best, today the situation is special, all conform to simplicity, since you have done obeisance my teacher, later was my disciple, the old man cannot too stingy, this thing give to you as the gift on first meeting.” Said him, as soon as turns the hand, has put out Stone of a piece head size, this Stone all over the body flood green, looks like looks like a piece ordinary Cyan Stone is the same, a point is also common. Zhao Hai flew the Huang Dao side however hastily, Huang Dao however has been in front of these many people to receive him to be the apprentice, naturally cannot renege on a promise, if he uses this matter, when gave a pretext, deceived Zhao Hai, let the heart of his complete losing protection, he did not match is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Huang Dao however looked Zhao Hai gives up the vigilance really flew, „the a piece giant Qingyang stone that satisfaction, he puts in in hand Stone the hand of Zhao Hai at heart said : this is teacher many years ago obtains, this stone hard multi- ratio, and inborn has air/Qi of Yang Sha, is the rare treasure, teacher Life Source Magical Artifact, the non- character tablet is this stone refines, but becomes, after this is the teacher refinement does not have the character tablet, remaining a piece Qingyang stones, today teacher on delivering give you.” Zhao Hai stares, has not thought that this green Stone so is unexpectedly precious, he has not thought that Huang Dao however make a move unexpectedly so natural, in his opinion, Huang Dao however Master and Disciple relationship with him, but is both sides to accord to his need, has not actually thought that Huang Dao however linked so precious Qingyang stone to give to him unexpectedly, this made Zhao Hai be really very much surprised. When also lets the Zhao Hai heart move, what point no matter Huang Dao however stemming from receives him as disciple, Huang Dao however this teacher, to really good.

Zhao Hai however bows said : to discuss this Master to Huang Dao, Master, my also gift must give Master, in the past disciple went to soft [gold/metal] mine there, obtained the a piece soft [gold/metal] ore, disciple remains now is also being useless, gives Master.” Said that a Zhao Hai revolution, in hand were many a piece soft [gold/metal] ore, this soft [gold/metal] ore fully becomes the oval, the best pupil has about one meter, the most large diameter also crossed half meter, such big a piece soft [gold/metal] ore, can withdraw about half jin (0.5 kg) soft gold ore fully, that price plants is very extraordinary. Huang Dao however has not thought that Zhao Hai will really have like this good thing, in his eyes flashes through gratified , then laughs said : well, teacher accepted him, and you came with me, teacher led you to see a person.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, received all Undead Creature, received the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, then they beckoned with the hand to Jua Ding Shan, Jua Ding Shan nodded, is leading Li Lin their several, turn around leave, Zhao Hai turns the head to Yuan Jin Gang and Xiong Li their said : Vajra Captain, bear Big Brother, I urge to go faster along with Master return, the names do not need to be worried.” Yuan Jin Gang their although wants to say anything, but had words on the tip of the tongue actually to swallow, finally nodded to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai then turned the headMaster to invite to Huang Dao however said :.Huang Dao however nodded, turn around flies toward Cultivation World control region, Zhao Hai follows hastily in his. But the talented person who until this time, these watched the fun responded, this Huang Dao however hit the matter that Zhao Hai murdered those who have cheated them, was really bo three booklets, finally actually concluded in the way of such play xìng, this made them not respond at once. However looked that Zhao Hai however flies toward the Cultivation World domain in Huang Dao, envies has it, disdains has it, criticizes Zhao Hai is the idiot also has plenty of such people, in their opinion, Zhao Hai this is delivers the extreme danger completely, Huang Dao however receives him to be the apprentice certainly not to settle the good intention, perhaps Zhao Hai enters to the Cultivation World domain, was besieged by Huang Dao however them lethal. Naturally, has such thoughts person, stemming from the psychology of one type of envy, they also ten people of clarity, the probability of appears this situation is almost zero, Huang Dao however impossible to cope with Zhao Hai with this shameless method, his Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but also cannot lag behind a nose face.!.