Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1349

To be honest, person who not only these watch the fun somewhat cannot respond, Laura they somewhat cannot respond, the transformation of this matter was really too quick, Zhao Hai unexpectedly has become Huang Dao disciple disciple however. However Laura they are also the plans excellent generations, changes mind thinks that immediately understand Huang Dao however has done why such, can say that such does is so far, the best processing mode.[. .com] Zhao Hai received these Undead Creature, Laura they are also more relaxed, what to do several people discussed in there must then probably. It can be said that Zhao Hai coerces a biggest danger now removing, but his now soldier in what to do? Do not think that became Huang Dao disciple however on is well with everything, in fact Zhao Hai became Huang Dao disciple however, troublesome also many. First is machine here, trust Zhao Hai that the machine here person can also continue? This is a very major problem, after all now Zhao Hai or machine person, if a machine person does not trust him, that later Zhao Hai is very difficult to base in machine here. In is the Cultivation World person will see him? If Zhao Hai continues in the 6 Realms battlefield here activity, he and Cultivation World person hostile, in this sentiment subordinate, how these Cultivation World people to regard him? This is also an issue. Several people discussed that also had not discussed that any result came, finally must give up, but at this time Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however entered Cultivation World partly controlled the area. Some Cultivation World Infant Stage time Expert immediately welcomed, did not know Zhao Hai and Huang Dao matter however excellently, therefore looks at Zhao Hai to follow in Huang Dao however, had not felt that is too strange, but each and every one uses one type of very unusual look look at Zhao Hai. That look envies. Has the envy, admiring. After all these people know, if Huang Dao however how Zhao Hai, will not receive him for the disciple, can say that Zhao Hai present all, strove with the strength. These people did not have the brain to want to study Zhao Hai remnantly, goes to other Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert there to challenge, finally was also received by that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert for the apprentice. If they do, that may really be don’t know how the successive dies, can say that Zhao Hai the opportunity, may with not be possible to ask completely, if not various factors adds, Zhao Hai simply is impossible becomes Huang Dao disciple however. Zhao Hai looked at these Cultivation World cultivator one, bows to these people slightly, gave a salute, Huang Dao however has not actually managed that many, leading Zhao Hai to fly toward inside li (0.5km). Flies while we directly to go to my Cave Mansion to Infant Stage time cultivator said :, does not have my summon, do not disturb me.” That person has complied with one hastily, does not have. Only however flies toward the Cultivation World control domain in there look at Zhao Hai and Huang Dao.

To be honest is not strange regarding here Zhao Hai, his Liquid Silver flying needle, took in the Cultivation World domain Space, except for plants some confidential places in blood stone fort likely, with blood stone fort back side of the mountain such place outside, other places. He can watch in Space at any time, does not have a point curiosity. But this situation falls to the Huang Dao eye in however, cannot help but high looked at several to Zhao Hai, here is the Cultivation World domain, before Zhao Hai, has not come, moreover he has insisted one is a machine people, is the Cultivation World enemy. Common machine people, if there is opportunity to enter to Cultivation World comes, that will certainly glance right and left, wants to see a little thing, so that in the future with machine to war easy-to-use, but Zhao Hai does not have, his continuously visual front, probably here to his point attracts gravitational force not to have. Huang Dao however receives Zhao Hai for the disciple most from the beginning time, although said the meanings of some compelled with no choice, since received Zhao Hai after the disciple, he presently this Zhao Hai also is really very to his appetite, although they know this Master and Disciple relationship what's the matter, but Huang Dao however does not think that own face, has given Zhao Hai a piece azure|cyan weakly just the stone, that is the good material of rare view, so long as looks for a good person, can refine good Magical Artifact. But Zhao Hai does not want to be looked down upon him by Cultivation World these people obviously, does not want behind Cultivation World these to speak his Huang Dao malicious remarks however, therefore directly has delivered the a piece soft gold ore! That is the soft gold ore! Must say really that the price of this soft gold ore plants to fear just the stone to be older than good block azure|cyan. Huang Dao however itself exits from 6 Realms battlefield here, 6 Realms battlefield here soft [gold/metal] mine is any welldoing, there wants to discover the a piece soft gold ore, feared that does not strike to kill Zhao Hai easy many compared with him. But besides 6 Realms battlefield here, other Comprehend the world places, although also has soft [gold/metal] mine, but these soft [gold/metal] mine by various situation Liba, you are being wanted to obtain the soft gold ore from there, that is the ratio ascends to heaven also difficultly , because of this, therefore the soft gold ore in Comprehend the world there is very valuable thing. although said that Huang Dao however is Earth element cultivator, but this did not express that he cannot use the soft gold ore, in fact wish makes weapon better, the material that needs are many and varied, the soft gold ore is the ore that one type of almost can use in common, therefore the value is also naturally higher. What Zhao Hai this matter is done is just right for his regard, but what is more important, he wants Zhao Hai with he comes to the Cultivation World domain the time, Zhao Hai wants not to comply, this also made him the impression to Zhao Hai better. although all people know that his Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, will not cope with Zhao Hai with that not popular method, but can like Zhao Hai, comply, hesitant no person, is few, most people such possibly will not do, they have Zhao Hai such skill, immediately will not comply, because of one like Cultivation World, that equal to was enters Lungtan tiger xué without doubt, although Zhao Hai had Space Divergent Technique, who can guarantee, Cultivation World Space Divergent Warlock . But Zhao Hai actually complied, not only this to the self-confidence of own strength, similarly is also to his trust, this is Huang Dao however appreciates Zhao Hai another point. Quick they arrived at blood stone fort, blood stone fort here Zhao Hai had also seen in Space, the blood stone fort surrounding, was not compact was, therefore too many defensive formation, the Liquid Silver needle cannot observe here easily, only then blood stone fort behind, with blood stone fort back side of the mountain there, huge defensive formation was protecting, the Liquid Silver needle did not search to.

They have not stayed in blood stone fort here, went to the blood stone fort back side of the mountain directly, entered Huang Dao that Cave Mansion however, entered Cave Mansion, Huang Dao however brings Zhao Hai to go to restroom there, this restroom was very big, although was cavern, but but in has actually planted some flowered also some grass, these flowers and grass were not the white race, the flower was quiet room is fragrant, the grass was the Condensing Spirit/focus grass, was to practicing very helpful thing. Moreover in the restroom, small spring, spring water is chilly, but also often has the mist to emit, making the person look like, felt that the fairyland was ordinary. However besides the scenery of these natures, the manpower in this restroom decorates is few, only then several praying mat are placed in the ground, appears very simple. After Huang Dao however leads Zhao Hai was entering the restroom, refers to praying mat said : sitting, does not use politely.” Zhao Hai thanked Master to Huang Dao however bow peak said :.” Said that then looked for praying mat to sit, the Huang Dao however look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile, meets to begin a revolution, made of jade small sword appears in in his hand, Huang Dao however has delimited several on the small sword with the hand, the small sword went to the hand, flew away toward Cave Mansion outside. Zhao Hai although has not gone to Cultivation World, the thing that but Huang Dao however takes he actually recognizes, this is a signalling jade sword, specifically is used for the junction service to use, a little looks like the letter, but its keep secret effect, if be much better compared with the letter, even if the computer communication of machine here were inferior that the signalling jade sword comes safely. This signalling jade sword has the spiritual lock, except for writing a letter with the person of receiving, other people does not have the means to turn on this signalling jade sword to see inside content, energetic lock on this signalling jade sword, but lock the general spirit is more sensitive, one, but has the heterogeneous spirit to search into, immediately explodes on the convention, destroys all contents. Besides self-exploding, this signalling jade sword can also be attached to the body of broken sword person sword Master Divine Sense, enabling Master of sword to find the person of that broken sword easily, therefore common nobody will go to the signalling jade sword. After signalling jade sword release, Huang Dao however turns the head look at Zhao Hai, some little time he deep voice said : Zhao Hai, although I receive you for the disciple, is really somewhat hasty, but you by enter my follower, after teacher, as far as possible will teach in you, you, and feel relieved.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Yes, Master, disciple already takes into the gate of Master, naturally cannot lose face to Master, invites Master feel relieved.” Huang Dao however nodded said : you also to know that teacher is the Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder, the Pink Clouds Pavilion porch advocates Zhen Ling is teacher Unofficial Disciple, later has opportunity, teacher decides as introduced that knew to you.”

Zhao Hai accordingly said : is, thanks a lot Master, Master, this is a small gadget that disciple manufacture, please accept, the here surface has Coordinate Transmission Formation, so long as Master you press the above button, disciple knows Master is, will hurry to with Space Divergent Technique immediately/on horseback, awaits Master to dispatch.” Huang Dao however received Zhao Hai to hand over this Little Thing to look at one, this is Jade Pendant same thing, above has small circular Magic Formation, this Magic Formation is a button, presses this button to fall gently, works very exquisitely, moreover this jade also undergoes the refinement probably. Huang Dao however is the Rogue Cultivator family background, any refining pills, crafting these simple studies, has been adding on his eyesight tall Jue, therefore saw that Zhao Hai this thing does not do with the ordinary machine machine method of manufacturing, but manufactures with the crafting technique, this arrives is makes him somewhat surprised. He gains ground look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, do you also meet crafting?” Zhao Hai nod said : is, Master, refining pills crafting, disciple has studied, if Master has anything to dispatch, although told.” Huang Dao however beckoned with the hand, in saying anything, but also took that Jade Pendant to look, in this time, Zhao Hai fierce looked toward Cave Mansion out, because Zhao Hai felt that had formidable imposing manner to fly toward Cave Mansion here. Huang Dao however look at Zhao Hai appearance, satisfied nod, he knows certainly what is, comes the person Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, is he invites.!.