Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1352

What business most makes money? Naturally is the unique business! But regarding the Cultivation World person. This Spirit Wine business is a unique business. Why machine there does not produce Spirit Wine, is very simple, because must produce Spirit Wine, needs Spirit Rice, but where Spirit Rice is not can plant, can say that plants Spirit Rice not to compare to plant some Spirit Medicine little to take time. But Cultivation World there is not all lands can plant Spirit Medicine , although Cultivation World there commoner plants Spirit Medicine , but these Spirit Medicine are only in some market conditions common ordinary goods , simply is not good thing, type on such land the paddy rice, cannot be called Spirit Rice, naturally does not have the means to ferment Spirit Wine. But looks like in the Cultivation World person, is used to plant some only good spirit field to be able Spirit Rice that is used to eat and brew alcohol, too has wasted, has that good spirit field, might as well plants Spirit Medicine , after Spirit Medicine plants, can build up medicine pill, increases cultivation level. Because thinks that therefore in Cultivation World there, each year of producing Spirit Wine very limited, but these Spirit Wine do not sell outward, mostly was various big gate factions remains is for oneself. If at this time in market condition suddenly appears Spirit Wine, no matter these Great Sect or Rogue Cultivator, feared that can be excited. although beforehand Huang Dao however they have said that the person of practice, must purify the mind desire, but can truly achieve this point were too few, many cultivator like enjoying actually, otherwise Spirit Wine in Cultivation World on complete did not have the market. Now Spirit Wine is hounded in Cultivation World, the most important reason , because Cultivation World cultivator wants to enjoy, before they did not enjoy , because they do not have that condition, to practice, them can only eat Fasting Pill that is unpalatable. Can imagine, in this case, if Spirit Wine in a Cultivation World listing, what scene that can be the one type of? In Cultivation World cultivator of these a little change feared that will buy several pots satisfying, but this digit is quite astonishing.

But such unique business, will bring the big profit, even if Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls this to be also considered as to the person who the trade knows nothing about, but if such big benefit, is only control in Pink Clouds Pavilion and Zhao Hai in hand, that absolutely is not the good deed. The Pink Clouds Pavilion strength is good, but he is only a merchant group . Moreover the interior is also not very united, a merchant group in formidable, impossible to compare this cake to be too big with these Great Sect, they could not swallow. But Great Sect that but the profound clear sect Cultivation World knows how things stand, is not the average person can offend like Great Sect, only then such Great Sect, is qualified for the unique business. However the profound clear sect does not have the Pink Clouds Pavilion marketing channel, they do not have the source of goods, the profound clear sect can do, in this business, divides the a piece egg cake, then becomes Divine Protector of this business. although this will let Zhao Hai and Pink Clouds Pavilion benefit comes under the influence however to be able with such Great Sect to draw in relationship, no matter to Zhao Hai to Pink Clouds Pavilion is the good deeds, the big good deed, this will make them save lots of troubles. Zhao Hai to thoughtful that Huang Dao however ritual said : Master does think, Martial Uncle this matter you looks to be possible sudden?” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called had also put wine glass at this time, has hesitated, then nodded said : I to look feasible, what this matter almost did not need our profound clear sect to pay, can obtain many advantage, feasible like this, waited for after a period of time my return to Sect, with Sect said layman the person of this matter, you were also about a point to tell Zhen Ling that girl this information, let her also happy happy, I heard that in nearest/recent Pink Clouds Pavilion, probably was not that calm, meaning that these fellow a little restless yu moved?” Huang Dao however coldly snorted said : one group of idiots, manage him to do, this time you must in the person with your Sect say one, your time with me, with Little Hai, works with Zhen Yatou, if several other also think take part to come, that is incorrect, if they dare take part to come, you may probably tidy up for me well these fellows.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called one hear of Huang Dao however saying that gawked slightly, then laughed said : your layman, planned me in here unexpectedly, good, feel relieved was good, this matter I can leave hundred, said, these years you should not be polite with them, making some nose fellows think that you quite bullied.” Huang Dao however forced smile said : is not I do not think tyrannicalally, but is that several clans, is standing Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if real cause disturbance , that Pink Clouds Pavilion will possibly be split up, therefore these years I can endure to endure, our although is a good friend, but before , if I invited your make a move, then on relationship to profound clear sect, this very improper.”

The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry nodded, sighs said : „, we were Transcends Tribulation have succeeded, everybody envied, but I presently we now not[ from] by, us, so long as moved, will capture the entire world attention, this felt that real *** was not feeling well.” Huang Dao however shows a faint smile said : I fortunately, I am only a guest's seat elder , is still Rogue Cultivator, but you are different, but you Supreme Elder of profound clear sect, every action and every movement are representing the profound clear sect, naturally will pay attention by entire world.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called indignant scolded one angrily, has drunk liquor, his also ting was actually depressed, in Great Sect, to the practice was the has plenty advantage, but was certain, this custom also many, although he now was Supreme Elder... Can manage his person, a palm of the hand can count, However he actually presently, now, no matter arrives at there, has become the focal point, this feeling is is very uncomfortable. Huang Dao however turns the head to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, after waiting for this matter to determine, you are rushing to discuss with Zhen Ling that girl how specific is me not to manage, after my returned to Cave Mansion, you also go to my Cave Mansion, later has any matter, goes to my Cave Mansion to look for me.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Huang Dao however said : Master, lock mountain defense line there also has many matters I to process, I must go back to process, you go back, I did not deliver you, was right, these you and Martial Uncle were taking drinking first, insufficient was telling me.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out several big jug, in this jug attire is most high grade Space white liquors. These big jug, first fully has hundred jin (0.5 kg), altogether ten altars|jars, is 1000 jin (0.5 kg) liquor, Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called not politely, a person received five altars|jars to enter Space equipment, Huang Dao however then nodded said : well, you went back first, avoid machine these fellows, think that I gave the turning road you, was right, wait for you planet has done well, let me and your Martial Uncle has a look.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, hides to them, then body disappearing slowly in Huang Dao Cave Mansion however. When Zhao Hai completely vanished, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called sighs said : layman, you had the luck, your this disciple, non- average man that can within the short time, achieve today this situation, this was not an easy matter, moreover I thought him not to handle affairs anxiously not slow, was systematic, the future achievement is limitless, moreover his very heavy sentiment, today has recognized probably also your this Master, so long as you were not quite excessive, later the advantage had your, envied you to have disciple like this.” Huang Dao however shows a faint smile said : this also to call to turn misfortune into a blessing, I thought that must completely my ability helped Little Hai Transcends Tribulation succeed, such, no matter had the advantage to me to Pink Clouds Pavilion.”

The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry nodded, then has smiled bitterly next step: He now or the Infant Stage time, tosses about such big matter to come, if made his Transcends Tribulation succeed, real don’t know will be what kind, perhaps this Comprehend the world day, will change because of him.” Huang Dao however looked at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call said : I to say the blacksmith puzzled, did you too look at him high? He after is only a person, can be what kind of?” Did Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) call look at Huang Dao however said : „a person? Do not forget, he prepares himself to establish an influence, if made him succeed, what that who knew consequence was? You do not want a strength of underestimated person.” Huang Dao however was somewhat silent, he presently some underestimated Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had today's aspect, has used how long? One year, was one year of that what one year considered as regarding cultivator? Some cultivator, close up can one year of even several years of time. But Zhao Hai? Has only used for one year, became young Expert that entire Continent focuses attention on, in hand also planet, moreover lock mountain defense line there, has regarded the person on one's own side him, faint, he soon has become in the potential of machine here. Huang Dao however is not a fool, he has stayed in 6 Realms battlefield here, his very clear, no matter that person, in the 6 Realms battlefield here person, is not fixed invariable, will take turns, machine is certainly no exception, moreover his also very clear, machine places the 6 Realms battlefield here person, was various Great Clan core members, Zhao Hai now is regarded the person on one's own side by these people, his equal to had a giant personal connection relationship net, what this net normally looked like perhaps not , when Zhao Hai wanted to establish own influence, this net Might that can wield, that absolutely is the imagination. Moreover Zhao Hai at 6 Realms new person competition, obtains to annoy the big name, when adding on nearest/recent fights with him, name that obtains, so long as Zhao Hai establishes the influence, feared that is the immediately meeting follower converges. Moreover Zhao Hai also Ashley Clan, Zhao Hai and Ashley Clan relationship is good, Ashley Clan will certainly help Zhao Hai. Has planet to take the base in additional Zhao Hai, he can also through selling Spirit Wine, obtains large quantities of funds, moreover he is doing business with Cultivation World, can from Cultivation World here, obtain the commodity of mass. Careful, Zhao Hai had has established an influence all conditions, if he to establish an influence, feared that was nobody can prevent. Thinks of here, Huang Dao however cannot help but let out a long breath, deep voice said : „, some of my really underestimated the strength of this person, especially Little Hai, duty underestimated his person, finally will have suffered a loss, includes me, if he establishes an influence, that does not allow to look down upon absolutely, but well in him now was my disciple, was not my enemy, HaHaHa, it seems like person good luck, if, no one could block.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called white Huang Dao however one, has filled liquor toward own mouth, two eyes bright said : suddenly I said layman, did you have to think, reconciled together to be good to Zhao Hai Zhen Yatou?” Huang Dao however two eyes slightly one bright, has not actually made noise, but silently arrived at one glass of liquor toward own mouth......!.