Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1353

Yuan Jin Gang in the conference room, uneasy whether sitting or standing roving, sits many people in the conference room similarly, these people are the lock mountain defense line here Captain level characters, before they are, supports Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai have solved the matter, and has become Huang Dao disciple however. Now Zhao Hai however went to the Cultivation World domain with Huang Dao, instead to was makes Yuan Jin Gang they be worried, they to did not worry that Huang Dao however will be what kind of Zhao Hai, Huang Dao however was in front of that many people to receive Zhao Hai for the disciple, if at this time in coping with Zhao Hai, he did not have the face to base in Comprehend the world. What Yuan Jin Gang they are worried after is Zhao Hai , will not return to the lock mountain defense line, is individual looks, Cultivation World there is better regarding practice, moreover Zhao Hai also had a Huang Dao however such big backer, if they, they feared that will transfer also throws goes to Cultivation World, will not be returning to machine. If Zhao Hai also chooses, Yuan Jin Gang will not say anything, after all the person is not oneself, the condemned by heaven and earth, but that regarding machine, is actually a huge attack, not only this attack loses Zhao Hai, regarding machine here all the people of practice, can be the one type of attack. Now Zhao Hai is the flags of person of machine all practices, if the Zhao Hai extension throws to Cultivation World goes, the people of that machine here innumerable practice, think that what future cannot have in the machine here practice, you look to look like the Zhao Hai that strong person, finally not leave machine? Feared that will have countless people at the appointed time, will think means leave machine, then was too big regarding a machine attack. Machine here main fighting strength although is the battleship and Mecha, but the person of practice is also the strength that cannot be estimated lightly, the person of fact hands-on here practice are also many, who lets entire Comprehend the world is a world of practice, even if camera here not by the place that practice give priority to fights, practice is also everywhere is, if all people to lost the confidence in the machine here practice, that machine feared that was also on. However this matter he does not have the means to prevent, because his very clear Huang Dao however that is not the affable lord, the words that Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, this time Zhao Hai prevents, what lock mountain defense line here real don’t know will turn into now. Liu Zhen look at Yuan Jin Gang appearance sighed said : good the old circle, do not transfer, was transferring is not such, if Little Hai wants to walk, you remained cannot detain.” Yuan Jin Gang stopped, then suddenly half step has arrived at in front of the door of conference room, to outside said loudly: Xiong Li, your several come.” His voice just fell Xiong Li several people to arrive in the conference room soon, Yuan Jin Gang stands in there, look at Xiong Li said : Xiong Li you speaks the truth with me, by you understanding Little Hai, you guesses, 1 Little Hai this does go also to come back?” Xiong Li one hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that cannot help but has gawked, then he looked at the Lu Ding day their eyes, then laughs said : original Captain you to be worried about this? feel relieved was good, 1 Little Hai he can definitely come back can definitely.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Xiong Li said that cannot help but stares, his look at Xiong Li puzzled did said : why such affirm?”

Xiong Li shows a faint smile said : „, because I knew about Little Hai that 1 Little Hai did obeisance that Huang Dao however teacher at that time, was the situation compels Little Hai to admit defeat at that time, he does not want to make too stiffly with Cultivation World, then to our machine not any advantage, but Huang Dao however also for protect own face, wanted to receive Little Hai for the disciple, Little Hai, for machine naturally also complied, like this he with the Huang Dao conflict however, naturally was also uncovered Little Hai these time to go to the Cultivation World domain, feared that was also to eliminate the Huang Dao however that silk did not pass at heart last quickly. Believes that he will come back quickly.” Yuan Jin Gang silent, some little time, he long vented anger, mutters said : hope so.” During the conference room in one time fell into to be silent, Xiong Li looked at this situation, like the Lu Ding day they made eye , turn around withdraw from the conference room slowly. To outside, several people found a place to sit, Xiong Li open the mouth and said: Really is, has not believed Little Hai to the present, for machine, depends on the Little Hai strength, why can do obeisance that Huang Dao however teacher? Little Hai does not acknowledge as teacher, that Huang Dao however also takes Little Hai not to have the means that um, is really.” Li Kuangren smiles said :they not to understand Little Hai, this cannot blame them, in their eyes, Cultivation World that may really be a practice good place, the Spiritual Qi density to be sufficient, their thinks that 1 Little Hai had permanent Sand Island there, simply cannot go to Cultivation World there. Dong Fangyu nodded said : „, before no one has thought that 1 Little Hai true strength already strong to this situation, even if Huang Dao however, how Little Hai not to, 1 Little Hai this time may not have to use Space Divergent Technique, however spells with Huang Dao directly hardly, the final result is actually this, really makes the person unable to think.” Several people nodded, before Zhao Hai had not put out own complete strength, this time he shines oneself all strengths, but also in a big way illuminated the person one to jump. Is saying the voice in several people, suddenly Zhao Hai appears in the Vajra fort, sees Zhao Hai appears , Xiong Li they stares, then all around sound of cheering, then Zhao Hai immediately encircled the people sphering. This sound of cheering has also alarmed Yuan Jin Gang they, the people come out from his conference room, is seeing Zhao Hai to stand in the middle of people, Yuan Jin Gang that is hanging the heart, this puts down, look at Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : has not thought that he also really came back, good, good.” Liu Zhen they also relaxed, look at with Zhao Hai that the people chatted, Liu Zhen also smiles said : to have him to sit, I looked, who also dared underestimated our machine.” The people have smiled, today they were really too happy, because machine left one to be able with Expert that Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator put together hardly, this regarding the lock mountain defense line, regarding machine here, was important. Some little time the people calm gets down, Zhao Hai then withdraws, they entered the conference room with Yuan Jin Gang, enters the conference room, Yuan Jin Gang immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, what kind of? Did you go to the Cultivation World domain really? „ Zhao Hai smiles said :naturally to go, I Master Cave Mansion, to be honest, that Cave Mansion has also been possible to really be attractive, there is Cultivation World gives Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator to prepare specially, inside Spiritual Qi very sufficient.”

Yuan Jin Gang nodded, then after look at Zhao Hai said : that you, how prepared Can you to decide to do obeisance Huang Dao however teacher really?” Does Zhao Hai smile said : this not to acknowledge as teacher? What also had later Huang Dao that was good to think however is my Master, but this did not affect me the manner to Cultivation World, in Cultivation World there, fights between these cultivator were few? Will not affect my anything.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, he also knows that now Zhao Hai does not want to recognize Huang Dao however teacher not to be impossible, he is in front of that many people to bury Huang Dao however teacher, if his immediately unclear this Master, that is deceive master, extinguish ancestors, by that time Zhao Hai did not use in Comprehend the world mixed, Cultivation World also had a better excuse to tidy up him. Yuan Jin Gang sighed said : not to think that really finally can be this unexpectedly, but this was also good, your youngster looked for an extraordinary backer now.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, Has not made noise. Liu Zhen actually deep voice said : Little Hai, this several days you are more careful, I think that above these old fogies will certainly send for looking your, asks you to be unlikely troublesome, they do not dare, but they might want to use your this relationship very much, making you help them make some thing to come from Cultivation World there, complying easily.” Zhao Hai stares, turns the head look at Liu Zhen, Liu Zhen look at Zhao Hai, forced smile said :Little Hai 1 Do not forget, but Huang Dao however Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder, in Pink Clouds Pavilion, has the status very much, but why place is Pink Clouds Pavilion? That cultivates the merchant group that there became famous, but our machine every year from Cultivation World there, various commodities of import mass, but this customs duty is actually very heavy, moreover some thing, Cultivation World forbids to trade toward machine, now you have made contact with Huang Dao however this line, if these old fogies do not make you strive, that damn, but you should better do not comply with this matter, otherwise to you and Pink Clouds Pavilion is not the good deed, does not do well Cultivation World these Great Sect, can tidy up you. ” Zhao Hai nodded, his although wants to do business with Pink Clouds Pavilion, but he also undoable goes too far, otherwise the effect on Pink Clouds Pavilion is too big, this Huang Dao however with his matter, has made Cultivation World these big gate send with Huang Dao however to be somewhat discontented, if he is making large quantities of embargoes through Pink Clouds Pavilion toward machine the commodities, that Cultivation World these Great Sect, feared that will not let off him. How Liu Zhen look at Zhao Hai said :your present simply does not need the tube above these old fogies to think that 1 Little Hai, you are lock mountain defense line one, we are the backing of person, is adding on you also Cultivation World Daoist/actual person to make Master now, above these old fogies do not dare to move you, therefore you do not use with them too politely, if you really because of the matter of commodity, making Cultivation World these Great Sect chase down your words, that lock mountain defense line here must have bad luck, for the brothers worry, you cannot accept a these old fogy this request, I want. These old fogies, feared that has sent for with looking for you, you remembered this point and that's the end.,... Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, deep voice said : Liu Captain, if I do not comply, these fellows can transfer the lock mountain defense line me? although I can[ from] by difference here, if the people official announced that transfers me, that is also terrible business.”

Yuan Jin Gang smiles said :feel relieved, all right, has us, do not forget existence of our lock mountain alliance, if they want to transfer you, we will act. Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, this my feel relieved, after actually, I can make some thing from Cultivation World there, but now is not good \; first, I have not contacted with the Pink Clouds Pavilion person on, Master although is the Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder, but he after is not the porch lord, moreover these days is Cultivation World regarding guarding against the strictest time, therefore I at this time, cannot with Pink Clouds Pavilion there contact many of too, otherwise cause Cultivation World vigilant.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : 1 Little Hai, you later must be short with Cultivation World these people contact, they not necessarily will have any good intention to you, although you have done obeisance Huang Dao however teacher, but Huang Dao however in Cultivation World there, Rogue Cultivator Expert, does not have the too big influence, calculation that Cultivation World there said truly these Great Sect, this Huang Dao however runs up to the 6 Realms battlefield to cope with you, feared that was behind also has these Great Sect shadows, although said Huang Dao however received you for the disciple, probably was long the Cultivation World face, but by Cultivation World these Great Sect arrogant xing sub-, They actually not necessarily think that received you to grow the face for the disciple, perhaps they think that lost the face, after your Master went back, feared that is the day will not feel better, therefore you these days, must be careful that was good.” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : „to come should not to have the matter, you possibly return don’t know, Master Wen with profound clear gate Supreme Elder, the Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person cool breeze guest Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry are the good friends, has Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call, Master will not have the matter.” Yuan Jin Gang stares, then the spirit shakes said : original Huang Dao however unexpectedly with the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry is a good friend, this arrives has not heard, um, has Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call in behind is supporting, Huang Dao however will really not have the matter, but the profound clear sect Cultivation World Great Sect, nobody dares to offend them easily.” Zhao Hai nodded, Liu Zhen smiles said : to be good, did not say these, in any case Little Hai now or a machine person, this is the good matter, 1 Little Hai went to the archenemy today, paid a return visit Wise Master, this was also the good matter, these many good deeds added in together, should we celebrate well? The old circle, takes care quickly, everyone/Great Clan is certainly better today drinks tastily.” Yuan Jin Gang laughs said : your this fellow, is being concerned about heart Little Hai these bars? Good, today happy, should drink well, 1 Little Hai, you come.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, does not have the issue, gives me.” Said that Zhao Hai walks outward, then put out several big altar|jar liquor, Yuan Jin Gang immediately has also been taking care, was preparing the food and wine. People also very happy, these days lock mountain defense line here continuously very anxious, to guard against Huang Dao however attacks, the everyone/Great Clan god essence has also collapsed tight, now Huang Dao however has become Zhao Hai Master, but lock mountain defense line here, is silk has not actually damaged, how the people can happy, in this moment, naturally do not release well. Moreover regarding the lock mountain defense line here person, those who let their happy is, Zhao Hai has blocked the Huang Dao attack however unexpectedly, but also Huang Dao disciple however, they know how Zhao Hai this disciple comes, this equal to was Huang Dao however is compelled to accept Zhao Hai this disciple, this really let their happy. Lock mountain defense line here person very united, in their opinion, the victory of Zhao Hai is their victories, Zhao Hai can become Huang Dao disciple however, they with happy, are also adding on Zhao Hai this are for the lock mountain, for matter that machine brings honor, they naturally must celebrate well, finally entire Vajra camp here, was not having can stand the person, all people have gotten drunk.( To be continued.!.