Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1355
Zhao Hai shook the head said : jumping clown, so long as they do not have no background, will not become our hindrance, my being disinclined will also manage them. Cai'er nodded said :Young Master, if must contact, I to am hope that you contact with Louis first, Louis's cross sword edge pirate group, is in the entire pirate paradise the biggest pirate group, moreover what is rarer, he does not arrive at this by machine here that influence, they do not have any background, is the pure pirate, moreover person who their pirates roll, before several generations, is the pirate, continuously life in pirate paradise here, therefore their pirate groups in prestigious high of pirate paradise here.” Zhao Hai nodded said : first to contact with Louis also well, he is the biggest pirate chief, certainly needs all kinds of living materials, we can make contact with line with this with him, after later matter, was saying.”[. .com] Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, I make you contact with his Louis and because, not only need make the transaction with him, because the cross sword edge pirate rolls although to live in pirate paradise there, but that is not they want, they hope one one day can open and aboveboard appears on machine each every planet, but is not only can everyday stay in pirate paradise there, if there is opportunity, they will certainly move out, the time that if Young Master you contact with them grew, can perhaps receive Yalei No. 2 them on-board.” Has Zhao Hai gawked, two eyes bright said : really?” Cai'er nodded said : „, actually Louis's their days do not feel better, my this several days monitors their times, listening to them saying that before pirate paradise here was very good, in there in the various Realm sea not too the Ruyi Scepter person, was the genuine pirate, these sea routes have formed a small alliance, with machine or the several other Realms resistance, making several not play anything to do to use to encircling of pirate paradise there.” Zhao Hai nodded. Cai'er then said : afterward situation changed, various Realm in fighting against pirate, but starts toward the pirate in the ginseng sand, more and more by various Realm finger of use pirate, join to pirate paradise , the pirate paradise there pirate also changed flavor. Slowly became must have the contact with various Realm, started becomes various Realm dog tui. This is Louis their these pirate aristocratic family family backgrounds people are not willing to see that the pirate alliance still exists now, the members of alliance have actually been short much, after these , the join pirate is not the person of pirate alliance, he struggles to rush to survival Space with these established pirates. Suppresses these established pirates, but these established pirates have to unite, deals with this suppression, but these emerging pirates, the back has several support, therefore and during the confrontation of these established pirates. They were in the upper hand, even if these established pirates, temporary suppressed them, soon they will resurge. Besides using these new pirates attacks Old Hai to rob, several have also thought another means that that blocks these pirates in commodity aspect, these Old Hai robbers want to buy the commodity, is almost cannot buy, thinks in hand dunghill make a move, nobody wants, they can only make some transactions with these new pirates. However this transaction actually very suffers a loss, money that their in hand thing sells is few. But thing that they must buy, actually compares on original expensive several times. In this case, day that these Old Hai rob was getting harder and harder.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to think really that now pirate paradise there unexpectedly is this appearance, several this is must fight against the pirate, dog that wants one to bite at any time?” Laura deep voice said : I looked how many are wants one momentarily to bite, and will not implicate their dog, what matter these pirates have handled, with these High level it doesn't matter, has plenty these High level does not facilitate the matter that handles, can make these pirates do, like previous time copes with your matter, if behind that does not have Cultivation World and machine High level support, these pirates feared that does not dare to move at will? You were very big in the machine here fame before, these pirate can don’t know, cope with your possibly ji to take off a anger?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly well, deep voice said : that we first contact Louis, has not thought that present pirate instead to being more like good person.”

Laura they also smiled bitterly, don’t know said that any was good, in fact this situation, in their expected, previous Huang Dao however must cope with Zhao Hai, finally, Huang Dao however almost regarded him pirate paradise there in the machine here rear, can look from this point, if these pirates with several have not colluded, that called fishily. Cai'er deep voice said : Young Master, although pirate paradise there is still the influence of pirate alliance is now biggest, but the pirate alliance because of by several suppressions, the present shape influence was been less optimistic, but besides the pirate alliance, is actually several pirates who Cultivation World makes rolls the strength to be strongest, after all Cultivation World there is not near to pirate paradise there, is adding on the Cultivation World person himself strength on, therefore their strengths in pirate paradise there very, but machine in the pirate alliance there probably also several influences, but has not looked up to come out now, what can be affirmative, cross sword edge pirate. The group, absolutely is not any influence.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that as you said, feared is Louis they is also not Ruyi Scepter? They are not willing to hire oneself any influence, these people naturally cannot manage him, feared is to his suppression is also most ruthless? High position invites criticism, right?” Cai'er nodded said : well, but Louis also already present this point, these years they have dealings with machine some small Clan, is adding on these years they to suppress him to dodge the suppression regarding these ruthless Great Clan merchant, has carried on grabbing of large-scale, therefore these big guy present to does not dare to suppress them, but Louis's their days still do not feel better, after must suppress their people too many, the has plenty person is they cannot offend.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : that is not just right, he he, our in hand, but many thing, always some are they need.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, thing that they need were too many, most important is actually food, other thing, can cope with using, their there their robot Processing Factory, their Mecha Processing Factory, battleship Service Factory, the general living materials they have not lacked, the aspect that but this eats was actually their athletic event in which one is weak.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, fantastic, this may really be the day helps me, I go to contact first with Louis, this matter, Laura, your several also prepare thing anxiously, so long as they need, our immediately must transport the grain.” Laura they have complied with one, Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes, appears on pirate Le Yuan meteorite, on this meteorite, has plenty Spaceship wreckage, but these Spaceship wreckage do not place there casually, now these wreckage have become by transform lived in the place of person, in Spaceship the has plenty room, each room can be occupied by the whole family, on this meteorite, the person the position lives on this Spaceship wreckage.

On this meteorite has Magic protective shield, this Magic protective shield looks like the protector same is protecting this meteorite, naturally, this Magic protective shield, is not used for attack of against resist the enemy person, what he plays is only doing of atmosphere uses, now on this meteorite was taken some vegetables by the race, but obviously this meteorite is not the growth of very suitable dish, these vegetables long such as the children/my son paralysis was the same. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but shows a faint smile, it seems like that this Louis's day truly does not feel better, on additional such place, planted to serve food. Just is thinking, suddenly goes out of a person to come from that battleship wreckage, a woman, looks like over 20 years old, clothes also very ordinary that the body puts on, even also has several patches. That woman noticed that Zhao Hai stares, then frowns said : „you are who? Arrives at here to come? Where your don’t know is here?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „below Zhao Hai, is come to see Louis Commander, he in?” As soon as that woman listens to Zhao Hai to register, cannot help but two eyes one bright, was vigilant that immediately did not rise, she has drawn back one step, suspended posture said : „you are Zhao Hai? Are you revenge?” Zhao Hai looks at her appearance, cannot help but laughs said : young lady to misunderstand, is looks for Louis Commander to have the matter, is not revenges, the beforehand matter, I and Louis Commander openly expressed.” That woman moves also motionless look at Zhao Hai, in this time, in the battleship these is hearing the sound person also walked out, has Louis, Louis noticed that Zhao Hai also stares, then face changes, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : originally is Mr. Zhao Hai came, does not know that did do mister to this?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : today to find Louis Commander to have the matter to consult that very important matter, you did look?” Louis looked at all around one, the hand signal said : sea personal appearance that put out a hand to make invitation moved, appears in Louis's side, they and shoulders walked toward the battleship, before to that woman who Zhao Hai spoke, followed in their. Zhao Hai looked at that woman one eyes, Louis shows a faint smile said : this is my madame's younger sister, the small bell, you go busily, does not use with me.” The small bell has complied with one, looked at Zhao Hai one vigilantly, turn around walked. They have proceeded from passage of battleship, before long arrived at the command(er) hall of battleship, this is not a small battleship, the command(er) hall is not naturally small, but here turned into Louis's family now. In Louis's family to is makes well, machine there should have thing that here has . Moreover the hall, separated the each and every one room with Stone, to has turns the flavor. Zhao Hai has sized up all around one, Louis looked at the Zhao Hai type, on the face red said : made mister be laughed at slightly, we have been used to this appearance, mister invited.” Said that directed Zhao Hai to enter in the living room in room, had the machine to offer the tea to them. Louis has drunk tea, this turns the head not to know that to Zhao Hai said : mister, what matter does have today?”!.