Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1358

Chapter 284 already wait for you these words Louis in the room roves, today is Zhao Hai with the time that he agrees on, he feared really Zhao Hai does not come, somewhat is at heart anxious. Today besides Louis, Tang Wen their several people of in the room, Louis certainly has also decided that if Zhao Hai came today, he must probe the meaning of Zhao Hai, having a look at Zhao Hai to admit them, but this matter just by he manages, some are not quite safe, therefore Louis their several called Tang Wen. The Tang Wen look at Louis's appearance, shows a faint smile said : road Big Brother, you do not need to worry, if Zhao Hai wants to make us really go to the Yalei No. 2 star, he will certainly come.” Louis stopped, forced smile said : I also knew this truth, but my this heart, calm did not get down, if Zhao Hai were really that meaning, we many years of desire must be realized, if he were not that meaning, yeah......” The appearance that Tang Wen look at Louis is swayed by personal gains and losses, darkly sighed at heart, actually his psychology was also somewhat uneasy, their this biggest desire can restore the status of normal person for a lifetime, can open and aboveboard appears on machine any planet. Before was nobody admits them, was adding on them, as soon as were born lives in here, some be used to it, already slowly certainly this thought. However at this time, Zhao Hai actually suddenly appears , moreover among suddenly gave them to hope, but can this hope become the reality not to say now, this also lets their restless places. If there is not hope that that fortunately, if some hope, suddenly were disappointed, that will feel the incomparable intensity disappointedly. How several people of don’t know must persuade Louis, in fact they are similar to Louis's feeling, simply does not have the means to urge Louis. In this time, a sound of footsteps is transmitting, several people are staring at the entrance, then saw to walk, to Louis said : that the bell ran brother-in-law, you had a look quickly, that Zhao Hai came.” One hear of small bells said that Louis let out a long breath, nodded finally said : well, I knew.” Said that he turns the head to walk to several people of said :, we greet mister.” Several people nodded, walks with Louis outward.

Zhao Hai already knows actually Louis they are doing, but he has not expressed that standing of his still face calm in there, looked at Louis to come out, on the face of Zhao Hai has also shown the smile, to Louis report fist said : Louis, Commander was good.” Louis quickly said: Mr. Zhao Hai is good, mister, I do not mean, asking my Louis to be OK, you were really too polite.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, these are?” Louis introduced to Zhao Hai, how many people Zhao Hai with saw the ritual, how many person of then turn around entered Louis's room, after the living room has sat down, there is a robot to Zhao Hai but actually the tea, Louis then turned the head to Zhao Hai said : mister today to come with me to trade? Can I have a look at the sample first?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to have issue.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, a non- bag rice, basket vegetables have the a piece meat, a cloth and one box of salt appears on tea table before Zhao sea surface. Louis took up that grain to look at one first, the grain that Space produced, that naturally did not have the issue, the quality was absolutely good, Louis very satisfied has put down, then looked at the vegetables, the meat, the cloth and salt, these were not certainly a problem. Louis puts down thing, has not thought to Zhao Hai said : really that thing of mister preparation, quality such good, invited mister feel relieved, with thing of mister transaction, has prepared below, asking mister to come with me.” Zhao Hai nodded, has stood, upward follows Louis, leaves the place that Louis lived, several people of immediately flew from that meteorite, flies toward not far away a piece meteorite, This meteorite is different from that a piece that Louis lives, on this meteorite also several buildings, but these constructions understood at a glance that with, Zhao Hai still saw above militarily many Magic Cannon have missile to shoot, besides these weapon, a meteorite not civil construction. Louis they flew there, immediately have several people to welcome, they opened Dao Sect to Louis, this hid behind a piece Stone unexpectedly, moreover after processing, looked like a point is also common, the gate was also not very big, the average person also is really presently not. Zhao Hai has not cared, entered beside meteorite with Louis, this enters to meteorite, Zhao Hai understand, in this meteorite unexpectedly had then hollowed out, inside has been divided into huge Warehouse, before Louis arrives at his storehouse road, is the lines on the hand, is a key tossed about for quite a while, that then opens.

Zhao Hai looks at inside thing, to has gawked, the here surface unexpectedly is some electronic product, all kinds has. Louis turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, in this Warehouse is these years we snatches or produce some electronic product, slightly to Portable computer, as big as domestic electric appliances, should have completely uses, this Warehouse thing, can trade thing on my order probably, does not know that mister did agree? If mister agreed that can take away inside thing, if lives badly, mister can deliver to give me at any time, I ensure fixes to mister, if mister does not want these electronic product, that can trade other, has other thing below.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to need, these thing were good, I now lack, if my planet must establish in the future, these thing were naturally essential, now planet was transform was what a pity good, was actually nobody goes, was really a pity.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Louis's their eyes cannot help but simultaneously one bright, several people have exchanged the meaningful glance, then Louis turns the head to Zhao Hai said : now like mister, can so believe us, are too few with Merchant that we trade.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : you become the pirate also compel unable, if outside can live, who is willing to become a pirate well, not?” Louis nodded said : „, initially our older generations, are generation of machine have Great Clan of influence, was compelled not to bear became the pirate, has thought some year of matters passed, can again become commoner, is there think of it, this becomes a pirate, the body got his branding of pirate, this for a lifetime was a pirate, could not be making commoner, therefore ancestor they, often to become commoner, but diligently, actually cannot achieve wishes, mister, can Louis in here, for mister one, mister be willing to give shelter to us today with great courage?” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Louis, shows a faint smile said : what meaning Louis your this saying is?” Louis look at Zhao Hai appearance, has hit at heart suddenly, what meaning some of his really do not understand Zhao Hai present expressions are, but the words said that that in the truth that has not taken back, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, your in hand has planet, the Yalei No. 2 star, haven't this I spoken incorrectly? However on your planet nobody, if mister you do not shut out us are the pirate family background, we ten settle the sword edge pirate group, is willing to become the resident on mister planet, invited mister feel relieved, our although was a pirate, but actually knew to be full of gratitude, mister gave shelter to us, we from now were the mister subjects, certainly managed according to the mister custom.” Zhao Hai look at Louis, laughing suddenly, these Louis smiling the wool, he thinks that Zhao Hai was given the air/Qi to be happy by him, Tang Wen several people of facial expressions are also one gloomy. Zhao Hai stopped the laughter quickly, put out a hand to pat Louis's shoulder, smiles said : I already wait for you these words, HaHaHa, I came your here, wants to draw you to Yalei No. 2 on-board goes.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Louis they stares, then wild with joy of face, what Louis was said : mister says was real?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : „, naturally real, this matter, will I crack a joke with you? If you agreed that I can immediately to begin in your here establish Transmission Formation, you can die the person toward the Yalei No. 2 star now, your feel relieved, the Yalei No. 2 star was been good by my transform, even constructed including the house, you went to be able toward lived, very convenient.” Louis they are cheering, then the tears flowed, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, showed a faint smile, has not gone to disturb them, he can understand that Louis their mood, some little time Louis they calm, Louis has dried the tears on eye, turned the head to make mister be laughed at to Zhao Hai embarrassed said :, really hears this information, I was really too excited.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be unimportant, I can understand that I in, good that here said might also as well look at with own eyes, several, invited get together, I had several to go to Yalei 2nd on to have a look.” Louis several people have complied with one, a face excited poly in together, Zhao Hai has wielded, all around flash of white light, several people vanished in Warehouse, in good Warehouse and nobody, to has not appeared shocks everybody. Quick Zhao Hai their appears in Yalei No. 2 on-board, now Yalei No. 2 on-board, is a piece of busy scenery, these Undead Creature, must cultivate in the field, or is herding, all appear that busy, actually that peaceful. Now Yalei 2nd the here Spiritual Qi density, is not lower than planet that machine it passes through, may on high some . Moreover the here temperature, underwent the adjustment of Cai'er, the temperature very suitable person lives, is not cold is not hot, the distant place can see a city, in the city everywhere is the modernizations, naturally, there are other constructions. Louis several people take a broad view to look out in all directions, felt that here that good, Space that fresh, Zhao Hai look at several people, show a faint smile said : to walk, goes to in the city to have a look, the city although constructs the house now, actually also nobody comes, but there are beforehand several friends to help my command(er) these Undead Creature in there.” Said that leads several people to fly toward in the city. Barlett they in the city command(er) some Undead Creature, are carrying out some late remedial work now, now the city has constructed similarly, but also nobody comes, appears empty, but Barlett they in here to is the very relax clothing/taking, the although Yalei No. 2 star just transform not long after, they actually had not had too many pain, Zhao Hai regarding their life, what arrangement is very good.