Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1359

Chapter 285 I am not a good man In this time, Barlett suddenly is seeing Zhao Hai to walk, his immediately/on horseback greeted one, people immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Zhao Hai they holds the fist in the other hand to Barlett said : old several, but nearest/recent was laborious you.” Barlett laughs said : not to be laborious, can see a such big city, in our in hand slowly establishes, our happy also without enough time.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, they they did with Louis to Barlett mutually introduced that then Zhao Hai led Louis they to visit in the city, the plan of Zhao Hai this city, can Space complete, the entire city may live in the population 30 million, moreover completeness that very in the city all services of public utility constructed, what was complete was copies the appearances of other machine here cities to construct, moreover very good that also the afforestation in city made, can say that compared with taking off any city, was the silk luxurious not difference. But outside of city, is the paddies, in the there paddies, is planting all kinds of plants, some are the person grain, some are the vegetables, other crops. Besides these grain, outside is also breeding large quantities of wild beast, these wild beast are the special-purpose gate eats the meat, naturally must have the big crab, moreover in this city seaside is not far, in seaside there, except for area foreign that being used to play, but can also go by boat in the sea fishing. Besides the urban normal construction, Zhao Hai returns in this city, has reserved several places, area of these places are not small, after is remaining is used to construct various factories to use. Louis they carefully is observing in the city, they can look, Zhao Hai prepared, was the hope of sincerity they come. Looked at the entire city, Zhao Hai turned the head to Louis their said : several, visited, we must go back, this time you have not notified the family member came out, the time of if coming out was too long was not good, they possibly think that I turning to run the people.” Louis several people have taken back the vision reluctant to part, gathered the Zhao Hai side, flash of white light, several people returned to in Warehouse, Warehouse there to is nobody comes, actually their this time visited, did not need to use for two hours, the time was not very high. After having waited till Warehouse, Louis several people looked at one mutually, Louis light first walks to bow to Zhao Hai said : trust of thanks a lot mister and others me, mister, I can promise you in here immediately, our cross sword edge all people, are willing to go to mister planet to live, becomes the mister subjects.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, that such settled, will cross several days I to come here to establish Transmission Formation, but your here electronic product I must carry off today, other grain and thing, I will also stay behind, your this matters will be best are secret will carry on, do not make widely known.” Louis several people complied with one, Zhao Hai have wielded, in Warehouse all electronic product, directly were received in Space by him, then other grain and thing, have put his.

After doing well these, Zhao Hai turns the head their said : to walk to Louis, we go to your, but also something want me to discuss with you.” Louis several people have complied with one, walks with Zhao Hai outward, several people of returned to Louis's room, Zhao Hai look at Louis their said : you agreed that the Yalei No. 2 star has settled down, we were also the people on one's own side, Yalei 2nd there situation, the people also saw, you went to live in there, but I hope that do not give up here.” Louis they stares, then Louis's puzzled said : „is mister your meaning?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : pirate paradise here, converged the various Realm person now, here information quick degree, comes compared with outside is also not inferior, will be possibly better, is adding on pirate alliance here situation very special, if you keep few people in here, perhaps later will play the unexpected result, naturally, you can move to result to Yalei 2nd most people, here only leaves behind some people, moreover can use the rotation system, I can release large quantities of Undead Creature to here come, making your here look like with before do not have what change, how?” Louis nodded right that said : mister said that here should not give up, good, presses the office that mister said that I will shift the family members to Yalei No. 2 first on-board go, leave behind part of Combatant, then our here majority of factories, shifts to Yalei 2nd results, only remaining two battleship repair shops and Mecha repair shops, other can bring on-board to go to Yalei No. 2, how mister do you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : this you to mix voluntarily, I can the truth tell you, person who you keep here does not use too, other people, I can replace using Undead Creature, the people can definitely feel relieved.” Louis nodded said : well, that depends on the word of mister, our immediately arranges.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, goes, was right, I possibly do not have the too much time your here, after your people move to Yalei No. 2 on-board, there is Undead Creature to make you go to own home, there will also prepare large quantities of commodities, all your daily necessities, will not need to worry that Transmission Formation will also construct in the near future, but this must make in there, you will choose the place, you can also send for first, go to Yalei No. 2 star there, will construct first some factories, machine what after can, transported the past, the machine of light casting, can pass Transmission Formation to transport directly., large item you can tell me that I transport, the remaining matters, told you to be busy, I did not have the too much time.” Louis nodded said : well, mister invited feel relieved, we will arrange.” After Zhao Hai nodded said : you went to there, there is any matter, can look for Barlett they, can say to these Undead Creature, in here, if has any matter, can say to Undead Creature that I will leave behind 100 Undead Creature to help you.” Louis nodded, Zhao Hai stood got up said : that I first to go back, walked, to outside, I gave you release to come Undead Creature.” Louis they have complied with one, with Zhao Hai to outside, Zhao Hai has waved, release 100 Undead Creature, these Undead Creature, have looked like with the person is different. Zhao Hai is pointing at these Undead Creature, after Louis said : replaces your people in here, is such Undead Creature, feel relieved, 1 or 2 is not a problem surely, in many are not a problem, your feel relieved bold dies the person toward the Yalei No. 2 star.”

Louis they have complied with one, then is actually complexion changes, Zhao Hai knows them in thinking anything, but he has not cared, he has patted Louis's shoulder said : Louis, since previous time contacts with you, I know that you is a smart person, moreover you want in leave here, to want on the day of ordinary people, what most important is, you have not done too many wicked matters, you work have the principle very much, this is I seeks your reasons, I can tell you, my Zhao Hai is not the good man, but I am not an unprincipled person., In my eyes, in world, only then three people, the enemy, the friend, the passer-by, are the friend of mine, I can the sincerity treat him, will be my enemy, the fate will not feel better, but passer-by, then in my consideration, I will not work as the friend you, therefore I am willing to help your, is willing to make you go to Yalei No. 2 on-board to live, Yalei No. 2 on-board, will not have too many customs, but will have the law, you hope that you can restrain your people, making them remember, they are machine commoner, was open and aboveboard. A Yalei No. 2 native of Singapore, was not a pirate, understand?” Louis they have complied with one, Louis is invites mister feel relieved to Zhao Hai said :, we complete certainly, mister does not work as the bystander us, we naturally will not lose face to mister.” Zhao Hai nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to several people said : so, several take care, Zhao Hai said goodbye.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, vanishes on meteorite. Louis their look at Zhao Hai leave direction, in the facial expression has been full of the gratitude, in this time, Undead Creature, has been arriving around Louis, to Louis bow peak said : Louis Commander, please arrange the place that lives for us, in order to avoid being seen the flaw, later has any matter, you completely can tell that we do.” Louis's surprised look at that Undead Creature said : „will you speak?” That Undead Creature shows a faint smile said : nature, Young Master regards a tribal group us, but is not the simple tool, we are maintaining before death name, my name was Ledger.” Being startled of Louis their these time eats, they have not seen such Undead Creature, listens to hear, hears Demon Realm there, some Demon Realm, they can catch some spirit ghosts, these spirit ghosts intelligence like human, but the appearances of these spirit ghosts, with a person type, these spirit ghosts do not have the entity, but Undead Creature, can intelligently to this degree, this is Louis they have not thought. After Ledger has said these, has not been making noise, if Louis turns the head to Tang Wu said : Little Wu, arranges the rest to them the place, has remembered, temporarily other to know that their existences, we want to move, this is the important matter, wants keep secret to be good.” Tang Wu Ying, having gotten Ledger they to get down. Louis they actually entered the room, several people sit in the room, some little time has not made noise, before long Tang Wu came back, did Louis look at Tang Wu said : to arrange?” Tang Wu nodded said : to arrange, before a Old Zhan ship of abandoning, the nearest/recent preparation became a housing his transform, had not actually begun, made them go to there first, these fellows did not need to eat, did not need to drink, to the place did not have any request, was good to hit.” Louis sighed said : common people all underestimated mister, mister just said that 1 or 2 Undead Creature surely was not a problem, must know that remained helped at this time our, was human-shape Undead Creature, how 1 or 2 human-shape Undead Creature...... Louis suddenly don’t know must say surely. Tang Wen also sighed said : looks like mister in Lower Realm, that was also the Slaughter God same character, no wonder mister simply did not fear that we will have an accident noisily, if we dare to cause trouble, feared that was mister also directly turns into Ledger us a person of their clan.”

Louis several people also nodded, Louis look at their said : mister makes us look like these thing, that is to our trusts, moreover his giving back made me have the machine commoner status, had the Yalei No. 2 star such place to settle down, we naturally cannot defeated/carrying mister, probably prepare these days well, strive soon to move, was good to help busy of mister.” Tang Wu nodded said : „, these thing no matter that are the same, outside puts is astonishing enough, mister does not have the protection makes us look like, has confidence that to us, we cannot disappoint the mister good intention, but Eldest Child, you presently do not have, what method the Yalei No. 2 star there temperature with was cut probably to the accent by mister, temperature very good of there surface, the person is staying comfortable on planet, moreover may not see any Magic Formation or heating in there, wasn't this too strange?” Louis nodded said : I also to note, this truly is somewhat strange, before is, regarding Yalei 2nd the record of there is incorrect?” Tang Wen shook the head said : not, before regarding Yalei 2nd the record of there was absolutely correct, but you have not noted a detail.” Said that Tang Wen has put out own computer, opened computer, on computer appears a picture, this picture is Tang Wen records obviously, the effect is not very good. Did Tang Wen point at picture said : you to note? In Yalei 2nd the vegetables and grain of there planter, has plenty is machine here does not have, we have not seen, moreover do you have to note, in machine there, has plenty this plants flowers, but also has plenty this tree, Undead Creature that no matter these herd, Undead Creature that these constructed housing, will avoid this different thing carefully.” At the same time was saying Tang Wen continually has referred to Seven-Colored Flower and Elf tree. Louis their knitting the brows head, to be honest, they have not paid attention to these two thing, Tang Wen has looked at several people of one, deep voice said : I had looked to the nearby that this plants flowers, this plants flowers looks like very ordinary, does not have any fragrance, but looks like quite attractive, but I arrive at the flower , can actually feel, on that flower is dispersing a faint temperature, this temperature not a flower by the temperature that Sun exposes to the sun, the ginseng is the flower itself comes out, I want Yalei 2nd there, the temperature to become such appropriate, that certain plants flowers to have relationship with this.” Louis several people were startled, Tang Wen then finger of Elf sets up said : also to have this tree, this tree looks like also very beautiful, I think most from the beginning is the false tree, but afterward present, this tree is not the false tree, but sets up, moreover the surroundings of this tree, Spiritual Qi very rich, stays in the surroundings of tree, you will feel that very comfortable, I also note a plot, is I in paying attention to these two plants, mister he contains the profound meaning fully looked at his my one eyes, therefore I can be affirmative, these two types. plants, certainly is mister unique, specifically is used to transfer good Yalei No. 2 star there.” Louis they somewhat surprised look at Tang Wen, Tang Wen looked at Louis their said : road Eldest Child, this matter is the absolute secret, do not mention to anybody, will otherwise bring to mister greatly troublesome.” Louis let out a long breath, has complied with one, turned the head to remember to people said :?” People nod.