Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1361

Chapter 287 wealthy person Huang Dao however looked at Zhen Ling one eyes, laughing said : suddenly good, good that said that these year of girls you also received these fellow many being mad, if you real having confidence, I to support your coming out individual farming, profound clear sect there, I think that should not be a problem, has your wind Martial Uncle words, profound clear sect there will not say anything, Little Hai here is not a problem, he will only cooperate with you, will not cooperate with Pink Clouds Pavilion, you prepare well.” Zhen Ling listened to Huang Dao however saying that cannot help but turned the head look at Zhao Hai, her some did not understand, before Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however, had a grudge, they also hit to live to kill, why after this has acknowledged as teacher, their relationship probably one good to serious? What's all this about? Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : female apprentice to invite feel relieved to Zhen Ling, the Master words, I naturally will not be trading with others, our transactions do not worry, early day of late a day, when female apprentice here prepared, when we in the transaction on the line, all looked at the female apprentice.” Zhen Ling has not thought that Zhao Hai is so good to speak, she nodded said : well, I will prepare as soon as possible, when the time comes is informing Junior Brother.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Huang Dao however said : Master, if nothing, I first have asked to be excused, some of some of my there also matters need to process.” Huang Dao however nodded, said : suddenly was right, Little Hai, do you have any need thing, if there is any need thing, now told Zhen Yatou that said that he now or Pink Clouds Pavilion porch lord, can immediately trade with you, if she divided the individual farming, wants to probably get so far as some good thing, not so was easy.” Zhao Hai to stares, then he showed a faint smile said : Master saying that my impolite, Master, I wanted some fresh medicinal herbs, best was precious medicinal herbs, but also wanted some ores, was precious, rare was better, does not need to be many, a point, that feared that has a scrap, medicinal herbs was also same, I do not need to be many, so long as.” Zhen Ling to has gawked, she nodded said : well, this is not a problem, I will prepare, next meeting time gives you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that first to thank the female apprentice, was right, Female apprentice, little brother in hand Crystal Stone has plenty, if the female apprentice needed, I can immediately with you, you want many.” Zhen Ling listened to Zhao Hai saying that two eyes cannot help but one bright, then Zhao Hai said : good, Junior Brother said that my impolite, Junior Brother if any, now first has given me 10 million Crystal Stone.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, puts out Space Bag, gave Zhen Ling said : female apprentice to have a look at these Space Bag enough, if were insufficient, was telling the little brother and that's the end.” Zhen Ling received Space Bag that Zhao Hai hands over, opens looked, in this Space Bag thinks of unexpectedly is Crystal Stone, but is not she has seen that small Crystal Stone, but is pieces very big Crystal Stone, from the Crystal Stone quality, is High Grade Crystal Stone, this arrives is Zhen Ling has not thought. Crystal Stone this thing although is Cultivation World here passing through currency, but that refer to general ordinary, most low grade Crystal Stone, these Crystal Stone are most the walnut size, but Crystal Stone value, and not only calculates at the size of head, low grade Crystal Stone of basketball size, its value might as well a piece walnut size 1/10 of higher Crystal Stone, if Crystal Stone of same level size, that a piece medium grade Crystal Stone, equivalent to 100 low grade Crystal Stone, a piece higher Crystal Stone, equivalent to 100 medium grade Crystal Stone, 10,000 low grade Crystal Stone, however in Cultivation World here, actually nobody are willing to use a piece higher Crystal Stone, receiving in exchange. 100 medium grade Crystal Stone, or 10,000 low grade Crystal Stone. low grade Crystal Stone is consumables of number of times, after having used one time, will break to pieces, in cannot use, but medium grade Crystal Stone, is the consumables, generally can be able about repeatedly sufficiently ten times, but higher Crystal Stone, can use repeatedly, not only implication energy very enormous, but can also use repeatedly, the repeated sufficient energy, energy disappeared is consumes up, placed there, he can also absorb natural energy, sufficient slowly can. Because of these characteristics, therefore nobody is willing to trade low grade Crystal Stone with higher Crystal Stone, but before Zhao Hai, in Crystal Stone of Lower Realm use, is some medium grade Crystal Stone, high level Crystal Stone has, but he had not used. After machine here, in Spiritual Qi along with Space is getting more and more sufficient, Crystal Stone quality also slowly came up, many of now in his Space producing were some high level Crystal Stone, level Crystal Stone very few, therefore now Zhao Hai is it can be said that filthy rich, even if in Cultivation World here, was a wealthy person. Zhen Ling gains ground look at Zhao Hai, showing a faint smile said : suddenly has not thought that Junior Brother so is unexpectedly rich, good, the female apprentice on impolite, the female apprentice is the Pink Clouds Pavilion porch lord, although can mix some materials now at will, but actually also needs to record, the female apprentice can the low price sell to you, but gives to you is actually not good, such words will destroy my plan, therefore I want these money with Junior Brother, meaning of Junior Brother my understand, what Junior Brother wants is how many type, how many isn't ordinary quantity? But this meaning?” Zhao Hai nodded said : so, the type the more better, quantity many of sole variety, does not need to care, so long as there are.” Zhen Ling nodded said : well, the meaning of my understand Junior Brother, Junior Brother invited feel relieved, the female apprentice handled certainly to you, Uncle Huang, I first walked, when I prepared, I in can know Uncle Huang you, Uncle Huang, profound clear sect there looked your, more quickly related well to be better.” Huang Dao however nodded said : to go, profound clear sect there you do not need to be worried that your wind Martial Uncle almost should also come back, Little Hai, this matter is handled by me, you when the time comes waited to deliver the liquor to be good, but your liquor must trade the packing, changed to the jade bottle to install.”

Zhao Hai has gawked, then shows a faint smile said : is, thanks a lot Master reminded, Master, I first went back.” Huang Dao however beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai has held holding the fist in the other hand to them, flash of white light, vanished in same place, Zhen Ling also to a Huang Dao however luck, this turn around leave. Huang Dao however looked at their leave, this zero left one to have the smiling face of profound meaning individually, then has put out the signalling jade sword, called the signalling to Feng Bai(Hundred Winds), he has not thought that the matter convention to this degree, Zhen Ling unexpectedly must be separated from Pink Clouds Pavilion unexpectedly now, but this was also good, he already looked at enough in Pink Clouds Pavilion that several Great Clan countenance. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, sat on the sand also let out a long breath, then the porch smiles, turns the head look at Laura said : Laura, do you have presently, this Zhen Ling disposition is somewhat similar to you, he he, interesting, it seems like that this time we had an interesting partner.” Laura smiles said : well, this actually also has the advantage to us, works with Zhen Ling, is always better than with the Pink Clouds Pavilion cooperation, cooperates with Pink Clouds Pavilion, outside Zhen Ling was caught up to leave office, we were passive, now Zhen Ling prepares the individual farming, has us, is adding on yellow Master, the profound clear ancestor's support, believes that she will make the result quickly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, this has the advantage to us, moreover this time I use some high level Crystal Stone, can trade many Cultivation World there treasure, this business absolute value.” Laura nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you now are 6 Realms battlefield there Supreme Elder, should go to 6 Realms battlefield there to have a look, but there has plenty treasure.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, said : because of this Supreme Elder status, I to not inconvenience 6 Realms battlefield there now, I call them to be similar to Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) now, can only defend in a machine domain, cannot go to the several other Realms domain, will otherwise likely cause the misunderstanding.” Laura also nodded, sighs said : this status to be high, some time are really are very not convenient, now we want the low key, so long as Elder Brother Hai you can achieve Transcends Tribulation Stage, that did not need to fear them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not made noise, looked like Huang Dao however said that he also needs to accumulate now, so long as the accumulation has sufficed, he can soar. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai has stayed in Space, 6 Realms battlefield there he was unable, even if were soft [gold/metal] mine there he cannot go, if presently he went to there, that Cultivation World they will certainly not let off his, nearest/recent his crest of wave Sheng, be careful a point to well.

However Zhao Hai is not the matter has not done in Space, most minimum present pirate paradise there Transmission Formation has constructed, this is not biggest Transmission Formation , can only the Transmission about hundred people, but was very good, can official was operational. But Yalei No. 2 star there, Maggie also passed, with Barlett their together, the receive of preparation mass the person who came from pirate happy circle there. The urban overall construction of Yalei No. 2 star there has been completed, the person came to move in directly, but after they went, immediately will have the work, but everyone had the wages to take, the there store also opened, now but manages in the store was some Undead Creature. But the pirate paradise there situation is also very good, the fellow who after Zhao Hai leave, Louis their immediately to these bought began, these fellow originally under their control, must begin naturally also to be much more relaxed, in adding on Louis their originally is the pirate, the pirate does is the matter of killing a person and taking his possessions, will begin absolutely not to be lenient, therefore in cross sword edge these unstable factor, immediately was eliminated. After eliminating these unstable factor, Louis they started preparing toward the Yalei No. 2 star dead the person, this is not an easy matter, many people in although cross sword edge, wants to restore the commoner status, but wants secret gives to outmigrate them, but not so was easy. Naturally, Louis their also very clear, the cross sword edge person must outmigrate, did not make these people know that is impossible, but most at least most from the beginning wants keep secret, otherwise, the matter will possibly have to trouble, pirate paradise here, the various Realm informer may be many, is staring at cross sword edge, must know cross sword edge, no matter puts there, is not a small influence, will put that to move. *