Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1362

Chapter 288 show Cross sword edge regarding Comprehend the world here any one, very has existence of advantage, did not say other, is only the position that they are, has greatest attracting gravitational force regarding several other Realms. Position that cross sword edge is, is machine and Cultivation World border place, is far from Cultivation World, is nearer to machine, but this position, regarding any one is very important. Because in 2 Realms the place of border, no matter machine Cultivation World, does not dare to send too many latter strength to cope with them toward there, in that case, will not likely provoke a fierce response, for this reason, therefore the pirate paradise has existed. However pirate paradise position, no matter regarding Cultivation World regarding machine, very useful, even if regarding several other Realms also very useful, is for this reason, pirate paradise here so many influences, even has been called small Comprehend the world now. But but cross sword edge pirate paradise there biggest one, a such influence, was anybody wants to include, so long as included cross sword edge, then among has put big nail/saboteur on equal to in Cultivation World and machine, this use may really be too big. Experience for this reason, therefore several people are staring at cross sword edge now, if cross sword edge has any slightest sign of trouble, their immediately will be anxious. But finally cross sword edge suddenly in them began to these person of ambushes, this let the atmosphere of entire pirate paradise one anxious, several vision cannot help but stared at here, don’t know cross sword edge wanted to do. Besides eliminating spy, cross sword edge also started the alert, all non- cross sword edge members, do not enter to enter the domain that cross sword edge is , will otherwise cause very sword edge attack. Naturally, Louis they have such done, has already thought that the excuse, said nearest/recent cross sword edge stolen, lost very important thing, they full investigation. Such excuse others simply cannot distinguish clearly genuine and fake, because cross sword edge, almost does not have the several other Realms scout now, moreover besides the foreign blockade, internal Louis they have also blockaded, all cross sword edge members, if no specially important matter, does not want leave own room and work place, cannot stroll in all directions randomly. Such order was the scout who made these not be dug knew, only thinks that cross sword edge was catching the thief, will not think other, moreover this order also let the scout who these had not been dug, lost the origin of information, if at this time, they were inquiring randomly, that was needless saying that affirmative they will be given to grasp to chop by Louis. But in fact at this time, Louis they started dead the person toward the Yalei No. 2 star, person who a batch moves, is Louis's their family members, these people are they most trustworthy people, therefore Louis a batch moved these people \; first, to let them went to the Yalei No. 2 star there familiar environment \; second, after convenience was moving the person in the past, there are these people in Yalei No. 2 star there, later was moving the words of person toward the Yalei No. 2 star, had these person to help An Zhi, person who just will be moved, had the security sense, After all some acquaintances, everyone/Great Clan also meet feel relieved some. Moved to Yalei 2nd on person, immediately obtained very good governance, their housing, have prepared to them, but other living materials, they can also have the past, in pirate paradise here, the speeding car was also common, cross sword edge here even can design the construction speeding car, after all the cross sword edge person were too many, a equivalent to small influence, moreover their status also very sensitive, they not too exited to buy thing conveniently, therefore has plenty thing, they can construct.

After the a batch person moved the Yalei No. 2 star, Maggie their immediately has given these person of ID Card, this ID Card was the same with machine here ID Card, not only can indicate that own status, but also simultaneously can regard the bankcard to use, this card can say that in machine here was very ordinary thing, when Maggie gave cross sword edge these people this card, they excitedly have actually cried, this card was their several generations of person biggest desires, had this card, they on were not in the pirate, can open and aboveboard. Came and went out on machine any planet. Now cross sword edge to that Transmission Formation of Yalei No. 2 star, is almost from dawn to dusk, not to stop is revolving, but that Transmission Formation biggest use is not used for the Transmission person now, but is used for various Transmission thing. But cross sword edge a qualifications oldest pirate rolled, several generations of were carrying on are taking by force this honorable and great enterprise, family property that saves, that was very rich, Louis they also thought that wants to go to Yalei 2nd to result in any case, that first transported these thing \; first, to fear pirate paradise here had an accident accidentally, these thing will not fall to others' in hand, two on were gives Zhao Hai to hand over one to throw describes, tells Zhao Hai, they were wish of sincerity move to Yalei No. 2 on-board. Why Zhao Hai also understand Louis they such does, he has not prevented, but he has not thought wants these thing, but was approves has given Louis their several Warehouse, special depositing these thing. very good that because Louis's their secrets make, therefore so far, but also nobody knows that cross sword edge is doing, this is a point that Zhao Hai most appreciates. But Zhao Hai also lives up to one's words, Louis they move many people toward the Yalei No. 2 star, he throws many Undead Creature to pirate paradise here. Yalei No. 2 star here, carries on very smooth, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, regarding various commodities that Yalei No. 2 star there needed, Zhao Hai here first has also provided, some Space made the guarantee, the matter naturally carries on smooth incomparable. Matter that except that cross sword edge moves into Yalei 2nd resulting, now Zhao Hai most pays attention was the Huang Dao however there situation, on that day saw Zhen Ling time, Zhao Hai on giving that Space Bag of Zhen plume, has put a Liquid Silver needle, but that could not be called the Liquid Silver needle, but was a Liquid Silver silk, such as silk thread same Liquid Silver needle. When Zhen Ling received Space Bag, then with the Liquid Silver silk, will attach the body of Zhen plume, monitors her motion, having a look at his there matter to progress how. Zhen Ling already wanted the minute of coming out individual farming actually, therefore she has done many preparatory work ahead of time, Pink Clouds Pavilion there, some fame some storekeepers and strength good partner/shop assistant, already by Zhen Ling tidying up docile, to him is also loyal and devoted, but Zhen Ling does not think to have a falling out with Pink Clouds Pavilion several other Realms now, therefore she did not have what big movement now. However is very obvious, she is careful regarding the Zhao Hai matter, nearest/recent she has prepared many thing to Zhao Hai, has the ore also to have various medicinal herbs, moreover is some high level medicinal herbs. Just as is such of Zhao Hai request, these medicinal herbs types are many, but one type of one, these medicinal herbs use the special jade packed, can maintain for a long time. Naturally these thing are also recorded, even if the Pink Clouds Pavilion person audits, cannot find out anything to come, after all the Pink Clouds Pavilion that big family property, the everyday quantity of delivery very enormous person, such selects the reassignment of thing, simply cannot bring to their attention.

Moreover these thing Zhao Hai paid money, Zhen Ling starting account from is also relaxed happy, not a appears point careless mistake, but Huang Dao however there with a sense of urgency is also carrying on, he will call almost everyday to have the jade sword to pass on book dealings with Feng Bai(Hundred Winds), will exchange information. information that obtains looking from Huang Dao however there, his there carries on is also very smooth, the profound clear sect is also very interested to this business. The although profound clear sect is very big, but similarly, opens disappears also in a big way, regarding having a such business makes them increase the income, they naturally are also happy. Because there is relationship that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called , the profound clear sect regarding with the matter that Zhen Ling cooperated, to did not have any comment, but these Spirit Wine whences, they have not closely examined. Profound clear sect very clear, why Zhen Ling will also cooperate with them, is makes the profound clear sect protect them, this matter profound clear sect has not done little, the big gate faction like them, were many, but worked with others who such matter met, the member money that they collected will be more, but worked with Zhen Ling, the member money that they collected will be less, after all the here surface also has the face that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, moreover Zhen Ling behind was also standing Huang Dao however. Now profound clear sect there has sent the person and Zhen Ling contacts, discussed that matter of cooperation, but Zhen Ling also started to prepare the minute of coming out individual farming. Meanwhile Zhao Hai also has seen Huang Dao however twice, this twice Zhen Ling also, Zhen Ling also giving Zhao Hai prepared has given him the ore and medicinal herbs that Zhao Hai directly has also given Zhen Ling tens of thousands bottles of Spirit Wine, these Spirit Wine according to the Huang Dao request however, changed into the jade bottle these Spirit Wine jars . Moreover the high grade good jade, looked like lofty natural. Spirit Wine sales lamination, has decided that Spirit Wine is provides by Zhao Hai, each bottle of Spirit Wine besides giving the Zhao Hai cost, sale obtained, assigns according to 433 proportions, Zhao Hai results in four layers, Zhen Ling results in three layers, profound clear sect three layers. Does not want the underestimated this four layers proportion, this four layers proportion was not small, must know that Zhao Hai Spirit Wine almost does not have any cost, but Zhao Hai to the cost price that Zhen Ling said is actually hundred Crystal Stone. This cost price Zhao Hai thinks that did not lower, but Zhen Ling and Huang Dao however thought some that Zhao Hai this cost price opens were too low, but Zhao Hai has not prepared to raise the price, this money can never gain, should not be too greedy. That jade bottle is one jin (0.5 kg) attire, one bottle of liquor of one jin (0.5 kg) attire, received 100 Crystal Stone to take the cost unexpectedly, this itself was very high, must know that in Cultivation World there, 100 Inferior level Crystal Stone, regarding Rogue Cultivator, are the non- pen not small was rich. After raising one's wine cup gives Zhen Ling, Zhao Hai to this matter, no matter did not ask that he did not think Steward, moreover Cultivation World there matter, is not one's turn him to participate, therefore he is also glad with ease. No matter in Cultivation World there in machine there, nobody knows that is the Zhao Hai influence, slowly is establishing. Yalei 2nd here, a machine person is few attention, regarding a machine person, there is piece of wasteland, moreover before had not seen Zhao Hai to go to there to go, therefore they naturally have not cared.

6 Realms battlefield there Zhao Hai must go, normally he several in the there dew, the there matter to will not need him in worrying, Yuan Jin Gang also knows Zhao Hai nearest/recent probably in being busy at any matter, has not wanted Zhao Hai to do, matter last present has Yuan Jin Gang cannot in requesting Zhao Hai done, the Zhao Hai status had been decided that Supreme Elder, was unable to leave machine region, this regarding Yuan Jin Gang, is really also happy, some worried. What happy is, machine like several other Realms, big Expert has also assumed personal command in a machine domain, later the several other Realms person, in wants to go into a machine domain to cause trouble, well thinks. But what is worried, did not have Zhao Hai this trump card fighting strength, they later will not feel better in the core battlefield there day. However he does not have the means that on the issue of Zhao Hai status, Yuan Jin Gang also camera High level had protested, but machine High level these time has not been hiding the truth from him, told him directly, this is the result of several other Realms common demand, they do not have the means. Yuan Jin Gang also knows that several other Realms exerts pressure to machine High level together, machine High level also can only compromise, this does not have the matter of means. However in recent time, in a machine domain to was peaceful, on online person who partly controlled the area more peaceful, little has dared in having several other Realms ran up to here to cause trouble. But Zhao Hai goes to the pirate paradise there matter, but also few knows personally, knows will not reveal, with Huang Dao however with the matter that Zhen Ling meets, was at security Stage therefore these days Zhao Hai to is quiet, was not having what news, people probably also slowly forgot Zhao Hai. Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai is also glad with ease, forgets to be better, he does not think that everyday was staring by the innumerable eyes, such life he cannot cross. Original Zhao Hai is the preparation they also moves Zheng Li to Yalei No. 2 on-board goes, but the Yalei No. 2 star there surrounding defense system has not constructed now, is Yalei No. 2 star simply does not have the defense capability of what surrounding on equal to, therefore Zhao Hai has cancelled this thought that after he prepares the surrounding defensive system of Yalei No. 2 star constructs, Zheng Li they are meeting. But Yalei No. 2 star there Undead Creature, slowly is evacuating now, works in the place, has exchanged some cross sword edge members. In machine here, although has plenty robot, but has not arrived, can make the robot replace the situation that the person works, looks like this farm is the same, few people will farm with the robot directly, robot farm extremely in sequencing, if you make the robot farm, that final crop is definitely not much, because the robot will press certain size to plant each seedling, a several days watering, several days removes weeds, these are after the setting, the farm is not this simple procedure, must with according to the weather, natural environment wait / etc. factors, act as circumstances permit to be able the type well, too the procedure is. Incorrect. Herds is also same as other work, but the people will use some Mecha to take the tool, so long as such person operate Mecha has been OK, cross sword edge person, enjoyment such life. *