Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1363
Chapter 289 has the situation, an acquaintance Zhao Hai sits cross-legged to sit under hundred Spirit Tree, here is the entire Space Spiritual Qi richest place, comes compared with Cultivation World there Spirit Vein, is not the least bit off, but here is also the place of practice Zhao Hai most likes. Zhao Hai in recent time, has exited 6 Realms battlefield several times, other time, he has stayed in Space, the practice, just as was Huang Dao however said that his present attack strength, is mainly because he congealed Gang to enter the body , the congealing ghost entered the body, in the attack strength had Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, will therefore have that strong attack strength, his strength, was impossible however to contend with Huang Dao. The accumulation, he needs to accumulate now, only then the spirit physical ability of his within the body achieves a certain degree, he might Transcends Tribulation succeed. Therefore now Zhao Hai everyday will practice under hundred Spirit Tree, hundred Spirit Tree here Spiritual Qi is getting more and more thick, wants to come in Zhao Hai, this because of that spirit root reason, that spirit root with hundred Spirit Tree complete unions in together, in the tree roots of transform hundred Spirit Tree, future hundred Spirit Tree here Spiritual Qi, had possibly been fearing that will be getting more and more thick, definitely has met Cultivation World these Spirit Vein. Now Zhao Hai is accumulating, before he also practiced, but generally by body tempering fist give priority to, but Zhao Hai pays great attention to oneself within the body Spiritual Qi content now, naturally this did not express that Zhao Hai put to imitate to the practice of body tempering fist, the body tempering fist has still practiced, was this sitting in meditation practice cannot put down. The body tempering fist, sits in meditation, is concentrates Gang to enter the body, the congealing ghost enters the body, is adding on flying sword control, the weapon change, these thing Zhao Hai these days all sorted. With a Huang Dao however war, lets Zhao Hai very sober realizing, this Comprehend the world is an incomparable dangerous world, by his skill, wants going on living well in Comprehend the world, that can only the low key cultivate the behavior, otherwise, will have anytime the danger. The previous Cultivation World person looked for Space Divergent Warlock to cope with Zhao Hai, this also let Zhao Hai clear finding, this world every possible strange thing, what outstandingly able person different gentleman had, he had Space, difficult insurance others not to have what mysterious thing, if, others also had mysterious thing, his Space was also not 100% insurances. Some little time Zhao Hai let out a long breath, slowly has opened the eye, now his everyday practice process, analyzes after Universal Analyzer, the best practice time, naturally, this is not absolute, Zhao Hai after is not a machine, is impossible to achieve one not to be bad. Zhao Hai stood up, has moved trick/hand and foot, outside villa, slowly was walking, the scenery in although Space he looked at don’t know many to return, but only in Space, he can true complete relaxed. Zhao Hai slowly has arrived at seaside, look at vast ocean, the heart of Zhao Hai, complete calm, in his head anything has not thought that making Zhao Hai relax truly, this feeling regarding Zhao Hai, was familiar and strange.

During this feeling, Zhao Hai had not felt that passing of time, he felt one relaxed completely, not only own body, own brain, obtained the complete rest by own body and brain, this feeling is very good. In this time, suddenly Cai'er has been flying Zhao Hai said : Young Master, has the situation.” Zhao Hai one recovers, turns the head look at Cai'er said : What happened? Cai'er look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, has the good deed, comes quickly.” Said that then Zhao Hai flies toward villa, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, to Cai'er then, to be honest, must say that he with Cai'er is nearest/recent, because he with Cai'er is almost a body, he has any matter, most feel relieved gives Cai'er to do, but Cai'er also relies on to him. They arrived at the villa quickly, enters villa Zhao Hai present, Laura their several sit on the sand, is staring at the screen, but the screen last present appears place, before is actually Zhao Hai, has not seen. Zhao Hai presently here also probably is cultivator transaction market, the has plenty shop, some cultivator are setting up a stall, looks, this is one very in market, but made straight Milky Way be felt what was strange, cultivator in this market looked like probably is not a Righteous Path people, on a person the evil aura was imposing, likely was not the good person. Does Zhao Hai turn the head look at Cai'er said : this is?” Cai'er smiles said : here is Demon Realm market, reason that makes Young Master you look at here , because we in here present a person.” Said that a picture revolution, person appears in market here, this is behind a market house, the outside of house is one sells the medicine pill shop specially, the inside room is one lives in the place of person, but this lives in the place of person actually nobody, Transmission Formation of in the room actually small shape, Cai'er look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Young Master, this shop is only one conceals, this Transmission Formation Transmission distance also very short, his only person Transmission Formation next door courtyard, on is here.” Said that a picture revolution, changed to another courtyard, this courtyard to Zhao Hai just looked that courtyard is not far, in that courtyard next door that they just saw, but this courtyard is actually not used to do business, but is used for ordinary courtyard of person, in courtyard has several ordinary Magic traps, looks like very ordinary. However the picture changes to the room time, Zhao Hai cannot help but gently has selected the eyebrow, because he saw a person in this room, an acquaintance. Yin Wind ghost emperor! Zhao Hai saw the Yin Wind ghost emperor in this house unexpectedly! This to is makes Zhao Hai be startled, he has not thought that will see the Yin Wind ghost emperor in here, this arrives is really an acquaintance, moreover is a pleasant surprise.

Before Yin Wind ghost emperor, continuously control Underworld, he not only can get so far as some Underworld special products in there medicinal herbs and material, but can also collect some Strength of Faith in there, in other words, he has the collection and uses the Strength of Faith method. But this situation to Zhao Hai appears , slowly must change, finally under the help of Zhao Hai, big heart finally from new control entire Demon Realm, but Yin Wind ghost emperor in hand that control Demon Realm thing, was not effective. although that thing lost has done to use, but this collection and used the Strength of Faith method, believed the Yin Wind ghost emperor to be able. So long as capture the Yin Wind ghost emperor, that has been able to obtain the collection and application method of Strength of Faith, but this is thing that currently Zhao Hai most needs. When does Zhao Hai turn the head look at Cai'er said : presently? If this fellow has stayed in there, our very much hard to deal with, after all that market also certainly has the big influence to support in the back.” Cai'er smiles said : „was also just presently, but I think the Yin Wind ghost emperor not when the here dull Supreme length, because monitored this market is not a day or two, but before , had not seen the Yin Wind ghost emperor in this market here, he is today's suddenly appears , moreover looked at the arrangement of here, he has regarded a foothold here probably, or regarded one with the outside world communicate place, he definitely also had in addition secret Cave Mansion, his these time, affirmative was purchases thing, so long as he bought thing that he wanted, certain. Meets leave, his leave, we can feel relieved cope with him boldly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, must monitor him, was right, Liquid Silver needle did release go?” Cai'er nodded said : feel relieved Young Master, release went, he cannot be inescapable.” Zhao Hai nodded, is staring at the Yin Wind ghost emperor on screen. The Yin Wind ghost emperor sits the room, drinking tea of face calm, is waiting for someone is probably same, Cai'er in the one side explained that said : Young Master, outside that medicine pill shop is the Yin Wind ghost emperor, he hired several people to look at shop to him, governed the shop person, probably was trusted aide of Yin Wind ghost emperor, after the Yin Wind ghost emperor came, on explain/transfer that making him help him buy some medicinal herbs to go, but he did not have a room, on in the room and other storekeepers.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : looks like this Yin Wind ghost emperor not simple that can find out a such method and outside world unexpectedly carries on communicate, like this he not only can buy thing that oneself want to buy, will also not be tracked presently his trail, extraordinary.” Was saying, room flash of white light that the Yin Wind ghost emperor is, then person appears in the front of Yin Wind ghost emperor, this person of very magnificent cultivator clothing/taking, although has seemed like a practice, but sees his person, the first feeling is, this is Merchant. This person not only long very fat . Moreover the body has one type of Merchant the air/Qi of broker, in the small eye the none remaining twinkle, to the first feeling of person is, this is a profiteer.

This person of appears , immediately bows said : to see Master to the Yin Wind ghost emperor, thing that Master, you need, I prepared to you.” Said that has put out Space Bag, has handed the front of Yin Wind ghost emperor respectfully. The Yin Wind ghost emperor nodded, then Space Bag, has swept one with Divine Sense toward Space Bag, nod said : well, good that manages, so long as handles matters for this emperor loyally, naturally has your advantage, otherwise, this sovereign thought that will want your life, gives you, this is you handles matters to earn loyally.” Said that threw a medicine bottle to that storekeeper, the grateful receiving medicine bottle of that storekeeper, knelt next step to the Yin Wind ghost emperor: Thanked Master to taste to bestow, subordinate settledly wholeheartedly was the Master management.” The Yin Wind ghost emperor nodded said : well, goes.” That person has then stood, room that also grounded Transmission Formation leave the Yin Wind ghost emperor was. The Yin Wind ghost emperor, looked at all around one, sighed, has arrived around that Transmission Formation, has debugged that Transmission Formation, this stood on Transmission Formation, then started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, vanished in Transmission Formation. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at Yin Wind ghost emperor, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : this fellow really to be careful enough, under the hand/subordinate that most trust his feel relieved, I do not think that his under the hand/subordinate, to present also don’t know, he through the place that Transmission Formation goes, is his next door?” Laura shows a faint smile said : „the person like him, will not believe anybody, fearing of that storekeeper was also used any method to give control by him, therefore so will be respectful to him.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, no matter he with any method control that storekeeper, his immediately can extricate, this we went on stage.” Said that Zhao Hai has stood, the hand wields, flash of white light, he disappeared in in the room. *