Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1364

The Chapter 290 ghost emperor gives The day of Yin Wind ghost emperor does not feel better, a few years ago obtained a treasure in market, the a piece cloudy Yuan stone, this type of cloudy Yuan stone is one type of pure Yin Attribute Stone, regarding practicing the Ghost Dao person is of great advantage. However what the Yin Wind ghost emperor has not thought that he when obtains the cloudy Yuan stone, was actually given to stare, but this person is also a practice ** cultivator, that person after Yin Wind ghost emperor leave market, has blocked the Yin Wind ghost emperor, wants murder Ben Bao. Yin Wind ghost emperor is originally any good nature lord, vicious and merciless, is naturally impossible to resign oneself to extinction, as soon as they turn the battle to get down, the Yin Wind ghost emperor kills the opposite party, but also has made Ghost Servant. However his actually there thinks, the person who he kills, has the background greatly, is in ghost an big shot's grandson, this he was annoying has gotten down the big trouble, that big shot ordered to chase down him, good Yin Wind ghost emperor according to the circumstances quick, looked for secret Cave Mansion to hide, this has exempted his fatal disaster. However in recent years, he actually does not dare to walk outside, because of his very clear, outside has not stopped to his chasing down command, if he if exited at this time, certainly also will be chased down, he died. Because of this matter, he has been small the regard to discuss, careful is collecting Strength of Faith in Lower Realm, the practice of potential, now although he is Expert of Infant Stage time, actually must clamp tail to cultivate the behavior, does not dare leave own Cave Mansion, even to buy any thing, before oneself a slave who accepts carries on. If originally his control Underworld, his sooner or later one day will have been practicing to have, becomes with that big shot's existence with level, he does not need to fear that big shot, in Comprehend the world here, studied after all truly has practiced the Strength of Faith person not to be many, but collected the Strength of Faith person less in Lower Realm, his in hand equal to was pinching a trump card, so long as this trump card in the hand, sooner or later some day he can turning over become a top dog. However he has not actually thought that his trump card one made Zhao Hai not have to the lane, actually Zhao Hai was only part of reasons, real reason because of big heart, but Yin Wind ghost emperor and existence of don’t know big heart, therefore this account naturally on the body of Zhao Hai. What what a pity is, he sees Zhao Hai time, regarding Underworld there control, was very light, therefore has not seen the Zhao Hai appearance, this enmity is wants the report to be also difficult. Thinks that the here Yin Wind ghost emperor hates to clench jaws, ruthless sound said : not must make the old man know that who you are, otherwise the old man decides however to pull out your spirit soul, will let forever receive the Hell fire of karma the suffering!” A suddenly sound conveys said : don’t know is who, can let sovereign such missing unexpectedly?”

This sudden sound, making the Yin Wind ghost emperor terrified and startled, he turns the head to look to the sound direction that presently is bringing the silver mask, the body puts on a person of ordinary cultivator clothing/taking, look at he, but behind a that mask eye, is actually the sparkling light, bitterly disappointing. Yin Wind ghost emperor look at this iron mask person, fast calm, deep voice said : mister who? What looks for this sovereign?” Comes the person naturally is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in the comfortable sovereign is an acquaintance, in Lower Realm, has fought with the sovereign below, this time looks for the sovereign, must want thing below like the sovereign.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes of Yin Wind ghost emperor cannot help but shrinks, deep voice said : „are you that person? Was you have gone bad the good deed of this sovereign?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : sovereign to overpraise, was not I have gone bad the good deed of sovereign, I on its meeting.” Yin Wind ghost emperor look at Zhao Hai sneers said : not to dare to let the fellow who the true colors the person looks, why to cope with this sovereign? although don’t know you found my, but you are court death, your does ascend come up to have how long? Not three years? Such short time do you want to cope with me? You have a dream.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to cope with sovereign, that must begin to know that the sovereign should also know why I come today, I looked that the sovereign should better thing that I want to me.” Yin Wind ghost emperor coldly snorted said : „are you want to collect the Strength of Faith method and use the Strength of Faith method? HaHaHa, do you think control Underworld? This sovereign told you, do not have a dream, this sovereign not only will not tell you this method, will also extract your living souls, built up Soul Lantern, let your forever by the pain of that fire of karma.” Zhao Hai laughs said : sovereign also is really confident, that is also good, today accompanies the sovereign to play to play.” Said that Zhao Hai treads the previous step, a fist strike leaves. The Yin Wind ghost emperor has not thought that Zhao Hai said hits hits, moreover uses is also not Magical Artifact, but was the direct fist hits, the Yin Wind ghost emperor gawked very much, but his immediately responded, a in hand revolution, the ghost's face shield kept off in his front at the same time. However the Yin Wind ghost emperor had underestimated obviously the fist of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai these time has gotten down the cruel methods, Strength of Faith regarding Zhao Hai, was really too important, he cannot have any mistake, therefore in this fist, his join Berserk Qi and Evil Qi mixed the air/Qi Qi Strength.

Yin Wind ghost emperor simply with has thought these, he is only the Rogue Cultivator family background, can practice to this situation, is the chance coincidence, but concentrates Gang and congealing ghost, is various Great Sect not the secret of passing on, therefore he simply has not congealed Gang to enter the body, does not have the congealing ghost to enter the body, regarding the understanding of Berserk Qi and Evil Qi is also insufficient, therefore he has only put out the a piece ghost's face shield, wants to block Zhao Hai fully a fist. fist force has projected quickly in the ghost's face shield, hears with a bang sound, the ghost's face shield to be crushed by a Zhao Hai fist, Yin Wind ghost emperor greatly surprised, wants in using new Magical Artifact was impossible, can only arouse own in armor to do to defend. However Zhao Hai fist force can it be that so is also easy to defend, that fist force one struck on armor of Yin Wind ghost emperor, a dull thumping sound, in armor of Yin Wind ghost emperor broke completely, simply cannot defend Zhao Hai this to strike. Yin Wind ghost emperor stuffy snort|hum, put in an appearance unexpectedly has been injured, but this has not ended, this was only Zhao Hai first attack, his afterward attack came, the hand wielded, flying sword appears in his side, flying sword proceeded to deliver, struck toward the Yin Wind ghost emperor, this flying sword although was Liquid Silver changes, however the style of sword was actually the style of Plum Blossom sword, standard weapon of this Plum Blossom sword extremely west cold city, the Yin Wind ghost emperor one saw this sword, two eyes cannot help but one shrinks. Yin Wind ghost emperor coldly snorted, the hand turned, presses the bottom Magical Treasure to take, Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter, becoming famous Magical Artifact of Yin Wind ghost emperor, was his Life Source Magical Artifact. The Yin Wind ghost emperor is not, if today he, feared motionless fully wanted explain/transfer in here, therefore his then took out own Life Source Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai actually often smiles, still a sword punctured, simultaneously the hand wields, two ghost runners, hit toward the Yin Wind ghost emperor. Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter that the Yin Wind ghost emperor uses, is in itself Ghost Dao Divine Weapon, this ghost runner is also the Ghost Dao weapon, these two weapons offer a sacrifice, that is really the ghost wailing wolf is howling, entire Cave Mansion such as into the pandemonium is instantly common. Zhao Hai slightly had not actually been affected, in hand often loses Magical Artifact, naturally these Magical Artifact are changes by class, Magical Artifact that Zhao Hai can imagine lost, made that the Yin Wind ghost emperor is thrown into confusion at once. Zhao Hai such does, actually to attract the attention of Yin Wind ghost emperor, so long as the Yin Wind ghost emperor has put his body the attention, that was his time of death. The Yin Wind ghost emperor has really put the body of Zhao Hai the complete mind, he does not place the body of Zhao Hai not to be good, the Zhao Hai strength itself compared with him, was adding on Zhao Hai these time to use Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, he naturally could not support, if he has not used Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter, feared that was already by Zhao Hai tidying up, this Ten Thousand Ghosts Ruyi Scepter after all by his nourishing many years of Life Source Magical Artifact, Might very formidable. They fought a while, Zhao Hai felt that the opportunity was similar, his fierce shouted, the hand wielded, was several ghost runners lost, to be honest, ghost runner Magical Artifact, used truly lets person headache, before Zhao Hai release went to that two ghost runner itself already enough let the Yin Wind ghost emperor headache, this loses two now, let his headache.

If the common ghost runner, Yin Wind ghost emperor not such headache, ghost runner thing, before Yin Wind ghost emperor, has used, that is some Inferior level cultivator most receives, even if Cultivation World there some Inferior level cultivator, very likes using the ghost runner, because of this thing attack, is similar to that attaches the maggot of bone, you want to fling cannot throw off. Little rascal runner that however this thing splits, actually not many, most, only then four fissions are extraordinary good thing, but fission that the Zhao Hai ghost runner, actually can probably limit, now each and every one such as the ghost runner of needle size, but also is carrying on attack to the Yin Wind ghost emperor, moreover attack time, the strength returns getting bigger and bigger. In the Yin Wind ghost emperor all attention concentrates when copes with the ghost runner, suddenly he feels his head pain, then two eyes one black, anything don’t know. Completes this to strike finally, naturally is the Liquid Silver needle, Zhao Hai places on Yin Wind ghost emperor that Liquid Silver needle, must know that a Infant Stage time Expert, his spiritual force is very formidable, that Liquid Silver needle turned into the Liquid Silver silk to attach on the Yin Wind ghost emperor, if that Liquid Silver needle in moving heedlessly, certainly by the Yin Wind ghost emperor present, attack that therefore Zhao Hai went all out in here, was attracting the attention of Yin Wind ghost emperor fully, then one was struck to kill by the Liquid Silver needle. although Zhao Hai continuously attack, can quick kill the Yin Wind ghost emperor, but Zhao Hai actually does not want too to waste the time, the time drags is longer, the variable are more, therefore Zhao Hai has used the Liquid Silver needle. Looked that the Yin Wind ghost emperor died, Zhao Hai wields, received his corpse, then flashes body returned to Space, but that Cave Mansion of Yin Wind ghost emperor, like had actually been taken by force by the strong [say / way], any thing has not stayed behind, all thing took in Space. These naturally are not the hands that Zhao Hai move, when Zhao Hai and Yin Wind ghost emperor fights, Cai'er command(er) Undead Creature, Cave Mansion of Yin Wind ghost emperor moving up, Cai'er believes that Zhao Hai can certainly win, therefore she will be naturally impolite, moreover such does, will not waste the time. *