Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1365

Chapter 291 pleasant surprise: Level Up, takes in a maidservant as a concubine Zhao Hai returned to Space, immediately called the Yin Wind ghost emperor, the Yin Wind ghost emperor turned into Undead Creature now, his Magical Artifact Zhao Hai has not received, still turns over to him to use, he wants is mainly Yin Wind ghost emperor Strength of Faith practice method. Yin Wind ghost emperor appears , immediately bows said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai nodded said : writes the Strength of Faith collection method and application method.” Yin Wind ghost emperor immediately has complied with one, went to the one side with Cai'er, was said by him, by the Cai'er record. Can look, this Strength of Faith practice method probably not very complex, was less than one hour, the Yin Wind ghost emperor said. Said that later Zhao Hai had beckoned with the hand, making the Yin Wind ghost emperor draw back, he took the Strength of Faith collection method, this Strength of Faith collection method, was actually one set of child and mother formation, Primary Formation, in addition Secondary Formation, the Secondary Formation quantity can infinite increase, but Primary Formation had one. Collects Strength of Faith from Secondary Formation to each every Space, then Transmission gives Primary Formation, but the user enters to meet from Primary Formation withdraws Strength of Faith to use. Zhao Hai looked at this child and mother formation, turned the head to give Cai'er said : Cai'er, you arranged, as soon as possible established in various places.” Cai'er has complied with one, this does not spend any matter actually, now on Space each every planet, the has plenty church, these churches became each every planet essential part, these churches can on the people to planet, provide all kinds of life to need, so long as installed to collect formation Secondary Formation in that church to be OK. Now what Zhao Hai looks is the Strength of Faith application method, this looked that Zhao Hai knows, this Strength of Faith also is really mysterious, not only can help to practice, but also the has plenty use, can use operate Magical Artifact, be able to be used for strong attack to strike, can use on Magical Artifact, in brief is the use is many. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this Strength of Faith application method, this present, this Strength of Faith must practice first, the practice later can use, looks like Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, wants the congealing body to enter the body, then can use. Moreover this Strength of Faith practices most from the beginning, is not the aggressiveness method, but is a one type of item of technique, this technique, is divided into two Stage, first Stage, with your Spiritual Qi, through practicing your both eyes, enabling you to see Strength of Faith, naturally, you can see, is only your Strength of Faith, does others body have Strength of Faith, you cannot see. The second step, practices your Strength of Faith to your both eyes, enabling your both eyes to see clearly the strength of your match, sees clearly various energy in world, if your Strength of Faith is very high, you even can see clearly Magical Treasure level, in aura that or various person world objects come out, sees clearly this object the essence, this technique looks like probably is not much, but the formidable place of Zhao Hai actually understand this technique. This item of technique equal to can make your one eyes see clearly the attribute of strength and your enemy of your enemy, if Strength of Faith were many, Heaven and Earth Treasure that you even can presently, these hide, this regarding practice, was really too important. But this technique is only the Strength of Faith first part, the second part, practices own within the body Strength of Faith, lets Strength of Faith transform your body, repairs your body, lets meridians suiting practice in your body, repairs all internal injuries of your body, but can also help you comb in your body Spiritual Qi, lets your practice quickness.

But the third part, your Strength of Faith, blessing/additional support to your weapon on, letting your weapon formidable, increases your weapon attack ability, the defense capability, intensity, tenacious wait / etc.. But the fourth part, is actually a more important part, that is, your Strength of Faith with your practice perfect union, letting you on the path of practice, in the tiny bit barrier, not having made your practice turn into a piece of level road. This point by a person of practice, may really be too important, regarding a person of practice, the path of practice is not problem-free, has plenty cultivator, stopped for a lifetime in the Qi Refining time, cannot Foundation Establishment succeed, the has plenty person was for a lifetime is Foundation Establishment Stage, cannot Core Formation succeed, but more people, for a lifetime were the Infant Stage times, cannot Transcends Tribulation succeed, this was a cultivator this for a lifetime biggest ridge. So long as you Strength of Faith, with your practice perfect union, that these ridges regarding you, do not have, you only needed to practice have been OK, any Foundation Establishment, any Core Formation, any Infant Stage, any Transcends Tribulation, these ridges did not exist, you needed was only the practice. Sees these introduction about Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai is overjoyed, this Strength of Faith was really too powerful, so long as has practiced this Strength of Faith, then regarding cultivator, practiced a way becomes very simple. Naturally, you must collect Strength of Faith to be good first, only then can receive a letter Strength of Faith, you can use Faith this strength, moreover Strength of Faith are more, is bigger to the advantage that you bring. Sees here, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, then he laughs said : well, good Strength of Faith, HaHaHa, I to am want to take a look, after I have practiced this Strength of Faith, can be any appearance.” Laura they also looked at this Strength of Faith practice method, they are also very startled, they have not thought, this Strength of Faith unexpectedly so mysterious. In this time, Megan has suddenly to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you been forgetting a matter? Is in hand of that Yin Wind ghost emperor, taking probably also one with Underworld related thing? His initially is relying on that thing comes control Underworld, moreover almost succeeds, if not the big heart has been resisting, is adding on your suddenly appears , he on control Underworld, you should possibly look for that thing, sends back to Underworld.” One hear of Megan said that Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then he has patted head said : right, I this matter forgetting, but does not need to be worried actually that Underworld there simply does not need that thing, now there already complete by the big heart to control, was having our help in addition, with does not need that thing to be good, but sent back to them that thing.” Said that beckons , the Yin Wind ghost emperor calling. Yin Wind ghost emperor appears has seen Young Master to Zhao Hai ritual said :, does not know that Young Master has, no matter what told?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to hand over your initially control Underworld that thing, was right, a while your returned to Hell Space time, teaches these Undead Creature practice, what you study is Ghost Dao, wants to come to their practices is very helpful.” The Yin Wind ghost emperor has complied with one, a hand revolution, has put out same thing, has given Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai saw that this thing has cannot help but gawked, the Yin Wind ghost emperor takes unexpectedly is a small statue, this statue is not such in Zhao Hai imagination, is the Dark God statue, this statue is not, this statue is a giant, a grand guy, although this statue is very small, but one sees this statue, you on saw probably a able to hold up the Heavens and support the Earth giant is common.

Zhao Hai has not thought, he sees unexpectedly is not Dark God, but is a giant, but Zhao Hai changes mind thinks why immediately understand this was, that big heart that Dark God Space there left behind, was not just an epoch-making big god remains? But this statue with that epoch-making big god is looks like how. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, meets to begin to wield, directly delivered returned to Underworld to go the statue. The statue just entered Dark God, making the Zhao Hai unexpected matter live, entire Underworld resembled suddenly to live, the beat of big heart was also stronger, but Underworld Spiritual Qi was also getting stronger and stronger, probably that big heart beat every time, Underworld Spiritual Qi rich one point was the same. Meets Underworld one rumbling loud noise, entire Underworld starts to be centered on the big heart, the start heart slowly shrinks, finally entire Underworld vanished, only remaining that giant heart. In the Zhao Hai dumbfounded situation, that big heart often moves, then one opened from Zhao Hai in Underworld that Space rift has cut through in Space! The big heart just entered Space, Zhao Hai hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Existing Universe inaugurates Spirit Vein to enter Space, this Spirit Vein is to live Spirit Vein, is in favor of Darkness Attribute, unified with Hell planet, original Hell planet, changes into Hell Space, may slowly evolution become Hell Universe Space, Spirit Vein may automatically produce Spiritual Qi, the Space level promotion to 200 levels, in Space outside the Exorcism nature object, all object level promotion, manufacture machine Level Up multipurpose are multipurpose intelligence Manufacturing Machine, the produce quantity increase, original function preservation, more intellectualized, Universal Analyzer Level Up is multipurpose intelligence Analyzer, original function preservation, more intellectualized, hundred Spirit Tree level promotion, presently are thousand Spirit Tree, bears a fruit every hundred years., Result thousand, ten become the planetoids, remains becomes Space in the fruit, may treat as the Space tool, may be used to fight, may plant medicinal herbs, breeds animal, with spirit root of hundred Spirit Tree unions, the assimilation ability strengthened ten times.” Zhao Hai dull sitting in there, is listening to the prompt sound, he has not thought that he just goes to statue also returned to Underworld, let Space Level Up unexpectedly, moreover one has also brought these many advantage. Laura they have also tarried, this may really be unexpected joy, their present attention on Strength of Faith, no one have thought actually that Underworld there has brought unexpected joy to them unexpectedly, moreover hundred Spirit Tree also Level Up, Universal Manufacturing Machine also Level Up, Universal Analyzer also Level Up, in addition had join of big heart, now the Spiritual Qi density in Space, the first minute is increasing, although now also can't compare with Cultivation World there Spirit Vein, but sooner or later one day will catch up, and has met these Spirit Vein. Now Space on equal to is growth Spirit Vein, because before only then that spirit root, assimilated hundred Spirit Tree is not quick, growth was very slow, but currently had join of big heart, Space Spiritual Qi became the length sped up, believed soon, the Spiritual Qi density in Space, can compare favorably with Cultivation World Spirit Vein. Some little time the people responded that Zhao Hai great happiness said : good, fantastic, HaHaHa, this may really be fantastic.” Laura several people of also very happy, Zhao Hai smiles said : today to really be double happiness descend on the house that I thought that I first do not practice, we celebrate.” Laura they naturally did not oppose that Meg their several immediately entered the kitchen, although Laura they have been able to add on any busy not necessarily, but everyone/Great Clan in together was very lively, Zhao Hai entered the kitchen. In how many people chatted, Laura suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, Cai'er? What Magic Formation she makes that hasn't done well?” Was saying, the Cai'er sound conveyed said : to do well.”

Zhao Hai turns the head to look that Cai'er is standing in his, smiling look at he, but Zhao Hai has actually tarried, not only Zhao Hai, Laura they have dumbfounded, several people of silly look at Cai'er, don’t know must say that any was good. Cai'er that Cai'er, just her stature grew certainly, before Cai'er only then the normal person arm was so high, but after previous Level Up, Cai'er was long about one meter to be high, but looked like small Dwarf, although this Dwarf very beautiful, was however attractive she is also Dwarf that. Now Cai'er is but different, now the Cai'er height, was similar to the normal person, although they compares with Laura, is the petite shape, but you actually do not think that she was Dwarf, the girl long was so high to her, only will appear petite may receive, but will not make you feel that he was a dwarf. Zhao Hai dull look at Cai'er, a present Cai'er colored clothing, this clothes, if puts in others' body, appeared extremely Yu Yanli, but put in the body of Cai'er, actually appeared such complementing each other, will only make Cai'er appear adorable, but not a little feeling of colorful custom. Laura they dull look at Cai'er, they have not thought that after Cai'er grows up, such attractive. Cai'er by several people of staring somewhat embarrassed, face red lowering the head. Laura suddenly said loudly: „, Cai'er, you were too attractive, we had been inferior by you, Elder Brother Hai, you said that Cai'er is very attractive?” Zhao Hai one recovers, his look at Cai'er, shows a faint smile said : „, Cai'er, you are really attractive.” Said that pulling Cai'er hand said : comes, our everyone/Great Clan is doing to eat, you also help.” Cai'er has complied with one cheerfully, jumped the Zhao Hai side, was busy with everyone/Great Clan together, but Laura their several people, look at Zhao Hai with the Cai'er appearance, in the eye was also having a happy expression. Laura they already regarded their member Cai'er, before Laura their really some were Cai'er were also a pity that must say, in their all people, only then Cai'er, was biggest to the help of Zhao Hai, because of Cai'er can all in control Space, but Space was Zhao Hai biggest taking advantage, therefore the help of Cai'er to Zhao Hai, added to be bigger than their several, because of the Cai'er height issue, had not taken in a maidservant as a concubine by Zhao Hai, not only this Cai'er regret, they were regret on Laura for Cai'er. However was now good, now on Cai'er the biggest problem has been solved, she took in a maidservant as a concubine by Zhao Hai was also logical, moreover Zhao Hai also very much has the sentiment regarding Cai'er probably, otherwise Zhao Hai just also will not take the initiative held the hand of Cai'er, must know that Zhao Hai in sentimental aspect, was very passive, but he rare driving. *