Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1366

Chapter 292 Strength of Faith, Infant Stage? Cai'er also very happy, like several women in Space, her heart also already tied up on the body of Zhao Hai, is only because of the reason of height, she does not dare extremely in displaying Must say that in several women, only then she and Zhao Hai are pro- secret, because they is a body, Zhao Hai lives her to live, Zhao Hai dies she also dead, but they did not have the progress of no substance nature, this main reason because of her height. Now the biggest barrier was clear, they in together, that are also logical, Laura they had not felt any is not right. After has eaten well, Zhao Hai has rested, but Cai'er naturally followed, Laura they stayed outside, all these are such nature, anybody has not said one, Laura they are even happy, because of as the matter stands, Zhao Hai was nearer with Cai'er relationship one layer. That night attentive naturally is not no need saying that next day Cai'er still early got up, her physique is quite special, although this is her first time, actually not like others cannot get out of bed. Laura they get up is not late, in Space specially peaceful, is adding on the air to be good, Spiritual Qi is sufficient, situation that the special suitable sleep, several people of sleep quality very good, naturally have not hated to get out of bed. Zhao Hai gets up is not late, after having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai paid attention to the pirate paradise and Cultivation World there, these two places do not have the appears anything issue, Yalei No. 2 star there is also all normal, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, he slowly has also arrived under hundred Spirit Tree, sat cross-legged to sit but actually, deeply has attracted two tones, calm one own mood, has closed the eye, recalled Strength of Faith practice method. Presently does not have beyond what errors, he then starts to practice, this first step is the eye, first with own Spiritual Qi, own forehead, around eye clashes to acupoint, then defers to certain line to run Spiritual Qi, Spiritual Qi slowly has composed a circulation, but at this time, you can see Strength of Faith. These step is not easy to be completed, first is because eye surrounding acupoint very delicate, incautiously will get a cut, such words will leave behind the unmentionable diseasea. If you cannot around acupoint eye clash, cannot compose the circulation, does not have the means to see Strength of Faith, but Strength of Faith you in not being able to see his situation, he is invisible does not have qualitative, your simply does not have the means to practice, therefore this first very heavy wants. However these step regarding Zhao Hai, is not the difficult matter, this clashes the hole one step, regarding Zhao Hai is simple, his body after multiple transform, now the first cell such as the steel and iron general tenacity, regarding flushing the hole does not have a point difficulty. Around quick eye several acupoint flushed.

Then Zhao Hai is running according to a specific rule Spiritual Qi slowly, this rule it spoke the truth very simple, delimited like wool of law formation rune article, only you gave the stroke to be right, that this circulation composed. Zhao Hai two eyes of slowly, composed this circulation, Zhao Hai slowly have then opened the eye, met to begin to move, Liquid Silver Magic Staff appears in in his hand, his two eyes looked toward Magic Staff on. Cai'er yesterday has completed, she collecting Strength of Faith Primary Formation, has put on Liquid Silver Magic Staff, this Primary Formation not only can collect Strength of Faith from Secondary Formation there, but can also have in Strength of Faith, to supply Zhao Hai use momentarily. Zhao Hai also is really first time looks at Strength of Faith, he is somewhat curious, what he wants to have a look at this Strength of Faith is really, he looked toward Liquid Silver Magic Staff on that actually stares, then could not bear narrow the eye. Also no wonder Zhao Hai will have such response, because normally has a liking for not anything's Liquid Silver Magic Staff, now seems like golden light is bright, if inside has a small Sun to be ordinary. In that practices in the Strength of Faith article to point out that this Strength of Faith , has weakly, weakest Strength of Faith, looks like such as the gossamer is ordinary, a point is also common, only then such by the thousands and tens of thousands gossamer combination in together, is formidable Strength of Faith. But general Strength of Faith is white, the light, that will not be only ordinary Strength of Faith, in other words, some people of Faith you, but will not sacrifice all for you, this will be only most common Strength of Faith. But compares this Strength of Faith higher 1st level, is silver flash Strength of Faith, this Strength of Faith, on very formidable, has been able to contribute such Strength of Faith person to you, that generally was the follower of that most real people, they can you to contribute all, even included the life. But strongest one type of Strength of Faith, is golden flash Strength of Faith, this Strength of Faith, is not the average person to the contribution, has been able to contribute such Strength of Faith, generally is fanatic believer, they can contribute all for you, not being able to allow others to speak your malicious remarks, wholeheartedly thought of you, sacrificed for you, was they biggest honor, such Strength of Faith was also most formidable. But now Strength of Faith in Liquid Silver Magic Staff, looks like that radiance of Sun is the same, in the Zhao Hai eye, was extremely was really dazzling, therefore he met has not narrowed the eye on own initiative, but he presently this light does not have a point fault to him, his eye under the illumination of this radiance, really had the one type of very comfortable feeling.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath, simultaneously at heart also excited, because of his very clear, these Strength of Faith, is the person in Space contributes, in other words, now the person in Space, is almost his fanatic believer. Zhao Hai calm one own mood, regarding the person in Space and Space, his felt grateful at heart. Some little time Zhao Hai calm gets down, his take deep breaths, two eyes look at that light Strength of Faith, then slowly guides to come toward own both eyes in Strength of Faith. Under the gaze of Zhao Hai, in that group of a golden light type Strength of Faith, suddenly branched out a filament, slowly flies toward his eye, a Zhao Hai at heart excitement, but that filament actually one retracted in golden light. Zhao Hai stares, smiling of then let out a long breath, self-ridicules, he also thinks that the strength in meditation is deep, just saw that Strength of Faith, was excited not to have the means to practice, such strength in meditation, said feared was laughed. Zhao Hai calm slowly one own mood, from starts Strength of Faith newly toward own both eyes, leads, Strength of Faith, was guided his eye by Zhao Hai finally. Zhao Hai felt that a very comfortable warm current, flowed in slowly own both eyes, their both eyes transmit one intermittently such as the feeling of warming up, the eye is getting more and more comfortable, originally these slight uncomfortableness, all vanished. However Zhao Hai at this time actually completely calm, he is guiding Strength of Faith patiently, Strength of Faith slowly enters in his eye are getting more and more, Zhao Hai started at this time, Strength of Faith, toward his whole body guidance in the past, letting this Strength of Faith, slowly unified with his Spiritual Qi, through Spiritual Qi, was unifying with his body. Whenever Strength of Faith passes through acupoint, Zhao Hai absorbs Strength of Faith on quick, when Strength of Faith has completed a circulation in his body finally, and slowly with his body unifies time, that in suddenly Liquid Silver Magic Staff rolls golden light, flew from Magic Staff directly, one has flown into the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai stares, must know that on Strength of Faith practice method, has not written this situation. He looked down oneself one, presently that rolls golden light to enter in his body now, was in the mutton smell of his chest hole there. Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately has closed the eye, hole of spiritual force in toward the mutton smell searches, Zhao Hai is very clear, Dao Lotus hole there in his mutton smell, moreover after he practices Stellar Secret Art, above Dao Lotus also appears all over the sky star light, now Strength of Faith also runs to join in the fun, he also really wants to have a look, what change in this mutton smell the hole will also live. Waits for Zhao Hai spiritual force to search into to his mutton smell in the hole, he has gawked, because in his mutton smell the hole also lived the change now, Gold Core of originally dantian place under him, has flown in the mutton smell now hole here, [gold/metal] Xue retreated, turned into one with Zhao Hai exactly the same villain, but spiritual force villains in originally cinnabar mine pit hundred Acupoint on him, sinking slowly to the mutton smell in the hole, under that the dantian villain fused in together, has become one and Zhao Hai is exactly the same, but actually wonderful long incomparable villain.

Then this villain slowly fell, sits cross-legged above Dao Lotus, the head on this small head, in the hole these star light with his mutton smell, including has been similar to a silk thread ship in together, but these star light all turned into the golden color now, and has composed huge formation, this formation that collected Strength of Faith Primary Formation. In this moment, among Zhao Hai suddenly had a clear(ly) to harm, that is, his Infant Stage! Before Zhao Hai do not understand, Expert of this Infant Stage time, what was, he thinks that Infant Stage time Expert, was only the division of one type of level, and no big deal, he knows now that originally he has made a mistake, Expert of Infant Stage time, was different from Expert of Core Formation time, Expert of Core Formation time, reason that will have such name, was because their within the body has formed Gold Core, their all Spiritual Qi, in Gold Core, no matter fought practices, their Spiritual Qi must be able Gold Core, to operate. But True Qi of Zhao Hai practice, varies to want with other people, True Qi of Zhao Hai practice, is the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, the True Qi density, in ten times compared with other True Qi continue, therefore before him, is only the practice of Core Formation time, but with Comprehend the world here, Expert of Infant Stage time is equally matched, because he concentrates Gang to enter the body, the congealing ghost enters the body, this lets his attack strength, wants compared with Expert of Infant Stage time on high many, even if Huang Dao however this Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, takes his not means. At that time, all people think that Zhao Hai already Infant Stage, actually he is cultivator of Core Formation time, Zhao Hai thinks one were Expert of Infant Stage time, has not actually thought that he did not have Infant Stage actually. To today, he directs Strength of Faith to enter the body, the ability that the Strength of Faith itself help practices, but he away the Infant Stage time is also the one pace, therefore Strength of Faith very relaxed helped him cross the important pass, let his at one fell swoop Infant Stage, now he is true Infant Stage time Expert, but this Infant Stage time Expert, if put Cultivation World there, that was extraordinary existence, feared that was general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert is not his match. *