Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1367

Chapter 293 stars control Sword Technique The Infant Stage later Zhao Hai feeling is really different, Spiritual Qi of his within the body was compressed in one time, the Spiritual Qi quality in one time lived the change, originally is fog same Spiritual Qi, now turned into liquid silver Spiritual Qi, but in this silver Spiritual Qi, mixed Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, this made silver Spiritual Qi turn into one type of pale cyan, but Strength of Faith also join in, silver Spiritual Qi turned into the golden color afterward. Underwent a 9x9 = 81 circulation, his Nascent Soul also turned into golden, is similar to Golden Man same is dispersing golden light outward, hence, his Strength of Faith and his Spiritual Qi perfect union in together. Zhao Hai knows that now he has practiced the Strength of Faith practice method first two methods, below he must practice was third, Strength of Faith blessing/additional support to weapon. Zhao Hai broke away slowly the eye, he looked at one toward his body, his entire body is dispersing faint golden light, naturally, this golden light other people are unable to see, only then he can see. Regarding this result, Zhao Hai is very satisfied, Zhao Hai puts out own Liquid Silver Magic Staff, slowly guides Strength of Faith to enter to Liquid Silver Magic Staff, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, his Strength of Faith actually transferred one in Liquid Silver Magic Staff, came out, Liquid Silver Magic Staff is still Liquid Silver Magic Staff, without any change. Zhao Hai puzzled look at Liquid Silver Magic Staff, according, Strength of Faith join that on Strength of Faith practice method writes to weapon, in his eye, Liquid Silver Magic Staff unexpectedly will disperse corresponding radiance to be right, in other words, that Strength of Faith should disperse golden light to be right, why doesn't 1 : 00 response have now? Also has tried, still a response does not have, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Liquid Silver Magic Staff, don’t know, he carefully recalled, the content on Strength of Faith practice method, finally is still a harvest does not have. Zhao Hai looked at Liquid Silver Magic Staff one puzzled, in one time input in Strength of Faith Liquid Silver Magic Staff, finally was the same, when Strength of Faith entered to Liquid Silver Magic Staff, Liquid Silver Magic Staff truly was the beam energy spread leaves golden light, but Zhao Hai one did not input Strength of Faith toward, Strength of Faith in Liquid Silver, on returned to slowly in the body of Zhao Hai, Liquid Silver Magic Staff turned into the original appearance. Zhao Hai has put down Magic Staff puzzled, has pondered diligently, suddenly he has thought a point, before that is, Liquid Silver Magic Staff in dispersing golden light, collected Primary Formation to enter in his mutton smell to that Strength of Faith the hole, golden light on Liquid Silver Magic Staff vanished, can because of this? This reason although also somewhat explained does not pass, but Zhao Hai cannot think at once the there explanation did not pass , can only like this, presently in his hand about the Strength of Faith practice method only then this , can only like this.

Zhao Hai has put down strength the practice about practice, cared that another matter comes, that was just when his Infant Stage, in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, appears has amended the practice method, but this amends the practice method, is direct appears in his brain, now Zhao Hai wants to have a look, this Cultivation Method is any Cultivation Method. Sank the thoughts toward mind, quick had found that Cultivation Method, looked at that Cultivation Method name, Zhao Hai cannot help but happy, this Cultivation Method name, very special, the known as stars drove a horse Sword Technique! Looked that this name knows is Spell of controlling sword, but this is Zhao Hai needs, now Spell of Zhao Hai practice are many, the technique of this controlling sword, he from other controlling Sword Technique, improves after Universal Analyzer, uses, these control Sword Technique Might although not to be small, but Zhao Hai always felt that has not displayed the complete strength, now and Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art necessary Sword Technique came out, this may really be was just sleepy on having the person gives to deliver the pillow. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback observes this stars to drive a horse carefully Sword Technique, this stars control Sword Technique the Tempering Stars body fist be more complex, not only the here surface has the Spiritual Qi operating method, the spiritual force operating method, is adding on Sword Technique and Sword Formation, very complex. This stars control Sword Technique to be divided into four parts, part is the Spiritual Qi operating method, this operates the Spiritual Qi method to not to practice, but carries on attack for better coordinate Magic Sword, the second part is the spiritual force operating method, similar truth, this spiritual force operating method, to not practice, for better control Magic Sword, the third part is Sword Technique, naturally this is the method of flying sword, the fourth part is actually Sword Formation, Sword Technique is to one sword attack method, but Sword Formation, is actually by the number even dozens and several hundreds the sword. Great Great Sword that composes, attacks the enemy with Sword Formation, its Might be too more than single Jianqiang. However this stars drove a horse on Sword Technique also to write, used Sword Formation attack, was very high regarding the request of spiritual force, was also very high regarding the request of sword, the stars drove a horse Sword Technique Sword Formation to attack the enemy, with multi- sword attack that other people used, the maximum difference, lay in his each sword is **, in other words, the first sword, you must branch out spiritual force to go to control, like multi- sword attack of other people, that was not one mother sword, the belt several target swords, to put it bluntly that Magical Artifact, was just in the different forms. Shows. But the stars control Sword Technique Sword Formation, is actually by one ** Magic Sword composes, if you have used, that Sword Formation flexible, Might also meets even bigger. Sees here, Zhao Hai cannot help but happy, this stars control Sword Technique, simply to general that he customizes, his spiritual force originally is at variance with the average man, is having existence of Space in addition, do not say that uses several sword composition swords, is several thousand, Sword Formation that tens of thousands swords compose, he same can control freely. But that Spiritual Qi and spiritual force control method, was simpler, now Zhao Hai went to the situation of having at one's command regarding own Spiritual Qi control, but regarding spiritual force control, do not say, before he did not have these Sword Technique time, has been able simultaneously controlling to cause over a thousand swords, had this method, that was simpler. Before this Sword Formation and Zhao Hai, uses the flying sword maximum difference lies, this sword no matter release takes back, is Sword Formation, leaving is attack Sword Formation, receives to defend Sword Formation, moreover these Sword Formation transformation, are actually come from huge Sword Formation, this Sword Formation name is Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Great Formation.

By the change of stars, the transformation of Yin-Yang, but one type of big Sword Formation that forms, this Sword Formation can be comprised of two swords, can be comprised of 2000 swords, the sword are more, the change of Sword Formation are more, but generally speaking cannot leave the stars changes with Yin-Yang changes. Moreover this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, even if has lacked several swords, can still use, Might is similarly small, this is this Great Formation essence is. However now Zhao Hai sees not only also this, this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, not only can use on Sword Technique, this is in itself very formidable formation, such as according to this formation Magic Staff, the cloth leaves Great Formation, Might same is not small. Zhao Hai long vented anger, first was put down to show by oneself, then immediately has put out Liquid Silver Magic Staff, changes two swords, starts to train simplest Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, this is simplest, actually is also most foundation, so long as grasped the changes of these two swords, can increase the quantity of sword slowly, then evolves many changes. This Great Formation operates not very difficult, most difficult actually wields in formation arrangement and near the enemy, formation arrangement that naturally was needless saying that Zhao Hai had Space, formation arrangement instantaneous matter, but wielded unable to practice near the enemy now, therefore Zhao Hai has been familiar with method of the formation arrangement, received most swords, only left behind a sword, was used to practice the method of flying sword. The method of this flying sword also very complex, is the change are too mainly many, the method of this flying sword, with comes according to the stars and Yin-Yang change, Might is huge, although is single sword uses, but this Sword Technique Might, actually really does not allow to look down upon. Zhao Hai is used to practice the Sword Technique time, the far ratio uses the time on Sword Formation is long, what what a pity is, now he cannot find the person to train, in Space nobody is his match, trains with these people, simply cannot manifest the Sword Technique exquisite place, practiced might as well has not practiced. Examines a Cultivation Method quality the best place, in battlefield, only then in the life and death, you can presently this Cultivation Method exquisitest place. although is this, but Zhao Hai practices this set of Sword Technique for a long time, because of his very clear, only then turns into the instinct of his body this Sword Technique, to the battlefield, he has been able to put forth this Sword Technique exquisite this. In Martial arts has a few words, called not to fear that thousand moves of meetings, a move of ripeness, skillful incomparable, can use him who move of you practiced exquisitely was, you can by one move of victory ten thousand moves.

More is practices Zhao Hai to think that this set of Sword Technique somewhat is really as deep as a well, this Sword Technique attack, but can also endure the strength of numerous star, a sword ejects, must be higher, obviously this set of Sword Technique the level that you are more normal, if causes, that absolutely compared with before Zhao Hai has seen the method of flying sword stronger on many. don’t know has practiced how long, feels to Zhao Hai that he released this set of Sword Technique completely ripe, each sword punctures, is move of Sword Technique, this Sword Technique soon became his instinct, he then received the hand to stand. However these a little make Zhao Hai some not quite satisfied, that is Strength of Faith blessing/additional support, this Strength of Faith wants blessing/additional support to the sword, needs other Zhao Hai external use part of spiritual force to complete, this equal to sword has used two spiritual force, this is the Zhao Hai most unsatisfied place. Received Liquid Silver flying sword, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, returned to Space Villa, looked to the villa in that Laura they were staring at the screen, but the situation on screen, was makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, because the screen last present is living a fight, both sides of fight, a side was to use the person of battleship, but another side was actually several cultivator, this time fight scale was not very big, used a battleship side, altogether deployed five medium grade battleships, but cultivator that Fang Yigong set out ten cultivator, but that ten cultivator level were not. High, high also Foundation Establishment Stage. Zhao Hai puzzled said : „is this that? Hit?” Laura they then noted Zhao Hai, Laura turn the head to look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, practiced? All right, is sea inferior paradise there, is not Louis they, was another two pirates rolls the conflict, we watched the fun.” *