Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1368

Zhao Hai came the interest, looked on the screen several, to be honest, he has not seen the battleship and cultivator positive showdown, to is ting is fresh. This look at you also really let alone, but also is really a little meaning, these five medium grade battleships are arranging a neat formation, weapon on battleship, use very good of , their Magic Cannon is divided into several groups, first group of many dozens, few will not be less than 20, turns the fire of turning, these 20 Magic Cannon volleys, can want assigning of general Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator fully. Besides Magic Cannon, these battleships have Mecha to coordinate to make the war, these Mecha will not leave the battleship to be too far, for the sub- protection battleship, prepares to block these cultivator Magical Artifact, on the battleship besides Magic Cannon, various missile, the hand of attack estimates to emerge one after another incessantly, very difficult deals with. But that several cultivator are not simple, their although is Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, but strength formidable, is adding on their only one person, target is very small, the battleship wants to hit them spatially not very easy. Regarding these cultivator was saying that threat biggest was not these Magic Cannon, these Magic Cannon shooting although were not slow, but compared to these cultivator avoidance actually to miss on many, therefore these Magic simply could not hit them. Also to these building time cultivator threaten in a big way must say that is these missile, that this missile can trace, the automatic tracking system on missile, very formidable, these cultivator are wants to hide cannot shunt, can only use Magical Artifact ahead of time hitting to explode these missile. This played is general missile said fortunately, if inside were clamping a small shape nuclear bomb, or caused a submunition, these cultivator may probably but actually, to prevent this point, these cultivator, were when was very far from missile, hitting to have exploded missile, was feared that will meet the small nuclear bomb or the submunition. The small nuclear bomb naturally was needless saying that the small nuclear bomb exploded impact bo that produced to suffice to want assigning of these Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator. But the submunition, as the name suggests, that is you hits to explode one, even two such missile regarding the cultivator lethality is also very big. Actually the battleship and cultivator to the war, little can solve the opposite party in a short time, they use is one drags the character to decide, drags, then among suddenly uses a nuclear bomb or a submunition, only then this can kill dead cultivator. But cultivator and battleship to the war, are actually intimate opposite, they with is a rapidness that the battleship showdown wants, can the earlier solution battleship be better, but now that five battleships with dragging child Secret Art in dragging that ten cultivator that ten cultivator, now wants to run to fear that was also late, these fellows on battleship will be impolite. Looked at a while, thought that ting was also bored, Zhao Hai in looking, Zhao Hai understand, why Cultivation World could not unfold now, the forms of combat like the battleship and cultivator defends a city, enterprising non- road, this is these Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, if meets strength strong cultivator, if they used the stalling tactics the opposite party already to run, the battleship when the straight line went, possibly was quicker than cultivator, but must speak of flexible, that may unable to catch up on the sycophancy. Therefore the battleship and cultivator showdown, must have the Mecha soldier to protect also to maintain the lineup, no matter what, the lineup cannot chaotic one, but the lineup was chaotic, that battleship was dangerous. Zhao Hai turns the head their said : Laura you to practice a while to Laura, you look.”

Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how does practice? Didn't this just practice?” Zhao Hai smiles said : regarding Strength of Faith, my also has plenty place do not understand, wants to try, was right, that Strength of Faith, do you also give a try to practice, what look can practice to come?” Laura forced smile said : we have tried, useless Elder Brother Hai, on us does not have Strength of Faith.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : to be all right, you do not need to fight with the person in any case, cannot practice unable to practice, nothing.” Laura smiled, said :is all right, we have not cared, Elder Brother Hai you practice, we will not disturb your.Zhao Hai nodded, turn around left the villa, sat under the lark pestle. Zhao Hai is taking Liquid Silver Magic Staff, look at, he also knows certainly that could not see anything comes, he wants, in collects Primary Formation carving of Strength of Faith that again on Liquid Silver Magic Staff, but he presently, engraved has not used, because that Primary Formation on Liquid Silver Magic Staff was the same with one waste, a simply Strength of Faith collection did not come up. Zhao Hai felt, in his mutton smell in xué that Primary Formation, can collect magnanimous Strength of Faith every minute, even Zhao Hai used the eye of Faith one to look toward own body that will feel itself on the a golden light type. However this Strength of Faith with other is different, if Spiritual Qi you constantly period of five days does not practice, will back up, spiritual force is also same, even if energy in that Crystal Stone, if you, if long time does not use, will have certain outflow, but this Strength of Faith actually not, so long as also some people of Faith you, you every time can increase Strength of Faith, moreover these Strength of Faith you do not use, will not have any outflow, they will only store up in Primary Formation. Zhao Hai looked did not have Liquid Silver Magic Staff one of the response, and sighed, he handed over, took the crescent moon shovel, after the comfortable crescent moon shovel changed the appearance, Zhao Hai once for a while will take to hold appreciatively, a ting that because this crescent moon shovelled, will make the Zhao Hai mind quicker was tranquil. Buddha statue on look at crescent moon shovel, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, was used to xing has poured into Strength of Faith toward the crescent moon shovel, just poured into Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai smiles bitterly, these days he has poured into Strength of Faith to be used to it toward Liquid Silver, took the crescent moon, was familiar with xing poured into Strength of Faith toward, when he just about to stops, the mutation broke out. That Strength of Faith enters to crescent moon shovel, entire crescent moon shovel suddenly was one lived probably, the integral root crescent moon shovel gently shook in excelling, then started from most under one Buddha, a streak of golden light upward flushed away, has rushed to that Buddha statue there that most rushed, then good Buddha statue two eyes to open the eyes, two Swastika [卐] character Buddha mark, projected toward the Buddha statue eye, has shot in both eyes of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai closes one's eyes, but late, that two Swastika [卐] character Buddha mark, have actually shot in his eye, direct vanish from sight. In Zhao Hai wants to examine when own situation in suddenly Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: Host obtains Faith weapon one, this weapon can use Strength of Faith, enlarges Strength of Faith, may break ten thousand evils to make the Life Source Weapon use because of Host the Liquid Silver Magic Staff nose, especially fuses this Faith weapon and Liquid Silver, the fusion starts, the fusion takes time for 108 minutes, the time starts.” Zhao Hai stares, at this moment, suddenly he felt that has in spiritual force Gu Wang own mind to drill, but this spiritual force any evil intention has not been more like in the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Secret Art appears the law of that gear-driven, Zhao Hai has untied 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, making this spiritual force enter in his mind. That spiritual force enters Zhao Hai to feel to his mind in own brain bang shakes, then his mind appears Buddha tuo Law Idol. Zhao Hai stares, actually sees this Buddha tuo Law Idol one to transform is two, then transforms is three, before long transforms innumerable Buddha tuo Law Idol unexpectedly, but Law Idol of these Buddha tuo, are actually various, including the war to sit the manner to vary, in Zhao Hai was feeling strange time, Buddha tuo Law Idol vanished completely, only leaves behind the sound of Buddhist recitation. This sound seems to be intent, having no intention makes the Zhao Hai facial expression instantaneous be tranquil, some little time the Buddha sound vanishes, then in his mind appears long Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method is comprised of 18 small Cultivation Method, is Enlightenment Profound Technique, Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, Pagoda Profound Technique, Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique Imperial Water Profound Technique, Imperial Beast Profound Technique Vajra Profound Technique, Ming Xin sees xing Profound Technique separately, Sword Breath Profound Technique, Bright Sword Profound Technique, Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, Doppleganger Profound Technique, Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, Blazing Magic Staff Profound Technique, Dragon Descend Profound Technique, Crouching Tiger Profound Technique, Cosmos Profound Technique! Besides these 18 Cultivation Method, in having origin about that crescent moon shovel, is a character has not actually raised, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at these 18 Cultivation Method, these 18 Cultivation Method may not have one is simple Cultivation Method, these all are in Buddhist Sect most profound Cultivation Method, but why these Cultivation Method in this crescent moon shovel? Also, why Liu Gen crescent moon shovel, will be being been wrapping by Evil Qi, lost the original appearance? All these for what? What secret does the here surface have? Can uses the Buddhist Sect people of crescent moon shovel, was defeated by the personal enemy, can't oneself Cultivation Method of meeting, put in the crescent moon shovel then the seal? If so, studies these Cultivation Method, can be recognized? If were recognized, can draw on the fatal disaster? look at 18 Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai somewhat is in a dilemma at once, his very clear, in these 18 Cultivation Method and that crescent moon shovel, are certainly containing huge secret, but this secret, is he now cannot certainly stir up. These 18 Cultivation Method, no matter that is not very simple, do not say that 18 put got up, Zhao Hai to the present, has not fought with Buddhist Sect disciple, the don’t know these Buddhist Sect disciple levels were what kind, was connected including the above a time 6 Realms new person competition, did not have Buddhist Sect disciple to participate. Participates without Buddhist Sect disciple, did not mean ability that Buddhist Sect has not participated, in fact, Buddhist Sect disciple strength very formidable, but the 6 Realms new person competition, lets the competition that Ascender attended, but in Comprehend the world here, almost does not have ascend to come up is the Buddhist Sect disciple person, but Buddhist Sect from the ascend person, will select some talent good people, making these people change to practice Dharma, but wants to change to practice Dharma, the first important matter is, first does for nine years fears painstakingly, as the matter stands, the nature also on with having the means attended the 6 Realms new person competition. But Cultivation World there to make up for the loss of Buddhist Sect, therefore Cultivation World after the first 6 Realms new person competition, can divide some advantage to give Buddhist Sect, otherwise Buddhist Sect feared that will send also out disciple to participate.

But can look from this point, Buddhist Sect tyrannical place, Cultivation World various big gate factions, to their some faces, feared that Buddhist Sect will send out disciple to participate, this is Buddhist Sect trades completely with own strength. This was also nearest/recent after receiving several high level Cultivation World Undead Creature, some hidden secret that Zhao Hai can know, before he was don’t know. Also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai although has not fought with Buddhist Sect disciple, but, he regarding Buddhist Sect disciple very dreaded that did not say other, considering Buddhist Sect can make Cultivation World other Great Sect compromise, accepts their such conditions, sufficiently could see Buddhist Sect disciple formidable. But these Cultivation Method that Zhao Hai obtains, is actually Buddhist Sect most Righteous Sect Cultivation Method, even if general Buddhist Sect disciple feared that has not entrusted the standard study, this is also the Zhao Hai hesitant place, if he has studied these Cultivation Method, after him, when to Buddhist Sect disciple, feared that wanted the 1 u stuffing. Buddhist Sect is actually only a general designation of Cultivation World Buddhism Cultivator, however the Buddhism Cultivator actually specialness of Cultivation World, that unites, compares other cultivator is, Buddhist Sect Buddhism Cultivator can be said as unites, but this can look from the 6 Realms new person competition. initially establishes the 6 Realms new person competition, Buddhist Sect compares on the proposal ten years, however other cultivator did not agree that finally decides in five years, Buddhist Sect has certainly not done, both sides on beginning, other cultivator have to admit defeat finally, complied to apportion Buddhist Sect the advantage, Buddhist Sect then gave up. But can let the reason that Buddhist Sect unites, besides the benefit, a reason, that is because has existence of Gufu Temple. This Gufu Temple is very unusual existence, he in Cultivation World, has only worked as in Cultivation World one very remotely is, there Spiritual Qi is thin, the simply not suitable practice, there also nobody practices in fact, becomes monk in Gufu Temple, is the Cultivation World natives, moreover they never practice any Cultivation Method, they cultivate , is same, Dharma! High Monk in Gufu Temple, never studies any Cultivation Method, therefore they at the battle, possibly cannot hit including a Cultivation World average person, but they the attainments on Dharma are actually very high, regarding world Buddhist Sect, only then the person in Gufu Temple, is the genuine Buddhist priest, other Buddhist Sect people, walk is the route of monk. Because of this, the person in Gufu Temple, was therefore admired by the world Buddhist priest, Gufu Temple also became Buddhist Sect sacred land, Buddhist Sect disciple that no matter becomes monk in that temple, will go to ancient of Gufu Temple to curl to record the name, this ancient curls is pure made of paper, now how long, nobody knew, moreover Gufu Temple there, every other ten years will hold a time Buddhist meeting, all Buddhist priests can participate, this is also major temple exchanges opportunity. In adding on the Buddhist priest special appearance, therefore Zhao Hai, so long as uses Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, begins with Buddhist Sect disciple, immediately is known by a Buddhist Sect people, when the time comes meets the appears anything situation, that may really not say, do not think that Cultivation World here Buddhist priest, is Monk that type is a vegetarian to pray to Buddha, the Cultivation World here Buddhist priest, that may be some stares on corner/horn of murder, compares the thief who generally becomes famous also to want on the horizontal several points. Because has these worries, therefore Zhao Hai hesitant must practice these Cultivation Method.( To be continued.!.