Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1369

Chapter 295 Hand-Seal! Buddhist Sect in Cultivation World there can so tyrannical, obviously their strengths, to be honest, Zhao Hai is not really willing to provoke them. However the key on these 18 Cultivation Method, these 18 Cultivation Method was really too formidable, formidable, no matter who saw, will unable to bear the practice, even if were Zhao Hai is also same. Zhao Hai although has my worry, but these 18 Cultivation Method, actually were really too appealing, if he has studied these 18 Cultivation Method, his attack method will be more. Thinks it over the half of the day, Zhao Hai decided finally, the practice, these 18 Cultivation Method, it can be said that Cultivation Method of Cultivation World most top, from the body, to six senses, from spiritual force, to invisible Sword Qi, from Magical Artifact to fist and feet, all wraps, because if such Cultivation Method has taken into consideration the words that but does not dare to practice, he did not need cultivate anything real, do not say that challenged these Expert. Thought through here, Zhao Hai turns the head the villa, this time he must practice these 18 Cultivation Method completes, that needed some time, within the 1 or 2 day definitely was incorrect. Closes up, this time he must close up really some time, otherwise impossible to practice these Cultivation Method, these time closes up, he not only need practice these Cultivation Method, meanwhile must these Cultivation Method mastery, only then he can by his fighting strength bring it up a level, Zhao Hai be believed like this, these time closes up, his strength will not be lower than Huang Dao however. Zhao Hai entered the room, with Laura their explain/transfer several, said one must close up the practice some time, Laura they also think to have an accident, Zhao Hai told them to result in several Cultivation Method newly, must practice, their then feel relieved. Zhao Hai comes out from the villa, went to a uninhabited star in Space directly, static sat, starts carefully looks at these 18 Cultivation Method. In these 18 Cultivation Method, Enlightenment Profound Technique, Bright Sword Profound Technique, Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique and Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, are in favor of spiritual force. But Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, is Cultivation Method that the one type of sound attacks, Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique, Pagoda Profound Technique, Blazing Magic Staff Profound Technique, these Profound Technique are Magical Artifact use Cultivation Method, but Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, Dragon Descend Profound Technique, Crouching Tiger Profound Technique, this is the fist and feet attack method, Imperial Water Profound Technique, Imperial Beast Profound Technique, Sword Breath Profound Technique, Doppleganger Profound Technique, these types are to belong to Spell class Cultivation Method, Vajra Profound Technique, Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, this belongs to Body Cultivator Profound Technique, but Cosmos Profound Technique is most special, this is one type of Escape Technique, by the body universe, may be used for the running away road, can use in attack, this looks like Body-maneuvering Technique that Warrior uses, in Body-maneuvering Technique that but this Cosmos Profound Technique uses Warrior are too more. This is one type of cultivator special-purpose Escape Technique.

These 18 Cultivation Method, it can be said that including all Cultivation Method that cultivator has needed, even if in present Cultivation World, has plenty cultivator, most can learn several types of Cultivation Method, moreover not necessarily has this Cultivation Method to be so ingenious. Zhao Hai look at these Cultivation Method, he decided finally that mister Body Cultivator Cultivation Method starts, because before him, has practiced over Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, is Tempering Stars Body Technique, this Tempering Stars Body Technique he to the present in study, has not put down, because Zhao Hai present, this Tempering Stars Body Technique real very formidable, even if were level to this degree, was still useful, the use was not small. Therefore Zhao Hai studies most from the beginning, is Vajra Profound Technique, Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, Vajra Profound Technique in these two Cultivation Method, the most important ability, increases the add people resilience, making the resilience of person achieve one type of very terrifying degree, even if received very heavy wound, so long as gives him the time, can slowly restore, can say that practices to be able finally Indestructible Vajra, becomes immortal body. This Cultivation Method regarding Zhao Hai, is tastiest, Zhao Hai body originally formidable is unusual, restores also, so long as he has studied this Cultivation Method by, his resiliency will be quicker, later when he runs into the powerful enemy, even if not hide toward Space, he can spell with the opposite party. But six senses Cultivation Method has understood only, he exercises six senses of person specially, this six senses separately is, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, intent! This six senses, if practiced, that Zhao Hai can really become the far-sighted person, the person who hears distant voices such person, but before Zhao Hai , the eye of Faith learned, was actually in six senses the eye knows one type of to amend the practice method. When Zhao Hai sees this, he knows that these amend the practice method to have terror how, Zhao Hai to obtain Strength of Faith amended the practice method, don’t know has taken the big effort, but in these Cultivation Method in Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, but was some practice method of most foundation. Saw here Zhao Hai is also understand, these 18 Cultivation Method, unexpectedly all were Strength of Faith amended the practice method, if on you did not have Strength of Faith, your simply has not managed magic studies custom these 18 Cultivation Method. Zhao Hai has decided that first starts to practice from these two Cultivation Method, thinks does, he starts to practice law from Vajra Profound Technique first, Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method has characteristics, practices Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, generally in various Hand-Seal is the coordination, will otherwise practice the wasted effort, so long as will coordinate with various Hand-Seal, that will practice to be twice the result with half the effort, practices Vajra Profound Technique, must use the Vajra comfortable seal, this stamped certificate law will be, outside Vajra will tie up, sets upright two middle fingers the column previous section to bend like sword-shaped, two index fingers will extend pay two middle finger backs.

Zhao Hai both hands form Magic Seal, transport Vajra Profound Technique Mental Technique, he felt that a warm current, ties both hands of seal from oneself, slowly spreads toward the body , the entire body is similar to soaks in Hot Spring general, Zhao Hai immerses, non- gisa watches date. Situation that now Zhao Hai cannot see his body, if he can see the situation of own body he will certainly be surprised, forms Hand-Seal from Zhao Hai, starts to run Vajra Profound Technique to start, in his both hands, suddenly blows out dazzling golden light, this golden light is similar to too small Yang is the same, letting the person to face up. Then this golden light slowly spreads toward the body from his both hands, finally his entire body turned into Vajra, but Zhao Hai is the buddhist image is dignified, was similar to big date Tathagata is ordinary. Zhao Hai is to know one have practiced how long, has put a timer on own side specially, but he may not have the time care time's matter now, his supposing wholeheartedly into during the practice, the body has kept by nourishing, was let his comfortable non- gisa watches date. don’t know how long, in the Zhao Hai heart had moved, woke from the practice, he opens the eye, opens vented anger, the solution goes to Hand-Seal, calmed down, this turned the head to look at a timer, this looked at the timer, Zhao Hai cannot help but was startled, this practice, has practiced unexpectedly fully for 7749 days! This is one time that the Zhao Hai practice most opens, but he had not actually felt is uncomfortable, conversely, he has understood his body, he knows that now his resilience of body has terror how, feared that will be he is destroyed will not die, so long as will give him the time, he can fully restore, this will say will destroy, will be in situation that in he has not prepared completely, otherwise he will meet on turns really the body liquefies the metal, that will be counter- his destroys is also useless, can say, Has completed study this Vajra Profound Technique, Zhao Hai were many a qualification of maintaining life, if before , he without preparation, was destroyed, he must die without doubt, but now he actually cannot. However Zhao Hai also a little has doubts, his some do not believe that so mysterious Vajra Profound Technique, such was completed study by him? although this sits is 49 points, but regarding Vajra Profound Technique such Cultivation Method, practices with 49 days, that simply on trouble-maker, is this possible? Zhao Hai in one time carefully looked at content on a Vajra Profound Technique, having a look at oneself to practice the wrong place, finally he presently, oneself has not practiced the wrong place, but reason that he can so quick practices Jinfeng Profound Technique, in the final analysis only because of a matter, that because of Strength of Faith. Zhao Hai present, this all 18 Cultivation Method, you can practice any degree, has relationship with your Strength of Faith many, your Strength of Faith are more, Cultivation Method that you practice is quicker, practice degree is higher, but Zhao Hai most does not lack exactly is Strength of Faith, this Cultivation Method really looks like for general that they customize.

Zhao Hai feel relieved has stood, has moved the body, although this sits in meditation is 49 days, but the body does not have a point illness, conversely, his present body also unprecedented good, the Zhao Hai intention moves, returned to Space Villa, looked Laura they, has been gentle with them. Zhao Hai also knows Cultivation Method that one these time practice is out of the ordinary, later he one time closes up also don’t know to need how long, finally they talks clearly with Laura this matter, otherwise, Laura they will be worried. Laura their naturally extremely worried, but Cai'er said that Zhao Hai does not have the matter, Space does not have any change, they then feel relieved slightly, now looks at Zhao Hai to go out, naturally was very happy, Zhao Hai said the situation to them, has been gentle with several people, this returned to that planet, then has practiced second Cultivation Method, Six-senses Purification Profound Technique. This Six-senses Purification Profound Technique also has Hand-Seal, Six-senses Purification Profound Technique Hand-Seal, be more complex than Vajra Profound Technique Hand-Seal, moreover ties seal by two fingers, these two Hand-Seal execute fearless seal! Executes fearless seal, for the seal of body meeting, the left hand ties Vajra fist mark before the navel, the right hand knot executes fearless seal. Then ties up outside, in two middle finger Qu Ruzhang the appearance gathers, the index finger and little finger extend the vertical stroke to coincide. This is a whole set fearless seal, naturally, you can also regard two Hand-Seal him, that also yes. When practices this Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, feeling of Zhao Hai with cultivating Vajra Profound Technique time complete is different, cultivates Vajra Profound Technique time, his whole body felt that very comfortable, but this cultivates Six-senses Purification Profound Technique time, is actually not, but starts from the eye first, is the ear, is the nose, the tongue, the body, finally is intent, this top five method is very good to practice, but this intent is not good to practice, can say in entire Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, this consciousness is not best practice Profound Technique, if practices to extreme Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, on can feel that only listens to the good and evil to be good to the dust particle. Ugly, in other words, you stand with one person in there, you even can from his dust particle, feel that he to you are the good intentions or evil intention, very formidable. *