Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1370

Chapter 296 flying phoenix building Also 49 days, Zhao Hai completed the study Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, has handed finally over to be the same with on, after this time he goes out, saw Laura they, looked at Cultivation World and pirate paradise there situation. Cultivation World there all have been ready, under the profound clear sect and Huang Dao support however, Zhen Ling leave Pink Clouds Pavilion, oneself minute of coming out individual farming, she has given own merchant group to give a name, the known as flying phoenix building, this is the origin of her nickname, the color Yunfei phoenix, originally the Pink Clouds Pavilion lord, the present is the flying phoenix poster. This matter has also caused certain stir in Cultivation World there, does not have the means that Zhen Ling in Cultivation World there is a celebrity, now her unexpectedly leave Pink Clouds Pavilion, this is many people had not anticipated that obtains. But Pink Clouds Pavilion several other people, has not thought that Zhen Ling can suddenly on leave Pink Clouds Pavilion, this hit their one to be caught off guard, when they were busy at worrying the position of Pink Clouds Pavilion porch lord, Zhen Ling maintained composure, some storekeepers in Pink Clouds Pavilion, partner/shop assistant and worshipped/Foreign Elder welcome to the flying phoenix building, these people became the person in flying phoenix building, was not having no relationship with Pink Clouds Pavilion. Passed through some time battle, several other everyone/Great Clan select porch main time finally, presently, the Pink Clouds Pavilion business has actually been not as before, partner/shop assistant and storekeeper in shop by flying phoenix building massive poaching, were adding on them in the past, is patronizing the battle, has not thought to doing business well, therefore the Pink Clouds Pavilion business really suffers a disastrous decline now, but the Cultivation World famous big merchant group, reduced to a second-class merchant group. Is adding on the porch lord who their these time elects, may not have Zhen Ling that a few tricks, fighting for power and profit is a skilled person, must speak of does business, he compared with Zhen Lingcha several streets, Pink Clouds Pavilion slowly perished unexpectedly since then, became a Cultivation World third-class small merchant group. But with it the flying phoenix building of inverse proportion, the flying phoenix building has Zhen Ling this kind of astute incomparable poster, in adding on large numbers becomes the storekeeper and partner/shop assistant of hand, these eyesight extraordinary worshipped/Foreign Elder, in have Spirit Wine that Zhao Hai provides to take fist product in addition, profound clear sect such Great Sect of takes the backer, at once, the flying phoenix building scenery is infinite, unexpectedly within the short time, became the Cultivation World there most famous merchant group, the means that other merchant group may not Spirit Wine not sell, in other words you want to drink Spirit Wine in Cultivation World, only then the flying phoenix liquor has sells. But flying phoenix building taking advantage of this east wind, not only does in a big way the business, but also has extended beside the tentacle Cultivation World, but Zhen Ling to the corona brains, he in several other Realms, only had not been opened several branch stores successfully, but also spends the large amount of money, in these shops, has placed Transmission Formation, has the situation, the person in shop can immediately Transmission return to Cultivation World, must know that the reputation of profound clear sect, in several other Realms, and is effective not necessarily.

Meanwhile Zhen Ling buys and sells control very good also regarding Spirit Wine, she impossible one to take hundred thousand bottle Spirit Wine, that meeting hiring is jealous, she every other about ten days, will put out outside about hundred bottles Spirit Wine to sell, this Spirit Wine in fact, is the live advertisement of flying phoenix building, does not point at him to have the big profit. As the matter stands seemed like Zhao Hai has suffered a loss probably, actually a Zhao Hai point owed does not eat, flying phoenix building equal to was Zhao Hai, Zhen Ling and profound clear sect opens together, but Zhao Hai and profound clear sect did not participate in the flying phoenix building's management, the flying phoenix building except the expenses beyond, in the gross income, Zhao Hai took three layers, Zhen Ling took four layers, the profound clear sect took three layers, but the Spirit Wine business, does not calculate that in these income, still pressed originally to reach an agreement, 433 divided up money. This equal to said is, Zhao Hai for no reason has resulted in the three layers member in flying phoenix building, Zhao Hai really somewhat is embarrassed, good that but Zhen Ling said that Zhao Hai this three layers member is not white, do not forget, before Zhao Hai gave back to Zhen Ling bag Spirit Stone, that may all be high level Spirit Stone, although said that Zhen Ling in Pink Clouds Pavilion there, has gotten so far as many good thing to Zhao Hai, but compared that bag Spirit Stone, difference many, therefore Zhen Ling on giving the Zhao Hai these 30% members. However must say that this three layers member trades with that bag of Spirit Stone, extremely, that bag Spirit Stone has actually been unworthy this three layers member, but Zhen Ling, for Zhao Hai arriving at her war on the ship, this has given the Zhao Hai three layers member. But profound clear sect there has the face that Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, also has resulted in Spirit Wine and three layers member in flying phoenix building in vain, that naturally must support to the flying phoenix building. Flying phoenix building there has stepped onto right track, moreover there Spirit Wine sufficed to sell last a long time, Zhao Hai to did not need to be worried about the there matter, but he gave Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry has sent to many Spirit Wine, these Spirit Wine had part to Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, other large part, to profound clear sect. This is also the meaning that Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, making Zhao Hai be on good terms the profound clear sect with these Spirit Wine, Zhao Hai is also certainly glad happy, can use some liquor, did well relationship with the profound clear sect, he naturally was glad. However in the past he is always closing up, gave Cai'er to process these matters, Cai'er will naturally raise one's wine cup delivers to the place, but she has not actually made an appearance, but however kept the letter to Huang Dao, told Huang Dao however, he was closing up. Closes up regarding cultivator, there are how importantly, that naturally is not no need saying that Huang Dao however has not said anything, conversely, some of his also happy, in the past, he looked Zhao Hai that attentive does business with Zhen Ling, he also really feared that Zhao Hai will put the cart before the horse, in Comprehend the world here, anything is fake, only then cultivation level real, if Zhao Hai to do business, but has left uncultivated own cultivation level, he was really put the cart before the horse.

Huang Dao however there feel relieved, the cross sword edge here situation was also good, in Laura under they several people of arrangements, cross sword edge here everyday will die the person toward the Yalei No. 2 star, is using Undead Creature to make up, after these three months of migration, cross sword edge there, moved to the Yalei No. 2 on-board 1 million people, this is because Louis they must keep secret, therefore reduced the migration specially creates. Naturally is not is also moved to the Yalei No. 2 star there cross sword edge member, is the sincerity, there are many other scouts of influence, their every action and every movement, under the surveillance of Cai'er, presently that person have the change, will immediately be grasped by that person, does not make him reveal point secret about Yalei No. 2 star. But the 6 Realms battlefield there situation was much better, Zhao Hai said to Yuan Jin Gang, he must close up a long time, Yuan Jin Gang naturally will not say anything, but Zhao Hai was not putting a machine domain, no matter, he let Jua Ding Shan and Li Lin their four people have defended in lock mountain defense line there, to prevent some filings young people to come the sneak attack lock mountain defense line. Actually the worry of Zhao Hai also is really somewhat unnecessary, now 6 Realms battlefield there all people know that Zhao Hai is closing up the practice, prepares to attack Transcends Tribulation Stage, before has not obtained Zhao Hai is attacks Transcends Tribulation Stage successful information, they lightly will not lift absurdly, after all has angered Zhao Hai this kind of big Expert, is not the good matter. But these matter Zhao Hai have not participated in many actually, is Cai'er they do, has Cai'er their support, Zhao Hai can in own relieved closing up, but outside matter also processed, silk is not in good order chaotic. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai then feel relieved has carried on closing up of three times, this time he must practice, is these fist and feet Cultivation Method, these types of Cultivation Method respectively are, Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, Dragon Descend Profound Technique, Crouching Tiger Profound Technique, these, Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, strict, cannot be one type of fist and feet Cultivation Method, how he is one increases the strength Cultivation Method, but in Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, increases the strength besides this Mental Technique, is some ordinary fist and feet Cultivation Method, compared with taking off and landing Dragon Tui and crouching tiger fist, missed far, can say that unified the practice these three Cultivation Method, can. The true practice the Body Cultivator attack method, that can regard weapon to use with each part of body, by formidable degree of body, comes to fight with cultivator Magical Artifact, this is Body Cultivator pursues. But Zhao Hai beforehand Tempering Stars Body Technique, absolutely is in Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, most excellent foundation Cultivation Method, in other words, Tempering Stars Body Technique, but made a start, has built the most solid foundation to the body of Zhao Hai, had this foundation, Zhao Hai has been able to practice any Body Cultivator Cultivation Method. Also can say Tempering Stars Body Technique, is a incomparably powerful swaging machine, but Zhao Hai originally is only the a piece iron ore, under this incomparably powerful forging of swaging machine, his body turned into the good steel that a piece has destroyed the hardest defenses, but before Zhao Hai, is only the a piece good steel, he pounds the person with a steel ingot, not necessarily will have the big lethality, because the steel ingot is not weapon, he pursues is not the biggest lethality.

But present Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, Dragon Descend Profound Technique and Crouching Tiger Profound Technique, are actually carrying on later transform to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai from the a piece steel ingot, turned into efficient instrument for murder! Especially Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, this Profound Technique Zhao Hai has not cared most from the beginning, his strength was not small, in his opinion, in practicing this Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, will not have too big doing to use, in adding on fist and feet skill on Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique was really too shallow, a Zhao Hai even/including Xue interest did not have, if were not because before their Cultivation Method was really mysterious, his Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique will not practice possibly. After Zhao Hai has practiced Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique truly, knows that this Profound Technique the place of formidable, this Profound Technique does not amend the practice method like other, needs to hit the ghost strength, Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique actually does not use, he only needs two Hand-Seal, one is karma seal, one is secret Ye seal, only needs in sitting in meditation, forms these two methods, is joined to corresponding Cultivation Method, your strength will increase, finally becomes super strong. After practicing Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique Mental Technique, Zhao Hai was also understand, why fist and feet skill on Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, that shallow, only then a reason, that was a strength falls ten meetings! When the strength big arrives at a certain degree, the good any mysterious style change, in your eyes, is the floating clouds, you change 1000 types in there, you from fight with the fists, you are unable to injure you, but your fist can actually want his life, this is the Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique basis is. *