Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1371

Chapter 297 6 Realms battlefield is not peaceful This Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, has used a lot of time compared with Vajra Profound Technique and six senses Profound Technique, used the Zhao Hai 8864 talents to be cultivate until is complete, but now Zhao Hai can control medium grade Magical Artifact pinching the fragment, a fist got down, feared that was a mountain is also rumbled to put down by him, this was doing of Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique uses. completed the study Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, to be honest, this Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique mysterious degree, distant left the imagination of Zhao Hai, if not he has the Strength of Faith support of capacity for alcohol, this Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, simply impossible completed the study. completed the study Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, Zhao Hai has also been able to relax, the [say / way] of practice, lies in alternates tension with relaxation, only by doing so, you can practice the merit, the death that if has kept practices, finally possibly possessed by the Devil, therefore Zhao Hai each completed the study Cultivation Method, well will repair the rest some time. Also has rested several days, Zhao Hai then starts to practice Dragon Descend Profound Technique, this Dragon Descend Profound Technique is one set falls dragon Leg Technique actually, before the practice falls the dragon footwork, Zhao Hai must practice Hand-Seal, this Hand-Seal Dragon seal, refers to by the right hand depend on the left hand back, the capture left hand palm, summons three times to the left hand body. Reason that must tie this dragon seal, because falling dragon Leg Technique in this Dragon Descend Profound Technique, becomes aware from the posture of dragon line, therefore you must first Xie Long, but this Dragon seal, with evolves to come according to the Buddhism four dragons, the Buddhism four dragons separately are: Defends the day palace, holds to make discontented, in a room is not of dragon looks like \; Two are popular Yun Zhiyu, profit world \; Three earthworms, decide Jiang Kaidu \; Four lie low, defends runner Wang Dafu person to hide. But the Dragon Race leader was called makes Dragon King, this Hand-Seal by from the postures of four dragon, is performing Dragon King powerful energy comprehension, Might incomparably huge, this wants to study to fall dragon Leg Technique, must study Dragon seal first, Dragon Yincheng, but falls Dragon Tuicheng, dragon seal is inadequate, the chart has its shape! Zhao Hai this Dragon seal is not very difficult to study, in adding on Zhao Hai came from the map, takes the dragon as China of totem, therefore he studies this Dragon seal, twice the result with half the effort, therefore this dragon printed him only to use for 6636 days then by practicing, has used then some time, studies to fall dragon Leg Technique, really on Dragon Descend Profound Technique said that has completed study Dragon seal, you were also can fall dragon Leg Technique on equal to, if study inadequate dragon seal, that your falling dragon Leg Technique, on was a chart has nice but false appearance of its shape. After Dragon Descend Profound Technique completed the study, Zhao Hai this time not, but has studied then Crouching Tiger Profound Technique, this Crouching Tiger Profound Technique is also and one set of Fist Technique comprised of Hand-Seal, Hand-Seal is three Hand-Seal unions, these three Hand-Seal separately are, stupa seal, the lotus flower joins the palms in greeting, becomes body Hand-Seal, three Hand-Seal compose, completed the study these three Hand-Seal, may comprehend the essence of crouching tiger Fist Technique, but these three Hand-Seal are not that easy to learn, Zhao Hai has used 49 talent learn, has used then for ten many days familiar crouching tiger Fist Technique. After waiting for learn crouching tiger Fist Technique, Zhao Hai Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, Dragon Descend Profound Technique and Crouching Tiger Profound Technique merges to pass, this used his more than 30 days, waited for Zhao Hai to go out, that to previous time has closed up for five months. Now Laura they some be used to it Zhao Hai such closing up way, they also know that Zhao Hai is practicing one type of extraordinary Divine Art, therefore naturally will not disturb Zhao Hai, is only outside matter processing in good order, this has helped Zhao Hai biggest being busy. Unknowingly, Zhao Hai ascend to machine, more than two years, in the two years, he from a peon, turned into present machine to move a side Expert, but passes through this nearly one year of closing up, now Comprehend the world here, rarely was hearing his information, the people as if doubting to forget him. However this is result that Zhao Hai wants, the people gave to forget him, he can practice relieved, relieved unfolded own influence. Underwent recent several months's relocation, most people of cross sword edge people moved to Yalei No. 2 on-board went, person who left behind, was some Combatant, they remained, to watch the cross sword edge domain.

Now in the cross sword edge domain, Undead Creature are more than living person, the cross sword edge member but who regarding this point, keeps became accustomed, you even can see now that Undead Creature walks with a cross sword edge member in together, together chatted. This in others opinion, simply is inconceivable, however in the cross sword edge domain, actually really lives, because of these cross sword edge members, presently these Undead Creature, is very easy getting along with, moreover these Undead Creature very intelligent, their simply by person command(er), probably is not the normal person is likely same, the speech, the management, studies the operate battleship, operate Mecha, they, this is makes cross sword edge these people feel being startled very. Also because these Undead Creature this all sorts of magical things, can let them with the cross sword edge member, peaceful being together, but also became the good friend. However nearest/recent 6 Realms battlefield there is some are not peaceful, Zhao Hai had nearly one year not to have appears in 6 Realms battlefield there, 6 Realms battlefield there has even changed the a batch new person, these new person naturally don’t know Zhao Hai fierce places, therefore in a machine domain some are not steady, in lock mountain defense line there, some once for a while people will run to disturb, although was given to repel to him by Jua Ding Shan, but this also makes the several other Realms person wilder, they think that Zhao Hai not appears , or will think Zhao Hai not to dare appears , will therefore lock mountain defense line here Causing trouble many of more and more, even their several received several times to injure including Li Lin. Cai'er they watch, at heart, their very clear, Zhao Hai very cares regarding lock mountain defense line there anxiously, because not only he now is machine 6 Realms battlefield Supreme Elder, but also because of Xiong Li they in there. Xiong Li they will serve in lock mountain defense line there for three years, they also do not have Zhao Hai such strength, can in carrying on the 6 Realms battlefield does not have how long, makes, if big reputation, becomes Supreme Elder, they are still only small soldier, moreover in the lock mountain defense line there service, there, but machine domain most dangerous place, if Xiong Li they had an accident, that Cai'er they thought that they do not have the means to Zhao Hai explain/transfer, when several times has the prestige danger, their release these and big pangolin of Jua Ding Shan practice exited to break through, like this others only think that Jua Ding Shan was leading pangolin Monster Race Helps lock mountain defense line here, will not think of Zhao Hai. Happen to at this time, Zhao Hai went out, Cai'er told Zhao Hai this situation hastily, Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but has selected eyebrow said : oh? This matter? It seems like this person of too long time does not move, but also really on nobody you, when dish? Ok, it seems like I must go to the 6 Realms battlefield extension.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in the Vajra camp, Vajra camp here is still Yuan Jin Gang Boss, but walked several old person, came several new people. Zhao Hai appears in Vajra camp here, happen to was seen by a new person, that new person looks at Zhao Hai Magic Robe, the common appearance, has cannot help but gawked, but he looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, immediately has recognized Zhao Hai, must know Zhao Hai, but machine all the idols of person of practice, but one of the person of also Zhao Hai adorers, therefore has recognized Zhao Hai. Sees Zhao Hai, how that person of excited don’t know has handled, has gawked some little time, this turns the head to shout that said : Zhao Hai Supreme Elder came, what Zhao Hai Supreme Elder came......” to shout was shouts oneself hoarse, Zhao Hai could not bear smile bitterly. To be honest, such is first time there is him such called him, his some have not been familiar with. However that person of this throat has also alarmed the entire Vajra camp, Yuan Jin Gang they walked out from own room. Sees Zhao Hai, Yuan Jin Gang they stares first, then great happiness, half step has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, one grasped him, then laughs. Xiong Li their also very happy, comes to greet with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai greeted with several people separately, some little time people calm.

Yuan Jin Gang immediately that several new people introduced that to Zhao Hai, that several new people were a face excited appearance, Zhao Hai chatted several with several people, they calm slowly. Some little time the people were exchange conventional greetings, Zhao Hai they entered the conference room with Yuan Jin Gang, after sitting down, Zhao Hai turned the head to Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, my these time went out ahead of time, was because heard that finally the several other Realms person was very wild, always ran up to lock mountain defense line here to disturb, therefore I went out to come to see, waited to solve the here matter, I must go back to close up.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but somewhat anxious said : this, Little Hai, this won't affect your practice? Do you such ahead of time go out will not have the matter?” Yuan Jin Gang also has to be anxious, the person of closing up, most death anniversary disturbs, if Zhao Hai because of the 6 Realms battlefield here matter, but ahead of time went out, has harmed own practice, that may on some gaines does not equal the loss. Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, the practice also needs to rest, happen to comes out to relax, what's the matter? Why did the several other Realms fellow, suddenly run over to cause trouble?” Yuan Jin Gang coldly snorted said : „is also not because person in recent time does not have appears , these fellows think that you not in 6 Realms battlefield here, courage big, runs up to our partly controls area there to cause trouble, moreover runs up to lock mountain defense line here to come several times, but was repelled.” Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but sinks, coldly snorted said : looks like these fellows is records to eat really does not record to hit, these time must let their long memory.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, Vajra fort here sound of suddenly warning has made a sound, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then the frown selects, shows a faint smile said : well, this does not fear death also really dares to come unexpectedly.” Yuan Jin Gang sneers said : in recent time, the several other Realms person, comes our machine here, suddenly frequent, possibly is they thinks that he had one in the past by the air/Qi that you suppressed.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to walk, goes to have a look, what these time comes is that person.” Said, when went out of conference room first, flies toward the Vajra fort outside. The warning in although Vajra fort has sounded, but that was not representing Vajra fort here by person attack, but some people touched machine partly to control the warning in area, if some people came attack Vajra fort here, the warning of that Vajra fort was not this sound. Zhao Hai already felt that person in that after cultivating Six-senses Purification Profound Technique, Zhao Hai spiritual force formidable, even if not need Space to remind, he can also feel that invades machine partly to control the person in area in there. Zhao Hai flies in that direction, before long saw ten cultivator in there unscrupulously in machine partly controls in the area to fly, flight is not quick, probably is strolling own back garden to be the same.

Zhao Hai flew that several person front hundred meters places to halt slowly, these person although were also a cultivator appearance, but on several Yin Qi was dense, understood at a glance that was not the good bird, it seems like several people were Demon Realm people, but cultivate until of these ten people were not low, was only Infant Stage time Expert has three, remaining seven were also Core Formation time Expert. These Demon Realm cultivator saw that Zhao Hai has also gawked, but they do not have what fear expression, each and every one stopped, then smiling is sizing up Zhao Hai, when they see clearly the Zhao Hai appearance, their complexion actually changed. Zhao Hai in the past, the scenery that vigor, how several people possibly did not know him, therefore these people see Zhao Hai, immediately recognized him to come. In which Infant Stage time cultivator, first is complexion changes, then slowly restored calm, look at Zhao Hai said : that on the face has also revealed sneering Zhao Hai, you gave up finally, the old man sought your for a long time.” Zhao Hai look at that person of said : oh? My can Zhao Hai make your excellency so keep thinking unexpectedly? Hasn't consulted your excellency is that?” That person of look at Zhao Hai, traces own beard, ease said : old man blood Ying Linglie!” Zhao Hai one hear of this names, two eyes cannot help but shrinks said : „you are that slaughters ten thousand babies, Ling Lie who practices the Life Source Magical Artifact blood infant? HaHaHa, good, fantastic, I already wanted except you, but nearest/recent, because closes up the practice, for a while does not have the time, has not actually thought that you did walk in unexpectedly? Good, this arrived has saved my many trouble, you die today, I must make Undead Creature you.” Ling Lie listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but had a good laugh said : HaHaHa, good, the old man saw Zhao Hai finally is any elegant demeanor, the strength was not much, the boasting skill was actually a first, old man today you.” The hand wields, blood red Scimitar appears in in his hand, then his hand proceeds to wield, Scimitar departs from his hand, direct Zhao Hai cuts! If this Scimitar the blood red demon shade is together common, flashes arrived at the Zhao Hai side, on his neck cuts directly, this is very famous Scimitar, the known as blood shade blade, is Ling Lie weapon that likes using, this recognizes attack characteristics very good of blade, is a quick character, the blade leaves head to fall, sees only the blood shade not to see the blade, this is also the origin of this blade reputation! This is also Ling Lie refines the blood shade blade, but refinement method, very special, performs the person Blood Refining system with the one type of known as Wu Xuegang steel products, this person of blood is also not the blood of common average person, must be 100 virgin's blood, in other words, to refine this blade, the ice must kill 100 girls fiercely, how cruel that. *