Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1372

Blood shade blade extremely fast, blade light flashes, arrived at Zhao Hai neck there, but why don’t know, saw that this blade must cut on Zhao Hai neck, but Zhao Hai response also no Ling Lie, suddenly has a restlessness. His very clear, Zhao Hai hard anti- Huang Dao attack however, does not have unearned reputation absolutely, he said in the past has closed up, but in his opinion, possibly was Zhao Hai received very heavy wound, needs to heal from a wound.[. .com] However now Zhao Hai came out, only then two possibilities \; first, his wound was completely good, two are he forcefully goes out, no matter that one type of is possible, his impossible response not to have, this little cannot really be justified. When he is puzzled, actually presently Zhao Hai moves, has grasped on the blood shade blade, that blood shade blade in struggling that Zhao Hai in hand keeps, is means does not have. Zhao Hai looked at a blood shade blade, coldly snorted said : „is really an demon soldier, Ling Lie Ling Lie, today I actually am forgive you not to.” The Zhao Hai body toward the throat, the foot proceeds to tread, a move of very simple progress clashes the fist, but this fist causes now at Zhao Hai in hand, actually completely is not that a matter, sees the Zhao Hai two eyes circle to open the eyes, such as angry glare Vajra, whole body, the white radiance twinkle, radiance of this white is not dazzling, instead to the person the feeling of one type of fair and honest peaceful, wants the exorcize demons clothing/taking monster on feeling same obtaining enlightenment High Monk! Zhao Hai this fist is not an ordinary fist, this fist uses the crouching tiger to fight with the fists, a fist strike leaves, imposing manner like the tiger, was adding on Zhao Hai to practice Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, this fist strike strength, Qi Strength was formidable arrives at the extreme. However this fist is not constantly only knows with the brute force, in this fist is also having many changes, Ling Lie wants to hide is impossible. Ling Lie also present this point, looks at this situation, he does not dare to neglect, mouth, a baby drops the sound of crying from his mouth, the weeping sound of this baby, not only does not have a baby that clear adorable feeling, instead to is passing the endless hate, endless gloomy, one hear of this weeping sounds, let person braving cold air of the outward from bottom of the heart. With weeping sound, blood red baby appears in Ling Lie the front, this baby long very adorable, but the body of that blood red , in adding on eyes of blood red , in that seemed to be that innumerable injustice soul are calling out. Baby appears , immediately is a keenly blowing, together sound o, immediately welcomed toward Zhao Hai fist force on, then around his body, appears the tentacles of innumerable blood red , these tentacles have composed a huge blood red fist, welcomed toward Zhao Hai fist force on! Ling Lie knows that Zhao Hai this fist, he wants to hide cannot shunt, he can only meet hardly, now he only hopes that he can receive Zhao Hai this fist.

That sound that Bang a dull thumping sound, the blood infant comes out o, shouldered in front of Zhao Hai fist force, but that if o a paper is the same, had been ripped open by Zhao Hai fist force easily, afterward Zhao Hai fist force welcomed blood infant that fist comprised of the tentacle. The Boom! Zhao Hai strength and fist of blood infant hit in together, blood infant a pitiful yell, was been loose by a Zhao Hai fist strike, fist force reduced, one hit on Ling Lie the body. Bang, Ling Lie the body will fly in the future, but also in in midair, his blood has spurted, look at Zhao Hai that his two eyes circle opens, hissing said : you Transcends Tribulation......” words had not spoken, his first one crooked, the body downward falls, obviously by a Zhao Hai fist killing, moreover his body, when downward falls, presents the one type of very unusual posture, Bone of his whole body unexpectedly hitting crushes by Zhao Hai this fist. Zhao Hai wields, called returned to Ling Lie in Space, then how many Demon Realm people turned the head look at that sneered said : what? everybody? Was is too not serious our machine? To come to come, wants to walk walks? I do not have the time to manage you, you have actually been enthusiastic, happen, I butchered you today, these dare to hit the people in our machine Realm Master intent to know that machine, is not the back garden of their family!” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, throws toward that several. But that several Demon Realm people, were actually to regret now, they did not think understand, why came machine here, has met unexpectedly Zhao Hai this evil star, blood Ying Linglie, that was also in Demon Realm, became famous by long Infant Stage time Expert, but now is given unexpectedly by Zhao Hai one move wonderfully, they in the Zhao Hai eye, that were also not dish. However now Zhao Hai gives them an explanation opportunity not to have continually, attacked directly, several people also can only take up weapon to come rebel. However how many people somewhat lack confidence, because they just heard Ling Lie those words, Transcends Tribulation, was Zhao Hai unexpectedly Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert? Thinks of here, several people felt that their neck is cool. Zhao Hai has not actually managed their many, he happen to makes one to try the hand with these people, practices his crouching tiger fist and falls Dragon Jiao. In Comprehend the world here, fist and feet Cultivation Method not very popular, but also many people practice, but on according to Buddhist Sect fist and feet skill most.

according to legend is because Buddhist Sect inherited antiquity Body Cultivator some essence, therefore their fist and feet skill so will understand that has plenty in Buddhist Sect disciple that amateur moves, general time, opposes the enemy by fist and feet skill, obviously they to own fist and feet skill how has the self-confidence. But Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique of Zhao Hai use, the crouching tiger fist and falls dragon tui, is Righteous Sect Buddhist Sect skill, in has Strength of Faith blessing/additional support of capacity for alcohol in addition, coordination of Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, after adding on Zhao Hai Infant Stage, Spiritual Qi of quality of material big change, all these all, compared with Cultivation World here Infant Stage time Expert in don’t know many, even if these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, will not have such allowance. However Zhao Hai fights with the remaining these people, for how experiments, therefore his under Assassin that own skill practices, has not attacked dozens most from the beginning, Zhao Hai knows that own strength, Zhao Hai believes that now will be will not suffer a loss to Huang Dao however him, if he practiced 18 Arhat Profound Technique, that he on did not need to fear that Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, feared that was Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator is not his match. To this time, Zhao Hai did not have the mood to pester with that several Demon Realm Expert, moreover all around came to see a lively various Realm people to be also many, was the time should set up the prestige. Zhao Hai suddenly receives the offensive, stopped, but that several Demon Realm cultivator, actually does not dare to neglect, their side has several Magical Artifact to revolve, vigilant look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at these people, showed a faint smile said : well everybody, I also played enough, should deliver you to start off, everybody walked, remembers that next time the trick will put the highlight!” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, the flash has ejected five fist four feet. Nine Qi Strength minutes strike Demon Realm these nine people, that nine people also think rebel, but their there meets under the Zhao Hai five fist four feet, several people were killed at the scene. These run to come to see the lively person to look at this situation, was startled, they have not seen beforehand Zhao Hai and an ice fierce war, they come time, only saw that Zhao Hai and Demon Realm that several people fight, Zhao Hai has not used Magical Artifact, only uses fist and feet skill, can by an enemy nine, this make them be startled, their ten thousand never expected, just Zhao Hai was actually experimenting own Martial arts. Now looks among Zhao Hai raise a hand and throw a foot, extinguished Demon Realm that several people, these people are startled extremely. Zhao Hai turned the head to sweep these person of one, coldly snorted said : everybody, do not challenge my patience, I did not come out not to represent no matter the matter of 6 Realms battlefield, next time in disturbing to practice below, do not blame me to impolite.” The personal appearance moves, vanishes in lock mountain defense line here. But continuously in one side look at Zhao Hai big invincible might Yuan Jin Gang they, although also being startled, but more is actually proud, they also looked at these to run up to machine partly to control these person of one of the area, turn around fly toward the lock mountain defense line on. several other Realms came to see the lively person to look at one mutually, saw an alarmed and afraid intent from the opposite party eye, they have not thought really that the Zhao Hai strength was unexpectedly tyrannical to this degree.

Longhai of Infant Stage time does cultivator by cultivator said : to him, you say the Zhao Hai present strength strong? That how many Demon Realm cultivator strengths are not weak, so was unexpectedly relaxed is tidied up? He also really worthily is under Transcends Tribulation the first person of that.” That Longhai has smiled bitterly next step: Gu Pingxiong, your too underestimated that Zhao Hai, but also under Transcends Tribulation the first person, even if Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, is impossible that simply how many Demon Path cultivator receives to snatch that? Before Zhao Hai, begins in verifying own fist and feet skill, if he begins most from the beginning, their simply has not supported possibly now, I Zhao Hai currently certainly had the Transcends Tribulation Stage strength, feared that is now he to on Huang Dao however, will suffer a loss not necessarily.” ancient stares evenly, face turning the head look at Longhai said : with amazement Zhao Hai really such? Can't? He and Huang Dao however fights, in the past also less than one year, was his strength increased?” „The evening that Longhai forced smile said : Gu Pingxiong you come, you had not seen, Zhao Hai in xxx fights before these, but also has a war with Demon Realm blood Ying Linglie, he has only used a fist, only one fist, Ling Lie killing, even even/including Linglie the Life Source blood infants gave to break, Ling Liegeng had been destroyed the skeleton of whole body by him, but Ling Lie before, said at the point of death personally, Zhao Hai already Transcends Tribulation.” The sound that they spoke was not small, all around all was Expert, even if were their in a low voice dead/die language, these people could hear, do not say like the present speaks. Heard Longhai saying that all around has heard sound of the inspiration, Gu Pinggeng was face big change look at Longhai said : „the Longhai brother, our a bit faster leave here, if annoyed the wool really Zhao Hai, that has troubled, was right, starting today, should we call Zhao Hai Daoist/actual person?” Longhai has smiled bitterly next step: who knew, Zhao Hai does not have recognize in any case now, we do not want good of inconsiderately shout, is not excellent right that said that we are a bit faster leave.” Said that puts down their turn around to fly toward the distant place with, but several other Realms these people, has made with their same movements, turn around flies toward other places, does not dare to keep here. ro!.