Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1373

Yuan Jin Gang their returned to Vajra camp time, the Zhao Hai mark in the Vajra camp, he sharply returned to Space, in any case these time has not been coming out to also relax, must rest well, they cannot meet with Yuan Jin Gang, chatting well is also good. Yuan Jin Gang they also really think that Zhao Hai walked, now looks at Zhao Hai also, their very happy, Zhao Hai naturally will be impolite, has put out much delicious, drinks with people together.[. .com] Zhao Hai, Yuan Jin Gang, Wuyang and Xiong Li several people with Zhao Hai one table, after having drunk two glasses of liquor, Yuan Jin Gang look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you now really already Transcends Tribulation?” Yuan Jin Gang these words, making the dining room in entire Vajra fort one arrange, all person look at Zhao Hai, Ling Lie the words, they heard, at that time Ling Lie was said clearly, Zhao Hai already Transcends Tribulation. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shook the head said : not to have, I to Transcends Tribulation, am being Cultivation Method that because practices is special, therefore Might will be bigger, I do not have Transcends Tribulation.” Yuan Jin Gang they nodded, but can look, they are very disappointed, this cannot blame them, after all machine does not have appears Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, this is their a piece worries. Zhao Hai will certainly not say with them that his present strength was similar to Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, he told Yuan Jin Gang him not to have Transcends Tribulation, actually wants through Yuan Jin Gang their mouths, to go to this information release, lets the several other Realms person not in that the notes he. Melted was just honest was less than one year, made such big matter. If making it several people think that his Transcends Tribulation has succeeded, that was needless saying that he will be advanced the crest of wave crest to come up, now Zhao Hai does not want like this, he also to prepare relieved 18 Arhat Profound Technique cultivate completely. However he wants also to need more than one year of time 18 Arhat Profound Technique cultivate completely minimum, these days, he does not hope that own rear area any matter, does not hope Yalei 2nd to be able with the pirate paradise there matter by the person present. But what Zhao Hai don’t know is, after Zhao Hai has tidied up Demon Realm that several people, now outside had been widely known that he Transcends Tribulation successful information, this information immediately has made in 6 Realms High level be widely known, at once, vanished quick one year of Zhao Hai, in one time entered the line of sight of 6 Realms High level. When the Zhao Hai leave lock mountain defense line, Yuan Jin Gang they received the question of machine High level, the content of question naturally is Zhao Hai becomes Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person. Yuan Jin Gang their[ answered] case naturally negative, Zhao Hai personally recognize he was not Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person, Cultivation Method that he practiced was somewhat special, therefore so will be strong. This information to is makes 6 Realms High level Zhao Hai attaching great importance to degree put slightly lightly, but under Zhao Hai this Transcends Tribulation the first person of reputation, was actually solid, 6 Realms High level also recognize.

But besides 6 Realms High level, 6 Realms battlefield there, the several other Realms person, had a nickname to Zhao Hai, this nickname is because Zhao Hai likes using the non- life and death to live to come, the several other Realms person, because of this matter, had a very resounding nickname to Zhao Hai, Yama! Zhao Hai also knew certainly this nickname, but he has not cared, the nickname is others gives, moreover this nickname is not one layer is also invariable, before he liked using Undead Creature not to be fake, that was because his strength was insufficient, needed Undead Creature to help, therefore these people called him Yama, but if one day, he weren't using Undead Creature? Will these people also call him Yama? In fact currently Zhao Hai has not been using the idea of Undead Creature, because of him presently, these Undead Creature can also provide the service of Faith to him, Strength of Faith that even these Undead Creature provide to him, are more than ordinary person, but also is pure. The average people after all are the person, they will have their small thoughts, but Undead Creature is different, Undead Creature by Space complete surrendering, Zhao Hai was made them commit suicide, they will give to shiver their head without demur, Strength of Faith that therefore they can provide to Zhao Hai is naturally purer. Strength of Faith that is provided by Undead Creature, besides pure, characteristics, that is special has attack xing, this is also Zhao Hai nearest/recent present. Like Demon Race, God Race, Beastman Race, Undead Creature, these races, to Strength of Faith that Zhao Hai provides, has strong attack xing, uses on attack, compared with other Strength of Faith formidable some. But like Elven Race, Dwarf Race, Human Race, Sea Race and other races, Strength of Faith that they can provide, suiting uses on the practice and improvement body. This presently arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, he has not thought, this Strength of Faith, unexpectedly also so many changes. However Zhao Hai has not been caring about this matter, this Strength of Faith, no matter suits attack also good, suits the practice good, its this regarding him, affects is not very big, this so-called suits attack and suits the practice, only then a little very slight difference, probably is being you, as soon as fights with the fists to have 100 jin (0.5 kg) strength, with you, as soon as fights with the fists to have disparities between 99 jin (0.5 kg) 92 strength to be the same, disparity like this is dull by ignoring. Zhao Hai returned to Space, accompanied Laura their several days, then started to get ready to practice 18 Profound Technique, Zhao Hai these time has chosen Cosmos Profound Technique, Cosmos Profound Technique was in entire 18 Arhat Profound Technique, sole leisurely technique Profound Technique. But this leisurely technique Profound Technique the Zhao Hai imagination is more complex, entire Profound Technique comprised of type six Hand-Seal, Hand-Seal known as void nose seal, intent is the meaning of void hiding, Hand-Seal one is: Ties Vajra to tie up seal, two hands refers to counter- pressed such as the valuable shape, the thumb and vertical stroke is careful. In this Vajra ties up for outside ties up, this is void storehouse pu basic seal.

Hand-Seal two are: Joins the palms in greeting modestly, by two thumbs and tunes, inserts in the palm, this is the embryo conceal Department void conceal. Hand-Seal three are: The right hand five fingers damp to extend upwardly, the index finger and thumb twist, such as twists the fragrant shape, the index finger second curve, but first unbends as far as possible, or the right hand makes the fist, the index finger and thumb twists such as the valuable shape. Hand-Seal four are: Gathers modestly inferior, two index fingers bend under two middle fingers, the thumb enters in the palm. Hand-Seal five are: Joins the palms in greeting modestly, in index finger Qu Ruzhang, on two index finger Qu Fu index fingers. Hand-Seal six are: Before void conceal secret Ye seal with. Outside both hands ties up, two index finger to become Baoxing, Two thumbs exist side by side, put to go against. This six seal for void storehouse seal of one set, so long as practices six seal, that Zhao Hai also practices Cosmos Profound Technique. Why said in Buddhist Sect Martial arts, does one practice with Hand-Seal? Actually this has relationship with the Buddhist Sect doing missionary work way, Buddhist Sect exquisite one is sudden enlightenment, sudden enlightenment, may prove Bodhisattva, sudden enlightenment, may become the fruits of virtue. Then Buddhist Sect High Monk, thing that also with the big wisdom, comes these sudden enlightenment, evolves Hand-Seal, when Zhao Hai forms Hand-Seal, he[ body] in spirit body and Strength of Faith, will be affected by Hand-Seal, thus defers to different Profound Technique use the cultivation method, natural revolution. No matter any Martial arts, so long as the use the cultivation method is correct, how your understand this Martial arts will use, seems like walks maze to be the same, drew advancing to you route, you naturally know how walks, so simple. Actually Buddhist Sect Hand-Seal, on equal to is the law of one type of filling top in disguised form, during the Buddhist Sect inheritance, there is a one type of inheritance is raises * fills the law of top, studies a oneself institute, the life becomes aware, through filling the law of top, passes to other people, but this Hand-Seal is actually the law of one type of filling top in disguised form, he does not have law of that overbearing official filling top, actually during is Buddhist Sect inherits, a gate essential part. But this Cosmos Profound Technique, is actually in Profound Technique that Zhao Hai studies most difficult one, in the practice, Zhao Hai has become aware, this Cosmos Profound Technique, is actually nearly in one type of Space Spell, this Spell, has in fact used strength of the part of Space, by oneself can the calm onset and retreat in void, like this opposes the enemy, naturally can hide in void, opposes the enemy, but struck fatally. If only this, that Zhao Hai Space can also achieve, however Zhao Hai Space that is the strength of pure Space, but this Cosmos Profound Technique, does not belong to the strength of complete Space, if Expert, he can feel that migration of Zhao Hai, that is, this Cosmos Profound Technique wonderful on is wonderful in a storehouse character, hides oneself body in void, this is the Cosmos Profound Technique essence.

Left beyond a storehouse character, this Cosmos Profound Technique a little, that is this Body-maneuvering Technique at will randomly has not put on, but unified Buddhist Sect Great Formation, in the rule according to carries on the void leisurely technique. Naturally this although has certain rule, but is not dies, compared with saying in also had the left, right, before, latter and other routes, if according to the Great Formation correct move, you should turn left, but you can also turn right, so long as you in Great Formation, you have been able[ from] by the change route, this let this leisurely technique multi- child's infinite change. This hides Hand-Seal void, bill the Zhao Hai 9x9 = 81 day, is practice is complete, was the change were too mainly many, even if had the help of Space, Zhao Hai must realize from experience carefully turns is good. Therefore Zhao Hai these time closed up has used for more than 90 days, after going out, Zhao Hai was relaxed well, paid attention to the outside world situation. Now outside world knows that his fierce, 6 Realms battlefield there stopped, but Yalei 2nd there has also stepped onto right track, after Maggie and Louis they contact, the outer space base that Yalei 2nd resulting in started to construct, the outer defense line that this is Yalei 2nd resulting, must construct, if not construct well, that Yalei No. 2 star looks like has not put on the woman of clothes, anybody wants, can carry on with ease, not any stop, this, but is incorrect, regarding Yalei No. 2 star show not any advantage. But pirate paradise there cross sword edge headquarters, was retained, but there many beforehand common people residences had been demolished, in cross sword edge here, cannot see the woman, the child and old person, except for few cross sword edge member, turned into Undead Creature. Now cross sword edge here has also lifted the blockade, but the has plenty place forbids other people, outside person wants the person contact with cross sword edge, to the place that cross sword edge assigns, then the person who remains behind by cross sword edge is meeting, for is fears these Undead Creature presently.!.