Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1374

Zhen Ling static sitting above praying mat, is sitting Huang Dao in her opposite however, position that they are at now, is Mt. Feifeng, this Mt. Feifeng original known as color Yunling, is the ancestor of Zhen produces, on this mountain originally produces the profound iron ore, but in the profound iron ore is mined now up, now this mountain became the headquarters of Zhen is. On this mountain besides the profound iron ore, secret, that on this mountain, Spirit Vein, one is not very Advanced level Spirit Vein, only calculates to be level Spirit Vein . Moreover the Spirit Vein letter sets very remotely, is adding on Zhen to use Magic Formation, Spirit Vein Spirit Vein locking, therefore bystander simply has not known that here also has place Spirit Vein.[. .com] Underwent Zhen dozens generations of management, in this Mt. Feifeng can be said as formation is densely covered, adding on the mining stone before the innumerable mine tunnels that digs, in the mine tunnel is equipped with mechanism and formation, the entire Mt. Feifeng is it can be said that impregnable, does not compare some level Sect difference. Because of Huang Dao however with relationship of Zhen, therefore he locates in Zhen that generally the Spirit Vein there practice, this Spirit Vein here besides having Huang Dao however this Expert, several Infant Stage time Expert that Zhen Clan train sit, here is the elder hall of Zhen, all the elders of Zhen practice in here. In these people, takes certainly Huang Dao however as \; first, Huang Dao strength however, two because of Huang Dao however with relationship of Zhen, originally Huang Dao however because of the face of Zhen, but became the Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder, now he is not Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat long old, naturally became Supreme Elder of Zhen, is extraordinary in the status of Zhen. Zhen Ling look at Huang Dao however said : Uncle Huang, has prepared to the Zhao Hai member money, but does not have the means to contact with him now. Do you look?” Huang Dao however shaking the head said : of gently nearest/recent Little Hai is practicing these days, although in the past his appears in 6 Realms battlefield there, but that also to frighten evildoer, wants to come to close up now, the time that this Little Hai closes up is very long, possibly is practicing any Cultivation Method. We not disturb him to well.” The Zhen Ling look at Huang Dao appearance however, deep voice said : Uncle Huang, the Zhao Hai strength is getting stronger and stronger, if he really has become Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, you said that he can cope with us in turn?” Huang Dao however look at Zhen Ling shows a faint smile said : small plume. Your feel relieved was good, Little Hai is not such person, I know that you are in the market many years, looked at the countenance of these people, therefore you will not believe you easily. But Little Hai contacts with you also on that twice. You had not known about him, but your feel relieved, Little Hai absolutely is not that person who you imagine.” Zhen Ling puzzled look at Huang Dao however, her some do not understand, Huang Dao however so is why confident to Zhao Hai, Huang Dao however look at Zhen Ling. Shows a faint smile said : small plume, Cultivation World here is the weak are the prey to the strong. Is gets angry Wuqing/ruthless, however in this place. Also is easy appears very heavy person who the sentiment looks, Zhao Hai can for the lock mountain defense line there person, refute with me directly, can look from this point, he is a very heavy sentimental person, moreover now he and our benefits unite in together, he is my disciple, although I have not taught him in name any thing, but this status, can actually move in Cultivation World here by him, must do business with you, if he suddenly turns hostile Wuqing/ruthless, starts to cope our, that they on have not based in Cultivation World here. What most important is, currently he also has the profound clear sect with us is cooperation relationship, do not think that with the profound clear sect cooperation is any good deed, the profound clear sect can provide the protection not to be fake for us, but they, if gets angry, that is quicker than anyone, if Zhao Hai gets angry with us, that profound clear sect will certainly not let off him, when the time comes feared that is he in machine there, was also very difficult to have foothold.” Zhen Ling cannot help but nodded, Huang Dao however said is very reasonable, she then the one type of view very approves of regarding Huang Dao, does business these many years, she does not believe other, she only believes the benefit, before she when made the Pink Clouds Pavilion porch main, opposed on the has plenty person most from the beginning, since he became the Pink Clouds Pavilion porch main, can bring huge drawing bonus every year to these people, these drew bonus, making on these person of although mouths still oppose him, did not have extremely in worrying to move, because she used the benefit tying up these people on own War Chariot/Tank. But now she and Zhao Hai cooperates, for is also the benefit, she does not believe that Zhao Hai however will regard Master Huang Dao, they also hit to live to kill before, among suddenly Huang Dao however said that made Zhao Hai do obeisance his teacher, Zhao Hai really has done obeisance, how many can the Master and Disciple friendship of here surface have? Is is very dubious.

The Huang Dao however look at Zhen Ling appearance, cannot help but sighed at heart, he did not hope to see Zhen Ling really like present this appearance, Zhen Ling too does not believe the person now, in her eyes, only then the benefit, was not good. Why Huang Dao however also knows Zhen Ling to be able this appearance, because Zhen Ling does business was too long, Cultivation World here Merchant, various methods nothing which is not use it , the back sentences is the potluck, can say that Zhen Ling these years, sees is human nature ugliest side, therefore she was not believing human nature, he only believed the benefit. Huang Dao however deep voice said : small plume, I hope that you with Little Hai can being together well, the body of Little Hai this person, person no thing of has plenty Cultivation World, he be able to come up in ascend are about two years, makes these many matters, makes big reputation such, that absolutely accidentally, moreover in machine there, his everywhere friend, previous time in lock mountain defense line there, the person of entire lock mountain defense line, is willing to go all out with me with him, what on can look from this point comes out Little Hai is person, these year you contact. The people, are some benefit yu to smoke the disciple of heart, you should contact with Little Hai.” Zhen Ling has not opposed the Huang Dao words however, but nodded said : is, Uncle Huang feel relieved, I will, how does that Little Hai member money need to process?” Huang Dao however shows a faint smile said : you to use first and that's the end, does not need to be polite with him, he will not say anything.” Zhen Ling nodded, then her does deep voice to Huang Dao however said : Uncle Huang, how you say the Little Hai present strength? Doesn't he have Transcends Tribulation really?” Huang Dao however nodded said : „to come this matter Little Hai not to lie, he should not arrive at Transcends Tribulation Stage, Cultivation Method that but he practices also is really very special, I still cannot distinguish to the present, Cultivation Method that he practices is any attribute. However he does not have to study the Cultivation World attack method probably systematically, his flying sword attack although is eternally changing, but always appears some disorderly.” Zhen Ling nodded said : looks like Zhao Hai certainly is the reason that because amends the practice method, within the short time, there is a such achievement, but don’t know this Cultivation Method must come from there.” Huang Dao however nodded said : „. His Cultivation Method whence, truly some strange, must say that he brings from Lower Realm, somewhat cannot actually be justified, in Lower Realm there. simply is impossible to have formidable such amends the practice method, matter that but he from ascend Cultivation World to the present, does, is almost traceable, he impossible to come up not long after in ascend. Found so formidable Cultivation Method. This matter to really somewhat strange.” Zhen Ling knitting the brows head, deep voice said : this truly is somewhat strange, but gets down according to such show, Uncle Huang, you said that these people can look for Little Hai?” One hear of Zhen Ling said that Huang Dao face however cannot help but changes. Did he knit the brows said : these people? Should unable? Cultivation World here, even if the profound clear sect. Also several cannot have several people to settle on by these people, is Little Hai competent?”

Zhen Ling look at Huang Dao appearance however. Shows a faint smile said : Uncle Huang, you said to look, entire Comprehend the world, how many people there are able like Little Hai, ascend is about two years, dares to refute with you directly? If he does not have the qualifications, that who is entitled?” Huang Dao however frowns said : „, but didn't Little Hai have Transcends Tribulation now? Also right, the Little Hai strength is placed in there, although does not have Transcends Tribulation, but by his strength, but also could stare really by these, before probably did not have a machine person, settled on by these people, Little Hai also really may becomes first is selected.” Zhen Ling nodded „the person who said : hears select, but very dangerous, Uncle Huang, are you in the past selected?” Huang Dao however nodded, sighed said : select far more than was dangerous that I was Transcends Tribulation successful time just, was selected, had been selected by them, although only went for two months, actually received the twice wound, three times was the severe wound, almost cannot restore.” Zhen did Ling knit the brows said : so to be really dangerous?” Huang Dao however forced smile said : is more dangerous, can go to there that you imagine, worst is also Infant Stage time Expert, moreover in hand has the unique skill, even if has bumped into Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, will not fall on leeward that our Comprehend the world here, has these Monk top, feared that will be more miserable.” Zhen Ling frowns said : really what to do, if Little Hai did look to be possible by these people? If he had an accident, our business will be affected greatly.” Huang Dao however sighed said : only to hope that the Little Hai nearest/recent strength can be promoted, this most at least he protected oneself, these people must summon the person, nobody could not dare, did not have that influence to dare not to release people.” Zhen Ling knit the brows said : Uncle Huang, we should want to select the means now, if Little Hai real accident , were too big to our influences.” , but Huang Dao however smiles bitterly, said : could have any means that Little Hai now for Spirit Wine that we provided, Spirit Wine that thing was no one can take, Little Hai said that produces on that planet that he obtained, this several days I found the person to inquire, that planet that he obtained was not his, was he altogether has with several friends, moreover now on that planet also not who, most important was, the survival of that planet simply not suitable humanity, I want Little Hai certain not to tell the truth, these Spirit Wine certain impossible was he. That planet produces, he not easily said the Spirit Wine habitat, after all the Spirit Wine profit was too big.” Zhen Ling also nodded, regarding this point, she is also understandable, the Spirit Wine profit is too big, if she, she will not tell others, that feared that person is his partner.

Huang Dao however has smiled bitterly next step: These time was these people wants to summon Little Hai in the past, that must wait for Little Hai to go out is good, when Little Hai went out, he can inform my, when the time comes we made him leave behind some liquor and that's the end, your there sales volume control, is believing that this Little Hai went out, the strength will certainly be promoted, even if goes to there, what also will not have major problem, I to him very confident.” Zhen Ling nodded, deep voice said : that good, now also can only only, Uncle Huang, I first walk, if Zhao Hai came, one side you must make me see with him.” Huang Dao however nodded, Zhen Ling then stands, to Huang Dao however gave a salute, turn around walked, the Huang Dao however look at Zhen Ling back, is sighs said : to hope that Little Hai strength time can be promoted, otherwise......” spoke of here he also to sigh, did not have the means to say. Huang Dao however with Zhen plume the turns the dialog, actually recording has gotten down by Cai'er, Cai'er very pays attention to Huang Dao however their there, after all machine here does not have who to threaten Zhao Hai, but Huang Dao however there is different, Huang Dao however is a Cultivation World people, moreover he called the friend with Feng Bai(Hundred Winds), Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called is the elder of profound clear sect, the back had profound clear sect big influence, now Huang Dao however was not one has threatened to Zhao Hai, but profound clear was actually, therefore Cai'er continuously very attention collection Huang Dao however there information. But today Huang Dao however with the dialog of Zhen plume, actually several times mentioned a place, but that place returns very dangerous, even if were became pass through time Daoist/actual person Huang Dao however went to there, in two months received the several times wound, such place was really too dangerous, but Zhao Hai might be summoned there very much, this regarding Zhao Hai was not good information. What most important is, Huang Dao however also mentioned a point, in Comprehend the world here, his don’t know influence exists probably, that influence returns incomparably powerful, he must summon person nobody to dare to block, such power and influence is not the general influence can the commission have. Besides these, Huang Dao however also mentioned Buddhist Sect, moreover listens to the meaning in his words, that place that they go, probably also not only Comprehend the world this influence? Where is? This is makes Cai'er they somewhat be worried. But Zhao Hai now actually don’t know this matter, because he has closed up, what this time he must practice is Imperial Water Profound Technique, this Imperial Water Profound Technique, belongs to one type of Magic. So-called Magic, is actually Spell that the Cultivation World person uses, looks like law of the demon is the same, is one type of does not use weapon, is only commenting own spiritual force, the one type of merit that can use strikes the method, in Cultivation World there, Magic is also very well-respected, especially some Rogue Cultivator, they take seriously Magic, because they do not have money to get so far as good Magical Artifact, can only use Magic, so long as Magic has Spiritual Qi to use, moreover Magic, if used, the attack strength was also uncommon. But this Imperial Water Profound Technique is one type of Magic in 18 Profound Technique, besides Imperial Water Profound Technique, Imperial Beast Profound Technique, Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, Sword Breath Profound Technique, Doppleganger Profound Technique and other Magic.!.