Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1375

Reason that Zhao Hai does not have to study first fears the sound delightedly method of sound attack, but has studied Imperial Water Profound Technique , because this method of sound attack is not, but law of although that imperial water he is good at he has not studied, but do not forget, in Magic has Water element Magic, will be adding on Zhao Hai itself to control the water, therefore he thinks that he will study the law of imperial water should quick some. This Imperial Water Profound Technique, to is not most difficult, entire Imperial Water Profound Technique, be only two Hand-Seal, one is water and sky Hand-Seal, two are the seal of dragon rope, is adding on the law of Spiritual Qi revolution, Zhao Hai believes own one month can learn.[. .com] This water and sky Hand-Seal also not very complex, the left hand makes the fist, the thumb does not adhere to stick cohere in the palm, the index finger stands erect slightly curvingly. But the seal of that dragon rope be more complex than this, in both hands ties up, two index fingers set upright about such as the round shape, outside the seal of Vajra for water and sky Yu Taicang, is the seal of dragon rope, these two Hand-Seal to have been used to Hand-Seal Zhao Hai, is can achieve very much with ease. Zhao Hai calms the mind, is practicing these Hand-Seal relieved, when practices Hand-Seal Zhao Hai also present, cultivator Magic attack, is different from the law of machine demon. What cultivator practice is Spiritual Qi, therefore they use Magic, uses through Spiritual Qi of oneself within the body, spiritual force plays auxiliary doing to use, if of demon, is this Magic. But Zhao Hai also present, Cultivation World here Magic, is not simple, these Magic very formidable, even if one does not use Magical Artifact, not Body Refining Technique, so long as his learn this Imperial Water Profound Technique, has certainly been able to rush out an own day. This Imperial Water Profound Technique, not only the simple control water, he regards one type of Magical Artifact to practice the water, takes the water as the root, one type of practice method based on water, very unusual. However this Profound Technique to is really not difficult to study, Zhao Hai has only used for 49 days on learn. Later he as usual went out, returned to Space Villa. One to Space Villa, Cai'er welcomed, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, in the past, I present some new thing, wants to show you.” Said that before Zhao Hai drew the screen, before broadcasting one next, Huang Dao that she recorded however with the dialog of Zhen plume, one hear of this dialogs, the eyebrow of Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkled. He turned the head to look at Laura their said : in this Comprehend the world, what secret but also there is inadequate?” Laura nodded said : these days we also to collect some materials, this material about this aspect is not few, we only present some clues, is from Buddhist Sect there present.”

Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Laura, Laura deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai do you have presently, this Buddhist Sect in Cultivation World here conduct very low key, even unusual disciple takes a walk outside. However in Cultivation World here, little has Sect to dare to have the idea of Buddhist Sect, right?” Zhao Hai thinks that cannot help but nodded, to be honest, in Cultivation World there, but also saw really rarely has a Buddhist Sect people to move in amateur. This matter truly is somewhat strange. In Comprehend the world here. The person who except that like Zhao Hai, is unfolding oneself influence, the average person will not hide own strength, even if he is low-key, will send out some disciple to walk in amateur once for a while, experience, must remind others their existence. But Cultivation World Buddhist Sect is different, the Buddhist Sect conduct resembled some to be extremely low-key, you will little hear that Buddhist Sect disciple walked in amateur. This low key is very unusual. But what is more unusual, Buddhist Sect is so low-key, actually nobody has their ideas, this somewhat felt strange. Laura deep voice said : this presently, making us pay attention regarding Buddhist Sect, finally finally made us find some clues, in Buddhist Sect. Expert are innumerable, but these people actually little outside take a walk, even little hears their names in Cultivation World here, only then more than thousand years ago, Demon Sect begins to a Buddhist Sect temple. Must break through that temple shortly, has not actually thought. In that temple suddenly appears ten several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, repel that Demon Sect, will kill that Demon Sect total altar|jar, that Demon Sect destroying completely, that Demon Sect in the past in Demon Path, most formidable ten thousand Demon Sect, in the past because of existence of state-owned ten thousand Demon Sect, in Demon Realm had almost can share the honor with Cultivation World, but after that service, the Demon Path prestige reduces greatly, but these Buddhist Sect people, after destroying completely ten thousand Demon Sect, vanish from sight, to unify the beforehand yellow Master words, we can obtain a result, feared that is in this Comprehend the world, has one. Locates very confidential is, there not, only then the Comprehend the world person, feared that also has other our don’t know big to exist.” Zhao Hai nodded, then one has stood, laughs said : that not to be just right? I also thought that is only this Comprehend the world, really did not have the meaning, now actually knows that study had existences of other big, then on fantastic, I to wants to have a look, other big had any difference with Comprehend the world, just wait, my Zhao Hai sooner or later one day, must escape this all exists, I to have a look, that can make the person in 6 Realms battlefield place, strong to any degree.” Laura their look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but somewhat was shocked, since the Zhao Hai conduct has been in favor of the low key, now suddenly says the words that such heroic spirit soars to the heavens to come, to is makes their some not adapt. Zhao Hai looked at Laura their eyes, before showing a faint smile said : „, continuously low-key , because we do not have the strength, currently I to have the confidence, so long as I 18 Arhat Profound Technique completed the study, in this Comprehend the world, there I go.” Laura they nodded, the 18 Arhat Profound Technique that their although don’t know Zhao Hai said is strong to any degree, but they believe Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai too has not cared the matter that Huang Dao however they said actually, along with 18 Arhat Profound Technique study more many, Zhao Hai had the self-confidence regarding oneself also exceed.

18 Arhat Profound Technique, is one type of taking advantage of Strength of Faith practice Cultivation Method, before this Cultivation Method Zhao Hai, has not heard, the origin of this also Zhao Hai confidence. Strength of Faith extremely powerful, but must with the aid of Cultivation Method that Strength of Faith practices, strong to any degree, but also did not say. Accompanied Laura they to stay several days, planet that Zhao Hai returned to that he has closed up, preparation practice next Profound Technique, this Zhao Hai elected, was Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique. This Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, is in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, only one by one Profound Technique that specializes in the sound to attack, wants to learn Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, not only need practice Hand-Seal, should better also probably have 1 or 2 musical instrument class Magical Artifact, only then such coordination uses, can fear chapter of Profound Technique cultivate until to be extreme delightedly. But in Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique , the method of manufacture and use of several musical instrument class Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact respectively are, the clock, this clock is not the ordinary clock, but is the chime. Comprised of every large or small 54 clocks, sound step extremely numerous, the attack strength is extraordinary. The second type of musical instrument is wooden fish, this is the musical instrument that one type of Buddhist Sect most often uses, may leave to fear the sound, the attack strength is not weak. The third type of musical instrument is Zhao Hai has not actually thought the musical note, the Chinese zither four stringed instrument, Zhao Hai has not thought , this third type of musical instrument unexpectedly is the Chinese zither four stringed instrument, but this Chinese zither four stringed instrument attacks Magical Treasure as the sound, to is very appropriate. The fourth type of musical instrument is a drum, this type of musical instrument to is very normal. But the application methods of these four types of musical instruments, with refinement method, have in Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, Zhao Hai looked at that refinement method, this refinement method in fact also no big deal, only then a point is most special, that in these musical instruments, before returns to into several Zhao Hai, had not seen formation, doing of these formation with having one, storage, use and amplification Strength of Faith. Also in other words, so long as knew existences of these formation, Zhao Hai can refine Strength of Faith Magical Artifact. However these Zhao Hai to have not cared, now Liquid Silver Staff the crescent moon shovel fusing, turned into Faith Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai naturally did not need to use energy to refine. For those Hand-Seal that this Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique uses, making Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, this Hand-Seal known as wonderful sound day seal, left hand Yang Zhang, the right hand duplicate palm, the index finger and thumb twist. Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique only then this Hand-Seal, but practices not to be easy, because besides Hand-Seal, Zhao Hai must study, the application method of that several types of musical instrument, this arrives lets some Zhao Hai headaches.

Before Zhao Hai, has studied thing are many, but has not actually studied the musical instrument, these thing he is the first contact, especially the chime and Chinese zither four stringed instrument, Zhao Hai had heard before these two thing, making him use, that is no way, this all from start newly. Was good is helps him be busy because of this wonderful sound day seal, learn wonderful sound day seal, on equal to is learn the sound rate, in study these four types of musical instruments also relaxed many. Besides Hand-Seal chord, in this Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, Le Zhen, this Le Zhen is four directions Heavenly King comprised of four types of musical instruments, four musical instrument together uses, can play the attack overlay the effect. although said this Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, is not Zhao Hai has studied most difficult Profound Technique, but the time needed is actually a lot, Zhao Hai has used for more than 100 days, this Profound Technique learn, studies entire, the use of that happy law and musical instrument, has accounted for Zhao Hai a lot of time. However this Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique also very fears, this Profound Technique can attack and defend, kills people in invisible, somebody else also has trapped enemy, injures the enemy, waits for many methods, making the Zhao Hai attack method enrich. After having completed study this Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique, Zhao Hai also had the confidence regarding oneself, Zhao Hai believes that now he and Huang Dao however to, can definitely defeat Huang Dao however. This also lets Zhao Hai to that place that Huang Dao however said that were many a anticipation. Huang Dao however went to that place at that time time, is just Transcends Tribulation, the strength surely did not have to be now strong, that time Huang Dao however went to there to protect oneself, by the Zhao Hai present strength, if went to there, self-preservation was not a problem, moreover he can also use this opportunity, with a Buddhist Sect people, many contact, understood that this 18 Arhat Profound Technique source, although he did not report anything to hope, but if can find any clue, that on it would be the best. After all this 18 Arhat Profound Technique and 6 Realms battlefield there, is demonstrating, exists compared with the Comprehend the world this one layer surface Advanced level level, but now Zhao Hai regarding that one layer surface thing, knows nothing.!.