Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1376

When Zhao Hai practices diligently, Comprehend the world here is also blustery, is not Cultivation World there had problems, but is Demon Realm there. Previous Zhao Hai went out tidies up the ice to be fierce their people, but this Ling Lie actually some background, he was in Demon Realm Great Sect, the blood Sacred Sect person, previous Zhao Hai gave to tidy up him, was blood Sacred Sect offending, this blood Sacred Sect naturally must cope with Zhao Hai.[. .com] Actually this blood Sacred Sect and Zhao Hai already had a grudge, the beforehand massacre and wipe out day is the blood Sacred Sect person, the person the massacre and wipe out day was problem-free at the 6 Realms new person competition, but actually died in Zhao Hai in hand finally, Zhao Hai this equal to was the hope of blood Sacred Sect to exterminate, had become enemies with blood Sacred Sect personally. But massacre and wipe out day although is a talent, but he after is only Ascenders, although receives attaching great importance to of blood Sacred Sect, for the massacre and wipe out day, blatant running up to machine will not actually cope with Zhao Hai, even if copes with Zhao Hai, is secret carries on, the previous Huang Dao matter however, has the blood Sacred Sect participation. However previous time is secret carries on after all, blood Sacred Sect was only hua some money invited Huang Dao however, used the computer a person in in addition, wanted to cope with Zhao Hai, to Huang Dao however exerted some pressures, Huang Dao however then acts. After Huang Dao however has drawn back, Demon Realm there has some complaints, after all in their opinion, has not killed Zhao Hai, does not calculate to complete duty, however preserves the face as for Huang Dao the procedure, that is more than completely. A Demon Realm people does not care about the face, he produces is the actual benefit that cares, so long as the benefit has sufficed, why lets them, the face regarding them, is one type of most useless thing. But to the Zhao Hai issue , a Demon Realm people on headache , they want to cope with Zhao Hai, however the ordinary person could not have coped with Zhao Hai, if invited some Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person make a move in Demon Realm, not necessarily compared with on Huang Dao however strong many, if invited Divided Spirit Stage and Immortal Stage big Expert make a move, that will certainly alarm Cultivation World, this was a Demon Realm people most is not willing to see. However in Demon Realm has really cannot swallow this tone, Zhao Hai this equal to regarding them hits their faces face to face, and has hit twice, especially the blood Sacred Sect person, they want to revenge wholeheartedly. Therefore closes up these days in Zhao Hai, but the blood Sacred Sect person has not been short of Bi Teng, they are camera exert pressure first, but machine has not managed him, Zhao Hai regarding a machine person now is their flag, now a machine person may in not cope with Zhao Hai. Machine does not deal with the Zhao Hai person, the blood Sacred Sect person wants to find the Cultivation World person to cope with Zhao Hai not to succeed, the Cultivation World there person, with the Zhao Hai too big enmity, has not been adding on Zhao Hai itself strength formidable, the Cultivation World person is not willing to cope with Zhao Hai, in order to avoid there is anything to lose. However blood Sacred Sect such will not consider as finished, regarding them, Zhao Hai is their life and death archenemies they must eliminate it to be then quick Zhao Hai now.

Because of this, therefore blood Sacred Sect these days, petty action extremely numerous, they also know, must, in machine there coped with Zhao Hai is impossible, therefore blood Sacred Sect also can only try to find the solution in the 6 Realms battlefield. 6 Realms battlefield there originally is the various Realm mutual competition place, blood Sacred Sect is not small in the 6 Realms battlefield there influence, previous time Ling Lie looks for the trouble of Zhao Hai, is blood Sacred Sect meets intent, blood Sacred Sect insidious, previous time deals in the Zhao Hai person very much not, only then their people, other Demon Realm several Sect people, blood Sacred Sect such make for also haul in their camps other several Sect, together copes with Zhao Hai. They succeeded Zhao Hai also to give to extinguish the several other Realms person, was became enemies with several other Realms, therefore the Demon Realm there person, regarding Zhao Hai very discontented, started to make now in 6 Realms battlefield there. although these fellows do not dare to go into a machine domain and partly control the area to go noisily, so long as is machine the person who exits to go hunting, they will carry on rob and kill, in recent time, machine is not small in the loss of 6 Realms battlefield there. Demon Realm such does, but also hit really on Zhao Hai weak spot, machine had the agreement with several other Realms, region that Zhao Hai cannot leave machine be, cannot leave machine partly controlled the area, therefore Demon Realm such did, Zhao Hai did not have what good means. However machine can become in Comprehend the world here one, ** these many years, any storm has met, they naturally have the means of manipulation, now machine in exiting to go hunting, the population increased to above the person, moreover is bringing the small nuclear bomb, no matter like this encounters any situation, can deal with. …… This Imperial Beast Profound Technique, regarding Zhao Hai, the ting weak, he must teach the beast words actually, has been directly OK on use Space, simply does not need to study Imperial Beast Profound Technique. However he has studied, this Imperial Beast Profound Technique also really has his wondrous use, Zhao Hai, if uses Space to teach the beast, must the Monster Beast income to the feast, but Imperial Beast Profound Technique actually does not use, he can carry on to seek the clothing/taking to Monster Beast directly, naturally, this cannot guarantee 100% successes. This Imperial Beast Profound Technique Hand-Seal also very unusual, unexpectedly is an earthen bowl seal! Zhao Hai thinks that earthen bowl seal is when studies Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique, will use, has not actually thought that in Imperial Beast Profound Technique, has practiced earthen bowl seal, this earthen bowl seal also very simple, two hands modestly joins the palms in greeting, the thumb opens, such as skims the water shape. Begins on also to look from this, this Imperial Beast Profound Technique with law of also has plenty other lesson beasts differences, base its training Profound Technique, generally was first hits to take Monster Beast, then in slowly taught. However this Imperial Beast Profound Technique is actually not this, this Imperial Beast Profound Technique has some spiritual force attack effects, he will make Monster Beast feel the good intentions to you, is intimate with you, taught clothing/taking slowly.

Reason that controlling beast will use this earthen bowl seal wonderfully, because of Buddhist Sect eats human, eats thing with the earthen bowl, this earthen bowl seal uses in here, the meaning feeds to eat to Monster Beast, in this way, teaches the clothing/taking Monster Beast. This Imperial Beast Profound Technique also used the Zhao Hai more than 60 days of scholarship to be good, after learning Imperial Beast Profound Technique, Zhao Hai next must study, was Sword Breath Profound Technique. This Sword Breath Profound Technique is one type of very strange Magic, he belongs to one type of Sword Qi Magic, said strictly that he should be one type of sword cultivator Cultivation Method, but this Cultivation Method does not use any Magical Artifact, he produces Sword Qi through Hand-Seal, then opposes the enemy with Sword Qi. But this Sword Breath Profound Technique also only then Hand-Seal, is Sword Seal, second-hand Vajra joins the palms in greeting, two index finger curved Qu armor coincide, two thumbs exist side by side to detain two food nail sides. Sword Seal is one type of attack strength very formidable Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai can feel in the study, this Sword Seal attack strength extraordinary. Practice expiration sword Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai has used for more than 50 days, later Zhao Hai started to study Doppleganger Profound Technique, this Doppleganger Profound Technique was one type of very unusual Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method can transform innumerable Doppelganger, each Doppelganger can melt imaginary for, carried on attack to the enemy, was one type of very formidable Cultivation Method. This Doppleganger Profound Technique, altogether seven Hand-Seal compose, separately is outside five dry seal, in five dry seal, legal community void seal, the Vajra void seal, unusual brightness void seal, the chain hua void seal, industry uses void seal. These seven Hand-Seal with void related, this Doppleganger Profound Technique, with void also has certain relationship, he is one type of Space Magic variety Spell, uses void booklet the truth, one type of Cultivation Method that produces. This Cultivation Method although is also related with Space, but is completely different is actually adding on the Hand-Seal pair with Cosmos Profound Technique many, Zhao Hai has used for more than 100 days, this Profound Technique learn. After learn this Doppleganger Profound Technique, the Zhao Hai life were also many single layer to take care, when necessary, he can use Doppleganger Profound Technique, generated large quantities of Doppelganger to come, but the main body can hide in Space, like this others not presently existence of Space. After learn Doppleganger Profound Technique, Zhao Hai learn in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, all Magic Profound Technique, Zhao Hai has then prepared to study, Magical Artifact Profound Technique in 18 Arhat Profound Technique. Magical Artifact Profound Technique is also in 18 Arhat Profound Technique one type of very important Profound Technique, the operation of main precisely is Magic, although has several laws along Cultivation Method of operation, but these Cultivation Method Might are actually very formidable, Zhao Hai regarding these Magical Artifact Profound Technique also attach great importance to.

one type of Artifact Cultivator Profound Technique of Zhao Hai practice, is Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique, one hear of this Profound Technique name knows that this Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique is one type of practices Profound Technique of earthen bowl specially, Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique not, only then the application method of earthen bowl, refinement method of earthen bowl, but this refinement method Zhao Hai does not need, Zhao Hai needs to be only the application method of earthen bowl. This Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique, is one type of defends xing Profound Technique actually, to guard give priority to, regarding the attack strength is not attach great importance to, but regarding defense strength, is actually attach great importance to. Before Zhao Hai , has almost not studied anything to defend xing Profound Technique, this Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique, has happen to made up for this shortcoming, but before this Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique Hand-Seal, Zhao Hai has also studied, is earthen bowl seal, but this earthen bowl is printed with the slight change, the use the cultivation method is not quite same, is not same as Imperial Beast Profound Technique. Zhao Hai has only used for more than 50 days on completed the study Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique, Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique completed the study, regarding Zhao Hai, is very important, his defense capability big increase. After completed the study Lifting Alms Bowl Profound Technique, Zhao Hai then practice is Pagoda Profound Technique, Pagoda Profound Technique main operate Magical Artifact is the tower, Buddha is a pagoda, but Pagoda Profound Technique cultivates is the tower-shaped Magical Artifact operating procedure, this is also the Zhao Hai first official study greatly opens the operate method that the law is suitable. The large-scale Magical Artifact operating procedure and ordinary Magical Artifact operate method is different, operation of small shape Magical Artifact mainly by flexible give priority to, changeable, but large-scale Magical Artifact request is a steady character, by steady give priority to, by the potential pressure, can broken be greatly small, by clumsy broken skillful. Hand-Seal that Pagoda Profound Technique uses is tower treasure stick seal, in this seal ties up, two middle finger vertical strokes gather, known as tower treasure stick seal, middle finger such as valuable shape. Also takes the Treasure Mountain seal as auxiliary, in Treasure Mountain seal both hands ties up, two thumbs put in the palm. For pan stone base, the righteousness of table not turning. The pagoda is built on above the rock, stands one's ground steadfastly, ……