Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1378

Boom! Boom! Boom! several fighting sounds transmit, in two people are wicked in Neijia, a person with chain hammer, person of using is actually the long spear! Two manpower dozens have gathered, very lively that although hits, but the discerning people can look, their not realistic skill, but is comparing notes.[. .com] These two naturally are Xiong Li and Lu Ding day, now they in permanent Sand Island here closed-door cultivation, several people the mutual fear are incurring , to promote own fighting strength. Yuan Jin Gang stands in one side look at, his strength compared with Xiong Li on their some, add on him to fight the experience very richly, may by the person their direction. weapon that now Xiong Li they use is similar to weapon that Cultivation World cultivator uses, was adding on for these years in the tempering of 6 Realms battlefield there, making them regarding the uses of these weapon also more skilled, now Xiong Li their strengths, even if places Cultivation World there, did not calculate weakly. Xiong Li and Lu Ding day fought to stop, several people gathered the Yuan Jin Gang side, a person took up a wine pot, Xiong Li has drunk liquor first, this turned the head nearest/recent the practice to several people of said : to be also good, but I felt that probably is not quick in 6 Realms battlefield there.” Dong Fangyu nodded said : „, must say here Spiritual Qi not compared with the 6 Realms battlefield in difference many, but how to feel right does not have the 6 Realms battlefield there progress to be quick, yeah, this way, does not know when can add on the Little Hai gang. Yuan Jin Gang shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, do not think that many, by our strengths, wants to add on busy of Little Hai, that also early, also don’t know Little Hai nearest/recent, this the time of closing up has sufficed how to be long.” Xiong Li nodded, what face heavy said : also don’t know Little Hai these time shuts the Guanzhong school is what, closed up such long time unexpectedly, don’t know his these time went out, what degree will achieve, Captain, you said that Little Hai these time went out, can achieve Transcends Tribulation Stage?” Yuan Jin Gang shook the head said : this really not saying that the Little Hai strength is very strong, practice is also quick, even if achieved Transcends Tribulation Stage not to have quite strangely what, if he if could not achieve Transcends Tribulation Stage, that was also normal, after all Transcends Tribulation Stage was not good to achieve.” Was speaking, a sound conveyed right that said : Captain said that Transcends Tribulation Stage was not good to achieve.” Several people stare, then turns the head to look, presently look at of Zhao Hai face smiling face they.

Several people one has stood, has encircled, Zhao Hai also laughs has opened the both arms, hugged with several people, they were for sometime have not met. Some little time the people the draw show, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : just Big Brother to fight the Second Brother? He He, it seems like your strengths progressive quick.” Does Xiong Li smile said : we to be quick? Has fallen far short compared with you, right Little Hai, your time goes out goes out temporarily, is already completed the study? „ Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :completed the study, after these time closed up finished, should not need to close up such long time, but I possibly did not have the too much time to remain, will go after a period of time possibly out.” Xiong Li their puzzled look at Zhao Hai, do not understand this saying was any meaning, Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, smiles said : Lou says the possibility, perhaps did not use, but this matter was not I can decide, I also such guess now that waits to know after a period of time.” Xiong Li puzzled said : what meaning? In this Comprehend the world, what matter but can also some people compel you to do to be inadequate? Feared that is machine High level these fellows is not having courage?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: This Comprehend the world, is not calculation that machine these High level said that some influences are machine High level do not dare to manage.” Xiong Li how many people stare, do not understand look at Zhao Hai, this Comprehend the world is not calculation that machine High level said that this point they knows that but must say that machine High level fears anyone, that arrives is uncertain, machine relying on unyielding, exists the present, has who, is they do not dare to offend? For those Yuan Jin Gang, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his face cannot help but stares, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you that obtains from there disappear to pour out must go to that?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to obtain information, only then obtained information from my Master there, said that I may be summoned a place, there to return very dangerous by some people.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : I to also to hear that place, must go to there probably, badly is also Expert of Infant Stage time, moreover fighting strength very strong that one type of.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : „, my Master said before him, goes to there, is when he Transcends Tribulation was just successful, he goes to there is about several months, was seriously injured, this comes back.” Zhao Hai one said that Xiong Li several people held breath. Cold air, Huang Dao but however Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert went to that place, received the heavy diameter, obviously there the place of bad risk, Xiong Li is to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, doesn't go good?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to fear that is not good, ok, this matter has not decided now, if must make me go, I to am want to take a look, what place has a look at there is, can make Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert be injured unexpectedly.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, because he can hear, in Zhao Hai this saying, is bringing the incomparable self-confidence, this cannot help but lets Yuan Jin Gang, curious, his look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai? Your present strength compared with before how? If to on your Master, you can have the stratagem which ensures success?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, did not have making noise, but on his face that self-confident expression, let Yuan Jin Gang their understand the Zhao Hai strength, Yuan Jin Gang laughed said : well, good very much, Little Hai, I also knew you to be busy, but can come to see us today, my happy, we drank several cups very much, if you went to that place, that must make the prestige, must that this to know that our aircraft also had Expert.” Xiong Li they also create a disturbance, Zhao Hai naturally is glad, several people have drunk several cups in permanent Sand Island here well, Zhao Hai then leave, goes to his Yalei 2nd on. The Yalei No. 2 there situation is very good, Zhao Hai went to Zheng Li there to look, Zheng Li they are very satisfied regarding the present life, now Yalei 2nd here, has built up some academy, these academy teacher, were Maggie from other planet digging, now Yalei 2nd was not the barren land, the traveling that but became famous in machine here, these person nature also on is abundantly willing the here work. Is adding on the Yalei No. 2 star here environment to be very good, allowance is also very high, wants to come Yalei 2nd the person of here work, but are many. They chatted with Zheng Li, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, to be honest, Zhao Hai really very much wants to teach Demon Realm these fellows now, nearest/recent these fellows makes very fiercely, Zhao Hai wants to tidy up them. However did not have what good machine, Demon Realm these fellow study, they in 6 Realms battlefield there, will not go into a machine domain to cause trouble personally, such Zhao Hai did not have the means to tidy up them, they exited to go hunting a machine manpower that to these, making machine lose many manpower. However dealing of machine here is also prompt, the person who goes out to be joined to the small nuclear bomb after to these, Demon Realm these fellows have restrained, but will still begin to a machine person, a little yin soul not loose meaning.

Zhao Hai does not have means to deal with the Demon Realm person in 6 Realms battlefield there, wants to go to Demon Realm there to tidy up them, now Demon Realm there many places were received to the Space map in came, Zhao Hai wants Demon Realm there to cause trouble, to is very convenient, moreover before had big enmity blood Sacred Sect with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has given to monitor him, under Zhao Hai prepared to take this blood Sacred Sect to come the blade first. However Zhao Hai thinks or gave up now, Demon Realm there is not the good bird, these fellows such do, possibly in waiting for Zhao Hai is delivering, if Zhao Hai runs up to Demon Realm to be greatly noisy, Demon Realm these fellows, possibly under the pretext of this, began to machine directly, must know these fellow eyes slandering machine domains, but sometime, does not have a good excuse now, if not having given a pretext, they on attack machine, feared that will be Cultivation World will also meddle, when the time comes they will be the wool also fish.. Because of some such considerations, therefore Zhao Hai does not think to begin to Demon Realm now, he wants to want that place that went to Huang Dao however to say to have a look now. Thought of here, Zhao Hai gives up to meeting the idea of Demon Realm, he to wants to go to Cultivation World there to see Huang Dao now however, no matter what, Huang Dao however now is his Master, moreover to him was also really kind, in adding on through Huang Dao relationship however, can draw in relationship with the profound clear sect, this regarding Zhao Hai, had the advantage very much. although he now in name is the partner of profound clear sect, but the person of profound clear sect, he has seen only the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, other person have not seen, can say that now he has not calculated draws in relationship with the profound clear sect, therefore Zhao Hai wants to go to Cultivation World there to have a look at Huang Dao however, has a look to be able with the profound clear sect to draw in relationship while convenient. Actually if Zhao Hai wants to draw in relationship with the profound clear sect, is very simple, the profound clear sect is also the Spirit Wine consumption wealthy and powerful family, their former although also produced some Spirit Wine, since had Zhao Hai Spirit Wine, they almost in produce Spirit Wine, their Spirit Wine compared with Zhao Hai Spirit Wine did not come, to miss far. So long as Zhao Hai can increase the Spirit Wine supply of profound clear sect, he is very easy to be able with the profound clear sect to draw in relationship, but currently the here surface to has an issue, that is Zhen Ling! Zhen Ling is also the Zhao Hai partner, but she contacts with Zhao Hai are not many, but Zhao Hai, Zhen Ling does not have very strong vigilance to him, the person who if Zhao Hai wants to see the profound clear sect, Zhen Ling will possibly prevent, because she feared after Zhao Hai saw the person of profound clear sect, directly worked with the profound clear sect, kicked side her foot went, then regarding her, lost was too big, therefore Zhen Ling not necessarily met with Zhao Hai. Is thinking these times, Zhao Hai suddenly moves at heart, he felt that Huang Dao however pressed him to give his Coordinate Jade Pendant.!.