Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1379

Huang Dao however pressed this Jade Pendant is not once or twice, when Zhao Hai closed up, Huang Dao however will always separate the 1 or 2 month to press time Jade Pendant, wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to go out not to have, therefore Zhao Hai has been used . Before , he is closing up, even if were Huang Dao however has pressed Jade Pendant, he will not have anything to respond that now is different, Zhao Hai just wants to go to Cultivation World there, Huang Dao however has pressed Jade Pendant at this time, this was helps Zhao Hai one be busy. If Huang Dao however does not press this Jade Pendant, Zhao Hai kills Cultivation World to go on oneself, feared that will be Huang Dao however thinks, Zhao Hai can be able the treasure to wear to monitor him, such will be possibly noisier with Huang Dao contradictory, this will not be Zhao Hai wants to see. Huang Dao however with his although is nominal Master and Disciple relationship, but Zhao Hai to thought that Huang Dao however this person is very good, however maintain this relationship is very good with can Huang Dao, most at least when necessary, Huang Dao however can become his anti- arm. In adding on Zhao Hai very settles on regarding the sentiment, although said that he with Huang Dao however most from the beginning is an enemy, but now after is Master and Disciple, since became Master and Disciple, Huang Dao however little has not helped him, this lets Zhao Hai grateful, therefore he does not want however to have any contradiction with Huang Dao. Zhao Hai wants also to want not to have, personal appearance moves, on appears in the position that Huang Dao however is, Huang Dao however now still in the elder valley of Mt. Feifeng, here is in Mt. Feifeng Spiritual Qi is the rich place, is various Zhen elders the institutes of closed-door cultivation. Huang Dao however has not thought that Zhao Hai can come today, he was just only the custom domestic animal has pressed that Jade Pendant, for these years his every other moon/month according to one this Jade Pendant, he wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to go out. Pressed Jade Pendant, Huang Dao however has put down, he was preparing to set out, his front suddenly flash of white light, then Zhao Hai appears before him. Zhao Hai appears , Zhao Hai has seen Master to Huang Dao however ritual said :.” Huang Dao however looked at Zhao Hai unexpectedly appears , showed a faint smile said : well, good, went out?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Master, disciple completed the study went out.” Huang Dao however nodded, beckoned with the hand said : to sit.” Zhao Hai sat in side accordingly, Huang Dao however did not have immediately/on horseback to speak with Zhao Hai, but has put out communication jade sword, let out, later Huang Dao however look at Zhao Hai, then satisfied nod said : of truly has striven much, Little Hai, your time closed up, what practice was what Cultivation Method?”

Zhao Hai has not planned to hide the truth from Huang Dao however said : to return to the Master words, what these time closes up me to study is some places Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, although that before I used was Cultivation World Cultivation Method 1 how, but regarding to use flying sword attack, if used Magical Artifact, was not completely understand, because before me, after all did not have the system has studied, previous time I when coped with mouse Monster Race, in his, presently one crescent moon shovel, really had gate Buddhist Sect practice method in this month tooth shovel, disciple on according to practicing, the effect was good.” Huang Dao however knit the brows said : Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method to is not cannot study, but Buddhist Sect heart magic studies gets up not present minute of easy, you in the situation that nobody directs, can learn be good, I look at this, teacher is passing to you one set of flying sword Sword Technique, should be useful to you.” Zhao Hai to had not opposed that although he is not only Huang Dao however teaches his flying sword stroke of law, will take Sword Technique brilliant compared with the stars, but this is also the Huang Dao good intention however, he is irrecusable. A Huang Dao however hand revolution, in his hand on appears a piece jade slip, Huang Dao however has thrown to Zhao Hai said : jade slip this is one set of Technique of Sword Formation, is teacher obtains, but the method of this Sword Technique, needs to use Complete Set Magic Sword to be dispel, teacher did not have Complete Set Magic Sword, your Liquid Silver Magic Staff can actually be eternally changing, this Sword Formation should suit you to use, to take away.” Zhao Hai bowed to apologize Huang Dao however, received jade slip, but was in this time, Huang Dao Cave Mansion external sound speaking sounds however: Niece Zhen Ling seeks an interview.” …… Zhen Ling returned salute said : Junior Brother to be too polite, please sit down quickly.” Zhao Hai nodded, two one on the left and other on the right sat in the Huang Dao two sides however, Huang Dao however looks at their one eyes, deep voice said :Little Hai these time went out, happen to the matters in some business, the plume girl must tell you, your chatting well. Zhao Hai has complied with one, turns the head not to know that to Zhen Ling said : what the female apprentice does have to tell? Was Spirit Wine but insufficient? The female apprentice invited feel relieved, after Brother Spirit Wine went back, immediately can send, still delivered to that Warehouse, how the female apprentice you looks?” Zhen Ling smiles said : Junior Brother to chat, Spirit Wine also suffices, female apprentice time looks for you, for the stratified matter, Junior Brother, your lamination places female apprentice here already the quick five years of time, had not taken away, these five years lamination is not small, places female apprentice here, I am fearful and apprehensive, Junior Brother you looked when leads that lamination?” Zhao Hai one hear of Zhen Ling said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : originally is this matter, the little brother arrived has forgotten, to be honest, Female apprentice, you to the little brother Crystal Stone, the little brother have no need now, little brother in hand Crystal Stone also had many, therefore this, invited the female apprentice these Crystal Stone to thing that changing into the little brother I needed, was as before, no matter the minerals or medicinal herbs, were good, but the little brother was still so long as has not seen type, the ore was also . Moreover the female apprentice can also collect looks like compared with strange thing, hua how many Crystal Stone, no matter useful not, so long as were strange., Rare, is good.” Zhen Ling and Huang Dao however somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, do not understand his what is this, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : female apprentice, my this lamination keeps here, considered you to collect the thing expense to be good to me, if were insufficient, the little brother was making up.” Zhen Ling knit the brows said : Junior Brother, why do you so do are? Few that these thing you collect, can be useful?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : little brother to collect naturally is useful, although the female apprentice collected, so long as were special thing can collect, many I wanted many.” Zhen Ling looks at Zhao Hai to insist, what did not have saying that but selected has occupied said : well, this matter gave me, I will process, have you also had other request?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have other to request, so long as the female apprentice holds this matter, even if helped me be busy, outside nearest/recent my Spirit Wine output do not increase, I later will give the female apprentice you to deliver the liquor with the wine pot, this first delivered 100 million jin (0.5 kg) to be good time and time again, later looked at the situation, if the situation were good, perhaps can also increase the liquor the output.” Zhen Ling stares, then nodded said :well, but Junior Brother should also know, if this Spirit Wine appears are too many, is not valuable, therefore this Spirit Wine sales volume wants strict control. Zhao Hai nodded said : this point little brother naturally to know that the female apprentice does not need to be worried, you processed were good, the little brother will not meddle.” Zhen Ling nodded said : well, Junior Brother such trusts me, I naturally cannot treat unjustly Junior Brother, Junior Brother invited feel relieved, your explain/transfer matter, I completed certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not been saying anything. In the entire process, Huang Dao however had not made noise, looked that Zhao Hai and Zhen Ling have finished talking, Huang Dao however then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, if you nothing, first closed-door cultivation in teacher Cave Mansion some time, two days of teacher must lead you to go to profound clear sect, you with the profound clear sect were also the cooperation not short time, should see them.” ……

Huang Dao however beckoned with the hand said : to go, quick returns quickly.” Zhao Hai complied with one, personal appearance moved vanishes in Huang Dao Cave Mansion however, Zhao Hai walked, Zhen Ling turned the head to Huang Dao however said : Uncle Huang, this made Little Hai see the profound clear sect, can be improper?” Huang Dao however look at Zhen Ling shows a faint smile said : small plume your feel relieved, will not have the matter.” Zhen Ling listened to Huang Dao however saying that was also not good to say anything, but however bowed to Huang Dao, the seed drill body walked. After Zhao Hai returned to Space, immediately already prepared good Spirit Wine to deliver to Zhen Ling Warehouse, these Spirit Wine are by the jug attire, Zhao Hai has loaded then into Space Bag, where therefore does not occupy, what counter- in Space Bag Space are many, Zhao Hai optional use. After delivering Spirit Wine, Zhao Hai on returned to Huang Dao Cave Mansion however, Huang Dao however has given Zhao Hai quiet room, making him practice in inside, after Zhao Hai entered quiet room, immediately put out Huang Dao however to his jade slip, Divine Sense searched, in this jade slip recorded unexpectedly was Sword Formation Cultivation Method, this Sword Formation attack method was Cultivation World here that quite common Sword Formation, must want Complete Set sword-shaped Magical Artifact to use, Might was not small. Naturally, takes Sword Technique compared with the stars of Zhao Hai study, many Buddhist Sect Profound Technique came actually to fall far short, but Zhao Hai studied, he has decided that later opposed the enemy, first however gave his rainstorm pear hua sword and person by Huang Dao fights, was changing into the stars to take Sword Technique, if were not good, was using Buddhist Sect Profound Technique. This Buddhist Sect Profound Technique is Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, Might very formidable, therefore the Zhao Hai decision uses this Profound Technique finally, but the stars take Sword Technique Might is very actually big, Zhao Hai believes that he is uses the stars to take Sword Technique, few people can be his match. Reason that Zhao Hai must put Buddhist Sect Profound Technique uses finally , because he feared that will run into the understand person, if makes others see in Buddhist Sect Profound Technique that he uses includes Strength of Faith, that for him, is not the good deed, must know Strength of Faith this thing, but one type of can let person frantic thing, no matter Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is Immortal Stage Expert, they will move to Strength of Faith, therefore Zhao Hai decided that Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, little use to well, he now also not with strengths of these Immortal Stage Expert resistances.!.