Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1380

Because Zhao Hai has the background of stars in Sword Technique, therefore studies this rainstorm pear hua sword. Also very quick, moreover Zhao Hai uses the Liquid Silver use rainstorm pear hua sword also advantage, is he can the optional female sword turn into the child and mother, change of such rainstorm pear hua Sword Formation were more, believes that this rainstorm pear hua Sword Formation in Zhao Hai in hand, will appear his true Might. Huang Dao however over the two days also in observing Zhao Hai, he before Zhao Hai can close up that some long time suspicions, although said that cultivator also experiences closes up, but can close up for several years, this is really not many. But Huang Dao however looked that Zhao Hai sits in there on three days, moves has not moved, this has believed the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai feared before has closed up, moreover the time of closing up is really not short. Five days later, Huang Dao however arranged, was notified that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, they can go to the profound clear sect, he has then awakened Zhao Hai. The average people in closing up, cannot disturb at will, but Zhao Hai these time actually cannot be true closing up, he sitting four days later, got up, meets in quiet room to train the rainstorm pear hua sword, therefore Huang Dao however can call him. Huang Dao however enters quiet room, presently around the body of Zhao Hai, is only flying small of innumerable silver white The point, he carefully looks, presently the dot of these silver white , simply is silver needles, these silver needle platoons become a formation appearance, the onset and retreat has the moment. Huang Dao however cannot help but two eyes one bright, his although has not studied the rainstorm pear hua sword, but that stroke of he has actually looked, therefore his eyes recognized, Zhao Hai these silver needles trained, was the rainstorm pear hua sword, this arrived is makes Huang Dao however be startled. Then was about five days, Zhao Hai unexpectedly has used this degree the rainstorm pear hua sword? This may really be too the talent! Now Huang Dao however regarding rapidness that such why the Zhao Hai strength promotes , has has certainly understood, Zhao Hai was that talent character, moreover was not the ordinary talent. Zhao Hai also felt that Huang Dao however came, he received these to replace the Liquid Silver needle of sword to stand to see Master to Huang Dao however ritual said :.” Huang Dao however nodded said : well, good, 1 Little Hai, you are really talent rainstorm pear hua Sword Formation, you unexpectedly within such short time on learn, great.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Master overpraised, Master are you today?” Huang Dao however smiles said : to walk, today we must exit the profound clear sect, I called that fellow to hit to call with Feng Bai(Hundred Winds).” Zhao Hai has complied with one hastily, however walks toward outside with Huang Dao, they left the elder valley to a mine tunnel of Mt. Feifeng , before this mine tunnel, is an profound iron mine tunnel, law present profound iron was already dug up present this letter mine tunnel rebuilding Transmission by Zhen Jia[ broad] field, inside has every large or small several Transmission Formation. Saw them to come, was responsible for the Transmission Formation person not daring to neglect, their although did not know Zhao Hai, but actually knew Huang Dao however, respectful asked Huang Dao however to get up Transmission Formation, direct Transmission went to the profound clear sect institute to be at profound clear on-board. The profound clear sect in Cultivation World here is Great Sect, planet that their Sect is at entire is profound clear sect control, therefore called the profound clear star, in profound clear on-board, the Yu Qing mountain, Sect of profound clear sect constructed on this Yu Qing mountain wants to go to the Yu Qing mountain, Magic Formation that has not arrived at directly, needed Transmission to profound clear star Transmission[ broad] , was flying the Yu Qing mountain. Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however on appears in Transmission of profound clear sect[ broad] in field, they just the person's appears from Transmission Formation, young cultivator of dark blue cultivator clothing/taking walked came to see Daoist/actual person to Huang Dao however ritual said :, is strict below profound clear sect Inner Disciples Bubb, presents the command of Supreme Elder to await respectfully Daoist/actual person in this.”

Huang Dao however nodded said : well, front guides.” Bubb Yan Ying has been directing Huang Dao however and Zhao Hai toward Transmission Formation[ broad] outside of field walks, is stopping wooden horse carriage in there, this horse carriage by four white horses then, but this white horse looks like with the ordinary white horse does not have what difference probably, however in the horse's hoof place above, 1 small tui place, is actually growing row of long Bai Yu, looks like the god is handsome. Zhao Hai saw that this white horse recognized, this was Cultivation World here one type of very famous Monster Beast, the known as white feather flying apsaras colt, this horse flight incredibly fast, moreover character was docile, may fly in the outer space, was one type of compares the difficult capture Monster Beast, but one but seized him, was actually very much easily tames, was one type of very good Mount. This white feather flying apsaras colt in Cultivation World here is good thing, the average person not to hate to use, the big gate faction that also only then profound clear sect this wants likely, can use this white feather flying apsaras colt to drive, Cultivation World here has plenty small Sect, they use is some ordinary car(riage)s, some uses is a machine speeding car, but a machine speeding car, the Cultivation World here person cannot have a liking, is the function of these speeding car in advanced, in Cultivation World here many big markets, especially some big gate has not sent, is almost does not use the speeding car. Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however along with Bubb Yan Jin in horse carriage, that horse carriage did not have the wheel, only then a carriage, carriage very wide my, inside is also suspending several praying mat, small table, on small table is not putting the water Lou He teacup. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, the Spiritual Qi density in this car(riage) unexpectedly very high, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, but he presently, these Spiritual Qi disperse quickly from the carriage, in other words, this Spiritual Qi is because the lumber of this system car(riage) will condensate. This presently makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, the lumber beam energy spread of this system car(riage) leaves such strong Spiritual Qi to come unexpectedly, it seems like is also famous thing, but Zhao Hai could not have recognized now is any lumber. However Zhao Hai can affirm that this type of lumber is not certainly cheap, feared these lumbers selling, has been able to buy dozens car(riage) most high grade speeding cars fully. Any contains Spiritual Qi thing, in Comprehend the world here, is very precious, the price is not cheap, most at least be more expensive than the speeding car. Bubb saw Zhao Hai to note this carriage strictly, cannot help but showed a faint smile, said : this carriage was made of most high grade sandalwood wear a look , the tree age crossed for hundred years, such sandalwood, in outward the loose fragrance, is not Spiritual Qi that dispersed, moreover hundred years were not weak.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „is really good thing, Master, after waiting, do I also give you a such car(riage) to be what kind of?” Huang Dao however one then smiles said : this car(riage) is not the average person delivering, must know these hundred years of sandalwood, high grade material that but one type of crafting and Alchemy can use, is very precious.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Master not to need to be worried.” Huang Dao however showed a faint smile does not have to say anything, to was Palestinian arrangement, look at Zhao Hai that a face despised, that look, distinct in other words Zhao Hai was lying. Zhao Hai has not actually managed him, but turns the head to look outside the glass, now horse carriage flew, moreover very express train also very smoothly. Bubb strict look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : this to think that is the yellow Daoist/actual person outstanding disciple, machine first Expert Mr. Zhao Hai? Today can see mister, is really most honored.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :not to dare, is Zhao Hai, today can come the profound oak sect, is being honored of Zhao Hai, Great Sect like profound clear sect, Zhao Hai has to admire. Bubb strict one hear of Zhao Hai said that on the face cannot help but appears arrogant has smiled said : mister is the yellow Daoist/actual person outstanding disciple, later can the often come profound clear sect take a walk, yellow Daoist/actual person and wind Supreme Elder is the good friend, mister is not a bystander.”

Zhao Hai smiles certainly said : „.” Said within, they arrived at Yu Qing mountain at the foot of the hill horse carriage not to stop, flies directly toward the Yu Qing mountain on, enters to the range of Yu Qing mountain, Zhao Hai felt that very formidable imposing manner heads on, but his Ming Xin saw xing Profound Technique immediately to have the response, the fine body hair of his whole body one set upright got up, because he felt a very dangerous aura. However Zhao Hai has not moved, he knows that this Yu Qing mountain is Sect of profound clear sect is, that will certainly have Mountain Guardian Great Formation, if he has not guessed that wrong, just that dangerous aura should be Mountain Guardian of profound clear sect big has dispersed, but Bubb's strict body, has certainly general thing, how Mountain Guardian Continent cannot them. However on Zhao Hai this slight change, actually also by Huang Dao however with Bubb strictly noting, them has gawked, Huang Dao however is not first time comes the jade oak mountain, naturally knows that this Yu Qing mountain Mountain Guardian Great Formation is, Bubb strict is in itself the profound clear sect, naturally also knows that just Zhao Hai body that slight change, entered in them to Mountain Guardian Continent starts at that moment, they somewhat are surprised, they have not thought of Zhao Hai unexpectedly such sensitivity. Huang Dao however look at Zhao Hai, gratified of face, he to Zhao Hai was really too satisfied, although just Zhao Hai was only on the body had some slight changes, but this actually indicated that Zhao Hai regarding the danger, has the one type of instinct intuition, must know that this type sank is not the average people can have, wanted the strength to be good to a certain degree, Zhao Hai such response, has proven his strength exactly from one side. Bubb also somewhat regarded with a special fondness to Zhao Hai strictly, he heard that before Zhao Hai is because has blocked Huang Dao attack however, this however was received by Huang Dao for the apprentice, he also somewhat thinks otherwise, after all these years, machine there does not have appears which person, therefore he does not believe that Zhao Hai strong to any degree, in his opinion, Zhao Hai can block Huang Dao attack however, certainly is reason that because Huang Dao however turns on the water. Bubb strictly is Inner Disciples of profound clear sect, regarding the Cultivation World here situation or have some understanding, before Huang Dao however, goes to 6 Realms battlefield there to cope with Zhao Hai, it can be said that by various Great Sect compelling, Huang Dao however is not at heart happy, therefore is present at work does not strive also to have the possibility. However Zhao Hai just response, let Bubb strict understand, Zhao Hai was not has unearned reputation, worked as depending on his sensitive degree to danger, knows that his strength was not certainly weak. Zhao Hai has not thought that he is only some subtle changes on body, made Bubb change the view to him strictly, he now in the Yu Qing Shanfeng/mountain wind scenery of look at out of the window. This Yu Qing mountain is very high, is not only high, moreover Qi Xian, on the mountain grotesque rocks stands erect, but vegetation actually also very lush, moreover on the mountain mist winds around, Spiritual Qi is sufficient, doubtful in immortal palace general. Scenery on Zhao Hai look at Yu Qing mountain, in the eye cannot help but 1 u left of obsessed, he has looked at many scenery very beautiful mountain, but scenery of this Yu Qing mountain, absolutely is he has seen in the mountain most beautiful one. Bubb strict look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : on our Yu Qing mountain, there is one of the Cultivation World Spiritual Qi thickest Spirit Vein, here is also my profound clear sect Lipai basis.” Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : really envies you, our machine, wants to discover a Spiritual Qi sufficient place, the difficult ratio to ascend to heaven.” Bubb shows a faint smile strictly, has not said anything, machine there is any situation, the entire Comprehend the world people know that but Zhao Hai can in a machine that place, practice to this degree, this explained that he fiercely to any degree, Bubb at heart the localization to Zhao Hai cannot help but also was strictly high.

During the speeches, horse carriage arrived at the Yu Qing mountain above mountain top, above this mountain top, one piece is not very big producing field, hillside is constructing some houses in various places of mountain peak, the styles of these houses not specially magnificent, instead to is passing a simple feeling. horse carriage stopped[ broad] field there, Bubb Yan Ling Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however from horse carriage, Bubb strictly here were being our Yu Qing sect Inner Sect are at to Zhao Hai said :, I can only deliver two to here.” Huang Dao however nodded said : well, you slice.” Bubb however bows to Huang Dao strictly, turn around walked, but horse carriage was also flown away. Huang Dao however stands in there has not worried, this situation he is not first time experienced, in this time, a big laughter is transmitting said : layman, you came finally, 1 Little Hai also came, HaHaHa, fantastic, the old man can drink to heart's content finally turns.” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry that Huang Dao however look at falls, smiles said :your blacksmith, I thought that you want to be young Has the liquor of sea many thought me? what? Little Hai gives your liquor, did you drink up? ” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry smiles said : already to drink up, although has not eaten the dish that Little Hai makes, is a regret, the Little Hai liquor, the nose may really be good. „ Zhao Hai sees to deliver the betrothal gifts to the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry looked at day said :to walk, first went to my Cave Mansion, waited for tomorrow I to lead you to see Sect Master, Little Hai, you must have a psychology to prepare, these fellows possibly wanted to test your.” Zhao Hai does said : test me? Why?” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry shows a faint smile said : to have a look at you to have with the qualifications of profound clear sect cooperation, moreover they to your also very curious, layman with my relationship, the people of entire profound clear sect know that the layman strength they also know, you can block layman attack, this lets their very curious, they also want to know that what method you have, but your feel relieved, I explain/transfer they, had me, they do not dare you to be really what kind.” Huang Dao face however is not quite good, he looked at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call said : blacksmith, what do you mean? Can my apprentice, why make them test? Haven't they believed my strength?” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry beckoned with the hand said : to result in layman, leaves is so sensitive, you also know that these fellows are arrogant, my although is Supreme Elder, but cannot change the decision of Sect Master at will, don't you have the confidence to the Little Hai strength? Let Little Hai tidy up them well one.”!.