Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1382

Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called looked that Huang Dao however did not make noise, he has drunk big liquor, the laughter next step: Must say that nearest/recent these years, Profound Sect by Buddhist Sect pressing unbearably, moreover Profound Sect these disciple more and more do not make every effort to succeed, the each and every one parochial arrogance, missed compared with Buddhist Sect these new promote disciple much, this all will be ten-thousand realms battlefield there relationship, Buddhist Sect after a few years will also choose a batch disciple to enter to the ten-thousand realms battlefield in probes, making these disciple know that outside the person had the person, one should always strive for better, these Buddhist Sect disciple naturally did not have that gang of proud Jin as the matter stands, but our Profound Sect disciple wanted to carry on the ten-thousand realms battlefield, actually must look at Buddhist Sect face , but 6 Realms battlefield there, being insufficient by these Core Disciple On understand person the truth of some people, yeah, what a pity.” Huang Dao however look at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called said : „, therefore your this old fogy, thought zu Little Hai, when Evildoer? Ok, Little Hai complied in any case, this Evildoer he works as one chapter.” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry has smiled bitterly next step: My this does not have the means that to be honest, I also really very much envy you now, your although does not have what backer, the matter that however the live comfortableness, worries about are few, that looks like me, yeah, ok, did not say that come, drinks, rests in my this first for two days, then in sees Sect Master.” Did Huang Dao however knit the brows said : this to be not quite good? Can Sect Master think that our stance/framework/shelf was too big?” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry shook the head said : not to have relationship, Lou had said to Sect Master, has not wanted ji ji these youngster Fire Qi.” Huang Dao however smiled bitterly was shaking the head said : my this time was your this old youngster said that your such ji, these youngster cannot the fire be big, when the time comes started the don’t know weight, Little Hai wants to keep the hand to be also difficult, didn't your this push toward the fiery pit in Little Hai?” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called coldly snorted said : I to these youngster lessons of not being able to forget, avoid day-by-day a emperor's father appearance, look at on vitality, come, Little Hai, with my drinking well two, when the time comes for my well lesson their.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, actually must hold up wine glass to drink one with the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly is feeling outside Cave Mansion to have the person, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls also to feel, his deep voice said : „did Mo Sheng come? Comes.” Outside sound has complied with one, a person walked from outside. This person comes in Zhao Hai to stare, this person long was really too strong, in cultivator, little had human form to be so strong, height quick 2.5 m, steel and iron common muscle, was flashing the metal same gloss, clothes also very special that a short erectness, he put on, was not the general cultivator clothing/taking, but was an iron armor vest, in the hand the belt iron Gauntlet, the lower part of the body was putting on one black however probably was ku that beast skin made sub-, the position of knee also had the iron kneepad, the under foot was pair of scale armor fights the boots, The whole person was ancient times Wargod is probably same, is dispersing wild valiant aura. However Zhao Hai actually quickly noted this person of eye, this person of eye very special, the person like him, should be normally belt killing aura is right, but in this person of eye did not have killing aura, instead to was bringing pure this air/Qi, with his stature completely incompatible. Besides this pure air/Qi, in his facial expression also has an indifferent gas, saw that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called on hey laughs foolishly said :Master, I came. Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called look at Mo Sheng, sighed said : to sit, did today's merit practice?” Mo Sheng nodded, but liquor jug of eye actually look at ground, face of eye slandering, the Zhao Hai look at Mo Sheng appearance, shows a faint smile, a hand revolution, put out jug liquor to give Mo Sheng said : to ask you to drink.” Mo Sheng looked at Zhao Hai one, turns the head to look to the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry smiles said :to drink, this is your Senior Brother, later must listen to your Master Huang words.,...

Mo Sheng has complied with the life, received Zhao Hai liquor jug, to Zhao Hai said : Senior Brother, you asked me to drink, you were a good person, if later had to bully you, you said to Mo Sheng that Mo Sheng helped you hit him.” Said no matter also Zhao Hai, selfish hit liquor jug to drink. Huang Dao however somewhat puzzled look at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called said : blacksmith, transported the position is?” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry sighed said : he to call Mo Sheng, was a few years ago outside me the time, sorted in a barren hill, this youngster was somewhat dull silly, but the day thief different reported that copper skin iron bone, super strong, after afterward followed me, I have made him practice practicing body Cultivation Method in Sect, has not thought that this youngster practiced that type to practice body Cultivation Method to come, that was benefits really the chapter, progress very fast, a few years ago I have made him practice in elsewhere, nearest/recent made him come back.” Mo Sheng has not heard the words that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called probably, selfish drinking, jug liquor, was given to drink before long up by him, the appearance that his also having not given full expression, the Zhao Hai look at Mo Sheng appearance, cannot help but showed a faint smile, has put out jug liquor, with beginning a revolution, has put out a fat chicken, but this chicken in Space raised, Spiritual Qi is stronger than general Monster Beast, eats this chicken only to have the advantage to the practice, will not have the fault. Zhao Hai only roasts this sallowly, the fat chicken that braves the fragrance has given Mo Sheng, Mo Sheng has gawked, he probably is the meanings of some do not understand Zhao Hai, in the impression of Mo Sheng, he has not eaten thing. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, tears down chicken tui to eat, the Mo Sheng look at Zhao Hai appearance, this understand this was used to eat, his also impolite, hugged that chicken to come, to open the mouth to nip, has nipped a chicken, his two eyes cannot help but one bright, immediately/on horseback diligently hissing was nipping, forgot to drink including the liquor at once unexpectedly. Zhao Hai look at his appearance, cannot help but laughs, then his immediately felt that is not right, was too peaceful, eats the thing sound besides his laughter and Mo Sheng, could not be hearing other sound, he turned the head to look that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called with Huang Dao however is staring at Mo Sheng, said accurately was staring at the Mo Sheng in hand fat chicken, but face was not quite good. Zhao Hai immediately understand their meanings, he has shown a faint smile, puts out a fat chicken to come, with a smile however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called said : to Huang Dao Master, Martial Uncle, this was I the fat chicken that used the special method to raise, you taste.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry stares, their immediately understand meaning of Zhao Hai, they not polite, a person tore down a chicken wing to eat.

…… Zhao Hai look at their types half, shows a faint smile said : Master, Martial Uncle, what kind of? Also?” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called with Huang Dao however nodded, their fast ate the chicken wing, Huang Dao however then let out a long breath said : good long time not to have eaten these thing, HaHaHa, Little Hai, your youngster also was really the line, has prepared unexpectedly delicious these many.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, did these chickens you feed? If entire Cultivation World is such chicken, the people did not need to eat medicine pill, ate meal on the line directly.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, but this chicken is not easy to feed, must first look for an environment with the Yu Qing mountain here similar place, the water that then their things to eat, drinks if these include the Spiritual Qi water and rice, with the ordinary rice and water definitely is incorrect, therefore wants mass produce is almost impossible, I am also make some to eat.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called with Huang Dao however sighs, their hands have not actually been idling, was only fat the chicken to give to rip open that was putting the chicken toward the mouth, before long a fat chicken was given to eat to eat all one's food by them. Drank up the fat chicken, they then carried the liquor to drink a big mouth, then oil of their look at opposite party face, laughed, but at this time Mo Sheng also gave to eat to eat all one's food a chicken, this fellow ate thing to have the share dash, gave to eat to eat all one's food including chicken Bone, anything did not have remaining. Zhao Hai likes Mo Sheng such character, the Mo Sheng world is a very simple world, person who is good to him, he to that person of good, to his non- good person, he will also begin to kill people, such person is simplest. Naturally, such person is also most likely becomes others in hand tool, but obviously no matter Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called Zhao Hai, was not such person.

Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called look at Zhao Hai to look at the Mo Sheng look, in the eye is also having a happy expression, he wants to make Mo Sheng exit leave to live seperately, but was very obvious, by the Mo Sheng dying business, he exited leave to live seperately definitely is incorrect, some people were leading him, no matter his apprentice, was the other people of profound clear sect, will not be bringing Mo Sheng, these people dislike Mo Sheng to give them to lose face. However must say really that the Mo Sheng strength is not bad, his innate skill different reported that practice practices body Cultivation Method, therefore fighting strength very formidable . Moreover the Mo Sheng thoughts are pure, cultivates the discipline is quick, now is Infant Stage time Expert, moreover Infant Stage time Expert of show, simply possibly is not the Mo Sheng match. May be this, nobody is willing to lead him, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called for this matter headache, but he had afterward thought of Zhao Hai, he wants to make Zhao Hai bring Mo Sheng, he and Zhao Hai have contacted, the time of although contact was not long, but Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls actually presently, Zhao Hai this person, compared with these Core Disciple of profound clear sect, but much better, if Zhao Hai is willing to bring Mo Sheng, that was makes these Core Disciple belt of profound clear sect be also better. Thinks of here, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls cannot help but turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I want to ask your matter, does the name look to be good?” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called said : Martial Uncle to tell that was.” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry looked at Mo Sheng one, sighed said : Little Hai, the Mo Sheng situation you also saw, I cannot lead him in the side, in that case, what good and evil outside I one day had, this youngster also ended, therefore I want to make him exit leave to live seperately, however his situation, oneself exited obviously is incorrect, therefore I want to make you lead him to exit leave to live seperately, feel relieved, I can explain/transfer his, listen to your words by him, how did you look?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then smiles said :originally is this matter, Martial Uncle feel relieved, I will look after good Mo Sheng, I like Mo Sheng such character, is together simply with them, was right, the does clothes that Martial Uncle, the Mo Sheng body wears, what exquisite have? You also know that I later may go to ten-thousand realms battlefield there, do not make Mo Sheng have any danger.Zhao Hai already present, Mo Sheng clothes, probably are one set of Magical Artifact, therefore he has this one to ask.!.