Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1385

Zhao Hai look at this Liu Feiyang, shows a faint smile said : originally is Liu Xufei Heavenly Sword face to face, the given name of Zhao Hai to mister also early has hearing, today can see one side mister, is honored.” Liu Feiyang look at Zhao Hai said : there, Fei Yang/flying upwards slightly has Bo Ming, that can compare with mister, mister invited.” The hand wields, first has put out flying sword. His flying sword very special, unexpectedly is a soft sword! This soft sword like Spirit Snake equally in Liu Feiyang fast is hovering, flexible incomparable. Zhao Hai nodded, simultaneously the hand wields, his appears dozens swords, these swords have become have composed Sword Formation, floats before the body of Zhao Hai, simultaneously the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, slowly flew, Liu Feiyang also slowly flew. The fight of cultivator generally is in midair, they are separated by hundred meters to stand, other people also flew, has vacated very big a piece place to them, leaves them to fight to use specially. The Zhao Hai look at Liu Feiyang soft sword, to is somewhat curious, he first time with using the person of soft sword fights, it seems like that this Liu Feiyang has certainly any adept skill. Before Liu Feiyang is actually look at Zhao sea surface, floats these Liquid Silver swords, a dignity of face, cultivator most does not need to meet uses the Complete Set Magical Artifact match, Complete Set Magical Artifact although said strictly is also Magical Artifact, but its Might actually use single unit Magical Artifact is higher. Moreover the set of Sword Formation that Zhao Hai suspends, probably is also very uncommon, he does not dare to treat it lightly, Liu Feiyang also paid attention to Zhao Hai, presently a facial expression of Zhao Hai worry, has not been only the somewhat curious look at Liu Feiyang soft sword, Liu Feiyang at heart cannot help but one suddenly. The Zhao Hai name he had already heard, he also knows that Zhao Hai is person of the ascend, person of the ascend, has only used for several years, rushes out such big reputation, this is really very astonishing, but also demonstrated the Zhao Hai strength. Liu Feiyang very clear. Zhao Hai can have annoys the big reputation today like this, certainly is not a simple character, he currently has such performance, that can only explain a point, he has the absolute confidence to his strength. Liu Feiyang although has the arrogance of Great Sect juniors, but he is not an idiot, looks at Zhao Hai such performance, he cannot help but has been careful, but he actually never has to think one will lose, therefore to Zhao Hai such performance. Besides letting him careful, lets his some vitalities, he thinks that this is Zhao Hai is looking down upon him. Zhao Hai look at Liu Feiyang, looks at Liu Feiyang face , almost knows that he in thinking anything, like the person who Liu Feiyang has not passed through too much winds and rains, their concerns cannot install, wrote on own face.

This to did not say that Liu Feiyang has not killed people. Person homicide, but Liu Feiyang they, because has grown up in Great Sect, has not come across Zhao Hai that many matters, arrives at there such as many things around a center to be ordinary, naturally does not have that many stories. Zhao Hai has not cared, to him, Liu Feiyang they are one has not passed through any wind and rain Second Generation Rich-Man. Really is not worth him caring. Liu Feiyang does not have Zhao Hai to be able to calm down. Waited for a while, looked meaning that Zhao Hai has not attacked on own initiative, he somewhat could not tarry, the hand wields drinks said : willow catkin to be floating lightly, scolds!” As his voice falls, soft sword immediately of his side flew, in process that this soft sword in flying to urge to go faster, transferred several circles one after another, simultaneously sword ray revolves rapidly. Before long turned into all over the sky sword ray, direct Zhao Hai throws. Simultaneously Liu Feiyang wields, Magical Artifact of umbrella type also flew, the umbrella opened, encircles spinning of body whirling, this is one defends xing Magical Artifact, Liu Feiyang also has with the experience that the person begins. Naturally also knows that the use defends Magical Artifact. But Liu Feiyang has not thought this strikes to be able the accomplishment, he wants to try the Zhao Hai strength. Zhao Hai looks at Liu Feiyang attack, shows a faint smile, the hand proceeds to wield, silently said: Pear flower all over the sky. Scolds!” Along with his voice, these Liquid Silver flying sword before him. immediately flew, is centered on a sword, other swords fast revolved, from airborne is falling gently to be the same with the pear colored flower petal. The sound that a Clang! Clang! Clang! double sword junction strikes, Zhao Hai Sword Formation has hit with the Liu Feiyang soft sword in together, Liu Feiyang sword after all only then, other sword ray are the illusions that the soft sword transforms, so long as his soft sword were blocked, these sword ray also on vanish from sight. Liu Feiyang knows own this time attack failed, but he has not been discouraged, the hand pinches the sword Secret Art, double-edged sword attack changed. Zhao Hai naturally not polite, changed attack style, at this moment, Liu Feiyang flies to wield, spindle-shaped Magical Artifact flew, toward the Zhao Hai long jab in the past. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he already thinks that Liu Feiyang this move, Cultivation World here cultivator, besides some specially poor, almost nobody will have used a Magical Artifact attack enemy, do not say Second Generation Rich-Man like Liu Feiyang, their in hand Magical Artifact quantity are certainly many. Zhao Hai pinches sword Secret Art one revolution, that dozens sword immediately returned to the surroundings of his body, have only defended do not attack, Liu Feiyang looked that Zhao Hai such moving does, cannot help but the eyebrow selects, both hands wield, in one time has put out several Magical Artifact, but this Liu Feiyang has only one in mind to sword-shaped Magical Artifact obviously, these Magical Artifact that his release comes, is sword-shaped, although has is different from the ordinary sword, but one shortly, the people will still think that is one sword.

For example the snake-shaped sword, Qu sword wait / etc. various non- prototypical -type sword make a move, Zhao Hai see here, cannot help but smiled, he thinks that Liu Feiyang likes the sword, does not have anything to be great. However he presently has made quickly a mistake, not only Liu Feiyang likes the sword being so simple, his these sword although are various, what method but don’t know Liu Feiyang has used, can make these swords coordinate unexpectedly, this does not measure Sword Formation to be so simple absolutely, these sword coordination with each other, are adding on the shape to be various, therefore uses, Might is not unexpectedly small. Zhao Hai face dignified, he can affirm now, Liu Feiyang is not with no reason at all likes using sword-shaped Magical Artifact so much, certainly was his learn some special Sword Formation, otherwise like this, will not think of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but has been careful, Rainstorm Pear Flower Sword Formation, what before him against was wind and rain can not penetrate, waited to look that what method Liu Feiyang also had. Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, Liu Feiyang also really meets one type of Zhao Hai don’t know Sword Formation, this Sword Formation known as wonderful Sword Formation, this wonderful Sword Formation, if, use is some unusual sword-shaped Magical Artifact, these unusual sword-shaped Magical Artifact, comprised of wonderful Sword Formation, because this wonderful Sword Formation the shapes of these swords install very unusual, therefore attack style strange. This wonderful Sword Formation also characteristics, that is this wonderful Sword Formation is not Sword Formation that Complete Set Magic Sword uses, Sword Formation that but is used by each and every one independent Magic Sword, in other words this wonderful Sword Formation drives a horse Sword Technique to be somewhat similar to the stars. At this time Liu Feiyang received 24 flying sword release that did not collect easily to come, to add on an umbrella-type own in hand defense Magical Artifact, he altogether needs control 25 Magical Artifact now, this is his limit, if were not wonderful Sword Formation has to reduce the ability of spiritual force consumption, he feared that now has supported does not live. However these 24 Qi sword release come, its Might has also appeared, Zhao Hai felt that the pressure accompanies to increase, but Zhao Hai also present, Liu Feiyang this Sword Formation has not handed over several times with the person probably, the coordination between Formation, has not achieved the circle to transfer free degree. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, then sinks to drink one, the hand wields, has dozens one to increase to more than 100 in sword, then Zhao Hai deep voice said : Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations, scolds!” Along with the Zhao Hai voice, more than hundred flying sword before his body, fierce falling, one flying sword slowly proceeds to fly, probably on the sword presses huge mountain to be the same. However what is strangeest, this sword in the process of operation, gives people unexpectedly the one type of unusual feeling, probably this sword is not a sword, but is huge mountain, a piece meteorite, planet, operation, although slow, actually stable like mountain, irresistible! Liu Feiyang looked that Zhao Hai had revealed these many also stare the sword, in looks at the imposing manner strength on that sword, his face cannot help but dignity, immediately/on horseback command(er) 24 swords, have also been attacking toward Zhao Hai, he is at the offensive, if makes him take the defensive now, he is some are not really willingly. However in his sword flies into to Zhao Hai Sword Formation, his suddenly present, these sword some not by his control, probably kept was attracted by Zhao Hai these swords, on Zhao Hai these swords brings the giant magnetic field to be the same probably.

Liu Feiyang face changes, control diligently own flying sword, simultaneously is wanting to meet from Zhao Hai Sword Formation own flying sword. However he quickly presently, already late, Sword Formation revolution of Zhao Hai one sped up, his flying sword was not receiving his control, Zhao Hai flying sword then fast, then stuck with Zhao Hai flying sword in together, looked like a piece meteorite, came under the influence of planet magnetic field to be the same. A Liu Feiyang face grayish white, his very clear, this situation represented itself to defeat, he strongest style, was this wonderful Sword Formation, now this wonderful Sword Formation does not have the means to cope with Zhao Hai, he did not have other means to cope with Zhao Hai, now he only hopes that Zhao Hai do not destroy his flying sword, must know that 24 flying sword, but his made great efforts collected. Zhao Hai also saw Liu Feiyang face , his hand wielded, solves Sword Formation, all flying sword received, then held the fist in the other hand to Liu Feiyang said : Mister Liu, receiving has let, mister Sword Formation was really uncommon, Zhao Hai admired extremely.” Liu Feiyang looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, almost understand Zhao Hai was any meaning, he to Zhao Hai very grateful, just Zhao Hai , to destroy his flying sword, but took away his flying sword, that was the slight effort, but Zhao Hai such has not actually done, this made Liu Feiyang have grateful to Zhao Hai. His idiot, does not think that Zhao Hai does not dare to destroy his flying sword or takes away his flying sword, has Huang Dao however to support in the back, even if were Zhao Hai has destroyed his flying sword, he cannot be what kind of Zhao Hai, therefore Liu Feiyang to Zhao Hai was very grateful. However others may not necessarily with him be the same ideas!!.