Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1386
E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 312 Zheng Tu Liu Feiyang look at Zhao Hai, the hand wielded, has taken back own flying sword, bowed to Zhao Hai said : is Liu has defeated, Mr. Zhao Hai was really the method flies, Liu admires, has the words of time, but must consult in looks like mister.” The personal appearance moved, returned this. …… Moreover listens to the meaning of Liu Feiyang, has with the meaning of Zhao Hai being intimate with unexpectedly, this is the Great Elder institute is unacceptable, face not to Liu Feiyang good complexion, but turned the head to look at that Core Disciple one, deep voice did said : „have good to go to compare notes with Mr. Zhao Hai?” Liu Feiyang is not a fool, he looked that the Great Elder appearance knows Great Elder is discontented with him, at that time he actually can only smile bitterly at heart, although said that Great Elder said Zhao Hai to be unruly, at that time Zhao Hai worked very much has the discretion, has not destroyed his Magical Artifact, in adding on them and Zhao Hai does not have the too big enmity after all, moreover under Zhao Hai does not have the heavy hand, if wrestled by the loathsome appearance with Zhao Hai at this time, that somewhat cannot really be justified. However now Liu Feiyang actually cannot say anything, after all Great Elder status in that pendulum, moreover he said that also will only let Huang Dao however and Zhao Hai looks at the joke, although he feels grateful to Zhao Hai, at that time actually does not want to make Zhao Hai look at the joke of profound clear sect, after all a he skill is profound clear sect Xuelai. However this Great Elder saying made the person begin with Zhao Hai, these people instead to were silent, their although was arrogant, at that time was not the fool, the polarity, they were much more intelligent than the average people, their very clear, the Liu Feiyang strength, in them, is top existed, has defeated on Lie Ze Fei Yang/flying upwards, do not say them, thought of here, naturally nobody dares easily over. Great Elder looks at this situation, on the face cannot help but somewhat cannot hang, complexion was uglier, deep voice said : „does what? nobody dare?” His saying may be a little heavy, must know cultivator, if lost the balls heart, he lifelong does not have the little advance, then changed into complexion of people ugly. When they prepare to begin, suddenly in people transmits sound speaking sounds: Is who dares to run up to our profound clear sect to come to act unruly, making my Zheng Guanlai be able he.” This sound is not very big, at that time had the wild air/Qi that one type of could not say, moreover in that words brought thoroughly all at once intent probably, making the person be afraid. But these people of profound clear sect, hear this sound, cannot help but is a complexion loosen, then initiative made way a road, has revealed color of the admiration on the face of Lie Ze Fei Yang/flying upwards on, let the one side. A red person's shadow from people flew slowly, this person is not very fast, at that time his body actually dispersed astonishing imposing manner, was similar to one long blade of sheath, pointed to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also look at that person, this is he in profound clear sect Li, first time saw that some people put on do not hide the cyan cultivator clothing/taking, this person of red cultivator clothing/taking, in adding on his imposing manner, before to add on , the name that he reported that made Zhao Hai determine the status of this person sufficiently.

Zheng Guan, nickname Zheng Tu, profound clear sect Core Disciple, in ten, the rank several has not said that but a little can actually affirm that he can arrange top five. Zhao Hai look at Zheng Guan, shows a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see Zheng Guan mister to Zheng Guan.” Zheng Guan actually did not appreciate kindness rendered, his very clear, now imposing manner fullest time, if salute to Zhao Hai, before him, imposing manner that accumulates must release, but emptied, therefore he has not returned salute, still step by step compels toward Zhao Hai. Zheng Guan is a plans deep person, he already came, just has stood in behind is looking like, he also knows Zhao Hai strength very formidable, therefore he finally starts, moreover from start to talk starts, begins a performance to accumulate own imposing manner, he is to crush Zhao Hai on imposing manner first, only then he can have the stratagem which ensures success like this. Zheng Guan very clear, if the real life and death wrestles, he is not necessarily able to kill dead Liu Feiyang, most can only crush Liu Feiyang, wants to kill Liu Feiyang is actually impossible. He also impossible like Zhao Hai, superficial gives to defeat Liu Feiyang, his strength is insufficient, is impossible to achieve that therefore he thinks that the Zhao Hai strength wants on high him, as soon as plans, but his nearest/recent has completed an important matter, this lets him, when confronts with Zhao Hai, grasped even bigger a little. Zheng Guan coldly snorted, silently said: Little wasted breath, take this.” The hand wields, earth yellow Great Blade appears in his side, this judge who Great Blade Zheng Guan becomes famous, crazy Sand Dao. Zheng Guan made a debut this time, became famous by crazy Sand Daohe crazy sand Blade Technique, naturally, this crazy Sand Dao is not his Life Source Magical Artifact, in fact like their these Great Sect people, little too quickly determines own Life Source Magical Artifact, to their later practice very disadvantageous. Like Zheng Guan they, are almost since childhood regard the sugar bean to eat various medicine pill, therefore cultivation level progressive very quick, will create at that time their foundations is not very steady, if they too early had determined own Life Source Magical Artifact, own disposition will possibly be affected by Life Source Magical Artifact, then to their cultivation level disadvantageous. Is adding on these Great Sect, very attaches great importance to disciple Life Source Magical Artifact, when they must refine Life Source Magical Artifact, what Life Source Magical Artifact must refine, must be good with the Sect ventilation, only if has encountered the special situation, otherwise, they do not allow themselves to refine Life Source Magical Artifact in secret. …… However this did not indicate that Magical Artifact that Zheng Guan they use is not good, in fact practices in Great Sect, meets the advantage that has plenty Rogue Cultivator is unable to imagine. Great Sect trains Core Disciple, each liter 1st level they will choose Cultivation Method that oneself practice, for example Zheng Guan after the Infant Stage time, Cultivation Method that takes as an elective is attack strength very formidable crazy sand Blade Technique, but Sect after knowing him has chosen crazy sand Blade Technique, has provided this crazy Sand Dao to him! This crazy sand blade although is not his Life Source Magical Artifact, actually with Cultivation Method appropriate match that very he practices, is used crazy sand Blade Technique by crazy Sand Dao, makes his attack strength obtain the promotion of certain degree, this is also Great Sect can have allowance that.

If Rogue Cultivator, obtained a formidable attack method with great difficulty, his immediately/on horseback practice, his simply will be impossible to find one at that time with Magical Artifact of this Cultivation Method completely appropriate match, like this in opposing the enemy, he is impossible to wield this Cultivation Method 100% fighting strength, this is Rogue Cultivator and Sect disciple differences. Like first Core Disciple of profound clear sect, in Sect will provide several Magical Artifact to him, guards active, but Sect also only provides several Magical Artifact to them, will not be many, Sect will send some duty to them, making them exit to try to practice, making them go to look for Magical Artifact, you can find 100, that is better, if you can only find, that explained that you are incompetent. Actually this is one type of variable makes these disciple exit to snatch, exits with the method of person battle, for is makes these disciple be tried to practice in the process of battle. Because these regulation time were too long, now these Great Sect Core Disciple exiting smelting trials, with exiting to stroll the garden to be similar, meets is some does not have what prestige danger, at that time harvested very big duty, enabling them to be able relaxed completion duty, has been rewarded. But this wants one, actually equal to these Core Disciple harming, their with ease has completed duty, some time simply do not even need to fight, this made them not have that many fight experiences, has not played the effect that tried to practice, second increased their air/Qi of haughtiness, making these Core Disciple think, oneself with the status of profound clear sect, can do whatever one wants to do, therefore these Core Disciple fighting strength inevitable appears sliding of certain degree. But Zheng Guan in profound clear sect here is also different type, he is quite good to kill, fight experience also very rich, in adding on the plans is deep, therefore his war cultivates the strength, in profound clear sect Core Disciple, is high. At that time if he passed through many to struggle hard, that arrives is also not necessarily, now the profound clear sect to these Core Disciple duty, was some not too dangerous duty, he was wants to struggle hard not to be impossible, moreover profound clear sect token was very useful, therefore Zheng Guan fight experience was very rich, had not undergone at that time actually the forced smile. …… Zheng Guan looked that Zhao Hai has put out these flying sword, cannot help but coldly snorted, the hand wields loudly shouts said : yellow sand to be billowing, scolds!” Along with his voice, his side crazy Sand Dao, spinning toward the Zhao Hai detachment, this blade moves, such as ten thousand li (0.5km) yellow sand comes in waves, imposing manner is astonishing. Zhao Hai two eyebrow vertical strokes, said loudly: Rainstorm strong winds, scold!” Along with his voice, that more than hundred flying sword, change to makes one group of sword ray, such as the gust of wind sudden downpour is common, welcomed toward Great Blade of Zheng officer, these two groups were bringing astonishingly Blade and Sword of potential, has hit suddenly together. On hearing bang, such as the stuffy thunder common sound, near the ear of people crack, two groups of brights has separated, the Zhao Hai look is invariable, face calm look at Zheng Guan, but on Zheng Guan face actually appears color of the blood flushes, his look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, good Zhao Hai, really to have had real skill, below meets my one move, the crazy sand all over the sky, scolds!” Zhao Hai also laughs said : well, will ask for advice, the rainstorm blows the remnant flower, scolds!” Sword Formation is bringing unprecedented imposing manner, welcomed toward the yellow sand blade of Zheng officer on. Boom! transmitted compared with the even bigger sound a moment ago, then a Berserk Qi battle center expands toward all around, not wrong, is Berserk Qi, this is Zheng Guan nearest/recent secret weapon, Berserk Qi. These days Zheng Guan uses opportunity of going out smelting trial, ran up to the yellow sand crazy beast on-board to go, concentrates Gang to enter the body, and has succeeded, just in this struck, but had Berserk Qi, he wants to use Berserk Qi, making Zhao Hai eat to owe, has not actually thought that in Zhao Hai Liquid Silver Magic Staff itself had existence of Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, now are also many Strength of Faith, although Zhao Hai had not increased his attack strength with these thing, at that time others want to use Berserk Qi or Evil Qi attack Zhao Hai are impossible, Berserk Qi that therefore Zheng Guan came out, the directness on was given to block by Liquid Silver.

This Berserk Qi scatters in all directions, the people felt, Great Elder complexion cannot help but changed, he thinks that was Zhao Hai is using Berserk Qi attack. In this time, is actually hearing the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : original mister to congeal Gang to enter the body, good, admire, we to be amusing.” Along with his words, hundred flying sword returned to his side, Zhao Hai complexion also sank, just Zheng Guan said nothing has used Berserk Qi, has somewhat enraged Zhao Hai, must know Berserk Qi attack, not only adds strong attack to strike that simply, one, but was stormed into within the body by Berserk Qi, but that consequence very critical. His these time they fights Zheng Guan, received Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call to hold, but wanted to teach Zheng Guan they, therefore he and Liu Feiyang began, was under the hand/subordinate is forgiving, hasn't simply striven. This Zheng Guan actually without making a sound had used at that time Berserk Qi, one time compared notes him to use Gang strength, obviously he wants to wound Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai were only ordinary cultivator, these feared that was his Dao, this was also the reason that Zhao Hai was angry, they were not the life and death wrestle, with this method, appeared somewhat mean. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Great Elder their complexion cannot help but change, these Core Disciple have not carried on to congeal Gang to enter the body, this they are know that although said concentrates Gang to enter the body to be best to carry on Foundation Establishment Stage, at that time was unreliable the clear sect to have Secret Technique, can concentrate Gang in the time of Infant Stage time to enter the body . Moreover the success ratio will be higher. They are prepare to find time, then leads everyone/Great Clan together to congeal Gang to enter the body, because like this has the Sect elder, concentrates Gang enters the body time also has the medicine pill support, not only the success ratio increases, even if not successful, will not receive any wound, congealed Gang to enter the body to be safer. Core Disciple training is not easy, because of this, therefore every step wants very careful, if looks like Zhao Hai to advocate, Zheng Guanning Gang entered the body, that was he goes, although now Zheng Guan safe and sound appears in here, at that time Great Elder still did not appear happy, because Zheng Guan such did is really too crude. How however must punish Zheng Guan, that is the later matter, now Great Elder care is, Zheng can Guan defeat Zhao Hai with this Berserk Qi. Zheng Guan in the look at Zhao Hai look, actually has been full of the dignified color now, he just using Berserk Qi sneak attack Zhao Hai, wants to use this opportunity, wounds Zhao Hai, like this he some hopes of winning, at that time now looks like, did not have what effect, this cannot help but made him look at one to Zhao Hai high, was also has known about the Zhao Hai strength, his also understand, Zhao Hai feared that also congealed Gang to enter the body, but this was he most does not want to see. If Zhao Hai also congealed Gang to enter body, was representing Zhao Hai formidabe, Zheng Guanxian defeat the Zhao Hai possibility, fell was lower. # c.. Are more, address