Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1387

Huang Dao however face calm Zhao Hai and Zheng in Guan look at field, he is very confident regarding the Zhao Hai strength, in his opinion, Zheng Guan is the use in many methods, possibly is the Zhao Hai match. When all people think he with Zhao Hai to the wartime keeps the hand, he is clearest, he and Zhao Hai to war, simply has not kept the hand, leaves to try, even if this he still cannot defeat Zhao Hai, it can be imagined, the Zhao Hai strength is formidable how. But after this Zhao Hai closes up, the one who said him to study is Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, but so far, Zhao Hai Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method has not used, to has used rainstorm pear hua Sword Formation, one type of his don’t know Sword Formation, but is only these two Sword Formation, wielded incomparably formidable attack strength in Zhao Hai in hand, obviously Zhao Hai was impossible such quickly to shine the card in a hand, in other words, Zhao Hai until now, simply fully. Moreover Huang Dao however also very clear, Zhao Hai concentrates Gang to enter the body , the congealing ghost entered the body, but until now, he has not used Berserk Qi, has not used Evil Qi, this also let Huang Dao however understand, Zhao Hai, not only did not have fully, he so far, feared that did not have including 50% strength on. Thinks of here, Huang Dao however cannot help but somewhat sighed at heart that said, his real don’t know must say that any was good, probably every time has Zhao Hai, his strength can all promotion, now Zhao Hai although does not have Transcends Tribulation, but Huang Dao however actually has to recognize, fear that is Zhao Hai puts right with him, he cannot obtain any was cheap, like the previous time, Zhao Hai compelling that distressedly, is more impossible. Thinks of here, Huang Dao however cannot help but sighs, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called stands in the Huang Dao side however, did he look at Huang Dao however said : puzzled layman? What air/Qi did you sigh?” Huang Dao however looked:, has smiled bitterly next step Accepted a talent apprentice, was really not the good deed, the Little Hai strength many, if I with him put now right feared that could not win him.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called to stare, previous Zhao Hai with Huang Dao however to the matter of war, he was knows that to be honest although Huang Dao however said that he has not kept the hand, but Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called actually does not believe that one hear of Huang Dao however said now, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called cannot help but somewhat stares. Huang Dao however turns the head the look at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, has smiled bitterly next step: Said that you possibly do not believe that that rainstorm pear hua sword is I teaches Little Hai, gives him the rainstorm pear hua sword from me, to the present is about seven days, you have a look at him now, used with studying for dozens years same, moreover your possibly don’t know, I want to make Little Hai regard the main attack method to use the rainstorm pear hua sword, but you looked now that he regarded the one type of most common attack way the rainstorm pear hua sword, before he when with Liu Feiyang for the war, on has used one type of I not to see, However Might huge Sword Formation, but knows this Sword Formation on me is also not his most strong attack strikes the method, for these years Little Hai closed up, continuously practice was Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, feared that was that is his last resort, in adding on Little Hai already congealed Gang to enter the body also congealing ghost to enter the body to be successful, but currently he has not used actually, can look from these points, his simply was in playing, hasn't striven, you said that shows the strength that came out by him now, if I with him to, can obtain?” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry stayed his although to have the contact with Zhao Hai, but did not have to begin with Zhao Hai after all, therefore regarding Zhao Hai was not completely understand, now one hear of Huang Dao however said that he understand Huang Dao however was any meaning. In thinks that the Zhao Hai strength, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called the feeling that some one type of were also afraid, by strength that Zhao Hai shows now, if he put right with Zhao Hai, feared that could not obtain good going, the strength that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, must, be compared with on Huang Dao however strong some, after all behind him had the profound clear sect support, but will not be many. But by strength that Zhao Hai shows now, he does not have the confidence to defeat Zhao Hai, do not say that Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , Space Divergent Technique extremely powerful, he wants, nobody can remain, in this case, he is impossible Zhao Hai to be what kind. A such person, was too dangerous! If his day he became Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, what degree that will be strong to? Thinks of here, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls also cannot help but however sighs like Huang Dao, he felt that own ting , compared with Zhao Hai disappointed, do oneself also match to be called the talent?

In this time, Zhao Hai and Zheng Guan in one time were beginning, this time Zheng Guanke did not dare to pull rank, both hands wielded continually, several Magical Artifact appears in his side, had to attack to guard, it seems like he also knows that depending on a yellow sand blade possibly was not being the Zhao Hai match. Zhao Hai has not cared, he has not even used including Berserk Qi, their strengths missed far, even if were he does not use Berserk Qi, coped with Zheng Guan still very relaxed. although Zhao Hai somewhat is mad Zheng Guan to use Berserk Qi sneak attack he, but he also knows that he cannot be excessive to Zheng Guantai, after all the here surface has the face that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, did not look at others' face, the face that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called he must give. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai not initiative attack, but is coldly look at Zheng Guan, although he cannot under the heavy hand to Zheng Guan, but Zhao Hai decided that lesson Zheng Guan well. Zheng Guan impossible too long time, just attack was disadvantageous, has made his imposing manner weaken much, if he such were waiting, when his imposing manner dissipated, he was not the Zhao Hai match. Thinks of here, Zheng Guan immediately command(er) several Magical Artifact toward Zhao Hai attack, Zhao Hai is still using rainstorm pear hua Sword Formation, with Zheng Guan for the war, Zheng Guan currently has used still Berserk Qi, but has not actually affected to Zhao Hai. The person fought more than ten to gather again, Zhao Hai also thought similarly, two eyes stood, the hand pinched the sword Secret Art, his attack one changed, turned into the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation of stars in Sword Technique. Zhao Hai this changes Sword Formation, Zheng Guan could not block, after all Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation with willow tree flying sword wonderful Sword Formation is the same each sword is independent Magical Artifact, the attack strength naturally is growth doubled and re-doubled. although is hundred swords is still invariable, but originally Zhao Hai equal to with one set of Magical Artifact and several Magical Artifact of Zheng officer to war, but now is different, now equal to is Zhao Hai with 100 Magical Artifact, with several Magical Artifact of Zheng officer to the war, Zheng Guan naturally suffers a loss.

Attack and defense both sides changed a position at once, Zhao Hai turned into a side of attacking by a against side, but Zheng Guan actually from attacking a side turned into a against side, but also against distressed extremely. Zhao Hai looked that the time was also up, with a low voice, the sword Secret Art pinches, flying sword attacks, this time he increased the one layer attack strength, will hear with a bang sound, Zheng Guan all Magical Artifact in the future to be flown by the long jab, he was also stuffy snort|hum one, a face paleness, but Zhao Hai did not have to chase down, but has taken back own Magical Artifact, look at Zheng Guan, held the fist in the other hand said : Zheng mister, receiving lets.” Now Zheng Guan had been injured, but the injury is not serious, normal motion, but has the help of medicine pill, wants two to three days to restore, was eats one to be small Owing. Zheng Guan also knows that Zhao Hai is under the hand/subordinate is forgiving, but he did not appreciate kindness rendered, in his opinion, Zhao Hai this is insulting him, his two eyes torching looked at Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted, did not say turn around walked. The Zhao Hai look at Zheng Guan back, sighed lightly, shook the head, to be honest, he regarding the moral behavior of Zheng officer, was really somewhat disappointed, this Zheng Guan came most from the beginning time hid in behind observes him secretly, then on accumulation imposing manner, wants to crush him on imposing manner, then in the process of fight, suddenly used Berserk Qi, now he has clarified under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving, but he actually still did not appreciate kindness rendered, but also harbored intense hatred his appearance, compared with Liu Feiyang, he was misses far. Such person, he possibly on together walks in practice, but he forever may not have to turn in the friend, moreover today also compares notes, otherwise, he already Zheng Guan butchering. Great Elder don’t know Zhao Hai is thinking anything, his present face very difficult looked that he has not thought that concentrates Zheng Guan who Gang enters the body is not the Zhao Hai match, this lets his strength to the Zhao Hai, feels to be startled, simultaneously he also somewhat regretted. Today's matter equal to is he selects, he wants to teach Zhao Hai, but now looks like, actually by Zhao Hai teaching, this lets his psychological very uncomfortable.

However Great Elder does not have what means that Zheng Guan has congealed Gang to enter the body, can say that in these disciple, Zheng Guan strength is strongest, Zheng Guan are not the Zhao Hai match, other people possibly were not the Zhao Hai matches, Great Elder unexpectedly was at once stiff in there, don’t know has not known what to do. In this time, a long and loud cry is transmitting, this howl very clear, the howl from far to near, close here fast, heard this howl, Zhao Hai and has selected the eyebrow, he can feel, left strength very formidable of person of howl, was stronger than Zheng Guan, now feared that was arrived at the Infant Stage time peak. But hears this howl, on the face of Great Elder happy is actually flashes, because this sound he recognizes, this howl profound clear sect Core Disciple first person, Totta Iron-man Li Zongdao! Totta Iron-man Li Zongdao, the profound clear sect Core Disciple first person, height two meters 10, tall and strong, 20 years ago concentrates Gang to enter the body, ten years ago Sect has provided Life Source Magical Artifact to him, seventh night of the seventh lunar month Linglongta, good of this person not only Magical Artifact use, what most formidable is, he profound clear sect Li, antiquity Body Cultivator Cultivation Method practiced very high boundary, super strong, defense strength also very astonishing, the manner was straightforward, under the hand was hale and hearty, this enabled he did not have accidentally to become Core Disciple First Senior Brother. Five years ago he started to gain experience, in Comprehend the world here, rushed, if big reputation, if in profound clear sect Core Disciple, there is that to mature, that without a doubt, was Li Zongdao! Li sect said although outside leave to live seperately, but once in a while, he can return to Sect one time, like Sect report that his situation, simultaneously oneself some thing that obtained outside, handed over in Sect, received exchange thing that some needed, then in leave to live seperately. Today he by chance was returned to Sect just, heard the Zhao Hai matter, therefore on feeling hurriedly, because feared that Zhao Hai walked, therefore he leaves the howl ahead of time, to do to challenge!!.