Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1388
E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 314 real man Li Zongdao Li Zongdao status in Core Disciple is quite special, because of his strength formidable, in adding on the manner is straightforward, therefore he status in Core Disciple heart is very high, even the common elder, has been able saying that he is the profound clear sect all Core Disciple idols.[. .com] Great Elder hears this howl, long vented anger, then on the face has shown the smiling face, Zhao Hai is actually look motionless standing in there, what he to wants to have a look is who. Li sect said although becoming famous of very in the profound clear sect, but Zhao Hai had also heard the name of this person, has not met with this person, naturally impossible through the sound to know that was. Quick Li Zongdao arrived at square here, Core Disciple of these profound clear gates saw Li Dao Sect, immediately has forgotten Zhao Hai, all moved forward to meet somebody, First Senior Brother, First Senior Brother short was calling, that chummy vigor not to mention. Zhao Hai look at was encircled in Li Zongdao of crowd, cannot help but darkly approved one, is really a real man, is not who Li Zongdao puts on can cultivator clothing/taking, but is one set of sleeveless warrior cloth, the under foot is pedalling pair of leather boots, short of fiery-red, erectness, whole person obviously spirit. In adding on two meters 10 height, because practices martial art all the year round, grandiose muscle, on the skin of dark, is flashing a metallic luster, entire disperses valiant aura. At this time he was speaking with these Core Disciple of profound clear sect, laughing of sound, sound is loud and clear, no matter what who saw him, will unable to bear approve, was really a real man. Some little time has notified these people, Li Zongdao then turns the head to give Great Elder and green profound also has Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call them to salute, but Zhao Hai continuously static standing in there, face calm look at Li Zongdao. Li sect said that this person he has also heard, his equal to is the profound clear sect in a Cultivation World here flag, many people mentioned the profound clear sect, will mention this Li Zongdao. Li Zongdao made a debut already for more than 30 years, every large or small war, passed through several hundred, had to lose to win, but was without any exception, even if were his match, to his depending on price also very high, thinks that he was one is worth becoming friends with the person, because knew these, therefore Zhao Hai to this Li Zongdao to was very curious.

After Li Zongdao called to Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) they saw to deliver the betrothal gifts, this has flown Zhao Hai front look at Zhao Hai, then flushed Zhao Hai to hold the fist in the other hand said : „the name of Zhao Hai, my Li Zongdao had already heard, heard Mr. Zhao Hai is machine first Expert, sect [say / way] already wants to experience, has not actually thought that mister arrived at our profound clear sect today unexpectedly, this has saved many matter. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to Li Zongdao, hugged has held the fist in the other hand said : Li Zongdao given name, early had hearing below, heard the mister natural disposition to be straightforward, was good to become friends with the friend, Zhao Hai already wants with the mister intersection, how mister is a Cultivation World people, actually little went to machine, therefore did not have this opportunity, today the profound clear sect, to accompany Master visits friends \; second, to pay a visit green profound Sect Master, has not thought that can also see sect Daoxiong, this was really unexpected joy.” Li Zongdao laughs said : to hear mister to be also good to become friends with the friend, are innumerable in the machine there friend, this point to is track looks like very much, today can compare notes one or two with mister, is sect [say / way] being honored, doesn't know mister what do you think?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : inherent to hope, does not dare to invite!” Li Zongdao laughs said : well, that mister, offended.” Said that Li Zongdao has not actually put out Magical Artifact, but is a double fist pendulum, has assumed a fist and feet skill posture. Zhao Hai stares, then shows a faint smile, similarly has not revealed Magical Artifact, has shown a fist and feet skill posture, but he has not used Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, what use is the Tempering Stars body fist. Li Zongdao looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but stares, then laughs said : mister, if, but wants, before sect this, has practiced Body Technique specially, regarding this foot skill, but very familiar with, my fist and feet skill does not go to there compared with the Magical Artifact skill difference, if mister has not studied fist and feet skill, not use fist and feet with Zhao Hai to the war to well.” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that also cannot help but shows a faint smile said : to be good to call mister to know, in the technique of below also learn Body Cultivator, but before , had not run into person of the Body Cultivator, today can with mister with a fist and feet skill war, to also happy, mister asked feel relieved to act is.” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then laughed said : to be so best, since having repaired this Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, I have wanted to find person of the Body Cultivator to dispute well turn, what a pity now Comprehend the world here, wants to find person of the Body Cultivator, that was really too difficult, has not actually thought that mister unexpectedly was also person of the Body Cultivator, good, today I with a mister fight of happiness.” Had said calls out, a fist strike leaves. But Zhao Hai presently Li sect said that this fist is somewhat unusual, he unexpectedly is not fist force, but leaves while the fist strike, the thigh proceeds to step, move of Shrink the Ground to an Inch, arrived at Zhao Hai suddenly , a fist hits toward the head of Zhao Hai, he must fight handata-titleo-hand with Zhao Hai near peak unexpectedly! Zhao Hai although stares, but immediately responded, hand upward, simultaneously a fist strikes toward Li Zongdao, Li sect said that another hand supports the fist of Zhao Hai, the under foot is actually a foot kicks.

Zhao Hai keeps off with the foot, then backhands a fist. Their such fist comes the foot toward standing in one, looked at their such forms of combat, other people cannot help but dumbfounded. Now in Cultivation World several Body Cultivator, but the people of these Body Cultivator, leave Qi Strength with their fist generally, carries on long-distance attack, what truly with person near body war is few, because near body fought is really extremely in the bad risk, a move was not good, did not die already injures, therefore currently few people use near body to fight. But they arrive, comes up is near body war, moreover their styles very exquisite, hits at once unexpectedly inextricably involved. But other people look is actually the cold sweat braves, because their attack methods were really extremely in formidable, if changed into is they, feared that was 32 moves is tidied up. But at this time Zhao Hai in Liu Feiyang look at field, could not bear has scratched the head cold sweat, besides today , he but has not fought with Zhao Hai, however the Zhao Hai matter he knew some people, he knows that Zhao Hai was Space Divergent Warlock , can free dealings in Space, before he had not cared, in his opinion, this ability, besides being used to escape with sneak attack, did not have the too big use. However looked at Zhao Hai and between fight Li Zongdao, Liu Feiyang is understand, if Zhao Hai uses Space Divergent Technique, suddenly appears in his side, comes on fist and feet to him, feared that is rapidness that he defeats, moreover opportunity that escapes continually does not have. This is looks like Liu Feiyang this to respond quickly, these responded slowly, has not thought of this point to the present, they felt that Zhao Hai and between fight Li Zongdao, thrilling extremely, actually does not want to be too many. But fight in Huang Dao however look at field, forced smile that also not bears, turned the head to call said : I to say the blacksmith to Feng Bai(Hundred Winds), sect this youngster was really a fight is crazy, this fist and feet skill was practiced this degree by him unexpectedly, now feared that was this near body war, the old men not necessarily was his match.” Reason that Huang Dao however will have such sigh, is in fist and feet skill that because Li Zongdao studies, his part of merit. The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry is profound clear sect Supreme Elder, has to be responsible for teaching that the disciple righteousness prepares, this Li sect said that although is not his disciple, but wind Chenming actually very much likes Li Zongdao, had taught Li Zongdao some time, afterward heard Li Zongdao likes studying this Cultivator Cultivation Method, this fist and feet skill, asked Huang Dao however to give Li Zongdao practicing moral culture Cultivation Method fist and feet skill that he studied, Li sect said that itself has studied practicing moral culture Cultivation Method of profound clear sect, in study Huang Dao however, technique of bring it up a level this practicing moral culture, in a big way had green stemming from the potential of basket, therefore Huang Dao however. Will say. The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry has smiled bitterly next step: This youngster, I heard, nearest/recent these years, he and person battle time, uses technique of Cultivator Cultivation Method and fist and feet, it seems like that this youngster likes this forms of combat, yeah, thinks that now also really somewhat regretted, if early knows that he likes this, his did not choose seventh night of the seventh lunar month Linglongta about Magical Artifact, made Defensive Equipment like Mo Sheng to be good to him.” At the same time was saying Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called cannot help but turns the head to look at Mo Sheng, this looked at Mo Sheng, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls has cannot help but smiled bitterly, this Mo Sheng already felt that extremely in bored, ran up to first successive to the end greatly to go off, now is the snoring hits shocking makes a sound, the fight in field, actually has not attracted his attention.

Huang Dao however also looked has fallen asleep fragrant Mo Sheng, showed a faint smile said : this silly youngster, to had the luck, wants to rest rests, rare.” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry has smiled bitterly next step: Yes, such as his so thoughts pure person, is really difficult to look, what a pity , because his thoughts too in pure, therefore these person of nobody like him, except for Little Hai.” They said the voice, Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao has fought more than hundred to gather, they are near body fist and feet war, every gesture and motions do not dare to have bold careless, this near body war is most bad risk, a careless that may be all generations does not pay. They have fought, presently how the opposite party, cannot help but simultaneously stepped up attack, this uses fist and feet skill with not to be different on the ground in in midair, in airborne, high and low about around, there possibly by attack, the attack method were been more, by dangerous also even bigger that attack arrives, therefore they are careful that doubles. Their although moves of bad risk, but actually depends on maintaining Spirit Platform clear and bright, under does not have the too heavy hand, has not used shady moves, they are not such person, simultaneously their also understand, this is not the life and death wrestles. But is so, does not have any person to dare to treat it lightly, because of their present opposite party fist and feet Cultivation Method completely understand, if not hit spirit extremely, that may really probably defeat. All around person by their fights attracting, them don’t know, this near body has always fought really has such formidable, such danger, suddenly was dazzled. Zhao Hai looks this way is not the means that his in hand style changes, in using Tempering Stars body fist, this set of Fist Technique although is exquisite, but is actually not most Righteous Sect killing the enemy Fist Technique, Zhao Hai now on changes, has put forth the crouching tiger fist, but he has not used Buddhist Sect Mental Technique, still uses the crouching tiger fist with ordinary Spiritual Qi. # c.. Are more, address