Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1389

E-book download function suspension uses( epic poem plays full text reading)! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 315 walks in! Does not practice boxing practice, to old spatial! These words very fully showed that if one set of Fist Technique does not have corresponding Cultivation Method to coordinate, that is only nice but false appearance, but Zhao Hai currently uses the crouching tiger fist with ordinary Spiritual Qi in within the body, can say that this crouching tiger fist only has its shape, does not have his god( free small Farm main full text reading). But is this, is the crouching tiger fist is only exquisite, sufficiently has made Zhao Hai deal with this fight. Really, Zhao Hai this Fist Technique changes, Li Zongdao somewhat could not observe closely, falling slowly to leeward. Zhao Hai actually increases regarding Li Zongdao favorable impression, this Li Zongdao when opposes the enemy with the person, is open and aboveboard, crooked evil does not have, this besides letting the Zhao Hai greatly fresh favorable impression, makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat surprised, he thinks that understand, the person like Li Zongdao, how possibly didn't survive in Comprehend the world? This was too strange. Comprehend the world here really can be said as the oppressor in groups, meets exquisite anything open and aboveboard in here nobody, can kill people, no matter with any method, that is the good method, regarding the Comprehend the world here person, any open and aboveboard, that is only then the fool will say. However Li Zongdao and person fight, is that open and aboveboard, does not have cloudy, such person can in Cultivation World here rush out unexpectedly, if big reputation, but had not been given to extinguish, this really felt strange. However Zhao Hai now is also understand, why the Cultivation World here person, mentioned Li sect saying that will say he was one person who was worth becoming friends with. although Li Zongdao full resisting, but cannot block the crouching tiger fist of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is taking actually also Li Zongdao to try the hand, he has Dragon Tui to be useless. They cross several moves, Li Zongdao any strength to hit back, Li Zongdao had not looked at this situation, knows one are not the Zhao Hai match, his suddenly attacks two moves tightly, then one jumps to leave the pen outside, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, laughs said : mister method really Expert, sect [say / way] is not a match, has the time to compare notes of( China latest chapter rebirth) with mister.” One hear of Li Zongdao said that Great Elder complexion thorough changed, Li Zongdao is in profound clear sect Core Disciple first Expert, he is not the Zhao Hai match, that do not say that other people, it seems like today this face was plants. Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that also shows a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand to Li Zongdao said : „the mister strength is to also stem from my anticipation, today I and mister get on well together, wants to ask mister to drink, doesn't know mister what do you think?” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked slightly, then laughed said : so, respectfully might as well obey orders below.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, then turns the head to hold the fist in the other hand said : to green Xuan Yi green profound Sect Master, this matter of doing has completed below, the words that should speak, have also said below, I want to go slightly poly with sect Daoxiong, please green profound Sect Master compliance.” Blue profound look at Zhao Hai, the look is somewhat complex, but he nodded said : mister please as one likes is, must process at some below also matters, did not accompany.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Does not dare the work Sect Master undercarriage.” Said that flies Huang Dao nearby however, however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called to Huang Dao bows said : Master, Martial Uncle, I want to ask sect Daoxiong to go to Martial Uncle Cave Mansion to drink several glasses of liquor, invited Master, Martial Uncle consented.” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry shows a faint smile said : your youngster, goes, a multi- preparation liquor, I handle also to go the here matter, layman, you also first pass with them.” Huang Dao however nodded, turns the head holds the fist in the other hand to green profound and these elders, is getting Zhao Hai and Li sect said that goes toward the forward flight, first arrived at the Mo Sheng side, called Mo Sheng, this fellow bored has been sleeping, snoring shocking sound, but the person of profound clear sect, knows his disposition, therefore nobody said that his anything( sword eats delicacies world txt downloading).

Zhao Hai called Mo Sheng, Mo Sheng opened the eye to look at Zhao Hai, immediately jumped, to Zhao Hai said : Big Brother, he didn't play with them? I was hungry.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, our eats thing, walks.” Mo Sheng then happy complied with one, Zhao Hai followed in Huang Dao however, flies toward Cave Mansion that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) said. But Li Zongdao is actually somewhat puzzled look at Mo Sheng, he lives to Yu Mo is not completely understand, although he also calls with Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) study after a period of time, but Mo Sheng outside practice alone, they had not met at that time, but for these years he in the outside wanderer, the return to Sect number of times has been also few, therefore and existence of don’t know Mo Sheng. Zhao Hai looked that Li sect said look at Mo Sheng, he smiles said : this is Brother Mo Sheng, was wind Martial Uncle disciple, his brains extremely in pure, this wind Martial Uncle want to make me lead him to exit to rush.” Zhao Hai one said that Li sect said immediately understand meaning of Zhao Hai, he looks at Mo Sheng one, presently Mo Sheng simply with having to pay attention to him, like the child, following that does not fall in Zhao Hai, although long is higher than him, is stronger than him, but the behavior lifts to refer to actually likely is a child. Li Zongdao has not said anything, before long three people arrive at Cave Mansion that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, entered the restroom, after sitting down, Li Zongdao cannot bear curiously to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, I have issue continuously very strange, hoping mister can dispel doubt for me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : sect Daoxiong not to need to be so polite, asking me Little Hai to be OK, I asked your sect Daoxiong, the you and I temperament to be congenial , was predestined friends, had any words, but said not guards.” Li sect said that look at Zhao Hai said : good, my impolite, do not call me any sect Daoxiong, thinks the age that I come is older than you, you called me saying that the elder brother( passed through hot shade one-fifth latest chapters).” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that quickly said: I called Elder Brother Li, Elder Brother Li, what do you actually want to ask?” One hear of Li sect said that makes him ask him to say the elder brother, Zhao Hai cannot bear at heart one coldly, oneself are not the black skin, do not ask Li sect to say „an elder brother well. Li sect said that obviously does not care about a name, he nodded said : also well, Little Hai, I think you am not that Fei Yang/flying upwards domineering person, why can have the conflict with Great Elder? Moreover makes to the situation of resorting to violence?” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that cannot help but showed a faint smile, turns the head to look at Huang Dao however one, Huang Dao however nodded, Zhao Hai then often smiles said : actually today's matter, was wind Martial Uncle arranges me such to do, can say that all these were wind Martial Uncle and a green profound Sect Master arrangement.” Li Zongdao stares, puzzled said : „why......” has not waited saying that he stopped, then look at Zhao Hai did said : looking pensive press for you these youngster arrogance?” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand said : really not to hide the truth from Li Big Brother to Li Zongdao, is so.” At this time Mo Sheng has drawn Zhao Hai clothes said : Big Brother, I was hungry.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand turns, puts out jug liquor, then puts out a fat chicken, has given Mo Sheng, Mo Sheng receives eats, no matter also other people. Zhao Hai then puts out several jug liquor, double puts out several small side dish, a fat chicken has put the ground, turns the head to Huang Dao however said : Master, Li Big Brother, please.” Li sect said the somewhat puzzled look at Mo Sheng in hand fat chicken, turned the head to look at Huang Dao however, Huang Dao however showed a faint smile said : to taste, this was good thing, you could not eat( kiss of 1 full text reading devil) outside absolutely.” Li Zongdao with Huang Dao but however very familiar with, one hear of Li Zongdao said that he cannot help but nodded, takes up the jade chopsticks that Zhao Hai takes, has eaten a dish.

This dish eats, his then understand why Huang Dao however said that this was good thing, Li Zongdao put down the jade chopsticks, look at Zhao Hai, showed a faint smile said : „is really good thing, Little Hai, your in hand good thing really to be many, that Spirit Wine was also you make evidently? However you such do today, did not fear that many youngster do look for your trouble?” Zhao Hai smiled said : to look looks, what means I can have, wind Martial Uncle ask my head matter, can I also not give the office? Also can only offend them.” Li Zongdao laughs said : well, Little Hai, clashes your words, I must drink one with you badly.” They take up the jade cup, has done one glass of liquor. Huang Dao however looked at Li Zongdao said : sect [say / way], did you at this time come back? What matter has?” Li Zongdao nodded said : is, Martial Uncle, my these time comes back also really to have the matter, these people looked for me.” His saying said somewhat does not have not to have the tail, but Huang Dao however and Zhao Hai actually almost listened to understand. Huang Dao however said : „did these people look for you? Um, your youngster nearest/recent reputation is very big, I estimated that he should also look for you, when making you go?” Li sect said that deep voice said : made me come back with Sect to say one, moreover probably was after a period of time, they must find a person, found went( to move on together roams full text reading).” Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, turned the head to look at Huang Dao however said : Master, did you look can be I who they looked?” Huang Dao however nodded said : to have the possibility very much, if their this looking is really you, your track said together to go, you arrived at inside, but must take care of mutually.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Master feel relieved, our meeting, I was already waiting for them, don’t know they will go to there to look for me.” Huang Dao however deep voice said : „the informers of these people, but are many, I think that they will find here to come quickly, but as the matter stands, Mo Sheng was not quite easy to do.” Zhao Hai one hear of Huang Dao however said that cannot help but has gawked, then deep voice said : I told them that having a look at them to make me go in the Mo Sheng belt.” Huang Dao however one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but knit the brows said : this, feared that is not quite easy, these fellows are not good to speak, moreover inside was extremely dangerous, you were bringing Mo Sheng, what to do if had an accident?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Master feel relieved, I ensure comes back a Mo Sheng lossless belt, to be honest Master, this belt Mo Sheng goes, besides wants to let Mo Sheng smelting trial, but also wants to go to have a look, can look find the 1 or 2 type to suit the Mo Sheng practice Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, if can find, that was best, moreover wind Martial Uncle also said that later Mo Sheng with me, he was my brother, I have been leading him, no matter arrived at that.” Huang Dao however one hear of Zhao Hai said that slight bow said : good, bringing Mo Sheng to go in this matter, does not need you to manage, left hundred by me with the blacksmith good on( Thunderous of full text reading Death God).” Zhao Hai nodded. Li sect said look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : said that Little Hai your nearest/recent could also be summoned the ten-thousand realms battlefield by these people?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is Master they speculates, by my present strength, these people might summon the ten-thousand realms battlefield to come up me very much, naturally, these people have not looked for me now.”

Li Zongdao laughs said : well, this is best, if they also incurred you, our two can well rushed to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, I already want to go to ten-thousand realms battlefield there to have a look, the beforehand strength has been what a pity insufficient.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „I am nearest/recent knows the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but I to there also very curious, can perform the ten-thousand realms elite, my also very happy.” Said that they looked at one mutually, then has laughed. Huang Dao however look at their appearances, shows a faint smile, but sighed at heart, he felt that he was really some old, lost that share impulse of young time. In this time, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) is calling to walk from outside, but the facial expression on his face is actually somewhat strange, Huang Dao however looked at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call one, puzzled said : blacksmith? Had an accident?” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called forced smile said : also to have any matter, these fellows looked, has not thought really that their responses were very quick, suddenly directly found our to come, walked Little Hai, saw them with me.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called one saying that several people gawked, they have not thought really that these people also suddenly came. Zhao Hai stood got up said : well, we passed, cannot to wait for a long time.” The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry nodded, walks with Zhao Hai outward, Huang Dao however also has Mo Sheng also to follow on the heels with Li Zongdao, but Mo Sheng in hand also took one to eat 50% fat chicken and a wine pot( undead Mage virtual able to move unhindered txt downloading). Several people quick arrived at the profound clear palace peak, entered in the profound clear palace directly, then went to beforehand Zhao Hai they to go to that cella, has not waited for the palace, Zhao Hai to hear the sound of intermittent chatting on hearing. Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called the footsteps to keep, leading Zhao Hai several people to enter the cella, entered the cella, Zhao Hai saw that green profound was sitting with Great Elder, in the room also sits two people, these two people were bald Monk, a ash-gray frock, looked like a point is also common, their ages look like are not small, looked like over 50 years old, an eyebrow was very long, has hung to the position of chin, on neck hangs a big string reading ball, in hand is also taking a small string reading ball, the benign countenance, one paid to be correct the High Buddha appearance. But another Buddhist priest is actually tall, full beard of face, two broom eyebrows, close one's eyes, is a ash-gray frock, on neck hangs is reading the ball, in hand also takes one string to read the ball, but the whole person sits in there, firm as a mountain, such as motionless Vajra is ordinary. Looks at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call, that two Buddhist priest immediately have stood, that long eyebrow Buddhist priest is good, but that tall Buddhist priest, this stands, two eyes has also opened, two eyes such as cold electric has swept Zhao Hai generally, eternal truth Vajra with terrifying face is ordinary, making the person not dare to look straight ahead. don’t know why, Zhao Hai sees the two eyes of that Buddhist priest, has remembered a few words, Duke Guan does not open eyes, opens eyes to kill people! The both eyes of Buddhist priest open the eyes, probably brings endless killing aura to be ordinary, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. They called salute with both palms put together said : circle to decide to Feng Bai(Hundred Winds), the circle has seen the wind donor really!” # c.. "