Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1390
Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called does not dare to neglect, returned salute said : circle to decide Grandmaster hastily, circle really Grandmaster, come, happen to the old friend seated guests in here, you also saw.” Said that Huang Dao however walked, however has seen two Grandmaster to their ritual said :, can two Grandmaster shapes be good?” The long eyebrow circle decides sees Huang Dao however, immediately/on horseback smiles said : Donor Huang, several years do not see, Donor Huang the elegant demeanor won the past, may harness encouraging.” But the circle truly is to a Huang Dao however ritual, has not spoken. However Huang Dao however knows the circle real temperament obviously, has not cared, but smiles said : this two Grandmaster is receives and instructs my disciple, when my this Master naturally has no alternative but to come.” The circle smiles said : Donor Huang to be really uncommon surely, including disciple such.” Huang Dao however laughs said : circle to decide Grandmaster that to speak, but this time you may speak, Little Hai is the belt skill enters my gate, I have not handed over him anything, Little Hai, come, has seen two Grandmaster.” Zhao Hai walked hastily, bows said : Zhao Hai to see two Grandmaster to two Grandmaster.” The circle decides with the circle is sizing up Zhao Hai, really the circle sizes up careful, circle really Grandmaster very clear that because this does not like making noise, the Zhao Hai strength, is stronger than Li Zongdao. This circle Grandmaster has practiced Buddhist Sect one type of Cultivation Method, known as Vajra with terrifying face, this Cultivation Method mainly uses on the eye, is the one type of Spiritual Attack method, he can make in the look of person produce killing aura, timid, spiritual force is insufficient, the strength is not strong, one was swept by his eye, will be able to frighten, or is the entire gods alerts, only then true Expert will not care about his eye, but Zhao Hai on has not cared. Because of this, therefore circle really to Zhao Hai very curious, his very wants to know, Infant Stage time Expert. Why can not care about his Vajra with terrifying face. Living of Zhao Hai in their sizing up, well-mannered saluting, does not have point the place of failure in politeness, does not have a point excessive performance, all look like that normal. However in this room does not have an untalented person, they naturally can feel. The circle decides on imposing manner with round true body, to be honest. The circle decides with circle although is the Buddhist priest dresses up, but they year to year fight with all might in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, one, but is earnest, body killing aura is threatening, making the person not dare to face up.

But Zhao Hai can actually under the gazes of these two people. Calm calm saluting, this itself explained the Zhao Hai strength, after Zhao Hai has saluted, the circle decides with the circle also returns a courtesy to Zhao Hai, in their eyes, flashes through an appearance. After both sides see to deliver the betrothal gifts. The circle decides look at Zhao Hai said : Donor Zhao Hai, this poor monk comes today, behavior what, I think that the donor did hear from your Master there probably? This poor monk was not saying anything. The donor has three days of setup times, three days later, the donor must enter along with this poor monk to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, does not know that what the donor also does have to request?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, invited Grandmaster feel relieved, three days later, Zhao Hai prepared certainly.” Round fixed point nod said : „, if preferably, three days later. We still come here to seek Donor Zhao Hai, does not know that can be good?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well. Three days later, I await respectfully two Grandmaster in this.” Round fixed point nod. Turns the head saying that to Li sect said : Donor Li, this time you and Donor Zhao Hai travel together, after three day, this poor monk also comes this to seek you, but is good?” Li Zongdao nodded said : to be so best.” The round fixed point the nod, turned the head to Zhao Hai and Li sect said that said : so was not disturbing two donors, several donor this poor monk two people said goodbye.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called them not to keep two, but stood to see off, the circle decided with circle really turn around leave the profound clear palace, when they walked, several people returned to in the cella, after having sat down, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called deep voice said :looks like most ten-thousand realms battlefield there situation is not quite really good, otherwise they such anxiously the hiring, I are not remembering that the beforehand hiring went, minimum to one month of setup time, moreover on our Comprehend the world here situation, the strength like sect [say / way], is will not go by the move, now is actually must the move go, very obviously, The ten-thousand realms battlefield there manpower was tight, they have to go in sect Daozhao. Huang Dao however nodded said : these time to enter the ten-thousand realms battlefield, it can be said that the bad risk extremely, Little Hai, sect [say / way], you must be careful are good, but also he, must look after Mo Sheng well. „ One hear of Huang Dao however said that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) did call cannot help but said :Mo Sheng also to go in? This feared that is not quite good? Others may not have move of Mo Sheng.” Huang Dao however shows a faint smile said : to make Mo Sheng go, Little Hai thinks that in makes two sets of Body Cultivator Cultivation Method to the Mo Sheng practice, said it, making Mo Sheng see the blood to be also good, these people have not incurred Mo Sheng, but we, if the start to talk, that circle should agree surely.”

Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called face to fluctuate several, to be honest, in his all disciple, only then this foolish Mo Sheng his favor, perhaps was because Mo Sheng somewhat was inborn dull the silly reason, he is more to effort that Mo Sheng paid. However Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called very clear, Mo Sheng was impossible continuously with him, must make Mo Sheng exit to rush to well, but by his status, impossible to bring Mo Sheng to exit personally leave to live seperately, that can only make others bring, but now looks like, Zhao Hai was most appropriate one. Thinks of here, the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry sighs said : well, making him go, this matter by me, Little Hai, you have any matter, quickly has processed, don't forget, three days later certainly is arriving at here to come, these Monk are not present you can offend.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, Martial Uncle invited feel relieved, three days later, three days later I came certainly back, Master, Martial Uncle, green profound Sect Master, Great Elder, Li Big Brother, I walked first, Mo Sheng, walked, followed me.” Mo Sheng has complied with one, but he now was only fat the chicken eating to eat all one's food that but in hand is also taking liquor jug, outward follows Zhao Hai. After outside, Zhao Hai waves, they disappeared in the profound clear palace, but came out to deliver Zhao Hai azure|cyan to see this situation with Great Elder unreliably, cannot help but darkly sighed one. Zhao Hai this type shadowless does not have the skill of sect, makes people feel the fear really very much, but they have not said anything, called their returned to with Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) the cella, prepared makes up to Li Zongdao abandons several good points Magical Artifact, brought some medicine pill, making Li sect say many several qualifications of maintaining life. But Zhao Hai was bringing Mo Sheng returned to in Space, now his not feel relieved was in Space. The Yalei No. 2 star there surrounding stand guard line, has basically been completed, has been adding on the machine rear, simply does not need Zhao Hai to worry, Zhao Hai a while only needed to go to there they to greet with Yuan Jin Gang is good. But Mo Sheng he does not need to be worried, so long as he did not make Mo Sheng say. Mo Sheng will not say the matter in Space, therefore he such feel relieved brings Mo Sheng to enter to Space. Enters in Space. Laura their immediately welcomed, Mo Sheng somewhat puzzled look at Laura they, the Zhao Hai look at Mo Sheng appearance, smile said : Mo Sheng, remembered. These are your sister-in-law, later must call their sisters-in-law, like respecting me respect they, if were hungry, told them.” Mo Sheng nodded, to Laura their said : sister-in-law.” Laura they from Space know that Mo Sheng was any situation. Several people with a smile nodded, comply with one, Zhao Hai have then been leading Laura and Mo Sheng entered the villa.

Sits down after the villa, Zhao Hai turns the head they to smile said : to Laura really not to think. Such quickly can enter to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, I to somewhat could not wait, a while I go to Yalei No. 2 star there to greet, pirate paradise there and Yalei 2nd there, your multi- fee dessert, ten-thousand realms battlefield there compared with the 6 Realms battlefield, all does not take being careful as on.” Laura nodded said : feel relieved, these matters we will process. Your feel relieved prepares the three days later matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at one to stand in nearby Mo Sheng. Turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, arranges a room to Mo Sheng. If he wants to eat thing, makes the point to eat to him, this fellow very much can eat.” Cai'er has complied with one, leading Mo Sheng to walk, the Mo Sheng although head was not easy-to-use, but actually very listened to the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai to make him like treating him treats Cai'er their several, he remembers that therefore Cai'er asked him to leave, he obedient. Looked at Mo Sheng to walk, the Zhao Hai flashes body went to permanent Sand Island there, they have said a hello with Yuan Jin Gang, said matter that his nearest/recent must exit. Previous time he they have raised this matter with Yuan Jin Gang, but Yuan Jin Gang they have not thought that so will be quick, but several people of also understand, this matter Zhao Hai is also one has to compromise in this world, therefore several people have not said anything, is only explain/transfer several, making Zhao Hai careful, did not have to say anything. Zhao Hai explain/transfer several, saw Zheng Li they, the Zheng Yun'er matter, Zhao Hai did not have the time to discuss now, after not Zheng Yun'er to Yalei 2nd, is busy practicing, now does not have the time to be too many, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai relax. Then Zhao Hai saw Louis, with his explain/transfer, Yalei No. 2 star here basically has stepped onto right track now, person but who here is occupied by, many are the cross sword edge people, Jeanlouis manages quite well, is adding on the pirate paradise there cross sword edge domain, turns over to Louis to manage, therefore Louis now is very busy. After Louis explain/transfer, Zhao Hai basically also nothing, to insure, he goes to 6 Realms battlefield there, told the present 6 Realms battlefield there manage things person his situation, the Steward person obtained the instruction of machine High level obviously, they do not dare to manage to the Zhao Hai matter, therefore immediately full mouth complying. Fact hands-on High level, said to this Steward, Zhao Hai nearest/recent has the matter to exit, making them be ready, preventing the several other Realms person to run up to 6 Realms battlefield here to disturb, therefore that Steward talent such happy complied. After having gone to 6 Realms battlefield there, Zhao Hai may really be nothing, his immediately/on horseback returned to in Space, looked to Space in that Mo Sheng is practicing martial arts outside the villa, Zhao Hai wants and other Body Cultivator Profound Technique to give Mo Sheng Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, but these Profound Technique actually must have Strength of Faith to practice, the Mo Sheng body may not have Strength of Faith, therefore simply cannot practice, Zhao Hai can only the belt Mo Sheng enter the ten-thousand realms battlefield, looks Body Cultivator Cultivation Method that several Mo Sheng can practice to give him.!.