Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1391

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 317 ten-thousand realms battlefield Zhao Hai, Mo Sheng, Li sect said that three people decide with the circle, circle they stand on Transmission Formation of profound clear sect, this Transmission Formation very special, not in the Transmission square of profound clear sect, but in profound clear sect, a very secret place. The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry told Zhao Hai, in first Great Sect, will have such Magic Formation, to help ten-thousand realms battlefield there was seeing somebody off to use, therefore elected generally in a very secret place, in Sect few people will know existence of this place. Zhao Hai only used one day to process the matter that oneself must handle, but he did not have immediately returned to profound clear sect here to come, but brought Mo Sheng to practice one in Space well. The Mo Sheng strength is very good, he is one practices the Body Technique talent worthily, but practices Body Technique, he has reached the Infant Stage time Expert altitude now, but Zhao Hai these time to let Mo Sheng is increasing the one type of ability, concentrates Gang to enter the body. Zhao Hai uses two days, making Mo Sheng concentrate Gang to enter the body to be successful, this perhaps is smoothest one time concentrates Gang to enter the body, Mo Sheng itself on meat extremely powerful, but Gang Institute in Space, will receive control, will not cause anything to injure to Mo Sheng, is adding on Mo Sheng is silly bold, how Zhao Hai makes him do, how he does, therefore this time congealing Gang enters body very successful. After helping Mo Sheng concentrate Gang to enter the body succeeds this, Zhao Hai is leading the Mo Sheng returned to profound clear sect, they just a chapter of profound clear sect, the circle decided with the circle came, Huang Dao however don’t know, Zhao Hai does not need him to manage anything, but he was explain/transfer Zhao Hai a few words, this with Zhao Hai their together to the Transmission Formation here of profound clear sect. Several people stood on Transmission Formation, the circle turned the head look at Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) to call with Huang Dao however said : surely two donors invites feel relieved, this poor monk will take care of three young donors well.” Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called with Huang Dao however is shows a faint smile said : „, if on trouble two Grandmaster.” They will certainly not take seriously this saying, Comprehend the world causes at receiving and instructing of ten-thousand realms battlefield there is not many, only then they, they must make many people enter to the ten-thousand realms battlefield every year, that can each one look, their this saying also in other words said that does not give Zhao Hai and Li sect says the difficult problem, even if were they are High Monk. flash of white light, several people vanish in Transmission Formation, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called look at Transmission Formation, deep voice said : layman, you said that they can come back safely?” Huang Dao however is actually shows a faint smile said : this I to not to be worried that their definitely can safe coming back, has Little Hai, I am feel relieved.”

The Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry nodded said : „, has Little Hai.” Said that he turned the head to look green profound with Great Elder one, after deep voice said : you went back, immediately these smelly youngster to me catches up to descend the mountain the smelting trial, do not fear the appears casualties, was Expert, more useful than 100 waste, listens to understand?” Blue unreliably with Great Elder simultaneously has complied with one, they do not dare to neglect, although said that green profound also wants to let Zhao Hai lesson well one these disciple, at that time these Zhao Hai with these disciple disparities, let some green profound also hearts startled, he thinks that the matter will not have that now, now looks like, the matter imagines him is much more serious. But at this time, Zhao Hai they appears in Transmission square here, this Transmission square is not very big, constructs in a mountain stream, four sides is the high sheer precipices, on these cliffs, is each and every one Cave Mansion, dense and numerous, looks like looks like the honey-comb is the same. The circle decided with the circle looks at cliff one , the circle flew away really directly, the circle decided actually turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao, you were prepare yourselves to construct Cave Mansion, Cave Mansion that kept with the beforehand person? If you want yourselves to construct Cave Mansion, I arrange the place to you, if you Cave Mansion that uses the predecessor to keep, that I now can get you to go.” He has not asked Mo Sheng, because Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called told him, the Mo Sheng situation was special, lets him continuously with Zhao Hai on the line. Zhao Hai thinks that said : Grandmaster, I Cave Mansion that used the predecessor to keep am OK.” The round fixed point the nod, turned the head look at Li Zongdao, Li sect said that deep voice said : I have also been OK with Cave Mansion that the predecessor left behind, but was Grandmaster, possible, we two Cave Mansion arrangements about?” The circle decides is not first time encounters this situation obviously, nodded said : to come with me.” Said that leads three people to fly toward the east side cliff, quick arrived at east side cliff halfway, the circle has pointed at two Cave Mansion said : these two Cave Mansion to use to you surely, inside had defensive formation, after going, oneself opened defensive formation has been OK, hole inside had jade slip, told in you are any defensive formation, how operate, you can also arrange formation in Cave Mansion, required the leave time in you, certainly relieved formation falls.” Zhao Hai they have complied with one, a person sought Cave Mansion to fly, the circle looked at their one eyes surely, showed a faint smile, the flashes body flew. Zhao Hai and poor lived that Cave Mansion to look that this Cave Mansion area seriously was not small, is not bad compared with Cave Mansion that Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called, moreover ten-thousand realms battlefield here Spiritual Qi density, unexpectedly with profound clear gate Yu Qing mountain on almost, very rich. Zhao Hai enters his Cave Mansion restroom to look, in the Cave Mansion restroom, is putting a piece white jade slip, Zhao Hai is taking up jade slip to come, spiritual force searches toward jade slip. In this jade slip is certainly impossible to have any restriction, his spiritual force easily searched, then massive the information about ten-thousand realms battlefield here entered inside his mind.

This battlefield here situation, very complex, comes out on the present series, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here various Realm is a people, has thirty thousand more than 6000, moreover strength very formidable of these people. In 6 Realms battlefield here, Comprehend the world is not strongest one, their strengths in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is medium grade, moreover Comprehend the world in a ten-thousand realms battlefield here direct leadership, has not had Law Enforcement Corps. Did not have what old belt new saying in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, you came, you were the ten-thousand realms battlefield person, ten-thousand realms battlefield here some basic situation also maps, had in this jade slip, but nobody will help you, all depended on you to rush, naturally, you can also form a team, so long as you can find the person, you composed a Ten Thousand-Man Team also nobody to manage you. At that time ten-thousand realms battlefield here regulation, every month, each had, minimum must deliver a fate/fixed number quantity medicinal herbs or the ore, the quantity that if you delivered was insufficient, that sorry, must punish you, three times did not hand over, kicked the ten-thousand realms battlefield directly. medicinal herbs or ore that if you obtain are many, besides quantity that each month delivers fixedly, other is your, must know that ten-thousand realms battlefield here everywhere is good thing, so long as you look, your harvest is not definitely small. Naturally, the danger of here surface is also very big, ten-thousand realms battlefield here is not the peaceful place, if your strength is not strong, exited not to want, because you not only wanted against other person in here, even if were the Comprehend the world here person, you were also careful, incautiously feared that will be they will give to swallow you. Naturally, these dangers, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, will not have written in jade slip, this is Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry tells Zhao Hai them, therefore Zhao Hai sees the situation in jade slip, immediately understand was any meaning. Zhao Hai transferred several in this Cave Mansion, Cave Mansion defense Magic Formation opening, in this Cave Mansion, besides a practice gentleman, a practice room, outside quiet room, Craft Room, a sound Alchemy room, in Craft Room there, could be used to produce fire formation, uses for the person, but in that Alchemy room, the big cauldron that refines medicine pill to use, but the one who most makes Zhao Hai accidental is, here really also has small stream, flow through from hole. Generally speaking Zhao Hai is very satisfied in this Cave Mansion, he just sized up Cave Mansion, broadcasts the sound on hearing outside, Zhao hits defensive formation, looks at Li Zongdao. Li Zongdao enters Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, has sized up said : well, good, my Cave Mansion which your, looks like here Cave Mansion is similar, right Little Hai, how do you see thing that on that jade slip said?” Zhao Hai smiles said : also to see that we come ten-thousand realms battlefield here, to not try to practice? Rests for two days, first moves in this , the familiar environment, then goes to look for medicinal herbs and that's the end, in any case we must deliver any medicinal herbs, on ore that jade slip has, will not be wrong.”

Li Zongdao nodded said : well, first rests for two days, was right, over the two days all around we wanted to have a look, what acquaintance can look run into?” Zhao Hai „not possibly smiles said : I to have any acquaintance in here, must have is also you have, all around this, Li Big Brother you went to have a look, to have a look over the two days to have any acquaintance, if there is an acquaintance, invited them, having a look at us to form a team.” Li Zongdao nodded said : well, over the two days I tried, after reaching an agreement, no matter what, our three is must in together.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile. The following two days of time, Li Zongdao has been running outward, wants to have a look whether to run into any acquaintance in here, at that time very unfortunate, had not met, this cannot say the person who Li Zongdao knows are few, he in person of Cultivation World there understanding, but many people, moreover many people are willing to become friends with him, that feared that was these once had fought him was also same. The water Li sect Dao Cultivator has only practiced also very fast, is talent that kind of shape, but these people who he knows, do not have the rapidness that he practices majority, naturally also unqualified fed in ten-thousand realms battlefield here. Has been busy for two days, Li Zongdao also gave up, but over the two days Zhao Hai had not been shutting, his release the Liquid Silver flying needle, in all around scout terrain, although said that in jade slip has this all around map, at that time Zhao Hai received in all around map Space, like this he can a more direct-viewing feeling four all changes. The circle decided them takes into ten-thousand realms battlefield here not to manage, to third day early morning, Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao has thought that the circle decided actually suddenly to come, Zhao Hai decided please come in the circle hastily Cave Mansion, called Li Zongdao. The circle decides look at their said : in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, all depend on you, your three comparisons are in luck, is together comes, can form a squad directly, these three jade slip you are bringing, he is not only representing your status, similarly, is a counter, starting today, you official entry to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, later one month, you must deliver certain medicinal herbs or the ore, besides delivering, other obtained, you can leave behind itself to use, we in meddling, if you have what did not solve the matter, needs Law Enforcement Corps The acting words, need additionally in addition hands over some medicinal herbs and ores, when the time comes Law Enforcement Corps can act to help you level troubles.” # c..