Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1392

Regarding these that the circle said surely, Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao are know that they also listened to Huang Dao however saying that this asked Law Enforcement Corps to act truly yes, the price that but must pay was actually very big, Law Enforcement Corps had a nickname in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, called vampire, obviously they were how was not treated sees. However the Law Enforcement Corps strength is very good, in Law Enforcement Corps, was Comprehend the world old person, each and every one fighting strength was extraordinary, if you present that had the one type of extraordinary mineral resource, oneself also did not have the ability to take, you can inform Law Enforcement Corps to act, have occupied that ore, naturally, big end must to Law Enforcement Corps, but you can only take the capitellum, but was like this, that could not obtain compared with what strongly. The Zhao Hai three people received jade slip, the circle decides look at they, smiles „the matter that said : over the two days you handled I also to know, good that made, did well, because I was the Law Enforcement Corps person, therefore cannot form a team with you, wanted me to introduce that to you several people, composed one team of together to move?” Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao listened to the circle to decide said that to has gawked, but Zhao Hai then shook the head said : to thank Grandmaster, we think that went to have a look first, will not walk away, if we must form a team, certainly went to visit Grandmaster.” Before this is also Zhao Hai them, reached an agreement, ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation extremely in complex, Zhao Hai they for own security, the decision did not form a team with others first, first outside went to have a look to say. Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called already explain/transfer, to ten-thousand realms battlefield here, wanted against these Monk, do not look at their person benign countenance, the starting matter came is actually one by one ruthless, therefore Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao the good intention that refused the circle to decide. The circle decides has not cared, nodded said : well, wait for you must form a team, informs me.” Said that walks outward, Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao has delivered to the entrance him. Then returned to in Cave Mansion. After Cave Mansion has sat down, Li Zongdao turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, how then do we want to do?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : motion, we have a look, am I to have a look at this ten-thousand realms battlefield any severe floods and savage beasts.” Li Zongdao nodded said : well, we walk now. Wind Martial Uncle had already said that ten-thousand realms battlefield here. Exits for several months is very normal, but after you come back, must these months have not handed over hands over medicinal herbs or the ore that will otherwise be kicked the ten-thousand realms battlefield.” Zhao Hai regarding this point to is not caring, now he entered in the ten-thousand realms battlefield. These people kick out him, he can also come back at any time, he did not fear that but does not need to offend these Law Enforcement Corps people now, these Law Enforcement Corps people, were too big in the Comprehend the world there influence. If he offended these Law Enforcement Corps people, later was sad in the Comprehend the world here day. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai to was suddenly has remembered a matter, he since entered ten-thousand realms battlefield here. What prompt sound has not heard, ten-thousand realms battlefield is here natural creation? Isn't Space that who opens? Thinks that Cai'er of here Zhao Hai immediately in brain to Cai'er said :, this ten-thousand realms battlefield isn't here Space that who opens?” Cai'er shook the head said : not, Elder Brother Hai, here is Space that others open, but here is not a person opens probably, but is several people collaborates to open, had the prompt sound. However I have not made the prompt sound disturb you, your feel relieved was good. Space has used the shield ability, opens this Space person. Is presently existence of our Space.”

Zhao Hai then feel relieved, but he, when makes these, the under foot has not stopped, already has arrived at Cave Mansion in front of the door with Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng, several people jump to fly outward. The person who exits also to have many like them, Zhao Hai these days generally considers as finished, in Comprehend the world this mountain stream limiting point here, is only cultivator feared that has over ten thousand, but here is only Comprehend the world in a ten-thousand realms battlefield here limiting point, truly said that here is a primary limiting point, in cultivator that in this limiting point lives, enters to the ten-thousand realms battlefield is about three years of person, in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here three years is the new people, in other words, initially Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called and Huang Dao however also in new person Stage, on had been eliminated. ten-thousand realms battlefield here, it can be said that most suits the cultivator practice the place, here Spiritual Qi is rich, moreover you forever do not need to be worried unable to look for the match, so long as you have delivered enough many medicinal herbs and ores, can practice in here. Zhao Hai is also nearest/recent knows that has not retired in ten-thousand realms battlefield here a saying, so long as you have insisted for three years, then you have the authority anytime from ten-thousand realms battlefield leave, in coming back momentarily, if you cannot insist to three years, then has sorry, you exited don't. But has not arrived for three years to want the leave ten-thousand realms battlefield, only then one type of method, that is you were seriously injured, does not have the means to convalesce within several months, you naturally did not have the means to deliver medicinal herbs or the ore, naturally will be kicked the ten-thousand realms battlefield. initially Zhao Hai when knows this condition, but also is felt really somewhat surprised, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation is really the great, absolute suiting practice, but here also absolutely most eats the fruits( harmony) from forest Law, so long as you are competent, in here you almost can for yu be, why wants, nobody to manage your, naturally, the premise is you wants to be competent. Zhao Hai they left the mountain stream living point quickly, here have also been called the new person community, came out from new person community here, Zhao Hai their immediately flew toward east side, his Eastern there said according to the map on that was a stretch of medicinal herbs habitat, was the best place of new person smelting trial, this was one type of in entire ten-thousand realms battlefield is also tacit, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, several new person smelting trial areas, but east side of Comprehend the world new person community, was such a piece new person smelting trial area. New person smelting trial area there is almost a new person, little will have old person to go to there, because there medicinal herbs will not be Advanced level, will go to the there color medicine, you in the color can hand over the quantity that will suffice for one month to deliver, but the new person smelting trial area there advantage, that in the person of here smelting trial, strength universal will not be high, will be more suitable regarding the new person. Naturally , some do not honor this person of regular old person, will run up to here to take by force the new person. Generally the new people are not a match, can only confess bad luck, some new people directly were even butchered or severely wounded leave the ten-thousand realms battlefield. In ten-thousand realms battlefield here, takes by force, murder, that at normal matter. In 6 Realms battlefield there, sometimes. everyone/Great Clan possibly also under Assassin, after is not Comprehend the world, sometimes several upper layer communicate, perhaps casualties big reduction. However is different in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here. Tens of thousands gather at here like Comprehend the world equally big Interface, do not say that any law, has not killed mountain of corpses and sea of blood daily is very good. Zhao Hai they are very careful, after entering new person smelting trial area, three people of continuously very careful, Zhao Hai also already release Liquid Silver flying needle. scout all around situation, transported Ming Xin to see xing Profound Technique, was paying attention to all around situation carefully.

Also let alone, this Ming Xin sees xing Profound Technique really very much to be also effective. Zhao Hai transported Ming Xin to see xing Profound Technique, immediately felt that all around transmitted or various strong or weak type dangers felt, this let Zhao Hai heavy ritual Profound Technique, his immediately chose a dangerous very weak direction to fly on the other hand. He is not does not want to choose the dangerous weakest direction, suddenly is that direction he does not have the means to elect, because of the direction of that direction new person community, he cannot turn around. This ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation, is similar to 6 Realms battlefield there. ten-thousand realms battlefield here, everywhere is very good forest of preservation. Only then each every mine there, will be shattered by the ore. Because in ten-thousand realms battlefield here person very clear, these forest long good, can breed good medicinal herbs, they will have the harvest. Various medicinal herbs precious degree, mainly looks at his drug efficacy, but ten-thousand realms battlefield here Spiritual Qi very sufficient, is adding on all kinds of environment to have, regular session appears some precious medicinal herbs, this very precious refer to what? Refers to is, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert will see this medicinal herbs, immediately will start to snatch, Divided Spirit Stage Expert, knows situation that this medicinal herbs can also go all out. Like Comprehend the world there these so-called precious medicinal herbs, if places ten-thousand realms battlefield here, perhaps really some people will not manage. Is adding on ten-thousand realms battlefield here very enormous in a big way, here? The Comprehend the world here person, underwent these many years explorations in any case, still had not found his boundary in there, can imagine him how greatly, therefore Comprehend the world here, regarding these wants the person who goes to the distant place to explore, has supported. Zhao Hai they toward the forward flight some time, presently the here tree were getting more and more short, Zhao Hai looked at all around situation, in the map with jade slip made to contrast, turned the head Li sect saying that said : Li Big Brother, it seems like we must to region that the lignum vitae was, but here the domain of iron pear mouse we were more careful.” The lignum vitae is one type of practices to make the Magical Artifact high grade material, a year longer lignum vitae, is tenacious, over ten thousand years lignum vitaes, you have met, impossible to pick, because your simply does not have thing ten thousand years of lignum vitae cutting off. But in region that the lignum vitae is, is few other plants can survive, the reason is region that because the iron pearwood is, has one type of Monster Beast, this Monster Beast known as iron pear mouse, the iron pear mouse is not only the protector of lignum vitae, is the end matter of lignum vitae. The iron pear mouse takes eating the lignum vitae as to live, he is also lignum vitae sole nemesis, even if ten thousand years of lignum vitae, he can also bite, but simultaneously he is protecting the lignum vitae, the person who any wants the true lignum vitae, will receive frantic attack of iron pear mouse, but a year longer iron pearwood, protects his iron pear mouse is formidable, but in other plants that lignum vitae here grows, almost cleaning up, therefore in lignum vitae there that the iron pear mouse will be relentless, you wants to find other's plants also is really very difficult. Regarding the lignum vitae and iron pear mouse, in jade slip has the introduction, Li sect said that the nature knows existence of this different thing, one hear of Zhao Hai said now, Li Zongdao also immediately/on horseback looked at map on a jade slip, then nodded said : well, soon arrived at the lignum vitae forest, here was very dangerous, Little Hai, or we went to other place.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he also wants to go to other place, however his Ming Xin sees xing Profound Technique to tell him, lignum vitae forest here is the present not most dangerous place, other place very dangerous.

Zhao Hai shook the head said : we to go to here to have a look, but lignum vitae good thing, we, so long as a person makes dozens jin (0.5 kg) lignum vitae, this month of duty has completed, when the time comes we can go to other place, moreover harvests is also own.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Zongdao to somewhat has moved, but ten-thousand realms battlefield here good thing everywhere is, if they can make some good thing, after that left the ten-thousand realms battlefield, in Cultivation World there, can mix. Is adding on Li Zongdao to own strength is very clear, he is not the Zhao Hai match, later he wants in good that ten-thousand realms battlefield here mixes, but must relying on Zhao Hai, therefore he had not opposed, but nodded, but he actually turns the hand, had revealed ring-like Magical Artifact, this ring-like Magical Artifact covered three people. Zhao Hai to had not opposed that Li Zongdao such does, in this ten-thousand realms battlefield, all kinds of outstandingly able person different gentlemen, emerges one after another incessantly, can who knew in them some people be able to evade searching of Space to observe, to their sneak attack. He to did not fear, but Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng are not good, therefore regarding Li sect said that release defends the Magical Artifact procedure, Zhao Hai to has not opposed. Three people cautiously searched toward lignum vitae forest. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived at lignum vitae forest here, the appearance of lignum vitae was too good to recognize, lignum vitae earth yellow , the cover was all over the body simple, such as the dragon dragon, long ordinary was not high, the maximum about 45 meters, generally thickly the arm, looked like very ordinary, but if I used Magical Artifact to chop you know, this common trees, how tenacious. This lignum vitae characteristics, he most growth rate from the beginning is quick, within one year, can find about three meters, however this time lignum vitae, did not have point doing to use, because of this time lignum vitae, looked like the ordinary trees same frailty, anything used not to have. Long after about three meters, the lignum vitae will stop growing, even within hundred years in growing points, only then growing for ten years later, what the lignum vitae can be official was become a useful person, can be used for crafting, but these lignum vitaes of lignum vitae forest edge, were the growth less than ten years, meets the non- iron pear mouse in the here person, the iron pear mouse will not eat the growth less than ten years of lignum vitae. although knows that here does not have iron pear mouse, but three people of very careful, lignum vitae forest here is most dangerous, is not the iron pear mouse, but is the person, lignum vitae here will have some people to ambush in here frequently, takes by force the person who comes here to pick the lignum vitae.!.