Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1393

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 319 green Pi Guai In three people of careful moving forward time, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, as soon as he stops, Mo Sheng naturally also stopped, Li Zongdao also stopped, Li sect said somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai look at front, deep voice said : friend, comes out, if you are hiding, do not blame my impolite.” Zhao Hai already presently some here people, were Space present, this hideaway skill very outstanding, Zhao Hai their spiritual force not presently he, but he actually cannot hide the truth from Space, Zhao Hai has not wanted avoid this person, was useless, lignum vitae forest although was not small, at that time that person probably was specially and other, Zhao Hai was impossible to bypass him, was they bypasses him, coming out, still will receive rob and kill of this person, how that had not said that now on gives to destroy completely this person first considers as finished. Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that knew some sentiments, his immediately has revealed own attack Magical Artifact, very thick Great Sword. Zhao Hai wields, Liquid Silver flying sword appears in in his hand, then flying sword flies in a direction, Li sect said the direction that look at flying sword flies, cannot help but slightly stares, because there he just had swept with spiritual force, is anything does not have, this makes him feel very strange. When Li sect said puzzled, listened to tang Zhao Hai flying sword suddenly by an iron claw to capture, then a person's shadow slowly has revealed the form from a lignum vitae. Said accurately this is only human-shape life form, he green skin, the head does not have the head, moreover is growing tentacle same thing, two eyes is jet black, the root owner does not have the sclera, the complete black, stature very tall and big, about three meters, his body wears a losing sleep black long gown, looks like somewhat looks like Magic Robe, some was not quite at that time same as the Magic Robe style. This person of pair of black item, tight is staring at Zhao Hai, then deep voice said : „are you presently my? Is impossible, you are impossible presently my, my body puts on, but stealth robe, you are impossible presently my.” Zhao Hai look at that person, coldly snorted said : this friend, the sighted person did not speak the code words, you think sneak attack we, now by us present, your sneak attack plan has not succeeded, should retreat? If the friend you do not want to retreat, then on do not blame me for being rude.” Actually Zhao Hai simply does not want to put that person to walk, if that person retreated, Zhao Hai will certainly draw back to kill, he said that but to reduce that person of vigilance.

As soon as the good people listened to Zhao Hai saying that was actually laughs said : your three new person who was Comprehend the world comes? I look is you, today you die.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at this fellow, do not understand this fellow is any meaning, that person of look at Zhao Hai, he he smiled said : I to butcher dozens Comprehend the world people strangely, you can also be my spoils of war.” Zhao Hai one hear of that people said that knew today's matter impossible friendly, moreover this although Transcends Tribulation Stage, at that time his strength was actually not bad, especially his Magical Artifact, unexpectedly was the iron claw that can move, looked like a mechanical arm is the same. Zhao Hai look at that person, coldly snorted said : looked like your excellency stares at our Comprehend the world is not being a day or two, linked us unexpectedly is newly arrived knows, but this was also good, I first butchered you.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, 100 flying sword appears in his side, then move of storm strong winds, toward good personally to strike. That coldly snorted, the hand moved, his present suddenly appears large quantities of Magical Artifact, the quantity has not been lower than hundred, these Magical Artifact looking at a sample type probably Cultivation World Magical Artifact, but above caught the one layer green now, looks like very irritable. Then made a Zhao Hai more surprised matter live, his tentacle, started creeping motion slowly, but these Magical Artifact, started rocking slowly along with these tentacles unexpectedly, looked like resembles his these tentacles these Magical Artifact to be the same in control. Then his head tentacle fierce toward Zhao Hai one finger, these by Magical Artifact that his release comes, welcomed toward the Zhao Hai Liquid Silver sword, but that that person of release came most from the beginning the iron claw, actually still grabbed Zhao Hai that Liquid Silver sword. That person to does not care with the Zhao Hai battle probably, the hand wields, that iron claw arrived at his front, his careful sizing up by capture that Liquid Silver flying sword. At this moment, Zhao Hai two eyes twinkling brightly suddenly, under Liquid Silver flying sword that then continuously by that person of grabbing, actually fiercely changed into one group of irons to vary has been separated from the iron claw, then turned into a long sword, had jabbed into that person of throat! In that person of eye flashes through a shock, then the black pupil slowly lost the appearance, but Magical Artifact that these his release comes, is green gas all loses, falling in abundance to the ground. Zhao is actually the hand wields, these Magical Artifact and that green skin received in Space strangely. But stood in one side Li Zongdao who prepared helper is actually being somewhat scared, he has not thought that Zhao Hai tidied up the good person so will be unexpectedly quick, this linked gathers has not arrived, was this too also quick?

Zhao Hai received these Magical Artifact and that green skin blames him, turned the head to smile said : to Li Zongdao Li Big Brother, these Brother thing I did not divide give you, should not be offended.” Li Zongdao shook the head said : these thing originally is the brothers you, I see any strange, really has not thought that this just arrived at ten-thousand realms battlefield here to meet a hard drop, I just actually did not have presently him, if not the brothers you, this time I feared that was dangerous.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to walk, we went in make some lignum vitaes to say first.” Zhao Hai is very clear, just he most from the beginning with having to use that by capture Liquid Silver flying sword, making that green Pi Guai lose has been vigilant the heart, then suddenly struck, that green Pi Guai killing words, was impossible such with ease to butcher that green Pi Guai, the strength of fellow was good, particularly these tentacles of his head, can unexpectedly control Magical Artifact, if fought, even if has tidied up him, in the fee one turned trick/hand and foot. Three people carefully fly into the channel iron pear forest, they compared with just had been careful, especially Li Zongdao, he has not thought that he just arrived at ten-thousand realms battlefield here, has run unexpectedly into a such powerful enemy, this really somewhat stems from his unexpected, this makes him have no alternative but to be careful. Must say that this year the share low lignum vitae and year high lignum vitae have very big difference, moreover is very good to distinguish, the year is the low lignum vitae, tree bark is smooth, the year is the high lignum vitae, the fissure on tree bark changed were more, below ten years lignum vitaes, you almost could not see any fissure, only then ten years later, on lignum vitae that can use, will have the fissure. Zhao Hai they toward the forward flight ten minutes, this had noticed on tree bark has the fissure lignum vitae, can imagine this sheet iron pear forest in a big way. The person who lignum vitae Zhao Hai looked at these to have the fissure, turned the head saying that to Li sect said : Li Big Brother, the years of these lignum vitaes about ten years, level were too low, we feared that must make tens of thousands jin (0.5 kg) to be able one month of quantity, I thought that we were walking toward inside, looked for several years high, did you look?” Li Zongdao looked at these lignum vitaes, nodded said : well, these year too low lignum vitaes we keep last some time, looks toward inside and that's the end.” Zhao Hai nodded, three people fly toward forest. Now the Zhao Hai Liquid Silver needle, has covered very big area, Zhao Hai does not hope one went well sneak attack, in this sheet iron pear forest, Zhao Hai already present dozens various Realm people, many iron pear mouse. The iron pear mouse is one type of quite hard to deal with Monster Beast, this Monster Beast tooth almost very sharp, ten thousand years of iron pearwood gives to nip, you calculate any degree. Moreover possibly is the reason that because year to year eats lignum vitae, their defense capability very formidable, on the iron pear mouse almost does not have the wool, only then the one layer tertia, at that time the defense capability of this tertia was really too astonishing, protective armor that even if general cultivator made, did not have tertia defense strength of iron pear mouse to be so good.

People also present a point, this iron pear mouse is not lives to bite ten thousand years of lignum vitae, the strength of iron pear mouse, eats up any year the lignum vitae to have relationship with him, iron pear mouse that if was just born, that is very good to cope, because these iron pear mice are most only to bite ten years of lignum vitae, the strength is also not much. At that time grew up along with the iron pear mouse, they can eat up the even bigger year the lignum vitae, their strengths also slowly increased, if these can bite the iron pear mouse of ten thousand years of lignum vitae, even if were Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator does not dare to sweep annoys, annoyed to die, obviously fierce degree of this iron pear mouse. But this iron pear mouse is also the one type of crafting high grade material, the tooth of iron pear mouse, the skin, the bone, the muscle, is most high grade crafting material, the strength is the strong iron pear mouse, thing is used for crafting is good. Monster Beast that however but this iron pear mouse one type of lives in groups, generally is a Clan life in together, even if that strength lowest iron pear mouse, you also not necessarily can catch, because in their sides, with several strength very strong iron pear mice, will not do well, you not only cannot catch the iron pear mouse, but also probably turns into the lignum vitae fertilizer. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai regarding the iron pear mouse also very much dreaded that if no Li Zongdao in the one side, Zhao Hai to wants to go to meet really the iron pear mouse, this Monster Beast is received some control to be the same probably, if general Monster Beast, to Foundation Establishment Stage, has almost been able to change into human-shape, but this iron pear mouse actually cannot change into human-shape, they are maintaining the beast shape, the although wisdom is very high, actually is still the beast shape, very strange. In fact not only iron pear mouse this, so long as is ten-thousand realms battlefield here, locally born Monster Beast, is this, this is also the Zhao Hai most puzzled place, it seems like certainly is the ten-thousand realms battlefield manufacturer, has carried on control to these Monster Beast, looks like he can these animal in control Space be the same. However Zhao Hai to wants to get so far as in Space these iron pear mice some, after having a look at these iron pear mice to Space, what response will have, not only the iron pear mouse, wants to make in Space on noise-maker pear mouse Zhao Hai, regarding Zhao Hai, these thing was the Space tonics, made in these thing Space, even if cannot let Space Level Up, can let Space many several types of good thing not. # c.. Are more, address