Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1394

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 320 hundred years of iron pearwood Zhao Hai does not want now too many fights with other Interface people, therefore he has avoided these people carefully, he is very clear, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, does not have a friendly stubble, you do not want to annoy others, equal to others do not want to annoy you, therefore Zhao Hai carefully will have avoided these people. Li sect said why although understand Zhao Hai does not rove in the lignum vitae forest, at that time he actually does not dare to say now, because he presently on Zhao Hai the place of has plenty mysterious, he every time handles a matter, has probably the point, making people very puzzled. Also transferred for one hour, Zhao Hai stopped suddenly, the piece of region that now they are, some fragmentary appears about hundred years lignum vitaes, hundred years of lignum vitae, is one type of good practiced the material, Zhao Hai each turned about hundred jin (0.5 kg), even if completes this month of duty. But hundred years of lignum vitae is very heavy, more than hundred jin (0.5 kg), feared that is one more than one meter is long, the diameter wine glass branch, had more than hundred jin (0.5 kg). Must know that hundred years of lignum vitae is not good to pick, your in hand specially sharp Magical Artifact, that has not been wants not to need to think, even if you have specially sharp Magical Artifact, can cut off the lignum vitae, the person the pass/test has also wanted, that is the protector of lignum vitae, the iron pear mouse. Only is about hundred years lignum vitaes, must have the iron pear mouse protection . Moreover the iron pear mouse of protection lignum vitae, the strength returns very formidable, generally is not big Clan, in Clan the strongest iron pear mouse, should have the strength of Infant Stage time, at that time Expert of general Infant Stage time, absolutely was not the match of Infant Stage time iron pear mouse, because of the iron pear mouse of Infant Stage time, generally was copper skin iron bone, general Magical Artifact wanted to break their defenses not to be easy, they were not the lignum vitaes, stood is chopped by you in there, moreover their teeth and claw, its sharp degree, Comes compared with general Magical Artifact, that is goes beyond. Zhao Hai presently nearby that several about hundred years lignum vitae has several iron pear mice, these iron pear mice are not such very enormous of Zhao Hai imagination, these lignum vitaes looked like compared with ordinary Old Mouse also big not many, dark, without many jiao, on that exposed skin, was actually flashing all over the body at that time metal gloss of faint trace, four fingernails were sharp, the tooth saw, that small tail like was also the steel whip is likely same. Zhao Hai knows, so long as his here moves that several hundred years of lignum vitae, these iron pear mouse immediately come, regarding the iron pear mouse, the lignum vitae is their private property, if some people dare to move these lignum vitaes, the iron pear mouse definitely will go all out. The Zhao Hai calm look at lignum vitae, Li sect said that although don’t know Zhao Hai why suddenly stops, but he has not asked anything, stopped. Zhao Hai wields, one group of molten metal appears in his, then that group of molten metals slowly turned into a huge circular saw blade on hand, Zhao Hai has wielded, this circular saw blade, fast has rotated, flew toward that hundred years of iron pearwood. This Zhao Hai has not gone to cut the branch of iron pearwood, because of his very clear, the master rod of iron pearwood is hardest, is very difficult to chop, he must chop is the small branch of iron pearwood, this small branch be only more than one meter are long, but the walnut is thick or thin.

If the common tree, Zhao Hai does not use fee these many matters, Qi Strength in the past, feared together was the entire tree has taken down, at that time now actually varies to want, now they face, but iron pearwood, this iron pearwood but very formidable, therefore Zhao Hai directly has carried on attack with Liquid Silver. Even if so, Zhao Hai also thought that this iron pearwood hard degree left his imagination, that huge circular saw blade, cuts on the iron pearwood, fierce, then probably a revolution of hard sledding, this saws up that walnut thick or thin branch. No matter Zhao Hai or Li Zongdao, by this lignum vitae hard degree, some new understanding, my goodness, this thing was also too hard, but Zhao Hai very clear this strikes fierce, he has used five layers Spiritual Qi. five layers Spiritual Qi strikes, kept off unexpectedly, must know his Spiritual Qi density of present within the body, but endured ratio Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator. In this time, heard squeek a scream, then heard Zhi Zhi several cries, Zhao Hai wields, broke the lignum vitae that cut to catch own nearby that handed over said : toward Li Zongdao in hand sect [say / way] Big Brother, this gave you, had this, this month of tax you were do not need to worry.” thing that the tax that Zhao Hai said that must deliver, in any case with paying tax to be the same, therefore Zhao Hai got up that this thing of tube to call to pay tax directly, Li Zongdao to did not oppose, Li Zongdao has not thought of Zhao Hai unexpectedly this branch to him, his quickly said: Does not use Little Hai, I come and that's the end.” He also thought that very embarrassed, oneself come out with Zhao Hai, has not added on any busy, divides east to arriving is first gives him, this makes him really somewhat feel sorry. Zhao Hai smiles said : you to receive, wants in not so to be firmly easy, the iron pear mouse came.” Li Zongdao stares, but his immediately received the lignum vitae, just he also heard that several cries, now thinks that was the iron pear mouse comes unexpectedly. Li Zongdao received iron pearwood, started Condensing Spirit/focus to wait, what he also wants to have a look at this iron pear mouse is, Zhao Hai actually knows, iron pear mouse altogether seven that these time came, one was only the Infant Stage time, should be this iron pear mouse Clan Patriarch, in remaining several, two were also the Infant Stage times also four only were actually only Gold Core Stage. In this time, is several squeak transmits, then several small underworld gangs passed through from the distant place, these black spots iron pear mice. Zhao Hai deep voice said : altogether seven, my three, sect [say / way] Big Brother, Mo Sheng, your copes with two.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, leave Li sect said that ring-like defense Magical Artifact, welcomed toward these iron pear mice, simultaneously release Liquid Silver flying sword. Zhao Hai make a move has blocked three iron pear mice, these three iron pear mice may be the Infant Stage times, this is not Zhao Hai pulls rank or wants help Li Zongdao, he wants these three iron pear mice catching in Space, in such Space were also many one type of animal.

This begin the exchange Zhao Hai knows that these iron pear mice also really live up to reputation, strength very formidable of each iron pear mouse, a Zhao Hai person to previous three iron pear mice, in the situation in only using the Rainstorm Pear Flower sword, unexpectedly also has been at leeward, but that three strength strongest iron pear mice, by Zhao Hai constraining, Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng also to that four iron pear mice of saving. Strength very formidable of although this iron pear mouse, at that time that four iron pear mice after all only then the strength of Core Formation time, to Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng, fell on leeward. Li Zongdao also starts to fighting with these iron pear mice with Magical Artifact now, but Mo Sheng actually saves Body Cultivator, with these iron pear mouse near body wars. Do not look that Mo Sheng normally is dull, at that time in the fight, actually like changed a person, if angry glare Vajra is the same, body killing aura is imposing, every gesture and motions, well-mannered, the onset and retreat has the moment, is adding on super strong, defense strength is astonishing, that two iron pear mice, do not dare to resist with him unexpectedly directly. Zhao Hai at times is also paying attention to the Mo Sheng here situation, looks at Mo Sheng to be all right, his then feel relieved, Zhao Hai starts to cope with his present these three iron pear mice fully. This Zhao Hai started to use star Wan Bian Sword Formation, these that three iron pear mice somewhat could not observe closely, slowly by Zhao Hai being stranded in Sword Formation, this was because Zhao Hai not under Assassin reason, he thinks that he captured alive these three iron pear mice, do not kill them. Zhao Hai looks at has given to sphere that three iron pear mice, the hand wields, in time release several flying sword, then that flying sword one turned into iron chain, that three iron pear mice entangling strong/sturdy. That three iron pear mice were also startled, never expected Zhao Hai also has this move, struggling that each and every one goes all out, but Liquid Silver is not easily breaks away, a Zhao Hai move, received in the iron pear mouse Space directly. The iron pear mouse just entered to Space, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently new type mouse class life form, has aggressiveness to Space, immediately/on horseback surrenders, to surrender successfully, this mouse class life form to live variation, the attack strength is greatly strengthened, to put to Spatial Shop, Host can in Spatial Shop purchase, because of this mouse class life form defense strength formidable, withdraws its ability, join to Space life form, withdraws successfully, join succeeds.” Reply of Zhao Hai one hear of Space, cannot help but nodded, defense strength of this iron pear mouse truly very astonishing, on the defense capability them withdrawing, uses on other life form just right, such other life form fighting strength can enhance. Received three iron pear mice, Zhao Hai looked at Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng there, their there was also very smooth, Mo Sheng has killed an iron pear mouse, remaining that only also wounds, evidently momentarily can by Mo Sheng tidying up, but Li sect said that the there situation was also similar, has solved an iron pear mouse, remaining were also quick. Zhao Hai looked that their there does not have what situation, he turned the head the attention on these iron pearwoods, hundred years of iron pearwood, had the iron pear mouse protection, they have killed this Clan iron pear mouse, that these hundred years of iron pearwoods have not protected, he can chopping of feel relieved.

However Zhao Hai has not thought must cut these iron pearwoods all of a sudden, these iron pearwoods as long are not easy as hundred years, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, the everyone/Great Clan also mutual recognition, picks medicinal herbs, at that time cannot pick to be without heirs, must keep the dibbling for later. Reason that everyone/Great Clan thinks that is because everyone/Great Clan does not want to destroy ten-thousand realms battlefield here was too ruthless, if destroys was too ruthless, that later everyone/Great Clan has not resulted in picks. Zhao Hai cut several branches of hundred years of iron pearwoods, sufficed to turn in this month of tax to be good, but Zhao Hai chopped next two, he wants to have a look at this iron pearwood to put in Space to live. He just an iron pearwood put in Space, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently the new type variation Iron Tree tree seed, may insert the ward off cultivation, but practices usefully, may be used as medicine, trains the technique of body to have very strong drug efficacy.” One hear of Space prompt sounds said that Zhao Hai cannot help but one happy, this may really be fantastic, this thing can insert ward off, he can plant the iron pearwood in Space. Zhao Hai immediately made Cai'er such do, so long as inserted ward off to live, after that was easy to do, he can the iron pearwood put the time to add region there, making the iron pearwood grow quickly, like this, he did not lack the iron pearwood to use. # c.. Are more, address