Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1395

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 321 must the clan On the different hundred years of iron pearwood, after chopping several branches, Zhao Hai turns the head Li sect to say their there, Li sect said that their present person also solved the match, Zhao Hai received in Space that two iron pear mice that Mo Sheng massacred, Li sect said that wants also to give Zhao Hai that two that oneself massacred, Zhao Hai actually beckoned with the hand said : to leave, Li Big Brother, these two you were receiving, if, our crop not good, these two thing on can go against on you two months of tax, you were receiving, this. But you laborious obtained.” Li Zongdao also knows that Zhao Hai said does not receive, that will be certainly will not receive, he has to receive, but the gratitude to Zhao Hai deepened a point at heart. After Li Zongdao received two iron pear mice, looked at all around one, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, do we want to walk toward in?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, our present immediately walk, other iron pear mice presently the here situation, have been catching up, if we do not walk now, feared that could not get away, walks.” Li Zongdao to the Zhao Hai words very believes that his immediately nodded, outward walks with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked already not early, went back, went back to eat to select thing that weather said : we came out, rested, tomorrow we are coming out.” After Li Zongdao nodded said : that we go back, can first this month tax paying?” Zhao Hai laughs said : Li Big Brother, you may really be a solid person, does not worry, isn't one month? fantastic that if we display, on the contrary will make these Monk staring, us, when end of the month time in handing over has been OK, said it, if in this month, we were injured, leave the ten-thousand realms battlefield, that hasn't owed?” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked slightly, then one wants also to be such a matter, if goes back on paying taxes now, if were seriously injured in this month, has to the leave ten-thousand realms battlefield, that own income be possible to be short. Three people are flying outward, suddenly Zhao Hai feels that the distant place had astonishing imposing manner to clash toward here together, felt from this imposing manner that came the person absolutely is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Zhao Hai complexion changes, turns the head saying that to Li sect said : Li Big Brother, receives to defend Magical Artifact, we all toward forward flight.” Li sect said that received to defend Magical Artifact accordingly, Zhao Hai wields, not a big metal Magical Artifact ship left in him, Zhao Hai stood to let, Li sect said that they also followed, Zhao Hai stimulated to movement the ship of the law to go toward the forward flight fully, these has promoted much. This law on the ship formation, is increase, now Zhao Hai uses, ship of the law naturally is fast, that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert imposing manner left them to be getting more and more far slowly. Zhao Hai has also thought that if with Space, his immediately can returned to new person community there, such expose his card in a hand at that time, he does not want these to know him to be able now Space Divergent Technique. He can the Space Divergent Technique matter, now only then the Comprehend the world here person knows that ten-thousand realms battlefield here, other various Realm people, don’t know he can Space Divergent Technique, be able to say Space Divergent Technique in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, in one time has become the Zhao Hai maintaining life card in a hand, he does not want such already to shine. Li Zongdao stands in on the ship, why although don’t know Zhao Hai does not use Space Divergent Technique, but he has not said anything, but was feeling carefully that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert imposing manner, looked that imposing manner cannot pursue, his then feel relieved.

Mo Sheng actually does not care, his simply don’t know what is the fear, still stands in the Zhao Hai skill, curious is sizing up all around, possibly is he thought all around scenery retreat is so quick, very interesting. although that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert imposing manner they were far from Zhao Hai, at that time Zhao Hai actually does not dare to stay, still full toward forward flight, because Zhao Hai just knew from Space there, that pursues their Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is in that green Pi Guai Expert. That green Pi Guai who Zhao Hai massacres, is only Expert of Infant Stage time, but now pursues their is actually Transcends Tribulation Stage, but this Transcends Tribulation Stage green Pi Guai, does not come to revenge for green Pi Guai of that Infant Stage time probably, he to take by force probably, looked that now Zhao Hai they ran, he does not have to pursue, but resentful flies toward side. Zhao Hai not, because that green skin strange leave reduces, still full flies toward the new person community, has only used not long after on returned to new person community there, a returned to new person community, Zhao Hai they went to Zhao Hai Cave Mansion. Entered Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao is relaxed, at this time Mo Sheng to Zhao Hai said : Big Brother, I was hungry.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : well, hungry we to eat thing, come Li Big Brother, our drinking well one cup, celebrates our first day to exit to have today to receive the area to attain.” Li Zongdao will certainly not oppose that three people sat in Zhao Hai Cave Mansion have drunk. But at this time actually person slowly flew outside Cave Mansion that the circle has decided that deep voice said : Grandmaster, young Liu Wu seeks an interview.” The sound that the circle decides conveys said : to come from inside.” Liu Wu has complied with one, flew, entered Cave Mansion, to quiet room , the circle has decided with the circle sits in meditation in inside truly, look at him to come , the circle decided nodded said : matter to manage to him how?” Liu Wu nodded said : a little feature, Zhao Hai they went to the lignum vitae forest, inside harvest how small returning don’t know, good Zhao Hai very vigilant, I do not dare to go.” Round fixed point nod said : altogether its person?” Liu Wu facial expression gloomy said : mostly was given rob and kill, the judgment of Grandmaster is correct, truly some people in aiming at us, so long as is our new people exits, they will carry on rob and kill, besides coming back of Zhao Hai three people of An Ran/safely, person who other come back, mostly is wounded.” Round fixed point nod said : good, knew, you get down, this matter do not tell anybody that was right, over the two days you with Zhao Hai were having a look, how to have a look at the Zhao Hai strength.” Liu Wu complied with one, turn around walked. When Liu Wuyi exits, does the circle on deep voice said : Senior Brother, really what to do you watch this matter to? These days, our Buddhist Sect disciple casualty are also many, wants to supplement that some people do come in?” The circle thinks surely said : do not worry, now supplements the person to come, does not have the too big use, instead to will make Profound Sect these people know that our here has met troublesome, now they feared that has suspected, after all in this ten-thousand realms battlefield here, there is Profound Sect Expert, we must finding out as soon as possible be anything want to cope with us, we good pointed made the arrangement.” The circle nodded, two eyes stares said : who to make me know is, I will certainly not let off him.” The circle decides lower the head and chant the names of Buddha, has not made noise, at that time in this Buddha, was bringing killing aura. But the circle decides with the circle really and don’t know, that the surveillance Zhao Hai matter that called Liu Wu, Zhao Hai already knew, Liu Wu often the time did not follow them in them from inhabited area leave, Zhao Hai already presently he, but Zhao Hai had not moved him, he was wants to have a look at this Liu Wu to do.

New community here all places that now Zhao Hai is , were almost received in Space by the Liquid Silver flying needle, no matter these Cave Mansion actually cannot call to enter, because good Cave Mansion in front of the door has to defend Magic Formation, if the Liquid Silver flying needle goes, immediately presently, therefore Zhao Hai has not moved rashly. However Zhao Hai has not let off this opportunity he, when presently that Liu Wu tracks him, he made Cai'er get down %% words he toward that Liu Wu's body to hear, but also not only this, he also heard the circle to decide with the circle real words. He has not thought, struggle of Profound Sect and Buddhist Sect that Huang Dao however and Yuan Jin Gang they said that looks like probably, for Buddhist Sect will not make Profound Sect enter to the 6 Realms battlefield in comes is the method of any technique will use. However this does not close the Zhao Hai anything matter, Buddhist Sect is also good, Profound Sect is also good, among them disputing, does not have no relationship with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is one machine, does not belong to Buddhist Sect not to belong to Profound Sect, must say really that he also has Profound Sect relationship really to be similar to Buddhist Sect. He has Martial Uncle of Profound Sect people, Huang Dao however although is Rogue Cultivator, at that time studied is actually Righteous Sect Profound Sect Cultivation Method, therefore Huang Dao however is also a Profound Sect people, if according to said that he was probably nearer with Profound Sect relationship, at that time do not forget, Zhao Hai now the strongest attack method, actually is Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, if such calculates that he should be a Buddhist Sect people actually, therefore now Zhao Hai also don’t know is a Buddhist Sect people or a Profound Sect people. However Zhao Hai actually knows, no matter what, oneself are the Comprehend the world person, if other person to he, he will be impolite. If decides their views according to the circle, that this these green skins are compatible their attack, was not simple attack, the here surface feared that was containing also many thing. In the although head is thinking these, but Zhao Hai has not actually displayed, but still face calm drinks with Li Zongdao, is discussing today's harvest. Li Zongdao does not have presently anything, he now to is the feeling, to is very good with Zhao Hai, not only goes to war does not need him to worry, but also everyday cannot eat delicious, drinks tastily, this feeling may really be very good. Finally is satiated with food and wine is Mo Sheng, this youngster one breath has eaten two greatly fat chickens, has drunk big jug Spirit Wine, this was ate to the full, then his immediately fell down whistling rests greatly, it seems like somewhat drank high. Zhao Hai has not managed him, carries wine glass to come to Li sect saying that said : comes, Li Big Brother, we drink our.” Li sect said look at Mo Sheng, shows a faint smile said : I now to very envied this youngster, can eat to rest, imagined him to be the same, he may really be any worry does not have.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, he has his good fortune, we could not compare, come, drank.” Li Zongdao has bumped the cup with Zhao Hai, did the liquor in cup. After having done this glass of liquor, Li sect said that look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, can have such harvest to be lucky you today, if no you, Elder Brother I was dangerous, Elder Brother I with your smalltalk, all in the liquor, we were not doing one cup, your sentiment, Elder Brother I bore in mind.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :Li Big Brother, you were too polite, among our brothers, does not have that necessity, coming the person to do one cup, then drank while is chatting, unknowingly, they had some tipsy feelings, Li Zongdao set out to say goodbye, returns to his Cave Mansion.

Zhao Hai and other Li Zongdao walks, immediately flashes body returned to Space, entered Space his immediately to be turned into Undead Creature green Pi Guai calling by him that, his look at that green skin strange said : What is your name? What race?” That green skin compatible Zhao Hai gave a salute said : returns to the Young Master words, I called to assist the day, was Palpus Clansmen.” Zhao Hai look at must assist Heavenly Dao: Palpus Clansmen? Why did you call to the clan?” Must assist Heavenly Dao: Returns to the Young Master words, we called to inborn the clan, because of our head whiskers, these whiskers can help our control Magical Artifact, the strength was stronger, our control Magical Artifact were more.” Zhao Hai looked to assist the tentacle on upper margin, nodded said : „your time to come attack I, but wants to strive to excel thing, received pulling strings of who? What point has?” Must assist day deep voice said : us to be under the order in clan, must deal with all Comprehend the world new people fully, therefore to Young Master your make a move, now Comprehend the world new person community here, has been supposed a big encirclement ring by our clansman in the surrounding, so long as Young Master your here person exits, immediately can by our clansman present.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at must assist Heavenly Dao: Why your can Palpus Clansmen deal with the Comprehend the world person? Does the Comprehend the world person have a grudge with you?” Must assist the day to shake the head said : not to have the enmity, our Palpus Clansmen takes taking by force as to live, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, we mainly by taking by force give priority to, why these time must deal with the Comprehend the world person fully, I and don’t know.” Zhao Hai nodded, understand must assist day the meaning, this Palpus Clansmen is a robber race, takes taking by force as to live, stared to not to have by them quite strangely what, what is strange, why they must stare at Comprehend the world, the here surface may have the knowledge. However must assist the day the appearance, probably also don’t know, he received the order in clan, thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but knit the brows said : your Palpus Clansmen, is toward turns over to your clan to manage?” Must assist the day to nod said : „, Young Master, our Palpus Clansmen is turns over to the clan institute to manage, all wants in entering ten-thousand realms battlefield Palpus Clansmen, must be approved by in clan, after entering the ten-thousand realms battlefield, must obey the order in clan, but in the clan little directly orders generally, we can our activity, at that time our obtained thing, in delivering three layers to the clan, other abilities leave behind themselves to use.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, was good, you get down.” Must assist the day to comply with one, was delivered returned to by Zhao Hai Hell Space, but Zhao Hai now to Palpus Clansmen these time moved to was more curious, Palpus Clansmen had the unified leadership, this point was not quite same as Comprehend the world, but after must assist the day these time was under the above order, such does, why under that can High level of clan want this order? Thought that Comprehend the world is good to bully? # c.. Are more, address