Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1398

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 324 crouching tiger reveals the prestige Zhao Hai look at that Palpus Clansmen, laughing said : suddenly impolite? Do you want the impolite method? Mention makes me also listen.” That Palpus Clansmen one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but coldly snorted said : „the juniors of trivial several Infant Stage times, dares in front of this Uncle wild, youngster, do not think that ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is your Comprehend the world, is the juniors of Infant Stage time can walk sideways, to ten-thousand realms battlefield here, your fart is not.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that your excellency to think that you in the ten-thousand realms battlefield were Expert?” That Palpus Clansmen laughs said : although of this Uncle in the ten-thousand realms battlefield is not any Expert, but copes with your several juniors, that was enough.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : that I to have wanted to have a look at your this Expert, is strong to any degree.” The hand wields, about thousand flying sword appears in his, then Zhao Hai proceed to wield, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yang Yin Sword Formation, the combination, kills toward that Palpus Clansmen. That Palpus Clansmen looks among Zhao Hai suddenly to reveal that these many weapon come, feels being startled extremely, but he actually does not believe that a person of Zhao Hai Infant Stage time, can this Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert be what kind. That Palpus Clansmen wields, release large quantities of Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact has plenty looking at a sample types know that is the Comprehend the world person uses, but these Magical Artifact last present is flashing green radiance. Zhao Hai from must assist day there to know, on this Magical Artifact dodges green light , because in Palpus Clansmen specific use must sub- control Magical Artifact relationship, this green light be Palpus Clansmen one type of variety innate skill, was called to control the object light, so long as is ownerless Magical Artifact, by this green light invasion, Palpus Clansmen can control be free. This Palpus Clansmen worthily is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, Magical Artifact that this release comes, has over a hundred, each and every one can control be free unexpectedly, completely understand. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, coldly snorted said : well, today I to have a look, you strong to any degree.” Said that Zhao Hai in time waving, that thousand flying sword, changes into ten, the flash turned into ten thousand flying sword. As the saying goes the soldier over 10,000, do not have the edge boundlessly, Zhao Hai these ten thousand flying sword release comes, almost gave to block entire sky, that shop day friendly place imposing manner, really very astonishing. That Palpus Clansmen was also startled, but then he sneers said : to be useful, I do not believe you to insist how long, a junior of Infant Stage time, really does not know the immensity of heaven and earth.” Zhao Hai did not reply, the hand wielded, ten thousand flying sword attacked toward that Palpus Clansmen. although said this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Great Formation, even if two swords can also Shi San, but the sword more changes are more, great Great Sword that now Zhao Hai full control these ten thousand flying sword compose, at once, sword ray reflects the day, imposing manner is extraordinary.

Their here made such big move, naturally also has alarmed other people, many Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, paid attention to here with spiritual force, these person of although are the new people, but also by Transcends Tribulation Stage is in the majority, now looks at Zhao Hai this posture, each and every one also somewhat beats a drum at heart. although said that Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng look like are also the Infant Stage time, but actually nobody dares to annoy them now, Great Formation that after all Zhao Hai that Ten Thousand Swords composes is really a little scary. Actually what their don’t know is, Great Formation that Zhao Hai this Ten Thousand Swords composes, not only look at is scary, the attack strength is extraordinary, although said that this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Great Formation is not Faith Cultivation Method, or has forgotten, now in the Zhao Hai Liquid Silver sword, may bring Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai must butcher this Palpus Clansmen to be good to set up the prestige, therefore he not polite, added to Strength of Faith Liquid Silver flying sword directly, is adding on that Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, this Liquid Silver flying sword strength may the right and wrong with want. Ten thousand sword ray such as rivers of galloping are the same, curls toward that Palpus Clansmen, that Palpus Clansmen although is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but under this multiple attack, actually also can only use his Magical Artifact, defends own surroundings, simply is an ability of attack does not have. On that person of face cannot help but appears startled and facial expression of anger, in his opinion, he established Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, was compelled this situation unexpectedly, this was really too disgraced. However he has not lost calmly, in his opinion, a junior of Zhao Hai Infant Stage time, dares to control ten thousand flying sword unexpectedly, it will not take long, Spiritual Qi will consider Qing, when the time comes he can tidy up Zhao Hai. Thinks that on Zhao Hai ten thousand flying sword, that Spaceship, in that Palpus Clansmen eye cannot help but projects greedy radiance. However was quick he presently to make a mistake, he presently Zhao Hai this Sword Formation is not that simple, not only this Sword Formation attack strength very formidable, moreover you time in Sword Formation were longer, attack that receives was stronger, that Sword Formation was the ocean waves is probably same, wave after wave, moreover wave of attack strength formidable, he presently now was wants to walk was also difficult, because that Sword Formation already completely expansion, he already trapped|sleepy in. Zhao Hai look at that Palpus Clansmen, has sneered, that Palpus Clansmen is thinking anything, he is clear, but that Palpus Clansmen has actually thought mistakenly a point, wants to tow the time to give to burn out him, that is impossible, let alone his Transcends Tribulation Stage, even if did not fear in two Transcends Tribulation Stage him. Zhao Hai in has not obtained Strength of Faith, before Level Up, dares with Huang Dao however this Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert hardly to spell, although is somewhat distressed, but Huang Dao however still takes him not to have the means that now he already Level Up, obtained Strength of Faith, will fear his such Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert? Cracks a joke. They fight in here, attracted the attention of many person, Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng who naturally most pays attention, they stand in on the ship, Li Zongdao are paying attention to the situation in scene carefully, simultaneously in the eye also flashes through a shocking facial expression. But Mo Sheng is different, Mo Sheng simply is not worried about anything, he is only eye belt curious look at they fights, appearance that but also being eager to try. Li sect said that these time actually really by Zhao Hai being startled, he has thought Zhao Hai Body Cultivator is so fierce, that in other aspects, feared that is not good, but has not actually thought that Zhao Hai in the operation of Magical Artifact actually such, he believes that if his Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation to Zhao Hai, feared that could not support ten to gather, will be given to dismember by that Sword Formation. Ten Thousand Swords such as sea general attacks toward that Palpus Clansmen, that Palpus Clansmen could not see any relaxed appearance, conversely, a dignity of his face, is also passing panic-stricken in the eye, he knows that he these time feared kicked iron plate.

However this Palpus Clansmen does not want such to wait for death, his first successive careful control own Magical Artifact, in own surrounding arrange defense layer upon layer, was waiting for counter-attack opportunity. Zhao Hai has seen through the plan of that Palpus Clansmen, his coldly snorted, the foot proceeded to tread, a fist strike goes, but this fist strike leaves, exiting is not ordinary fist force, that fist force changed into fierce tiger unexpectedly, toward that must the clan from throwing. This fierce tiger Bai Shenhei mark, head King [王] word is clear, face upwards the long and loud cry, must the tail be complete, such as real old tiger is unexpectedly same, fierce tiger throws toward Palpus Clansmen, all around Spiritual Qi was directed by the tiger, has formed huge Spiritual Qi tornado in fierce tiger all around. Is correct to have the cloud from the dragon, wind from tiger, before this fierce tiger, fierce imposing manner was extremely was really astonishing, that Palpus Clansmen greatly surprised, his hand wielded, huge Scimitar his front, his blade cuts now toward fierce tiger. However he has actually forgotten, around him also ten thousand flying sword eye covetously, this blade cuts toward fierce tiger, but fierce tiger actually wriggled the waist, has let this blade, then a claw grasped toward him. This fierce tiger naturally is crouching tiger fist melts, Zhao Hai looked that Palpus Clansmen also wants to delay the time, he may not be glad, if the time drags is too long, he wanted the vertical prestige the point to be possible unable to achieve, therefore he has made a crouching tiger fist. Might of this crouching tiger fist, he after the practice is completed has experimented, Fist Strength very overbearing, each fist strike leaves, such as fierce tiger throws the food to be ordinary, extremely powerful. This is Zhao Hai first time uses in the actual combat, but this fist actually Li Zongdao startled, Li sect said before , and Zhao Hai begins, Zhao Hai has used the crouching tiger fist, but Zhao Hai had used fist stance/framework/shelf at that time, but is useless including Mental Technique of crouching tiger fist, Righteous Sect crouching tiger fist Mental Technique that he uses now, this fist strike leaves, Might is comfortable. At this time that Palpus Clansmen just had let a fierce tiger claw, but these flying sword immediately like Spirit Snake same flew toward him, that Palpus Clansmen cried out strangely, immediately/on horseback command(er) Magical Artifact is going, when flying sword, but at this time that fierce tiger in one time threw, a claw grasped on the foot of that Palpus Clansmen. That Palpus Clansmen thinks, no matter what own defense, is intimate this claw not to have the matter, but he has not actually thought that that fierce tiger Tiger's Claw just bumped into his bigfoot, the fierce tiger body entire personal appearance on fierce downloaded one group of Qi Strength, crashed in that position that just Tiger's Claw caught directly. Then that must the position of clan thigh, fierce exploded a blood hole, a leg was almost broken, a that Palpus Clansmen pitiful yell, under the hand/subordinate one slow, these flying sword invaded undead that Palpus Clansmen punctured the hedgehog, dying dead. Zhao Hai wields, received returned to that Palpus Clansmen in Space, then received all flying sword, turn the head and take a glance at the surrounding, harnessed Spaceship to fly in the direction of Lianhu. Just that fierce tiger sneaked in the human body, one on anti- that Palpus Clansmen the style of foot interruption, is not Zhao Hai wants to come out, this is the characteristics of crouching tiger fist, that fierce tiger is actually Qi Strength, but he can move, can attack of avoid enemy, so long as on him any part ran into the enemy, his immediately will turn into Qi Strength, cut through in within the body of enemy, then suddenly open/operated. This characteristics let this fist force attack are virtually impossible to guard against, incautiously makes this fist force bump into, that is a huge wound, this is also the crouching tiger fist fearful place.

But the characteristics that falls Dragon Tui a little look like with the crouching tiger fist, but is not quite same, falls Dragon Tui also to have the function of hideaway, is more difficult to deal with. Li Zongdao looked Zhao Hai so relaxed has solved Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, he cannot help but also feels the heart startled, but surroundings these look at this Fighting Competition people, is startled is not small, distant avoid, they have not wanted to annoy Zhao Hai at this time. Zhao Hai looked that nobody in disturbs, with Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng returned to in the cabin, to the cabin, Zhao Hai to oneself one glass of red wines, sipped one but actually lightly the mouth, let out a long breath, then laughs said : satisfying, real his mother's satisfying, this looks to clan these fellows, but also dares to come to provoke me easily.” Li sect said the look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughed said : you not to provoke them, they should strive for taking, but also dared the incoming telegram to annoy you, only if they sufficed exactly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, look at Li sect said that said : Li Big Brother, I heard that Lianhu there is not very peaceful, the domain of there probably profound water snake?” Li Zongdao nodded said : well, there is the domain of profound water snake, this profound water snake heard that can make with a Lianhu lake bottom one type of ten thousand years of profound water carries on attack, this profound water is the extraordinarily cold thing, even if were Spiritual Qi sticks, will freeze, very formidable.” Zhao Hai nodded, reason that asked that Li sect said this, was because Li Zongdao after all was gentle, has plenty his don’t know thing, Li Zongdao knows that these many years, the profound clear sect went to the ten-thousand realms battlefield person to be many after all, they will also record the ten-thousand realms battlefield there situation, left the later generation study in Sect, Li sect said that should look at these thing to be right, therefore Zhao Hai will ask that Li Zongdao, Li Zongdao knew the profound water snake. Li sect said that then said : this profound water snake is one type of decision cold blood animal, their ship lives under water, it can be said that lives in that type of ten thousand years of profound water, long in ten thousand years of profound water, therefore their blood, are more similar than with ten thousand years of profound water, unified the characteristics of snake, has the extremely high medicinal value, but fighting strength also very formidable of this profound water snake, even if goes to the color pains lotus seed, generally also can only in lakeside altogether, slightly toward the lake in some on the line, these profound water snake unable attack you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Li sect said that look at Zhao Hai said : actually in this Lianhu, besides the profound water snake, same thing, that is the turtle, the profound armor turtle, the carapace of this carapace turtle, like the mirror, its cold victory is smoothly frozen, fresh sharp horn, super strong, defense strength is astonishing, moreover this turtle takes the profound water snake as the food unexpectedly, can imagine the place of his formidable, but this profound armor Kameichi lives in the lake bottom, little will come attack cultivator, the person who therefore knows are not many.” Li Zongdao spoke of here, let out a long breath said : actually in Lianhu there, most dangerous was not the profound water snake and profound armor turtle, but was the White Loach dorado, this blood lotus root dorado was the one type of all over the body white loach, body Bai Ruou, long knew how things stand the zhang (3.33 m), the body firm strength was big, the tooth brought deadly poison, moreover life on lotus lakeside the pains lotus, died actually every year in profound water snake cultivator not many, mostly the person died in the mouth of this White Loach dorado, profound water snake you, so long as toward center of the lake there by, them general were not cannot the attack person, Profound armor turtle say nothing, that thing almost never attack person, therefore the Lianhu there true danger, to is this White Loach dorado.” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that somewhat puzzled said : that is not right, why on jade slip hasn't recorded the matter about White Loach dorado? The White Loach dorado is so dangerous, on jade slip should have the record is right!” # c..