Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1399

Reason that Li Zongdao sighed said : in jade slip does not have the record, was the people thinks the White Loach dorado not too big danger, because this White Loach dorado, if discussed the strength to come, has fallen far short compared with the profound water snake and profound armor turtle, generally Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert can cope with the White Loach dorado, therefore has not recorded toward jade slip, in jade slip recorded was some very dangerous Monster Beast. Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that cannot help but said :on that jade slip isn't Monster Beast records?” Li sect spoken parts Zhao Hai said : naturally, jade slip did not have the capacity, too many thing cannot install, therefore each year of jade slip from new revision, like the White Loach dorado, so long as has guarded, will not have too big dangerous Monster Beast, on jade slip will not record.”[. .com] Does Zhao Hai frown said : you just not to say definitely the person in White Loach dorado to be most? Why did they actually turn into Monster Beast that most has not threatened?” Li Zongdao smiles said : „dead the person in White Loach dorado is many, but dies in the person in hand White Loach dorado are more, person who this White Loach dorado regarding has the protection, but also does not have any too big threat, except for the person who some just came, the average person by the White Loach dorado is threatened.” Zhao Hai nodded, his understand Li Zongdao meaning, this White Loach dorado feared that is only will also survive in this new area, if went to other area, feared that is some simply people will not die in their in hand. Li Zongdao looked that Zhao Hai did not speak, cannot help but curious said : Little Hai, what you just used was what Sword Formation? How haven't I seen?” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to call Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, I was also shortly after learn just, this Sword Formation has very big difference with other Sword Formation, one type of Sword Formation that is coordinates me to study Mental Technique that uses.” Li Zongdao nodded, he had not asked what Zhao Hai study is any Mental Technique, because has a custom in Cultivation World there, cannot inquire Mental Technique that at will others use, in that case, will make people think you want to explore the details of person. However Li Zongdao asked said : Little Hai. What Fist Technique do you make that fist finally are? Haven't I seen? Also can Morph Form, be too strange, these years I have also seen many practicing moral culture Cultivation Method, has not actually seen such Cultivation Method.” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that cannot help but smiles said : that is one type of Buddhist Sect Mental Technique, very formidable. I also learn, today is first using.” Li Zongdao nodded. Actually he regarding Cultivation Method being interested of this Body Cultivator, but he also knows that this Cultivation Method will not pass to the bystander generally easily, therefore he has not shouted must study.

The Zhao Hai look at Li Zongdao appearance, knows that he is thinking anything. Therefore he sighed said : this Cultivation Method Might that to be needless to say lightly, very formidable, but this Cultivation Method also had the one type of shortcoming, this shortcoming returned very obvious, that was this Cultivation Method, must coordinate one type of very special medicine pill to practice. If not eat this medicine pill, that this Cultivation Method simply is useless, I also obtain this Cultivation Method and medicine pill.” Li Zongdao did nod said : this medicine pill to refine? Can we refine a point?” How Zhao Hai shook the head said : my don’t know this medicine pill to refine, on Cultivation Method has not written. Moreover I, when obtains this Cultivation Method, medicine pill, Cultivation Method has practiced, medicine pill has also eaten to eat all one's food, therefore I do not know how this medicine pill practices the system.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li sect said somewhat cannot help but disappointed, but he has not suspected anything, in Cultivation World there. Cultivation Method myriad, has plenty Cultivation Method. Must coordinate corresponding medicine pill to practice, if not eat that medicine pill. That Cultivation Method could not practice on the basis, therefore he had not suspected. Reason that Zhao Hai said that to certainly other people have studied the idea of this Cultivation Method, studies crouching tiger fist simply not to use any medicine pill, what uses is Strength of Faith, but after Zhao Hai to Comprehend the world here, present, this Strength of Faith is really not easy to collect, most minimum Comprehend the world here, will use the Strength of Faith person not to be many. However if Zhao Hai studies this Fist Technique to use Strength of Faith, that will certainly annoy the person to suspect that his just ascend to the Comprehend the world here new person, did go to there to collect Strength of Faith? This is not looking doubtable, therefore Zhao Hai cannot say that studies this Cultivation Method to need Strength of Faith, he can only say that studies this Cultivation Method to need special medicine pill. They continually were chatting, at the same time caught up toward Lianhu, but Mo Sheng at this time, took a fat chicken to eat, instead after this fat chicken ate, turned into Spiritual Qi, will not have any side effect, he liked eating to make him eat. Also passed through one hour of hurrying along, Zhao Hai arrived at side of Lianhu finally, arrives on lotus lakeside, Zhao Hai in scenery by Lianhu attracting, Lianhu calls Lianhu worthily, the nearby in Lianhu, is growing lotus everywhere, the lotus leaf Large expanse, scenery very beautiful. Zhao Hai look at these ten thousand pieces of lotus leaves, sighed said : here scenery to really is very attractive, if did not have the battle well that this.” Li Zongdao stands in the Zhao Hai side also sighs, in this time, the distant place has been hearing several rumbling loud noise, obviously some people are fighting, Zhao Hai has not cared, in fact Space already noted there, there is not cultivator and White Loach dorado is fighting, but is two people are fighting, obviously to kill people to seize the treasure.

Li sect said that looked at one in that direction, has not cared, he turns the head look at that Large expanse of chain hua said : Little Hai, should we also begin?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : first not to worry, we had a look to say first that our time was picks the lotus seed in any case, if possible, caught several White Loach dorado to be also good while convenient.” Li Zongdao to had not opposed, but nodded, look at this piece of lotus, sighed said : not to look that here lotus were many, each for year here picked cultivator of lotus seed more, now wants to pick several lotus seed in here is not that easy matter, everyone/Great Clan comes here, mostly to catch the White Loach dorado, or to kill people to seize the treasure.” Zhao Hai nodded, regarding this situation, he is not strange, in soft [gold/metal] mine there of 6 Realms battlefield like this, there produced the soft gold ore was secondary, turned into a murder to seize the valuable the specialized place, but this Lianhu here also was almost this appearance. Zhao Hai is harnessing boat, gathers round Lianhu advancing slowly, has plenty comes Lianhu here person, sees Zhao Hai to fight with that Palpus Clansmen, therefore nobody annoys them. moving forward, suddenly is projecting a white shade from water, shoots toward boat, Zhao Hai Ding stares looks, presently is a seven zhang (3.33 m) long huge white loach, this loach has the bucket to be thick or thin fully . Moreover the canine of mouth, looks like formidable might is extraordinary. Zhao Hai saw that this loach knows this is Lianhu here special product, the White Loach dorado, Zhao Hai wields certainly, large net of silver white departs from in his hand, to that loach, when under bow cap. That White Loach dorado also felt that the danger, turn around has also wanted to run toward the lake, there quickly has actually resulted in Zhao Hai in hand large net, was lived by the net directly, Zhao hand wields, has thrown into large net Space directly, in Space has transmitted afterward the prompt sound, this White Loach dorado to is no big deal, is only the one type of variation loach, but added one type of to eat to Space. Li Zongdao looked Zhao Hai such relaxed has caught a White Loach dorado, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, this White Loach dorado although said that does not have what threat regarding the ten-thousand realms battlefield here novice, but that also to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, must know that in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here novice, that is also Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, this White Loach dorado in the sneak attack situation, can kill Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, that is also suffices formidable, but Zhao Hai can actually such relaxed on give capture the White Loach dorado, this is really very great. Zhao Hai has not cared, a capture White Loach dorado, is the convenient matter, he had not thought that this White Loach dorado has anything to be difficult to grasp.

This White Loach dorado to put it bluntly, what true is fierce is his tooth, on his tooth has deadly poison, even if Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, suddenly was nipped one by him, is the poison. In adding on this thing strength very big, bites the person one to tow to the water, therefore the has plenty new person, was killed by the White Loach dorado every year. But if this White Loach dorado does not have near person, has not nipped the person, their attack strength greatly will fall short, why this is also Zhao Hai can catch his reason with ease. Three people toward the forward flight section of road, saw several in cultivator that in the lotus clump searches, but many cultivator see their boat, by far has avoided, these cultivator are not the fools, their very clear, in the place that ten-thousand realms battlefield robber runs amuck, but also dares to put up the ship such to blatantly seek publicity, that certainly competent, otherwise the ship already made the person robbing. Transferred a while, Zhao Hai did not have the existing lotus seed trace from Liquid Silver needle there, somewhat cannot help but disappointed, he looked to look at the non- mark Lianhu, deep voice said : we walks toward inside, having a look in this Lianhu to have anything.” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has smiled bitterly, he knows that Zhao Hai definitely could not idle, Zhao Hai this that was must have a look in the lake to have anything, clearly went to the profound water snake. However he had not opposed that the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, wants to come the profound water snake unable to Zhao Hai to constitute anything to threaten, goes. Three people harness boat to fly toward Lianhu, but these in lakeside various Realm cultivator, saw that Zhao Hai they fly toward the profound lake, cannot help but paid attention. These person of although come ten-thousand realms battlefield here not to be long, no matter they are the Comprehend the world people, they also definitely know that in similar material with Comprehend the world here jade slip, naturally also knows that in the lake is the domain of profound water snake, but the strength of profound water snake, compared with the White Loach dorado, but much better, even if established Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, does not dare to say one can cope with the profound water snake, therefore these regarding dare to rush to Lianhu Zhao Hai they, very curious. How Zhao Hai has not actually cared about these people to think that he wants received Space now the profound water snake and profound armor turtle, in his Space has source of Bubble Myriad Water, that profound water cannot constitute anything to threaten to his simply.!.